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“It’s okay…” You said again, carding your fingers through Hunter’s hair as he pressed his forehead to your shoulder; his hands gripping almost painfully as he held fast to your hips. You weren’t really sure what made him drag himself to your cell in the middle of the night but it wasn’t until he opened the door and slammed knees first at your feet that you had determined he was on the very precipice of self-annihilation; dark circles bagging beneath his eyes and chest heaving as if he’d just run the length of the earth in a matter of minutes. “Whatever happened, it’s okay.

“I’m so tired…” He whispered around a wobbly exhale that was laced with heartbreaking remorse. “I’m so tired of hurting people - of hurting you.”

“Then let me go…”

“I can’t do that.” He ground out through clenched teeth. “I can’t do that, Y/N. I’m not the hero here. Remember?”

“You could be.” Came your gentle response. “You have the chance to change - to be everything she ever needed.”

“Don’t.” He breathed before firmly rolling his head against your shoulder. “Please, don’t bring her into this.”

Twisting your fingers against his scalp, you took a fistful of hair and lightly pulled until Hunter was looking directly at you; pain seeping from the hardened edges of his irises as he locked onto you. “You couldn’t be your mother’s hero that day but think of all the lives you could save if you put your speed to good use.”

“I can’t be a hero. Just look at me…” And with that, he was pulling away, allowing your eyes to drift across his shoulders; the dark leather of his suit all but quelling the potential in his heart to be something more - something better. “I’m always going to feel that pull to the dark. I can’t be what you want me to be.”

Shaking your head, you bit your lip briefly before placing your hands on his shoulders and bending forward to press your forehead against his; your knees scraping over the rough ground as you scooted closer. “You can try.”

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High School Love

Requested by anon

With a sigh, I took a seat in my assigned spot towards the back of the classroom.
It was German class, one of my best, but today was not going well and I surely wasn’t in the mood to deal with my classmates or anything else that tried to come at me today.

     I listened silently as my classmates spoke amongst themselves, gossiping about who was dating who, who did what whilst they were drunk over the course of the weekend, etc. I had no interest in participating. I simply wanted to get my work done and leave.

     My silent prayers were answered when our teacher, Mrs. Schulz, walked into the room and sat her bag down beside her desk. She was a nice lady, early to mid sixties, soft spoken, and a motherly attitude towards all of her students. She was quite understanding, and she didn’t give out much homework as long as we were doing well on our class assignments. She was quite easily my favourite teacher.

     “Wie geht’s, Kinder?” (“How are you, children?”) She asked us, picking up her reading glasses and gently putting them on her face.   “Mir geht’s gut, Frau Schulz.” (“I am doing well, Mrs. Schulz.”) She had just picked up her stack of hand-outs for the class and was about to speak to the class when she was cut off by the door opening. We all looked over to see our classmate, Keith, or “Two-Bit” Mathews. He sat beside me,  and beside him sat his much younger friend, Ponyboy Curtis, who was moved up to the senior class due to his intelligence.

     “So nice of you to join us, Mr. Mathews.” She sighed, pushing up her glasses as she handed stacks of papers to students in the front row to pass backwards. It was a simple pop quiz, in which we always recieve on Mondays.
I finished relatively quickly, however, to my left it looked like Two-Bit was struggling, so I simply turned my paper slightly in his direction and kept my eyes focused towards the front of the class.
   Once everyone had finished, Mrs. Schulz cleared her throat and stood before collecting the papers and putting them down gently onto her desk.

     “If you would all do me the favor, I’d like to start the notes.” She said, picking up the slightly worn down piece of chalk and writing down this week’s lesson topic on the chalk board.

