not creepy just weird

i live a pretty normal life and enjoy cartoons and memes and stuff but every once in a while there comes this weird attraction to creepy stories/videos and i just absorb them for days and regret it for months

and this started again today rip

Social Anxiety / Shyness

• You shouldn’t be forced to do a public presentation if the feeling of being in the spotlight makes you feel like every wall is crushing in on you or every eye is staring into your soul.
• You shouldn’t be picked on because you speak quietly or softly. Not everyone likes to yell and not everyone likes to have everything they say be heard.
• You shouldn’t be called “creepy” or “weird” just because you like to sit by yourself or be independent and quiet, avoiding everyone around you sometimes.
• You shouldn’t be asked “why are you so quiet” or “why are you shy” because literally, why is the sky blue? Stupid question.

It’s a part of who we are, and we can’t help the way we feel. We shouldn’t be teased, made fun of, or stepped on because we’re quiet.

And sometimes the quietest ones are the ones who just wanna scream out sometimes, but we choose not to.

Because that’s just the way we are.

Don’t question it. Don’t make fun of it. Just accept it. 👐🏻

Honestly Stop “Autism Parents” posting videos of their Autistic children online without their explicit consent you all creep me the fuck out


pairing: Lin x reader

warnings: cursing

summary: You and Lin keep attending the same New Year’s party but never get to kiss at midnight.

This was inspired by Rainbow Rowell’s Midnights, a short story I read years ago. The idea sort of came to me when I woke up, I spent the whole day thinking about it and I finally wrote it down. This is kind of a mess, but it has fluff because I feel bad about the ending of That Night. Enjoy, pals!

words: 2012


December 31, 2013

“Do you think this is chocolate or cinnamon?”

You turned and were met with a guy with wide eyes and a grin too wide for his face. He was holding a chocolate-coloured biscuit.

“Yes,” you replied, anticipating this guy to be either a creepy stalker or just plain weird.

He laughed loudly, even though your reply wasn’t that funny, and stepped closer to you. “The thing is, I’m allergic to cinnamon,” he said, inspecting the biscuit closely. “Maybe you could break off a bit and tell me?”

You grinned back, deciding that he was a nice guy. “I’m allergic to chocolate, actually, so we’re at an impasse here.”

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  • Person: oh, so you are a shipper?
  • Me: I mean, I guess so.
  • Them: oh, Ok. That's fine. As long as you don't ship real people. I mean, that's just creepy and people who do are so weird.
  • Me: ....
  • Them: .......
  • Me: Yeah, this isn't going to work out. I don't need people judging me for something so normal. Goodbye, hope you realize that being rude isn't a good way to live your life.
Calling it right now:

Now that we got a good look at it, I am 100% sure this thing:

Is a reference to Kaguya Hime (you all know that one fairytale about the moon princess that a poor woodcutter finds inside a bamboo?):

It goes part-ways in explaining why it looks the way it does, but lbr the rest of these assholes just look weird and creepy


Oh no… Why? I can’t believe this… Is that… really chains? Am I the only one who noticed that?

OMG! Seriously, did Shiki chain himself to her? I can’t….he’s crazy.


brendon urie on weird and disrespectful fans.

when we landed, we all stood up and got our bags. they asked if we were in the band and, you know, me being the honest and nice guy that i am, i told them: “yeah, we are”. they asked which one and zack said, “you know what it is,” and they were like, “panic?”, and i was like, “oh, you know of it,” and they were like, “oh no, you said it,” and i was like, “no, i didn’t”. so, dear liars, don't be creepy, just be upfront and you won’t be weird!

All these people like “why was everyone staring at Bum so weirdly” as if they don’t understand how visual storytelling works.

They’re NOT staring at Bum like that, he just FEELS like they are. Their weird creepy stares are meant to represent how Bum feels about being looked at (being judged and rejected), the expressions aren’t a literal picture of how they look.

Bum is a chronic stalker. He likes to enjoy his objects of affection from afar and, in some way, from a position of power. He can’t be rejected if they don’t know he’s there - if they don’t see him. Being one on one with people freaks him out, that’s why he stalks and that’s why he hates making eye contact.