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A Bad Day Turned Good

Tyler Scheid x Reader

Word Count : 1998


I was looking down at my phone messaging my date for the fifth time asking him where he was while pacing back and forth in front of the movie theater ticket booths. I turned around to walk back to the other side of the booths when I walked straight into the chest of a tall man. I dropped my phone in surprise and yelped slightly. How embarrassing, I thought. The tall guy, being less startled then I, bent down and picked my phone up and handed it back. I quickly glanced at his faced, curly dark hair in a beanie, brown eyes, and a slight beard. Then I stammered out an apology.

“It’s okay. I hope your phone’s okay,” he replied calmly. He flashed me a quick smile and then my phone dinged. It was my date, saying that he couldn’t make it and that he was sorry. My face fell and I glanced around trying to decide what to do now. My eyes caught on the guy who’d picked up my phone. He was looking back at me with a slight smile as he stood by the ticket booths. I tried to smile back, but I think it came out more as a grimace. The guy was with four other people, two other guys, one of which had blue hair, and two girls, the blonde was holding the hand of the other dark haired guy. I bet they’re going to have a fun evening, unlike me, I thought. I looked at the movies that were showing that evening; The Space Between Us, Rings, Youth in Oregon, etc. I was supposed to see Rings with my date. I normally hate horror movies, but if I’m with someone I’m okay. I didn’t know if I should still go see it. I’d heard people say that it’s really good and really creepy. Well I might as well still try and watch it, if I don’t like it I can just leave. I shouldn’t let my stupid date spoil my night out, I thought decisively.

I bought myself a ticket and some sour patch kids and walked into the theater. I walked down the left side row looking for a seat near the wall and away from anyone. I sat down and opened my candy, but waited to eat them until the movie actually started. As I was waiting, I looked around to see who had come to see the movie. Sitting in the middle and a bit behind me, was the guy I had run into and his friends. I quickly glanced away before he saw me looking at him. He’s not too bad looking now that I actually look at him, I thought with a smile. Then the movie started and I instantly regretted everything. I hate horror movies and this movie was so fricking creepy and scary. I kept jumping at the slightest thing. I was also extremely self-conscious and uncomfortable. Maybe I should just leave. This is sooo not worth it, I thought looking around. Just when I had mustered the courage to get up and leave, someone sat down next to me. I looked over stunned and realized that it was the guy I had walked into earlier. My face turned red and I looked down at my sour patch kids.

“I’m guessing you’re not a fan of scary movies,” the guy asked, sort of matter-of-factly.

“Uh no, not especially. I was supposed to be with someone, but they didn’t come,” I said, hoping that it was dark enough that the guy couldn’t see my red, embarrassed face. Out of the corner of my eye I could see him looking at me and I glanced at him quickly and then back to my candy. I decided to be nice and offered some to him, he took some and then introduced himself as Tyler.

“I’m (Y/N),” I said. He smiled and then focused his attention back to the movie. I glanced back at his friends that he had left for me and saw that they were all glancing between myself and Tyler and then to each other. They were all grinning for some reason. I focused back on the movie and continued to eat the sour patch kids. As soon as I did that, a jump scare happened. I wanted to run away and bury myself in a pile of blankets.

“God dammit,” I muttered while focusing on the candy.

“Hey (Y/N), you’re okay. Don’t worry – I’ll protect you from the scary monsters,” he said with a smirk. Is he making fun of me? I’m not some wimpy girl that needs protecting, I thought bitterly. First my date stood me up and now this guy I don’t know if making fun of me for not liking the movie. I stood up and walked out of the theater, probably with an angry look on my face. When I got out of the theater and into the fresh air, I leaned my head against the wall. God damn everything today, I thought dejectedly. Today had been such a bad day, all I wanted to do was go to bed.

“Hey,” a voice startled me out of my thoughts and I spun around looking for the source. It was the guy I had run into, Tyler.

“Yes? What? Need to make me jump some more so you can laugh?” I said harshly. He looked hurt, but I wasn’t in the mood to be nice.

“I wasn’t making fun of you in there. I was trying to help,” he said quickly. I sneered in response. “I don’t like horror movies either. I only went because my friends dragged me along. I saw you jumping during the movie and I thought that having someone next to you might be comforting and when I said the thing about protecting you from the monsters… well I don’t really know why I said that. I think I was just trying to sound cool or brave…”

“Oh. That’s actually a really nice thought,” I muttered slightly astounded. Here I was thinking he was a total jerk and actually he was trying to be nice to me. Damn, I thought looking him over more closely. He was tall and sturdily built. His hands were dancing around as he tried to decide what to do with them. Little curly bits of his hair poked out of his grey beanie and he had a slight beard forming along his jaw line. His eyes were a soft brown with real compassion shining through them.

“I’m sorry I was so rude to you,” I said remembering how I snapped at him. “I’ve had a really bad day, and then my date stood me up, and then I thought you were making fun of me and I was just not in the mood for that…”

“It’s okay. Totally understandable. Everyone has bad days, I just didn’t want to add to it,” he said, a smile coming back to his face. I realized how nice his lips looked and I couldn’t help but bite my own. Then I gave myself a quick mental slap and looked around.