  I reached underneath my desk to get to my things, only to realize that they weren’t there. I had left my binder in my locker, in my haste to make it to class on time. I silently cursed to myself. I didn’t want to disturb the class and annoy Mrs. Schulz by interrupting her by leaving to go get it, so my only option was to ask another student. The only one that I could really ask was Two-Bit, however I’d never spoken to him, so I was a bit nervous. I was never one for speaking to new people.
     But nonetheless, if I didn’t get these notes, I’d have nothing to study and I cannot afford to let my grade go down. So I simply swallowed my pride, and sighed before leaning over to Two-Bit.
     “Hey, Two-Bit, could I borrow some paper?”
 He looked at me for a moment, before reaching into his binder and pulling out an entire package of notebook paper, at least 300 pages, and put it on my desk before standing up and simply leaving the room.
     I sat there for a moment, slightly confused and in shock.

What the hell just happened?
He left everyone staring at the door, most likely thinking the same thing I was.
Whilst I was in my daze, Ponyboy cleared his throat awkwardly and leaned over towards me.
     “He, um, he likes you.”

(Written by @chelsemenn)

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35: One of them trying to get the other off drugs au for @somethingcleverihope

Warnings for accidental weed ingestion. (EDIT: Now on ffn!) 

This is a disaster.

Aghast, Maka stares at her usually-clothed roommate as he wanders around their living room hugging one of her fluffy throw pillows to his chest. Shirtless.

“Soul,” she begins cautiously, “what’s going on?”

He spins lazily to greet her. “Maaakaaa! Where’ve you been? You weren’t in your room,” he adds astutely.

Rooted to the spot, still not over the fact that he’s shirtless and has nice obliques, she says, “I told you yesterday that I had my tutoring group this afternoon. More importantly, where is your shirt and why are you holding my pillow?”

He blinks at the green-tufted pillow in his arms as if he’d forgotten it were there. “’S soft,” he says matter-of-factly before smooshing it to his face, biceps bulging slightly from the force of his embrace.

Oooookay. Something is definitely Not Right. She thinks back to the times they’ve hung out together, but she doesn’t remember him ever doing drugs aside from the occasional toke at a house party. She decides the direct route is best in this situation since she doesn’t know what she might be dealing with. “Soul, have you smoked anything or taken any pills today? You’re acting funny.”

He emerges from behind her pillow looking mildly affronted. “I'ma good boy, Maka. You said yourself you like good boys the other day,” he says as if that explains it all.

“I was talking to the service dogs visiting the library, Soul, not to ridiculous roommates who may or may not be on something dangerous to their health!”

He grins suddenly, shuffling over to grab her hand and tow her to the couch. “So you care about me?” he mumbles shyly.

Maka rolls her eyes and hopes it dispels the blush she feels creeping up her neck. “Of course I do. Without you, who would pay the other half of rent?”

He pouts a bit at that but soon gets distracted by her hand he’s still holding. “You’re soft too,” he murmurs, stroking the top of her hand reverently before bringing it up to rub against his cheek.

Maka lets him nuzzle her hand for a few seconds before she realizes it’s probably crossing some roommate boundary, no matter how fascinating the bit of stubble on his cheek feels.

“Have you eaten anything today?” she asks while extricating her hand from his delicate hold.

“Mmmm Black*Star brought over some brownies earlier.” Soul pauses, then looks guiltily at Maka. “He told me not to have any but we ran outta pasta ‘n I don’t wanna pick spinach outta my teeth all day. I only had a couple.”

Realization smacks Maka like a tuna to the face. “Did he tell you why you couldn’t have any?” she asks slowly, inching away from Soul so she can inspect these brownies herself.

He shrugs, slumping sideways on the couch as Maka moves away and he can no longer lean on her. “Somethin’ ‘bout a party later but Tsu didn’t want them in their apartment. Hey, c'mere,” he says when it registers that Maka intends to get up without him. Pulling on the hem of her shirt, he whines until she scoffs and sits back down.

Humming happily, he nestles his head in her lap and reaches up to run his fingers through the ends of her hair. “Your hair is so smooth,” he says in amazement, letting it slide out of his hand before starting the process again.

Maka’s at a loss for words. On the one hand, she’s glad he’s not on something life-threatening, but on the other she has no idea what to do with a lapful of stoned Soul gazing up at her with an endearingly goofy grin.

