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Confession #2,092

I’m so frustrated that my condition is rare and unknown to most people. I keep having to explain everything again and again to doctors and nurses because they’re unfamiliar with it but they all think they know better than me and talk down to me. I’m steroid dependent and my adrenal glands don’t work, you have to give me extra hydrocortisone during invasive tests unless you want me to die! If this is how they act when I’m conscious I have no faith in them for emergencies.

my mood legit goes from “💖💖❤️❤️💞 i l o v e y o u !! 💖💖💞💞💕❤️❤️❤️ you’re my life 💖💖💞💕❤️❤️💕💕💕” to “👀👀👀👀 who’s that ?? 👀👀👀👀 i see how it is 👀👀👀 im not needed” so quick it’s ridiculous


but like neurotypicals need to get it through their heads that people with personality disorders can be abused much differently than them. Repeatedly and purposefully ignoring borderline people is abuse. Taking advantage of the trust of dependent people and leaving them on their own to "test them” is abuse. Little things they may not consider being abuse may actually BE abuse to those people. So like stop pretending that what we call abuse “isn’t legitimate” just because it’s not in your neurotypical standards of what is and isn’t abuse.


au where Saitama responds to his haters with overwhelming sarcasm

I needed a little pick-me-up but I got lazy halfway through lol, but I’ll be focusing on au stuff now I promise! my brain has been really unfocused recently and I just, need to get refocused (; _ ; )