“Um so uh, I don’t want to keep you from the movie. I’m sure your friends are wondering where you are,” I stuttered out.

“Eh, it’s fine. I wasn’t into the movie anyways. Would you mind if I kept you company? We could get a drink or some food… or we could just walk around,” he said glancing around.

“A walk would be good. Maybe that’ll calm me down.”

“Shall we then?” he said motioning down the street. I nodded and then started walking. I realized I still had the sour patch kids in my hand so I ate one and then offered some to Tyler. He took a few and looked at the street thoughtfully. I kept glancing at him from the corner of my eye as we shared the sour patch kids. We walked in silence until we came to a playground with a swing set. I immediately headed straight for it without waiting to see if Tyler would follow. Luckily he did follow and he laughed slightly as he saw where I was going. I smirked to myself and sat on one of the swings and started to rock myself back and forth. I kept my eyes trained on my feet, but I could feel Tyler watching me.

“You know, you’re really pretty. And I mean like gorgeous pretty,” he said slightly awkwardly. I glanced over at him smiling. He was blushing, but also smiling. I stood up and slowly walked in front of him. I had a half smirk, half smile on my face.

“You really think I’m pretty?” I said with a devious smile. He swallowed as he quickly glanced at me. Then he took a breath and steeled his face.

“Yes I do,” he said matter-of-factly. I slowly advanced on Tyler until he was standing up, but leaning backwards on the swing seat and I was directly in front of him. He kept glancing at my lips and I bit mine as I looked at his. I took another step forward and leaned forward until our lips were almost touching, but then I stopped. I looked at his eyes until he made eye contact with me, and then I turned around and walked away towards the jungle gym. I could only imagine the look on his face. I looked over my shoulder and he was still standing/leaning on the swing watching me. I climbed up the jungle gym until I was leaning against a pole on an upper platform. I looked back at Tyler and gave him a big mischievous grin. He shook his head and smiled back. Then he followed me up the jungle gym. He leaned against a pole opposite me, but didn’t approach. Boys are used to girls going to them, but I like to make the guy come to me.

“I’m not going over there if that’s what you’re waiting for,” I said with a smirk.

“What if I’m just admiring the view,” he said with his own smirk. After another moment he pushed off the pole and approached me. He put his hands on the jungle gym on either side of me, giving me nowhere to run to. He stared intently at my eyes and I refused to break contact with his or move a muscle. Surely enough, he broke contact and glanced at my lips. I licked them and smirked again. His eyes glowed like embers and he slowly moved his face closer to mine. He stopped right before our lips touched and he stayed there, refusing to move further. I looked into his eyes and then I closed the distance. His lips were soft and the kiss was slow at first. Then I broke the kiss off, but I didn’t move away. I waited – feeling the tension of the moment, and then he grabbed my neck and the back of my head and kissed me with all the passion and tension that was in his eyes. I kissed him back with all the pent up emotion I felt and the butterflies that Tyler made me feel in my stomach.

After a few moments, a mixture of shouts and laughter erupted from the street. Tyler pulled back, but didn’t let go of my neck. He didn’t turn around, he just bent his head in what seemed to be embarrassment.

“Damn them,” he muttered. Then he looked back up and me and planted another kiss on my lips. “Those are my friends. They’re very nice people, but they’re also very loud and sort of nosy. Sorry.”

“It’s okay,” I laughed. I peered around him and sure enough his friends from the movie theater were standing by the entrance to the park. Smiles were visible on all of their faces. Tyler sighed and then turned around.

“Hey guys… How was the movie?”

I Want All of You

(A 12/23 Coda.)

After he got the phone call, Dean couldn’t have driven back to the Kelly’s house fast enough.  

Some part of him was sure that it was just some cruel, cosmic joke, that Cas couldn’t possibly actually be there, alive and waiting for him.  

They’d watched him die, watched the grace flash out of his eyes, seen the wings emblazoned on the ground.  Hell, they’d buried him.

Sure, they’d lost Cas before, but this seemed so final.  Dean had spent three days in depression, drinking his sorrows, thinking about how he’d never again get the chance to hear Castiel’s voice, wake up to those blue eyes looking down on him.

Thinking how he’d died without ever really knowing how Dean felt about him.  

But then, the phone rang, and Dean, predictably, ignored it.  

It rang three times before Dean bothered to pick up, grunting a tired, “Yeah, what?” into the receiver.

There was a brief pause before a deep, gravelly voice Dean never thought he’d hear again said, “Hello, Dean.”    

Dean found Cas asleep on the sofa, curled up like a shrimp.  Some generic reality show buzzed softly on the television set, illuminating the darkened room.

For a long moment, Dean just stared at him.  Only his bare feet and shock of dark hair protruded from the thin blanket he was wrapped in, his soft snore permeating throughout the otherwise quiet room.  

It couldn’t really be him.  It just couldn’t.