Tentatively, she cards her fingers through his hair. It’s for science - if she can get him to sleep it off, then everything can go back to normal and they can laugh about that one time Soul ate pot brownies and took a shirtless nap in her lap.

Reaching for the remote proves to be not okay in Soul’s book; he headbutts her in the stomach to keep her on the couch.

“Oof, what, I thought you might want some music or background noise or something,” Maka grumbles at him, replacing her hands on his head.

“’M already listening to music,” he says helpfully, closing his eyes and snuggling into the fetal position.

“O…kayyy,” Maka says as she continues to comb through his hair. Science is happy to note that it’s just as soft as it looks.

“Shhhhh,” he whispers, “can’t hear your heart’s baseline when you keep talkin’.”

Oh. Since she’s clearly not going anywhere for a while, Maka settles into the couch and closes her eyes. Soul’s fingers tap out a lazy rhythm that tugs her towards unconsciousness, and she falls asleep wondering what her heart’s baseline sounds like.

wake up call | closed rp with logan.


Scott sprays some water into a flower pot, one of several lining the windowsill in his bedroom at the Academy. Scott keeps several well-kept-for houseplants, and he takes a great deal of pride in them. When the rest of the world becomes too much, and he doesn’t want to deal with anything, he shuts himself in his room with his plants.

Today is one of those days. It’s all become too much.

Scott hasn’t come out of his room today, aside from going to classes to teach. In fact, that’s been the case for Scott the past few days; no one’s seen him around much at all. He just wants to be with his roses and herbs. 

At least my roses don’t think I deserve to die just because I’m a mutant, he thinks to himself. He’s seen the articles in the papers, the threats, the news reports. Calls for mutant and superhero registration. He knows he has to fight. But on days like today, he just can’t find the energy.


Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 5,698

Summary: The reader and Dean have always fought feelings for each other. What will happen when they reunite after years apart? 

Warnings: Language. Violence. Smut, oral, protected sex. Like, almost half of this is smut. The beauty that is Season 9 Dean.

A/N: Based off the song Slow by Colours and requested by @priestly-winchested , my sweet little Puerto Rican Sunshine. Check out the song and their debut album Ivory, it’s GOLD! 

Originally posted by chillsaturn

There was a magnetic pull that was inevitable every time. You would walk into a room and instinctively know that he was in it, there, present, watching your every move. Dean.

Everything about him consumed you. The way his eyes would follow you from the door to the bar as you got your drink, the way he’d look away when you turned around, acting as if he wasn’t staring. You noticed those things, couldn’t help but. And as you would walk over to the table, you also couldn’t fail to notice him shift over in the booth ever so slightly, the invitation apparent, his arm slung along the back of the bench.

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Hold Me

Summary: Arthur has a horrible day… 
AU: Human AU
Rating: SFW

(A/N: So yeah, first fic. It’s probably not that good but I tried. Hopefully someone likes it.)

This had to be the worst day ever for Arthur. He should have known it would be one of those days after sleeping through his alarm, the hot water not working and then tripping over the cat. After rushing around to get ready and leave, he was lucky enough to at least shout out an ‘I love you’ to Alfred before running out the door to head to work. That wasn’t the end of his bad morning. While rushing to get to work, he accidentally ran a red light and got caught ending with him getting a ticket. Grumbling and near tears he finally arrived at the bookstore he worked at. Apologizing for running late, he quickly clocked in and got to work.

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“Just leave me alone okay, I don’t have the capacity to deal with anything else today” Lily grumbled as she heard someone coming towards her, thinking it might be one of the people she had once called friend.

Imagine: Do Something About It

Summary: Can I get a one shot of Poe x reader where reader gets asked out by another resistance member and decides to say ok and go, and Poe it’s really irritable the day before and the day of, and since he and reader are close she tells him if he’s bothered by it do something about it?

Word Count: 2112 Words

He’d already asked you out twice and each time you’d managed to find some excuse, some reason for turning him down. It wasn’t that you didn’t like him, quite the opposite, Cas was a nice guy and the two of you had been close for a while now. It was just… well… you had kind of been holding out for someone else.

