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If a person was to hear an extremely high pitched noise, would their ears bleed? If yes, how else would the sound affect them? Would anything else bleed (nose, eyes, other orifices???)? Would they get disoriented? Dizzy, perhaps? I'm giving a siren this ability and would really like to know how sound can damage a person's body. Please and thank you.

Heyhey! So let’s talk about ears, baby! (Let’s talk about you and me!) I could not f ind a gif of a siren blasting out somebody’s eardrums, so here is a puppy howling:

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First off, the concept of ears bleeding because of a pitch , or frequency, of sound is a pure BS trope that Hollywood likes to play. Bleeding ears look dramatic, but human ears deal very well with extremely high pitch. Beyond a certain threshold we simply can’t hear it anymore. That’s it. The end.

However, the tympanic membrane (eardrum) can rupture because of volume. Sound exists in pressure waves, and the frequency of those waves is immaterial to your desired effect, but the amplitude (volume) is not. An extremely loud siren-character might be able to rupture tympanic membranes by producing overpressures.

Now, there are going to be some other effects from this, not the least on the sirens themselves; since this is SciFi™ I’m going to say that for that one, the Rule of Reality applies.

As to the victim, I’m now basically considering your siren to be a bomb, in terms of pressure waves. That means that the “blast” is going to produce results similar to primary blast injuries. Solid organs are going to do pretty well with this, actually, because sound  will just vibrate right through them. But hollow organs, especially the lungs, stomach, and small intestines, might run into problems, because all of a sudden the pressure on one side of a membrane is very different from that on the other.

In short, this could cause issues with internal bleeding in the lungs, and the gut. Also consider structural damage in a cone shape that radiates outwardly from your oh-so-loud siren. It could also potentially throw people backwards across a room.

Oh! One last point. As to your dizziness question: yes indeed, this could cause dizziness. Also deafness. And, uhh. Possibly death, if a building falls on them.

Best of luck and happy holidays!

xoxo, Aunt Scripty


Seriously, I don’t kid around about harassment anymore guys

So I wake up to the usual fandom BS I do just about once a week.

Double check my publication to make sure it’s accurately labeled so far as content/character tags

Respond in kind

And now I’m going to go have my breakfast and play around with my fur children. 

So if I ever respond snappishly to asks or block people willy nilly in your opinion on here or any other platform I post to, hopefully this as one of many examples of what I deal with on a weekly basis, if not more, helps make a teensy bit more sense. 

I’m really tired. And there’s not enough coffee in the world to make people like this tolerable. 

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Love how Levi was litening like "yeah I've chosen to FREE ERWIN FROM THIS BS" tbh i feel very betrayed by this mango but i am still couting on levi last moments (it is being foreshadowed) we can see erwin again in his memories right? Because levi is completely different after erwin's sad death, i can see like he is grieving still, we gonna see it later, but yeah and hey stop talking about flocke's hair mine is exactly the same (unfortunately lmao idk what to do with my hair anymore)

Believe me anon, I feel totally betrayed by this manga too.

The author decided to just skip one year in the midst of war without adressing the huge fuck-up he created among the characters or sorting out the tension that’s existing between them. Without any mourning. Without any proper explanation why the titans are gone now and what’s going on with the warriors. It feels like Erwin and Bert died for nothing, they didnt need Erwin after all to free the Island didn’t they? I just hope that his absence will bite them in the ass in future developments though because obviously everybody agrees that he can’t be replaced.

I must admit I was afraid at first when I read the chapter that Levi forgot about Erwin and Yams made him just THAT OOC. But there’s a whole post about Levi’s most happy moments in this chapter and you are right…Ever since Erwin’s dead that man looks dead too. He is grieving, yams just doesn’t show it too obvious.

I hope for the same outcome as you: Levi dying thinking of Erwin while fulfilling his vow. The bond they share can’t be broken by death and I hope for some more Shoujowin-flashbacks too. Should yams fuck up nontheless I trust the fandom to put it right.

Oh and don’t be concerned about your hair looking like Flocke’s. He is very loved in this part of the fandom and there’s no shame in sharing a trait with him, especially if there’s such a good explanation as why his hair looks a bit off.

Thank you for the ask!

No, neither owner of this blog is nice or tolerant of bullshit and I’m just letting others know right now that if you’re going to be racist/misogynist/homophobic/transphobic/islamophobic/ableist or anything hateful gtfo because neither of us are dealing with your bullshit. I’m not going to be diplomatic, neither is the other owner, we’re pissed off and tired and how fucking hard is it to not be hateful? You spread hateful shit, I’m gonna reflect right back to you. I don’t give a single fuck about that “spread love” bs. I have no patience anymore. If you talk shit, you deserve to be hit.