Gently, Dean reached out and let his fingers brush his shoulder, so gently that Cas didn’t even stir.  Beneath the blanket, the flesh was toned and warm, and distinctly human.  

Dean tentatively touched him again, this time more firmly, letting his hand rest there a moment.  

“Cas,” he whispered, shaking him gently.  “Hey, Cas.”

Cas awakened with a soft, startled snort, sitting up and rubbing his eyes in a way that reminded Dean of a sleepy kitten.  

Dean watched him in sheer awe, unable to believe this wasn’t a dream:  this was, most definitely, Cas.  His Cas. 

He blinked at him, squinting dazedly.  “…Dean?”  he inquired, voice still slurred from sleep.

Dean swallowed wetly.  “Yeah, it’s me, buddy.”  

The blanket pooled around Cas’s waist, and only then did Dean register Cas wasn’t wearing anything except for his boxers.  

Cas followed his eyes, then gathered the blankets up around him, abashedly.  “Apologies,” he murmured.  It was difficult to tell in the dim light, but he seemed to be blushing.  “My clothes are in the wash.  They have been…persistently dirty.”

Dean chuckled, but decided against telling Cas that a suit like that would be dry-clean only.  “No worries, man.  I’m just happy to see you.” 

Well, that was the understatement of the twenty-first century.  Dean realized belatedly his hands were on Castiel’s forearms, though whether they were trying to steady himself or Cas he really didn’t know.  He made no effort to remove them.

“So, you’re uh.  Sleeping,” Dean remarked, stupidly.  “Does that mean you’re low on grace, or…?”

Cas shook his head.  “No,” he said gravely.  “I’m human.  Completely, it would seem.  My grace was extinguished when Lucifer stabbed me.”

Dean blinked.  This couldn’t possibly be real, could it?  Cas was human, and it seemed to be permanent.  There’d be no more vanishing off to heaven, no more long, lonely nights wondering where he was.  Cas would be soft and warm and tangible now, possibly forever.  

It was a dream come true.  Dean was about to say something along the lines of “that’s amazing,” when he realized belatedly Cas was crying, his chest heaving in quiet, painful sobs.     

Dean scooted to sit beside him, never taking his hands off Castiel’s arms, afraid he’d disappear if he stopped touching him for one instant.  

“Cas, buddy, what’s the matter?”  he murmured, tipping his head to get a better view of his face.  “You’re alive, man.  We can finally go home.”

“But I’m a human again, Dean,”  he whispered.  “I’ll never be anything more than a burden to you now!”

Dean opened his mouth to answer, then closed it again, instead just wrapping the shaking form up in his arms.  God, it felt so good to be able to touch him again, to hold him again, soft and warm and alive. 

“You could never be a burden, baby,”  Dean murmured, not even questioning where the endearment came from.  He breathed in the smell of his mussed-up hair, still slightly damp from the shower and smelling like shampoo.  “You never were.  And it’s not gonna be like last time, either:  I’m gonna take real good care of you, okay?  I promise.”

Cas stubbornly pushed him away, still sniffling slightly and refusing to meet his eyes.  “I don’t want you to have to take care of me, Dean.  You owe me nothing.”

Undeterred, Dean scooted closer to him on the couch, putting a tentative hand on his knee.  “Well, I want to,” he said with certainty.  “And for the record, yeah, I do:  I owe you a hell of a lot, Cas.  You pulled me out of hell, saved me in every sense of the word.  And I don’t think I can live without you anymore.  Or at least, I sure as hell don’t wanna.”

Cas started to cry again, and Dean didn’t hesitate to wrap his arms around his bare shoulders, rubbing them gently, making soft, soothing sounds until the tears finally stopped.

Part of him was sad that he’d ever made Cas feel so useless, that he couldn’t convey the indescribable joy of just having him in his life.  But another part, the larger part, couldn’t stop being happy that he was here again.

And that was all he needed.

That night, they lay in bed together, Dean gently, soothingly, stroking his fingers through his hair.  He hadn’t stopped touching Cas since he’d gotten back, and he didn’t plan on it, either.

“Dean, I was thinking,” said Cas, thoughtfully.  “I don’t believe hunting is a good career for me.”

Dean’s fingers momentarily stilled.  “No?”

Cas shook his head.  “I’ll continue to live in the bunker, of course, and I’d still join you on the occasional hunt, but I don’t believe I want it to be my primary career.  I think I’d like to do something else.”

“Oh, yeah?  Like what?”  Dean asked, more at ease now that Cas had confirmed he was going to keep living in the bunker. 

Cas rolled to face him, looking slightly up at him through long eyelashes.  “I think,” he said thoughtfully.  “That I’d like to be a professor.”

“A professor?”  Dean repeated, a little surprised by the assertion.  

Cas nodded.  “I have vast stores of knowledge from my long lifespan, and could easily relay enormous shares of it on history, theology, mythology, mathematics, physics, and/or combat strategies.  I also retain fluency in over 150 human languages, and have a significantly higher than average IQ,” he added modestly.  “I believe you and Sam would be able to forge me the appropriate credentials?”