As you walked down the strip, covered in grease from a hard days work tightening up a pilot’s landing gear, you spotted Cas and the rest of his squadron huddled next to one of their X-Wings.

Immediately upon seeing you, he came running over. “Hey, you all done for the day?“ It was clear from the mud and grass stains that they’d all been training.

“Yeah, just finished fixing up Arana’s landing gear and now I’m heading in to get cleaned up.” Cas followed you as you headed past the others, most of them ignored the two of you, all except one. Poe Dameron, Commander of Red and Blue Squadron, watched you intently. The two of you were good friends but had never been more than that, even though you’d hoped.

“So… you’re free now?” Cas asked. You could hear the hope in his voice and you tried hard not to roll your eyes. “Cause I was thinking that we could take some food from the cantina and head up Decka’s Hill to watch the sunet.“

The third time’s the charm, you mused to yourself. Spinning on the spot, causing Cas to almost run into you, you took in the man before you. He was good looking: short blonde hair and clean shaven, as with the rest of the pilots, he was muscular and kept himself in good shape. Whenever the two of you spent time together he would make you laugh and seemed to genuinely enjoy listening to you. Over his shoulder, you could see Poe watching the two of you.

“Do you know what, Cas, okay.” A grin split the man’s face. “Okay, but not tonight. Tomorrow.”

After confirming it with him a couple of times, the smile on his face seeming to get bigger and bigger, he left you alone, running back the way he had come, most likely to brag about it to his friends.

“Cas trying his luck with you again, was he?” It was Poe, appearing from behind one of the ships near you. “You’d think he would have got the hint by now, but I guess…”

“I said yes.” You stated, facing Poe with your arms crossed over your chest. For a second he looked dumbstruck, staring at you with his mouth agape.

“Yes? You said yes? You’re going on a date with Caspian Temon?” He followed you as you walked away, trailing along like a lost puppy. “Why? I didn’t think you liked the guy.”

“I never said I didn’t like him.” You replied, opening the door and entering the block.

“No, true, but you have turned him down a couple of times. What’s suddenly changed your mind?” The two of you entered the cantina, Poe holding the door open for you, and you made your way to grab some food.

“I don’t know, I mean he’s really nice and sweet and I do enjoy hanging out with him. Maybe the two of us could work, you know.” That wasn’t entirely true, you knew. Yes, you liked Cas, but you honestly didn’t see the two of you being anything more than friends. Still, you’d give him his shot to impress you and if it made Poe jealous at the same time, well, that was just an added bonus.

“Yeah.” He didn’t sound very happy and you looked up at him to see him frowning and running a hand through his hair.

“Listen, Dam, do…” You were going to ask if he thought it was a good idea, but he was already off and half-way out the room without a word. All you could do was watch.

The next day was spent finishing up some odd jobs and starting on your paperwork; you always left it as long as possible. Whenever you ran into Poe he would always exclaim that he was too busy to stop, too tired to deal with anything today or just didn’t want to talk.

While on the strip, you managed to grab a second with Snap who had also noticed that Poe was exceptionally iritated and acting out-of-character. He wasn’t sure why though, none of the pilots you spoke to knew why.

By the time you’re shift was done, Poe had ignored you over ten times and snapped at most of the crew. Everyone was trying to figure out what was wrong and so they kept asking you for an answer; but you didn’t have one. As you headed inside, stressed from work and all the questions, you spotted Poe leaving the cantina.

You made a beeline for him, dragging him by his scruff to a vacant corridor before he could argue. You shoved him against a wall, blocking off his only exit, and squaring off in front of him.

“What’s been wrong with you today?” You exclaimed, crossing your arms over your chest, as he straightened his collar. “Every pilot, mechanic, technician, cleaner, officer and everyone in between has been complaining about you shouting at them. I’ve never heard you shout at the crew before, Poe.”