If it’s gotta be like me spraying you with a water bottle every time you fuck up so you’re conditioned to not let stupid shit spew out of your mouth then that’s how it’s gonna be. Spritz spritz. Just keep your bigoted mouth shut and congregate amongst you and your hateful kind far and separate from the rest of society and no one gets hurt. Go live in a ditch and stay away from people. I don’t have the patience to tell you why you’re a bigot and I don’t have the tolerance to give you another chance because it really isn’t hard to not be bigoted. It’s so easy and free wtf. I’m just going to say “fuck off” at this point.

and if you follow me and want to spread love then fine, but try it somewhere else. Cheers to you 🥂🍷🍾🍻 if you have the patience but my ass sure does not. I’ve tried and people choose to be assholes and abusive. Try to change them but it won’t work, which is why I’m just telling people to fuck off at this point. I have zero compassion for bigots.

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Why are witches on darker paths always frowned upon on?

From the perspective of someone who’s studied Wicca, I can tell you that a lot of witches (not all) frown upon “darker magic” due to their belief in the 3 Fold Law. 

The Rule of Three (also Three-fold Law or Law of Return) is a religious tenet held by some Wiccans/Pagans. It states that whatever energy a person puts out into the world, be it positive or negative, will be returned to that person three times.

It’s common to be told that curses/hexes/jinxes are “bad” and make it so that you’re not a real witch. Well that’s BS, and for a lot of reasons. Your craft is your own, and that’s something no one can take away from you.

nocturnal wix

By “darker” I’m assuming you mean those who deal with blood and death and similar things in one way or another.  Technically I don’t consider myself much of a witch anymore, but I’m devoted to a complex goddess with a terrible reputation and still have practices in death and shadow work, and I’m going to respond to your question anyway.  I openly admit right now that I have a lot of anger – none of which is directed at the OP – over this kind of judgmental bullshit, so brace yourself, winter (and tl:dr) is coming.

Reminder to everyone that “black magic” is racist, by the way, before anyone goes there.

Basically your answer comes down to some fundamental yet complicated things that also exist in mainstream society, which we all still live in:

  • the fear and disgust for death and anything related to death
  • romanticism of goddamn everything, including religion itself, humanity, and nature
  • neopaganism puts a lot of emphasis on the feminine divine in a way that associates it with things like motherhood, protection, and passivity receptivity; even birth and death tend to get romanticized here, glossing over the wildness, pain, and sometimes literal shit, and you get into some heteronormative fuckery that also reinforces how ~terrible~ these other things are
  • no one makes the best zealots like new converts who want to believe that their new path is shiny and righteous, and neopaganism is no different
  • unrealistic expectations on how things like trauma, neurodivergence, and minority identities should be dealt with – that is, “getting over it,” “differences don’t matter because we’re all children of the goddess,” “these things are bad and we don’t want to be associated with people who make the rest of us look bad,” “you guys just glory in pain and war,” “only our way is legitimate”

The “darker” stuff is only acceptable if it’s a novelty that we can later dismiss or something that happens far enough away that it doesn’t affect us personally.  Horror movies are fine because they’re not real (yet based on a true story) and serial killers are fascinating because they only happen to other people.  Ethics means “good” and “bad” and gods forbid anyone would want to live in the no-man’s land between them.

A lot of neopagan language is based on “positive” things: perfect love and perfect trust, the threefold law that Nocturnal Wix mentioned, etc.  I think there’s this general perception that religion and spirituality should be inherently pacifistic or ‘gentle’ while magical practice should be the sweetness and springtime growth of nature, as though violence and shit are somehow unique to humans.  And obviously these things work for some people, and that’s great, good for them, but it’s ridiculously easy for such things to become tunneled vision.

I really do believe that a lot of this comes from the all-or-nothing ethics of Christianity, which pervades our culture’s unconsciousness.  A person can choose to convert but they can’t choose to get rid of the entire paradigm in which they were shaped.  We bring what we know into our faith, and what many of us know are societies shaped by Christianity.  The New Age and neopagan movements talk about being counter-cultural and accepting, but in reality they take the same sociopolitical issues and moral judgment of mainstream culture and reframe them in a new context.

So we’re judged because we get our hands dirty with the blood and filth that people don’t like to think about.  Because we’re “morbid” and trying to be edgy.  Because we’re practical.  Because people think blood means pain and death is terrifying and working with these things is sick rather than empoweringBecause the way in which we show our love for magic, for the gods and ungods, for ourselves and our community, doesn’t fit the romanticized ideal, and because we dare to explore not just our strengths but our very human flaws.

Of course, I’m generalizing.  There are always individual exceptions and I speak only about the overall milieu, and I don’t doubt that there a few people who are in it for some kind of aesthetic or ~badass~ reputation.  But if using rib bones for divination, making offerings of blood and sex, being one of these people developing polytheistic funerary rites, cursing the living hell out of a sister’s too-rich-for-court abuser – if these things make us “darker” and condemns us in the eyes of the broader pagan community, fine.  Fucking come at us, bro, and don’t forget to bring the self-righteous judgment while your imbalanced community falls apart without your warriors and your death-workers and your healers with their bloodied hands.

