not dead yet 2013

anonymous asked:

Did the nogitsune never happen in the dyk universe? Obviously Allison is still alive but then again so is everyone else (which makes me happy and I approve). Just curious!

it did happen! peter made reference to it in one of the most recent chapters.

it’s canon divergent for a lot of reasons:

  • when i started writing it in early 2013, nobody was dead yet except for peter lmao
  • having “the whole pack” there was just the way fic was done at the time and it hadn’t yet occurred to me i could do things differently
  • i actually stopped watching towards the end of the show for personal reasons, so i don’t know the newer characters very well at all.

so as my thoughts about the show changed, i added things to later chapters and made small changes in older ones.

in conclusion, canon is more or less the same, but either most of them didn’t die or they came back to life somehow. victoria is still dead because i hate her. whatever feels right to you.

Here are the shows we currently have planned for the upcoming Fall/Winter

Sunday, November 17th //NOT DEAD YET MATINEE #3
with Dead End Path, Disengage, Intent, Wiccans and Sabotage.

@ Nocturne (550 QUEEN ST WEST)
Doors at 1PM, $10


Sunday December 8th//BBB SHOWCASE 2013
with Rude Awakening, Dead End Path, Creem, Caught In A Crowd, Clear, DNA, Our Side, Ancient Heads and True

@ Presidents Rock Club
1546 Hancock St. Quincy, MA.


Kremlin (Last show, Not Dead Yet 2013)