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telugu lesson 6.3: practice!

thya and i are both super busy right now, so we’re posting this while we get our next lesson put together. practice conjugating all of these verbs into past and present tense, future tense as well if you know it.

-dam verbs
tinadam [తినడం] - to eat
tagadam [తాగడం] - to drink
tarigettadam [పరిగెత్తడం] - to run
aagadam [ఆగడం] - to wait
vadileyadam [వదిలేయడం] - to leave alone
brathakadam [బ్రతకడం] - to live
puttadam [పుట్టడం] - to be born
dorakadam [దొరకడం] - to find
cheyyadam [చెయ్యడం] - to do
anadam [అనడం] - to say
choodadam [చూడడం] - to see
eeyadam [ఈయడం] - to give
matlaadadam [మాట్లాడడం] - to talk
prasninchadam [ప్రశ్నించడం] - to ask
raayadam [రాయడం] - to write
pettadam [పెట్టడం] - to put
nammadam [నమ్మడం] - to believe/trust

-vadam verbs
povadam [పోవడం] - to go
pilavadam [పిలవడం] - to call
marchipovadam [మర్చిపోవడం] - to forget
telavadam [తేలడం] - to know
telusukovadam [తెలుసుకోవడం] - to get to know
ohdipovadam [ఓడిపోవడం] - to lose
gelavadam [గెలవడం] - to win
vellipovadam [వెళ్లిపోవడం] - to leave
padipovadam [పడిపోవడం] - to fall
chanipovadam [చనిపోవడం] - to die
raavadam [రావడం] - to come
aravadam [అరవడం] - to yell
koorchovadam [కూర్చోవడం] - to sit
nilchoovadam [నిల్చోవడం] - to stand
chadavadam [చదవడం] - to read

-kovadam verbs
teesukovadam [తీసుకోవడం] - to take
tecchukovadam [తెచ్చుకోవడం] - to bring
aadukovadam [ఆదుకోవడం] - to play
pandukovadam [పండుకోవడం] - to sleep
pattukovadam [పట్టుకోవడం] - to hold
choosukovadam [చూసుకోవడం] - to take care of/watch/look

I’m really bitter that Slav doesn’t have an aesthetically pleasing design because he’s clearly meant to be South Asian coded (and he’s voiced by Pakistani-American actor Iqbal Theba). And on top of that, he’s clearly treated as a joke both in the show and by fandom at large. Slav is meant to be one of the most brilliant minds in the universe, and he was held in a high security Galra prison so that the Galra could extract his knowledge. He build gravity-bending technology. He probably suffers from PTSD. He could have been all this while also being South Asian coded.

And yet Voltron made the choice to give him a frankly ridiculous design and treat him as this quirky joke of an alien as opposed to a character with legitimate depth. That fact is honestly so disappointing because South Asians are always looking for representation in media, and especially children’s cartoons since we don’t get enough as is. We deserved better.