- mountain hound

Also not a witch, but I do have a few thoughts.

First, keep in mind that witches practicing more controversial forms of magic are not always frowned upon by all people.

Oftentimes, however, those within witchcraft that do disavow and condemn such witches have bought into respectability politics.

Peter Grey’s essay “Rewilding Witchcraft” is a brilliant manifesto critiquing all those who would make witchcraft harmless:

How tame we have become. How polite about our witchcraft. In our desire to harm none we have become harmless.

We have bargained to get a seat at the table of the great faiths to whom we remain anathema. How much compromise have we made in our private practice for the mighty freedom of being able to wear pewter pentagrams in public, at school, in our places of employment. How much have the elders sold us out, genuflecting to the academy, the establishment, the tabloid press. In return for this bargain we have gained precisely nothing. The supposed freedoms we have been granted are empty.

Late capitalist culture simply does not care what our fantasy dress up life is like as long as we work our zero hour contracts, carry our mobile phones and keep consuming. The reason that social services are not taking your children away is that nobody believes in the existence of the witch. We have mistaken social and economic change for the result of our own advocacy. Marching in lock-step with what used to be called mainstream, but is now mono-culture, we have disenchanted ourselves, handed over our teeth and claws and bristling luxuriant furs. I will not be part of this process, because to do so is to be complicit with the very forces that are destroying all life on earth. It is time for Witchcraft not to choose, but to remember which side it is on in this struggle.

- Heathen Chinese

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Season 5 would for sure have john tied to a railroad track :p But I believe deep in my soul Martin's not doing another season. 🙏 -leeleesun

@leeleesun lol, I’m sure they’d have gone that far into cliche if they could 😂 But yeah, same, my gut tells me very strongly that he’s done and dusted with the show. So thankfully we won’t have to deal in this bs anymore 👍

Crackpot Pink Diamond Theory

Pink Diamond had this difficult and convoluted idea to fake her death so she didn’t have to deal with the other dieamonds’ BS anymore.

PD: “Psst, hey, Rose Quartz, come here.”

Rose: “Yes, my diamond?”

PD: “You like this planet right?”

Rose: “Of course!”

PD: “Fake my death and it’s yours.”

Rose: “Wh-what?”

PD: “I’m sick of this bs and I want out.”

Rose: “Okay, what could go wrong?”

Pink Diamond is currently in an undisclosed location eating a gratuatous amount of ice cream.

Hi guys, here’s my story to kick things off..gently..
My name is Lauren and I am a 19 year old girl who lives in Britain. I have had fibromyalgia for over a year now but only been diagnosed for around 6 months ish. Since then I had the battle of dealing with the end of college and getting my grades..which I managed..sort of.. Then finishing college I realised I can’t do what I wanted to do anymore (working with animals) as it is such a physical and demanding career. Things got worse for me and I soon got diagnosed with depression and anxiety and got sent to counselling (which was BS) and hydrotherapy. Luckily for me I have the most understanding and supportive family and friends and my boyfriend has been absolutely amazing. After speaking to others who understand completely I’ve felt a lot better now myself and now I want to help others. Even though I don’t know much I want to try my hardest to give out hints and tips and advice where it is needed. So whenever you need to talk, rant, rage or express your feelings with no judgement what so ever. There’s always someone willing to help. Thanks - Lauren ☺️

how to suck the life out of a band

a tutorial by the 1d fandom    

destroy them then expect them to come back onstage and act ‘normal’… ‘why do they act so guarded?’   ‘management’…      no… fans. ‘why are they rushing through songs and not talking anymore?’   fans.   ‘why would they break up? they’re on top!’   geez…who could deal with that day in and day out.  thousands of people expecting them to do and say things in an exact way…to believe and be a warrior for every social cause… when there is absolutely no way they can do that.  yes, liam could have not said what he said.  (scratching my head on that one).  but come on.  look at his mentions on twitter.  even after he apologized there were people telling him to apologize again cuz it didn’t sound sincere.  the tone wasn’t right.  etc.  i don’t blame him one second for being defensive. 

i call the fans out for treating the boys like shit…expecting perfection… being judgmental… critical.  and i can guarantee people will be defensive.  but that’s okay, right? cuz we aren’t expected to be perfect.  perhaps idolatry is the problem.  they’re boys.  human boys.  college age boys.  emotionally damaged boys…cuz how could they not be with all the crap they’ve had to deal with before, during and i’m sure after fame.   so, liam has now been informed of his faults thousands and thousands of times… i think he knows.  now lovely perfectly faultless people are calling him fat and telling him to kill himself….  nice.  can people back the fuck off?   i’ve already unfollowed people…the count doesn’t matter to me.  not to have it scrolling down my dash over and over.