He avoided looking you in the eye, his hand running nervously along the back of his neck. “I’m fine. I have stuff to do and I really need to get on with-” You blocked him off as he attempted to leave, lifting your chin and staring him down. He didn’t back up though, just stood looking down at you.

“You’ve been off with me too. You didn’t have breakfast with me, or lunch. You’ve barely said two words to me and even when you did it was only to tell me how you ‘couldn’t talk to me’. Have I done something to make you angry with me?” There was caution to you now, your arms lowering to your sides. Maybe you’d said something, done something, the he didn’t like and now he didn’t like you anymore. The thought brought a heavy weight with it.

“No.” Poe was quick to respond, his hands flying up to hold you on either side. “No, its nothing like that, okay. I promise.”

“Then what is it?” You pressed as he released you.

There was a pause. You could see Poe trying to process what to say. Confusion, frustration, anger. Then he shut his eyes, pressed them shut tight, and when he opened them again they held a grim determination.

“I don’t want you to go on a date with Temon.”

Well, that was not the answer you were expecting. “What? Why?” All of his apparent stress and anger was because he didn’t want you to go on a date? You kept trying to process why this could be true, and even though some small part of your brain knew the answer, you couldn’t bring yourself to hope for that answer in case it was wrong.

Poe fell back against the wall behind him, letting out a long breath. You moved closer to him, holding on to every word he said. “Do you remember the day we met? I’d just got back from a recon mission on Hosnian Prime, you were the mechanic tasked with refueling my fighter.”

You gave a soft chuckle. “Yeah, but I got a little caught up, ended up changing your fuel line and patching up your tank as well.”

He nodded. “Yup. I came back to find you hands deep in the backend of my ship, with the fuel completely drained. Not gonna lie, I was a little annoyed at first; some of the mechanics here are great, others have yet to learn how to tighten a bolt properly. And the mechanic before you had somehow managed to lock BB-8 into position and had no idea how to operate the little release clasp, wasting almost two hours taking apart most of the back panel when all it took was me walking over and flicking a button.” You laughed at this, Poe had told you some funny stories of his experience with the other mechanics before, but this was a new one to you. “Yeah, yeah, its funny now.

“Anyway, so when I see some random mechanic under my ship I get a little tense. Needless to say within, what, thirty seconds of talking to you, I realise you know what you’re doing. Not only that, but you may have just saved me from a major repair later down the line.” He was smiling at you, a cheery look to his eyes as he reminisced. “I knew then that I wanted to get to know you better. That I was going to do everything I had to, to spend as much time with you as possible. And I have not regretted a single moment of it.”

He straightened up then, hands in the pockets of his jumpsuit and slowly moving towards you. “Every second I have spent with you has been amazing. You are easily the…smartest, kindest…you have the best laugh…I could listen to you talk about anything for eternity…you make me laugh, even when you feel like crap…and you are absolutely beautiful. The way you have those little wrinkles at the corners of your mouth, the way that little bit of hair always sticks out, the way you snort when you laugh too much, everything, everything about you is perfect.”

You said nothing. You didn’t know what to say. Poe was standing right in front of you, leaning over you slightly and you were worried he would be able to hear your heart racing in your chest.

He opened his mouth to say something else, but on meeting your eyes he quickly shut it and lowered his head.

The pause was stretching on. Your mind hurriedly tried to process what had just happened. He’d admitted he had feelings for you, that much was certain. But he hadn’t said he was going to act on them, only that he wasn’t happy with you acting on your potential feelings for Temon.

“If that’s how you feel, and if you’re really bothered about me going on a date with Temon, then why don’t you do something about it?” It came out a little bit more challenging than you’d expected and Poe’s eyebrows shot up in shock.

For a second he just stared at you with his mouth agape, then the side of his mouth quirked up into a smile. Suddenly his lips were pressed against you, his hands wrapping around your back and pulling you into him. You surrendered, melting into his embrace.