Dean took a moment to process it:  he thought of Cas coming home in a sweater vest and glasses, sleeves rolled up to his elbows, all nerdy-hot.  He liked the image immensely.

“Yeah, baby,”  Dean grinned.  “I think we can.”

Cas smiled softly, internally relieved at the thought of being useful at something.  At being more than just a burden to his human family.

Sensing he was retreating back into his self-deprecating thoughts, Dean brushed a gentle thumb over his cheekbone.  “Hey,” he said, tipping Castiel’s chin up to face him, meeting his eyes fully.  “We’re gonna have a great life together, you hear?  Not normal, I tried that and I think it’s safe to say it ain’t either of our cup of tea, but it will be a great one.  I wanna marry you, Cas:  I wanna propose, with a ring and everything, and then have a classic hunter wedding.  Then I wanna take you on a long-ass honeymoon, somewhere warm and sunny, where we can do it on the beach, and maybe someday, we’ll even have kids.  I wanna have it all with you, Cas.  And then, someday, we’ll both kick it, and God-willing, we’ll spend eternity together in heaven, doin’ it like bunny rabbits.”

Cas’s eyes grew wider with each passing second, expression unreadable.  Three days ago, he wouldn’t have even considered spilling his heart like this.  But that was more than enough time to get a taste of what a missed opportunity would feel like, of the hollowness of losing Cas without him knowing how Dean felt.

Dean was never going to let that happen again, consequences be damned.      

After a moment of silence, Dean smirked – trying to hide how vulnerable the confession had left him – and added, “That is, if a gorgeous babe like you is okay with spending eternity with my sorry ass.”

Cas blinked, then nodded mutely, expression vaguely stunned.  

“Yes,” he said finally, voice barely a whisper.  “Oh, God, yes.”   


The next morning, Dean woke up next to Cas for the very first time.

Up close, in the daylight, he could see the delicate stubble of his jaw, full lips chapped and slack with sleep.  He could see the dark fan of his eyelashes, the little lines between his eyebrows where they drew together when he was confused. 

Dean couldn’t stop staring.  Which, under most circumstances, might be considered the slightest bit creepy, but he figured turnabout was only fair play.  And besides, if a man couldn’t watch his back-from-the-dead boyfriend sleep – or fiance, rather – what was the world coming to?

Warmth bloomed in Dean’s chest.  He wasn’t sure how this had happened, or why.  He didn’t know how he was going to explain this to Sam, and he didn’t care.

All he knew was that Dean Winchester was one lucky bastard, and wanted to wake up next to this for the rest of his life, snoring and all.  

After a while, Castiel blinked open his eyes, blue and beautiful as a pool in summer.  He smiled softly, and Dean hoped he was thinking something close to the same thing.  

“Hello, Dean.” 

Chapter 94 Thoughts

The anticipation for this chapter was really something else. I don’t think I’ve seen people so antsy for spoilers in a while. I’m guessing that was a mix of the previous chapter being out so early, the fact that this chapter is the volume closer, and the eagerness to see even a glimpse of the main cast again after a few months without them – depending on your preferences of course. 

(They did not make an official appearance)

This chapter is odd for me, because the content itself is great and makes for a meta-writing goldmine, but despite how eager I was to get the chapter I didn’t even read through the whole thing until the official release date. Like I wasn’t in a rush to get translations by the time the scanned pages were out. 

Apparently there’s a page citing this all as Marley’s arc, not volume, which makes me think we might not actually be returning to Paradis anytime soon. Couple that with an interview with Isayama scheduled for release next month regarding the direction the story will be taking, that possibility sounds even more likely to me. 

It’s a bold move if true, I’ll say that much.

If there was one thing in particular I wanted from these Marleyan-focused chapters, it was the warrior trio’s backstory. My wish was granted.

Reiner, Eren…turns out you two have more in common than you care to admit.

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VIXX: going to an amusement park haunted house with them

N: he’s a boss so nothing would scare him tbh. He might flinch every now and then but overall he’d keep himself composed and would only feel uncomfortable or creeped out if you do. He’d keep assuring you that you have nothing to fear when you’re with him, and that soon you’ll be out. Low key is giggling to himself bc you’re so cute when you’re scared and holding onto his arm.

Leo: probably wouldn’t even go in unless you insisted, he’d rarher go on all the fun rides and take pictures of you. Everywould would leave yall alone bc they’d be scared of him, so you’ve got no worries when it comes to people popping out and scaring you. He’d keep you close and look around for any signs of people approaching.

Ken: ahhh so much screaming and kicking and he’d make this such a memorable experience. So before even going in, he’d do a bunch aegyo and ask if he could hold your hand the entire time bc he’ll be scared- honestly he was just doing this to told your hand and have you close to him and get as much skinship as he can, but it turned out the place was hella creepy and he would jump at the slightest sound. Needless to say, neither of you will be allowed in again.

Ravi: is chill and quiet throughout most of it, but he still would prefer having to not gone inside. He’s rolling his eyes every time he hears something in the hidden speakers, and at all the fake blood scattered on the windows and floor. Tbh it’d be uneventful, so just take him to a Rollercoaster or those spinning tea cup thingies. 10/10 would NOT go to an amusement park haunted house with.

