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A/N: Part two! Literally couldn’t think of how this story could have gone any other way. Just a little more insight of how the reader and Sebastian feel about this situation, basically a filler chapter. Just don’t want things to move too fast, you know? Like the feelings and all that… Wanna build up to them a little bit. I can’t guarantee when the next part will be up. I’m a little lost with the plot.

Pairing: Sebastian Stan x reader

Words: 3,823

Warning: mentions of sex, some talk about Seb looking like a “creepy uncle” when filming I, Tonya, hopefully that isn’t triggering, didn’t mean anything bad by it,  just meant a dude who’s a little weird, creepy, whatever.

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I follow affectionsuggestions and suddenly today i saw some weirdass posts on the blog that half looked like shitposts and half seemed like a genuinely concerning paranoia attack.

I added her on snapchat and now i found out she apparently is part of an anti-islamic organization, thinks mental illness is a Government Hoax™ , firmly believes she is being watched by the iranian government and is a Trump supporter???

So today was a wild ride

I blocked someone today whose replies I must continually hide because they’re always about my cleavage in a selfie that has nothing to do with my cleavage. Jesus, google some p0rn or something. Is it really more exciting to just comment on my face? People are fucking weird. Sometimes I will actually post my cleavage for comment. Hold onto your dumb comments for that moment. Also I honestly don’t know why I ever waited so long to block that guy. He even has a creeptastic avi.

On a completely unrelated note, why the hell do people reblog your shit just to say how much they dont like it ??? Like congrats my guy for putting art u dont like on your blog so you can be reminded of how much you dont like it everytime you scroll past it. Like, i stay in my fucking lane, i dont add unnecessary comments where theyre not warranted bc mama aint raise me in a damn barn lmao.

People forget that there is an Actual Person behind art blogs?? Im going to read every tag on every post i make. If you wouldnt say that shit to someones face, dont say it at all.

Okay, but sleepover-party at Hawke's estate!
  • Isabela: innitiates a pillow-fight with Hawke
  • Hawke: builts fillow-fort and hides with dog behind it
  • Carver: joins Isabela's side
  • Bethany: makes tea for everyone
  • Merril: braids Bethany's hair
  • Aveline: tells them to grow the fuck up and get the beds ready, so they can sleep
  • Varric: tells creepy bedtime-storys
  • Anders: asks weird-ass questions just when they snuffed the lights and want to sleep
  • Fenris: tells Anders to shut the fuck up or, he'll get over there
  • Sebastian: answers Anders question half an hour later, just wheneverybody was about to sleep
  • Anders and Sebastian: start a deep discussion about weird topics over the heads of everybody else
  • Fenris and Aveline: threaten to gag them, if they don't shut up
  • Merril: suddenly joins into the discussion
  • Everybody else: groans loudly

bookedequestrian  asked:

I LOVE YOUR ART!!! I LOVE HOW YOU DRAW KISSES!!! THE SMOOSH!!! I LIVE FOR YOUR HTTYD AU!!!! Sorry to be weird/creepy w/ the capslock but I just love your art so much!!! Like there's a Deku you drew that I want tattooed on my body because it's so cute??? I just really love your art so much, SO much. Again sorry if this is weird or makes you uncomfortable!

aww thank you!!im happy u like my work!!dont worry ur not creepy ur very flattering ^7^ i dont draw deku that often which is a shame cause i love him!!hes a sweet heart

Ever After Legacy

Made by the wonderful and beautiful Wolfy And @emmasimming

(If it says you move into an apartment and you don’t have city living move to a small house)

Generation One – You Love Him, You Love Him Not– You just moved out of your parents home and now it’s your time to shine! But what will you do when two guys make you fall in love?


Must marry someone and have at least 2 kids with them

Each child must have a bad trait

Divorce your first husband after 2 kids or more

Must have 2 husbands

Generation Two – Love Is A Game – You grew up in a broken family you only ever had one love in high school you could never get over him/her after they went off to college. After that you couldn’t get over it. They were your first love, Until you met..


Must have high school sweetheart then he/she move

Complete the postcard collection

Master Charisma Skill

Generation Three – Lone Wolf – After your parents kicked you out you had no other choice but to move into a small apartment, all you ever wanted to do in life is paint, but everyone tells you to give up on your dreams, maybe…. Just maybe for once you don’t care what people say….. DO IT ANYWAY!


Must be in the painter career

Must have creative as a trait

Must have a different sense of style

Generation Four – Beyond People – Your Parents have always embarrassed you all throughout your life because of their political views sense of style and because they enrolled you in some hippy school and just have always been well different than everyone else’s family’s.. You’ve alway just wanted to be alone and just get away from them so that’s what you did


Runaway as a teen

Have one kid

Must Become politician

As an adult begin to talk to your parents again

Must master the politician career

Generation Five – Different – You’ve always known you were different then the rest of your family, Things have always been different throughout highschool and your school years you never dated a person throughout school but you always thought that you would be perfect because of your mom being a politician and all but that never happened you grew up to figure out that you were lesbian/gay and became a journalist it turned out to be a pretty good life


Must be In love with the someone who’s of the same gender as your character

Must be in the in the writer career then join the journalist branch

Must never date anyone is high school

Must adopt at least one child

Person you adopt must be male and become the heir

Generation Six – Asteroid – Your parents were lesbian/gay you were made fun of those dumb bullies that didn’t support gay/lesbian marriage. But you didn’t let it get to you because you knew you were unique. One day you were at home playing Xbox games and your parents called you upstairs to tell you something. You were 16 and a half. Your parents needed to tell you something important.. “You’re adopted“ Is what came out of their mouth at the same time.


The heir but be of the male gender

Master video gaming skill

Meet an alien

Generation Seven – Friends – You’ve always had this one friend ever since you were in diapers. You learned how to walk together you learned how to talk together, They even introduced you to your first love which lasted. You guys seem like you’ll be friends till your grey and old!


Must have one friend all throughout your life

Must have that friend introduce you to your first love

Must cause drama in between life

Generation Eight –  Internet Lovers – You grew up in love with this one guy/girl that you had never met you were instant friends when you met online. One day he/she texted and said he was coming to Oasis Springs. A few days later the day he/she came you guys met and they kissed you. You guys have been inseparable ever since


Must meet someone and only talk to them on the phone once your half way done being a young adult meet them

Must live in Oasis Springs

Have 1 Child together

Go on dates every weekend

Generation Nine – Raining Dates – You Seemed to love everyone, Every guy you met you seemed to date for at least a week you never knew why or how but it happened


Must have Serial Romantic aspiration

Must date at least 6 people

Have 2 kids

Generation Ten – Hold Them Tight – You Always had a normal life and sibling(s) your mom/dad being really annoying and dating so many people throughout your childhood you woke up in your friends, house and there was someone next to you. You were very confused nothing happened it was just your distance friends creepy brother but you being weird as well laughed you guys have been close ever since you guys ended up getting married but one day your partner got really sick..


Must have lover get sick and move out for as long as you want

Must be dectective

Must complete the mysims collection

Must complete whatever aspiration you choose

its just so shrimpresting to me that same sex ships are mainly the only ships that are ostracized and/or seen as ‘delusional’ and wrong by both fans and the celebrities involved. i don’t ever see the same amount of disgust for m/f ships, even if those involved are opposed to it (it is also never as heavily opposed by those who are in the ship as it is when the ship is same sex), the fans aren’t seen as invasive/creepy/weird for shipping it. like it’s just so interesting to me that it’s only gross to ship people when it’s a same sex couple but uhhh whatever i guess