A quick kiss to show his affection, very quickly turned into something deeper as he bit gently at your bottom lip. His tongue invaded your mouth, he tasted of coffee and syrup. He moved you against a wall. His body pressed into your own. His hands roamed over your lower back, pushing the edges of your t-shirt up as he kneaded at your skin. You moved your fingers into his hair. Pulling carefully at each strand to adjust his head and deepen your kiss.

He lifted your leg onto his hip. You grinded against him, causing him to emit a small groan into your mouth. He rocked his hips and the muscles in your lower abdomen tightened. His lips left your own. They moved down to trace patterns into your neck; sucking and nipping. Your breathing grew ragged and you let out a soft moan.

Poe gave you one last kiss onto your lips before his mouth finally left you. He was leaning aginst the wall, breathing deeply and his body still pressed hard against you. And you could feel him pressing into you.

“Was that something enough?” He teased, his hand moving to follow the line of your jaw.

You cancelled your date with Caspian Temon. You sat him down and explained everything, he understood, was even able to laugh about it. Apparently he and the other pilots had been having bets on when Poe would get the courage to ask you. Yet as time went on, Cas had decided that if Poe wasn’t going to, then he was.

The two of you stayed on good terms.

You had your first date with Poe that night.

About Mark Gatiss’ words

I’ve read many Johnlockers complaints about the infamous article he tweeted about. 

As a shipper myself (though a Sherlolly one), I understand the despair and the anger.

I’ve also read about how many Johnlockers are convinced this is another trick and Moftiss are lying again in order not to spoil the surprise. It makes sense.

There’s just one thing I want to say and I think most of my Sherlollian fellows (and/or other ships supporters) will agree on this: shipping Johnlock is absolutely fine; bashing anything not Johnlock related is not. 

Mark Gatiss’ rude-ish words might be a farce, of course, but I must say his  disdain towards the most ardent Johnlock supporters is quite justifiable: some Johnlockers are really disrespectful when it comes to deal with anything beside their ship being end-game or canon (today I’ve read a Johnlocker talking about the show turning out as either “gay or trash”. The screenshots of the Johnlocker tweeting Mark Gatiss she will die if Johnlock doesn’t become canon in S4 are another refulgent example).

That’s not how it works.

Sherlock is a brilliant show, a masterpiece. Johnlock interactions are a contributing factor, just as much as Sherlolly, Sheriarty or Warstan interactions. There’s so much else beyond ships, guys!

I think it’s almost offensive to reduce everything about this utterly ingenious TV-show to a ship, no matter how much material you might have gathered about the Johnlock conspiracy.

No hate.

Spread Sherlock love everywhere as usual. 

Be happy and rejoice for your ship, no matter which one it is.

No Control: Part 8

Your mind was blank. You were caught completely off guard. You didn’t know if you should lie to cover your ass, or just tell the truth, or simply run away. You look at Lou, who looked genuinely sorry for letting this secret slip out. She clearly knew that if anyone found out about what you were doing with Harry that it would be a catastrophe, which was exactly why she wanted you to stop. Now here you both were standing in front of the one person who absolutely should not know about what’s been going on.

“Wow, you’re up early.” Lou said in an effort to fill the silence.

“I was going to see if (Y/N) wanted to get breakfast before the meeting.” Liam said. “Who’s sleeping with Harry, (Y/N)?”

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Smut Shot
POV: His
Word Count: 1988

It was Sunday morning and it was raining–our phones nowhere to be found. It was nice to finally get away from the tangled web life could be.

My stomach was stirring as she shyly smiled at me from across the bed. We were finally alone. She was sat up against the headboard of the bed with a thin white sheet covering her body, tucked up under her arms, her knees up against her chest. She looked as nervous as I felt inside. No this wasn’t our first time, but this time is different. This time was intimate, we had time. She trusted me and I trusted her. I couldn’t wait to see her beautiful body standing in front of me, vulnerable and mine. I couldn’t wait to kiss her, taste her, fuck her right. Every other time was lights out, get me off. Being vulnerable was not her thing. I’m not sure why she was so shy, her body was perfect to me, she was perfect to me. I didn’t see the flaws she spoke about.