Hongbin: he hates the fact that he’s so weak for you, and that you had to basically drag him inside bc he was unwilling. I mean at least he wouldn’t be quiet and freak you out, he’d actually laugh if you screamed at something so small like the floor squeaking, and he’d point at all the cool yet creepy pictures hung up on the wall. Afterwards he’ll demand kisses and ice cream.

Hyuk: I’d be surprised if he wasn’t the one to drag you in. Would make friends with the actors who were meant to scare you, and asks how much they earn per hour. Will try to sneak in another time without having to pay for the tickets, but ends up getting caught but they’re like….aw ok dude go ahead, just don’t scare the kids.

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anonymous asked:

Can i request a Jaehyun (from NCT U) smut?

Anonymous asked: “NCT U Jaehyun smut please~”

Of course ya may! Hope you enjoyed.

Relieving Some Stress (SMUT)

Pairing: Jaehyun (NCT U) x Reader

Genre: Smuttity smut smut

Word Count: 2,531

Summary: You and your friend Jaehyun are on a road trip and spent an insane amount of time in traffic, so when you get to the hotel, you both realize it’d be nice to relieve some stress…

Originally posted by heauxscode

“Okay, that traffic may have been the worst I have ever been in. Like I think I’m ready to murder someone,” you say as you throw yourself down onto the hotel bed.

Jaehyun scoffs as he closes the door. “I’ll help.”

The two of you had been driving all day, and the traffic had been horrendous, to the point where a five hour drive took you close to eleven hours. You were both ready to stab someone. Even though you’d only completed half of your road trip and were going to need to do more driving tomorrow, you didn’t care because you were finally at the hotel and on a bed. Though the bed wasn’t top notch and soft, it felt like heaven compared to the car seat you’d been sitting in all day.

Just as you feel yourself start to drift off to sleep, your stomach grumbles, reminding you how hungry you were. You groan and then reluctantly push yourself up into a sitting position. When you look at Jaehyun, who was just coming out of the bathroom, he looked as tired as you felt. His hair was a mess, going in thousands of directions, and yet he pulled it off. You thought it made him look sexy, and the tight black t-shit he was wearing was helping your fantasy as well.

Whoa, wait. Why were you having those thoughts about Jaehyun? He was practically a brother to you. Your mom’s had been best friends since high school so you and Jae had grown up together, playing and going to school together all throughout your adolescent years. Of course, as he’d gotten older he’d gotten very attractive, but you’d never really seen him that way…at least not until right now. You were going to blame that on the sleep deprivation and hunger though, because the feelings you were having for him were freaking you out.

You clear your throat and shake your head to try and forget what you’d just been feeling. “You hungry?”

Jaehyun yawns and then nods, a small smile on his face. “Starved.”

You smile back as you stand up, putting your hands in the air and stretching. Once you’re finished, you look back at Jae, who is staring at you with a look that you can’t quite place. It was one you’d seldom seen. “Want to go see if this hotel has a snack area thingy?”

Jaehyun laughs at your very good choice of words, and then grabs one of your room keys off the table. “Let’s go.”

He follows you as you walk out of the room, and then closes the door behind himself. It was a fairly nice hotel that you had chosen to stay at luckily. You had a feeling that finding creepy crawlies in your room would not improve your mood in the slightest.

As the two of you walk down the hall and to the elevator, you’re surprised at how quiet it was. Then again, it was getting pretty late. You hoped that if they did have a snack area, that it was still open. You’d probably punch a wall, or Jaehyun, it there wasn’t anything to eat.

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why are people so goddamn mean to AI and robots!!! theyre trying so hard to please us and get better and help us and y'all are always out here answering to advancements in AI with shit like “KILL IT” or the Ever-Original “so whens the robot uprising”

first of all if robots become sentient/sapient, if we treat tjem with respect and friendliness theyre not gonna want to overtake us. almost every robot uprising in fiction happens bc humans mistreat robots come on its not hard

second of all AI/robots have SO MANY practical applications that could help us so much and theyre trying hard and coming really far and its incredible fucking technology but everyone blows it off bc apparently Robots are Evil jokes are still funny even though its 2017

theyre barely even creepy that neural network isnt creepy in the slightest wtf. leave my daughter olone

Post-trick or treat/first Duckvember entry/Duckula fanart ect ect

No, his tufty yellow hair didn’t detract from the creepiness in the slightest. (the valley residents have not quite forgotten their previous vampire scare)

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hello!! ^u^

so like…. i just hit 50 folllowers on my other blog (toodlywoodly) and i’m doing a random doodle for 5 of my watchers randomly at random because i need to thank y’all for putting up with my crap B)

i sort of had to stalk ur blog a bit to think of what to art (i hope you don’t mind) and i’m guessing you like USUK and bunnies!! so here is USUK in bunny format! hope you like it!