“What baby?” she giggled at me from behind the sheet. I walked over to the bed and laid down on my side propping myself up next to her placing a soft kiss on her exposed shoulder, breathing in her scent. Sending chills down my spine when she placed her hand on my head, running her fingers through my hair pushing it out of my eyes. The way she ran her fingers through my hair, trailing her thumb down my jawline and pulling on my bottom lip drove me crazy.

“I love you, that’s all” I whispered as I pushed a strand of her beautiful hair out of her face. “Now what are you being so shy for baby?”

She bit her lip and smiled at me, looking down for a moment, then back up at me. “I, um, I wanna do something, or I guess show you something.” I watched as she slowly got up from the bed, still holding the sheet to her body. Watching her every move as she glided over to the windows opening them and taking in a huge breath. 

“I love the summer rain, there’s just something so– I don’t know… I just love it…” her words trailing off like the end of a song. “And I’m stalling.” 

So, I just watched her with curious eyes and smiled. She had my full attention. She always did.

My eyes continued to follow her as she walked over to the TV in the corner of the room, the soft white cotton sheet still wrapped around her. The way the sheets were moving as she walked were hypnotizing, drawing me in more. I needed to see her. I needed to have her. My core was aching.

“Can we just be disconnected today? I don’t want to deal with anyone or anything… just you. I just want it to be you and me.”

I moved myself over so I was sat at the end of the bed facing my beautiful girl.

“As long and I can have every inch of you today, baby… I’m yours.”

I could tell she was blushing as she flipped the TV off. With quiet feet she walked over so she was standing in front of me. I sat there leaning on my arms as they sat on my knees, my hands fidgeting. Waiting. Wanting. Needing to touch her before I lost my mind. I watched as she took in a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds. She closed her eyes as she let it out and slowly let the sheet drop and pool at her feet. All I could do was stare at her soft naked body and take her in, her figure, every curve, every corner, every edge of her was perfect and she didn’t know it. I bit my lip as I felt myself growing at the sight of her. Her words snapping me out of my gaze.

“Touch me.”

I obeyed, reaching out for her hips and pulling her into my body, resting my forehead on her tummy. I softly grazed my hands up and down her sides causing her to shiver against me. Sighing as she softly rested her delicate hands on my head, lightly tugging at my messy hair—I looked up at her.

I leaned myself back on to the bed lightly pulling her with me. I swiftly turned us over so I was hovering above her body. The look in her eyes pleaded me to touch her, begging me, taunting me, showing me how hungry she was for me. I couldn’t wait to fuck her right, the way she deserved to be. I leaned down to kiss her, teasing her lip with mine. Our soft kisses turning to passionate ones. Our breathing getting heavier with every kiss. Heating up with every motion. I slowly trailed my hand down her body stopping at her throbbing clit. She shuddered beneath me as I placed pressure with my two fingers beginning to rub her clit, making her quietly moan into my ear, making me moan out in reply. I moved my hand lower and slowly slipped my fingers into her body. She was so wet—she was soaking.

“So wet? Baby we’ve done nothing and you’re already making a mess.” I groaned into her ear.

Squirming beneath me I began to trail kisses down her front, stopping at her breasts, sucking and biting at her nipples making her giggle in a seductive way that drove me wild. I continued kissing down her body leaving soft bite marks on her hips continuing down and stopping at her clit.

Locking eyes with her I watched as I blew lightly, the way she arched her back at my simple gesture, moaning out. I wrapped my arms around her legs placing my hands on her hips, holding her against the bed. Keeping my gaze on her as I placed soft kisses and nibbles on her inner thighs, getting closer and closer to her soaking wet slit. I took my tong and began to lick up her slit slowly, causing her to hum in praise. She tasted so sweet, just for me. I was so selfish. I continued to lick and suck on her throbbing clit.

“More, baby please. Give me more.” I was so fucking hard for her.