(i was considering drawin ur face because you are really pretty! just sayin! but i felt like that would be the slightest bit creepy so here’s just a honest compliment then)

Have a lovely forever!!



my two most favourite things in the world are bunnies and usuk so you got that super right

i hope you have a lovely forever too, friend!!! 


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So, i used to live down the road from one of the film locations for “texas chainsaw massacre.” This place is super creepy! especially since its so old and rustic, everything creeks with the slightest movement. but i would definitely go back and explore some more!

My thoughts: Awesome find! This place looks super eerie.

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Hey, I’m back, new Tron fanfic prompt.

Yknow whats fun? Time travel AU’s.

So, our man Rinzler is hanging out in the Grid, doing his thing, his thing probably being something morally wrong because Clu told him to, or maybe downtime, whatever doesnt matter. When somehow, he ends up in the Encom Grid, in 1982, pretty much right as Flynn shows up.

Obviously, Rinzlers confused as hell, and starts trying to figure out whats going on, and also get orders because Clu isn’t there does not compute. And he finds Flynn. And Rinzler’s been programmed to be aggressive as hell towards Kevin Flynn… but an older Kevin Flynn. The guy he meets looks like Clu, but in blue instead of gold. So Rinzler gives a silent fuck it, and decides to follow Flynn around, because he’s the closest Rinzler’s gonna get to Clu, and something about him makes Rinzler trust him. Also, those two programs running around with him seem very familiar, and Rinzler does not want to kill them, which is weird, because normally he’s down to murder everyone.

And on the flip side, obviously Tron, Ram and Flynn aren’t trusting this creepy silent weirdo in the slightest, especially considering his circuits are very much ‘fuck the Users’ red, but he’s very different. Mostly because he’s the only one around in a Legacy gridsuit, so he stands out a lot from literally everyone else, but while he can’t really talk, he seems to enjoy slaughtering the MCP’s forces, and is following Flynn around like a lost kitten, so okay, they’re letting the murderbot tag along. And Tron is keeping a very, very close eye on him, because he doesn’t know why but something about Rinzler makes him incredibly uneasy. The guy wont even remove his face concealing helmet.

So the 1982 movie happens, but with Rinzler awkwardly following along, and fighting with them. Which means that Ram survives the movie, because for some reason even the idea of this random program getting hurt upsets Rinzler, and he’s going with his gut on this.

And then of course things inevitably come to a head, Rinzler’s helmet comes off, and obviously everyone immediately recognizes him as Tron’s badly scarred twin, and he’s forced to explain what he knows. Which isn’t very much because not even he’d put together the pieces of him and Tron being identical, he doesn’t see his own face enough to be familiar with it. Somehow Flynn looks at their code and is able to tell that Rinzler is a very heavily overwritten Tron, and yknow Rinzler knows Clu does this thing called repurposing, and its four people piecing together a very horrifying story.

And then Rinzler gets sent back.

So timeline split. On one end, Flynn, Tron and Ram take down the MCP, and go on to create the new Grid, but this time very carefully, and with the constant looming threat of Rinzler’s future as a worst case scenario. Clu 2 is never created at all, just to be safe. Ram gets some upgrades and becomes System Admin, and he does amazingly. Flynn recruits Alan, Lora, Roy and Jordan to help him with the Grid. Happy ending.

And back with Rinzler, he’s back in the bad timeline, and its like he never even left, but now he knows he used to be Tron. He knows what Clu’s done to him. He’s fucking pissed. Because you really don’t want your personal enforcer to remember just how much he hates you. So Rinzler goes about personally dismantling Clu’s entire regime, starting with passing information to the Resistance (anonymously of course), and finally working his way up to tracking down Flynn, and telling him everything. Every. Last. Thing.

Which just so happens to be right around Legacy, so that includes warning him about how another User might be showing up soon. Cue Sam Flynn.

And we get Legacy, featuring Rinzler, who is one pissed off double agent.

Perfectly With You

Word Count: 1,040
Genre: kinda angst, end is fluff!
Member: Jeonghan
Requested: Requested by @joshhjs thank you so much for requesting!!
Prompt: 36. We team up for the couples contest every year as friends but this year you’re with someone else and I’m definitely Not Jealous and definitely Not Realizing Feelings

You were so excited for the couple contest this year. You and Jeonghan were going to win for sure! It’s high time that other bratty couple stops taking the trophy this year. You had some great costume ideas and you couldn’t wait to tell Jeonghan. This year would be your fourth or fifth year doing it? Sure, you two weren’t actually a couple, but that doesn’t matter. Today you were going to go grab some coffee together so you could take that time to discuss your outfit ideas with him. You pulled on a big sweater, perfect for the fall weather and then headed out for the cafe.

By the time you got there Jeonghan still hadn’t shown up, no doubt he slept in and was running late like always. You went ahead and ordered you drink and then sat down at the usual spot the two of you would sit and then you waited. You were almost half way done your drink when he finally showed up. To be honest you were a little agitated he was so late, but he had to have a reason for running that late. You warmly welcomed him as he rushed over and apologized, setting his jacket down in the seat across from you then rushing off to order his drink. Finally, he got his drink and settled down and the conversation began.
“So how have you been? It’s felt like forever.” You said, twisting the almost empty mug in your hands. 