I took my two forefingers and slowly started fingering her whilst licking and sucking her core. Her breathing started picking up as I picked up the pace with my hand and moved my tongue from side to side on her clit. She started squirming and moaning as I used my hand to rub her clit and hum against her wet pussy. I could tell by the way she was breathing she was getting ready to cum for mer. Her hands pulling on my hair causing me to grunt against her skin, pushing her hips down harder against the bed so she couldn’t escape.

“Come on baby, cum for me, I want you to fucking cum for me.”

Her hips bucked up against me as I continued to finger her, feeling her clench her walls around my digits. I felt a fire inside as I watched her come undone, moaning my name with a string of profane words trickling from her perfect mouth.

“Fuck. I love the sounds you make.”

I did. I loved the sounds she made. The way her moans mixed with the heavy rain pour outside was like a beautiful song made just for me. Angelic. Her eyes met mine. Full of lust and hunger. She wanted me as bad as I wanted her. Her hands pulling my hair snapped me from my daze. Her cum was so sweet to me, my own personal flavor. I don’t think I will ever get enough of it.

Our eyes locked as I continued to lick up her wet slit her cum warm on my tongue. The way she bit her lip, her eyes darker than before, made me want to taste her more and more. I removed my arms from around her thighs and pushed myself up, standing at the foot of the bed watching her as she tried to catch her breath, her chest pumping up and down. She giggled at me as I removed my boxers, my hard cock springing free.

She shyly motioned me with her finger to come to her. I leaned down onto the bed crawling over to her and hovering myself between her legs. Her body felt so fucking amazing against mine. We fit perfectly.

I bent my head down to kiss her beautiful lips, hoping traces of my name were still left dancing on her tongue the way it was just moments before. Tangling her fingers back into my hair, pulling me in deeper, our tongues dancing against one another. I moaned out as she bit and sucked on my lower lip. Pulling away I leaned onto my left forearm using my right side to position myself in front of her. I moved the tip of my hard cock up and down her wet and throbbing pussy, teasing her and making her squirm beneath me. Whining with staggered breathing she grabbed my arm and dug her nails into me, making me grunt in reply. I took myself and slowly pushed myself into her, taking my time to feel her around me, I moaned out her name as she sighed deeply into my single thrust.

Gripping her hands around my back, digging her nails into me as I began to slowly and deeply thrust into her cunt, making sure I was using my lower body to stimulate her. She started whispering dirty things into my ear as I moved against her body at a steady pace. She was such a dirty little girl, so shy one moment, a little whore the next. I went deeper, and deeper making her moan each time I hit her sweet spot. She started biting and sucking on my collar bones and neck, making me weak and willing to her every command. Grabbing my ass she began to pull my hips closer to hers, clenching around me, making me moan out a low, “fuck.”

We sounded so amazing together, our moans against the rain, loud enough Im sure the neighborhood could hear us. The way our bodies hit each other was like nothing I have ever felt.

With a soft moan, she demanded I go faster. She was on the edge and I couldn’t wait to make her unravel beneath me.

Thrusting faster, she grabbed onto the headboard, causing the bed to shake and creak more than it did before.

“Faster baby, please. Fuck me baby.”

With one hand beside her head and one hand gripping the headboard I began the fuck her faster. Making her cry out my name, egging me on. She sounded so fucking beautiful. Moaning with each thrust and hit against her clit. She began to come undone beneath me. She looked so fucking sexy when she was lost in her own world as I fucked her as best as I could.

I could feel her body and mine getting to our edge as she clenched her tight pussy around my cock. She moaned as I continued to fuck her the way she liked it. Our eyes locked. Lips brushing. Sloppy kisses. Heavy breathing. Our sweaty bodies colliding with each other.

“Come on baby, fucking cum for me, scream my name.”

She moaned out against the rain, the taste of my name on her tongue driving herself crazy as she began to cum. My thrusts becoming sloppy as I came inside her freshly fucked pussy. Feeling her cum around me, my thrusts sharp and short. Feeling her shiver underneath my body, I collapsed onto her, breathing heavy as I laid my head against her chest listening to her heartbeat.