“It’s only been about a week, but I’m doing good. I’m tired as always. How about you?” Jeonghan asked. And so, the conversation carried on. At first very surface level and slightly awkward for some reason, but it didn’t take long for the two of you to change to your usual selves. Why it was awkward in the first place you didn’t know, at least not yet. 

“So i had some idea for our customs this year!” you exclaimed.

“Oh, about that…” Jeonghan began. You’re face fell, but you quickly put a smile back on your face. 

“Oh! Do you finally have someone this year?” You asked. Jeonghan nodded, a sheepish grin on his face. “Oh congrats! That’s fantastic!” you said, trying hard not to let your disappointment show. 

“Right, I think it’s going to be a lot of fun, are you still going to go to the party?” Jeonghan asked, finishing his drink. 

“I’m not sure, I don’t really have a reason to go now…” you sighed, “I might just stay at home this year.” 

“What! No, you have to come, it wouldn’t be as fun if you aren’t there!” Jeonghan exclaimed, much more against you not going then you thought he would. After much more pestering from Jeonghan, you finally agreed to go to the party. 

The day finally rolled around, and you were over everything that happened. It’s not like you were a couple so you didn’t need to do the dump competition anyways. You walked into the party with your shabby costume, not entirely wanting to be there. As soon as you walked into the house, Jeonghan raced up to you, perfectly wearing his outfit, which just so happened to be the exact idea you were going to tell Jeonghan about that day. You tried not to scowl as he introduced his “other half” for the night. The two of them together didn’t seem so bad, so why you were so angry about everything was confusing you. Shouldn’t you be happy your friend finally found someone? Even if it was just for this dumb costume party, you should be happy for him. You made your way over to the drink table and grabbed yourself some punch, that you could only pray hadn’t been spiked yet, and then made your way over to the empty couch. You sat down on the furthest edge and watched as people dressed as a variety of things wandered around the room, talking with various people. When a skeleton almost sat on top of you, and you realized he was totally, one hundred percent drunk, you quickly set down the punch and moved to stand in one of the corners of the room. The dark lightening and creepy music playing didn’t improve your mood in the slightest, and almost being crushed by a drunk skeleton didn’t help either. You watched Jeonghan and his new “girlfriend” happily chat away with a few of the other couples, and you couldn’t help the scowl from falling across your face this time. What if… what if you actually had feelings for Jeonghan? Nope, nope not going there. You thought, maybe that punch actually got to me, I only took a few sips… The thought turned over and over in your head. There’s no way… right? The more you thought about it though, the more it made sense. 

You were about to leave the party early when Jeonghan walked up to you, looking rather upset. 

“Hey, what’s wrong?” you asked, pulling him away from the loud music so you could actually hear him. 

“So, you know the girl I brought to do the costume thing with? She totally just hooked up with some vampire and left the party.” Jeonghan said, shoving his hands into his pocket. 

“What on earth? Why’d you bring her here anyways?” 

“Well,” Jeonghan began, playing with some confetti that had landed on the ground, “I was kinda hoping to see if it was going to bother you are not…”

“Wait, what?” you asked, genuinely confused. 

“It was sort of a test to see how you felt about me, that sounds really dumb now that I’ve said it out loud oh my god.” Jeonghan mumbled, ruining his hand through his hair. 

“It’s not dumb, and it did work, maybe for me and not you it seems.” You said smiling


“Let’s just say, you shouldn’t ever try to compete in a couple costume contest if it’s not with me, because I’m the only one that works perfectly with you.” You said with a wink, leaving Jeonghan standing there, stunned, while you tried to go find a drink that wasn’t spiked.

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anonymous asked:

yo can you do 22 with ben and make it the fluffiest shit ever

Thanks, anon! Hope this is good enough…

#22: “I’ve seen the way you look at me when you think I don’t notice.”

There was something about Ben Solo that fascinated you. Maybe it was that jet black hair of his that was quite beautiful if you had to admit. Or maybe it was those hazel eyes of his that seemed to hold back something. According to everyone else, you were just blind, why would you like someone like Ben Solo?You never understood the big deal, sure, he wasn’t insanely hot–or at least you didn’t want to admit.

Unlike all the other padawans and Jedi Knights, you liked him for who he was–not because he was the son of the General nor the nephew of a Jedi Master–like everyone else did. They only befriended him because of his title and his background history…not for him.

And that’s probably why he wasn’t so social. Well, he was when he wanted to be, but when it came to the ‘fakes’, he simply gave them the cold shoulder. He couldn’t stand the fact that they liked him to use him to get what they want, or simply because it sounded cool to know the Master’s nephew and Generals son. 

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title: to where the water was
series: miraculous ladybug/miraculous: tales of ladybug & cat noir
pairing: ladynoir
summary: he doesn’t even know her name- or if she even has one too, but he’s enthralled by her anyway regardless of how little he knows of her.
notes: i don’t really know where this came from but hey take this au anyway i guess. heads up for talk about drowning in this. ao3 link. link to part ii.

“You know, we’ve really got to stop meeting like this,” Chat Noir says, but there’s laughter in his voice and one of his famed smirks on his face even as his body shakes and shivers at the cold bite of the Seine seeping through his leather suit. He clings on a little tighter to his savior, hands in a vice-grip around the arm she has wrapped around his waist to drag him out of the water.

“We wouldn’t have to if you’d stop falling into my river,” she points out with a small annoyed huff, but she starts swimming a little faster, pulls him in closer to her until he can switch to holding onto her neck. “You’d think you would have considered learning how to swim already with the amount of times you’ve fallen in because of your… things throwing you in here.”

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thirty days iwaoi writing challenge
day thirteen:
 indirect kiss


Their practice had once again been infiltrated by what was possibly half of the school’s entire female population, and while most of the team either sighed or groaned or blushed horridly, Oikawa basked in the attention. Pausing midway through the setup for his serve, he turned to his fans and blew a kiss in their direction.

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The creepiest thing I have experienced on Youtube?

That one channel that has 40 videos and every single one of them are mine. Every. Single. One.

OBS: The username is blurred because I do not want this person to be harassed by a flood of people. It could for all I know be just a kid who does not know any better, and I have already made sure that this person knows the I am not flattered.

And if anyone would happen to figure out who this is; I beg of you, DO NOT HARASS THEM. Simply down vote the videos or kindly ask them to remove them. But if I find out that the name of a follower of mine who has cyber bullied somebody “in my name”, I will not hesitate to block them on all my social media sites.

But if any of you see something like this anywhere else, know that I do NOT have backup channels, and the only public sites I have are my official Tumblr, Youtube and DeviantArt (all with the username TheNamelessDoll). Anything else are NOT mine.

And yes, this is a re-upload. Somebody decided to publicly share the name of this channel, and I ain´t having none of that. I clearly stated that I do not want to send my followers their way, and ignoring that wish is extremely disrespectful towards me. This is me sharing my experiences with you guys, not a witch hunt!

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singerchainkoe-deactivated20151  asked:

Yes, you open your drabble thing again. How about an AU where shintaro got drawn into a BL game and the controller is mary and she can control his actions but not his dialogue to pair him with as many dudes and routes as possible XD Kagepro guys of course. Idk, that seems interesting but it might be too long for a drabble =^="

((oh gods))

((i wanna…make this a series nao ;o;))

Send a pairing and a drabble for a short story ask~

If there was a lesson to be learned from all this, it was to not buy games from sketchy sites that have beyond sketchy adult ads of questionable content. That was obvious? But Shintaro seemed to have missed that particular lesson entirely. 

So much for being a genius. 

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Woman Uses Hidden Camera to Expose Catcalling

Aided by a hidden camera, a New York City woman has exposed what she says happens to her every day on the city’s streets. Shoshanna Roberts says she was catcalled over 100 times while being filmed over the course of 10 hours. “It was all types people,” Roberts told ABC News. “All colors, shapes,…

Ohhhhh boy. Let’s have a chat. Not really about the video, but about the responses to the video.

Here’s just a general rule for being a human living in a society: nobody owes you their attention, unless your job description specifically requires it. I know you think you’re the greatest thing to ever grace God’s Earth and deserve to be the center of attention at all times, but you have to understand, not everyone agrees with you.

So most comments I see are “Oh, so I can’t say ‘have a nice day’ to a girl!?” or “those weren’t even that bad!” To these people, allow me to explain the power of context. No, the language itself, the actual words used, were not vulgar or explicit. Saying “have a nice day, beautiful” by itself, taken out of context, is not wrong/creepy/weird in the slightest. 

But put it into context and see what happens. Did you notice any of those guys saying those things to men they passed on the street? How about saying those things to all the other women out there? Of course you didn’t. You know why? Because, whether they admit it or not, those catcallers were flirting with her. Yes, sometimes flirtation is as simple as a greeting.

No, you weren’t “just” saying hi. No, you weren’t “just” giving her a compliment. You wanted her attention because you were attracted to her. And you wanted her to show the same interest in you. You don’t see straight guys catcalling men. You don’t see them catcalling old grandmas (well…maybe some). You see them catcalling women they want to fuck. This is not a coincidence.

So you see, in context, even something as simple as “Hi, babe” can mean “I want to fuck you.” Some women don’t want to be talked to that way, as is their right.

And of course you have some guys in the comments saying “I’d LOVE it if I got all that attention! I wish I were catcalled.” No, you wish you got more attention from women you want attention from. You don’t want to be catcalled by women you think are hideous all fucking day. You don’t want to be catcalled by homosexual men when you’re just walking down the street to buy groceries. It’s nice to get attention from the people we want to fuck, I admit, but for fuck’s sake get good at body language and determining whether that person is actually interested in you instead of just assuming that they are.

Simple solution to all this? Don’t be a fucking douchebag. Feminism isn’t the reason why you can’t get a date, you’re just creepy and in all probability, ugly too. So get the fuck over yourself, no one wants your catcalls.