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Okay so a quick question for an idea thing.  If I were to organize a Fe Heroes themed zine would people be interested in participating? It’d probably involve having the main characters from Heroes or drawing out your team or something, i dunno. Its just an idea for now, also I don’t really have the time to plan it all out at the moment.  Maybe during the summer if I’m still up to doing it.

Some teaser image face analysis (keeping in mind that I really struggle to tell emotion from faces sometimes and im half hoping people will correct me if im wrong so pls be nice to me OTL)

  • Yongguk looks kinda sad but also kinda ready to fight you like he’ll straight up deck you but he isnt happy about it
  • Himchan is somewhere between ‘neutral, chilling’ and ‘deep thought’ pls help
  • Daehyun looks forlorn which still doesnt sound like a word but yeah he looks forlorn but also like he might punch you too idk
  • Youngjae looks ????? i dont know what that emotion is pls tell me
  • Jongup looks like hes been waiting outside in the rain for a really long time so that u can go on your date and u kept telling him five more minutes so he kept waiting and now hes kinda angry at you but also a little bit sad bc u were mean to him
  • Junhong looks like hes gonna punch someone?

@taewinnies a writing sprint is pretty cool! it’s this website where you’re writing and other people are there too, also writing, and you see each other’s progress but not what you’re writing. there’s also a little chat and stuff.

i was making a big deal about scheduling a time but it’s super chill actually? sprints last for thirty minutes and then there’s like a five minute break but people just do what they want, it’s cool

cool guys i wanted to give you a heads up that yall know me. you know i have no part in callout culture unless its SUPER extreme circumstances. yall know i dont like pulling that kind of shit. but theres this little bloodsucker whos been pulling the most obvious manipulative shit to keep reeling my boyfriends into a place they can harass them with their hands tied on giving any kind of defense argument and im done! im DONE! with it. 

so if yall hear some drama stirring up, hear some sniveling little fuck crying about how big and bad i am or dj is or dave is, please hear me the fuck out and dont.

dont talk to them, dont interact with them, dont give them the time of day.

because i dont want that kind of leech to dig its nasty little talons into you too okay. please trust me on this my guys. steer clear of it. for your own good and ours.

stay safe out there guys and remember its ALWAYS the right answer to cut off someone whos nothing but awful and toxic to you. 

Sending emails to profs always stresses me out but sending emails asking if they have research opportunities is so much worse

I need more people to follow because my timeline is dull and boring so if you have a cool blog like this so I can actually reblog stuff y’know


Noelle: *literally flinches into the 7th dimension* Oh shit… what was that?? Omg I heard that bats long long blonde hair!

Willow: You don’t have blonde hair?? I literally don’t understand what you’re saying anymore. Bats have no interest in you.. *cringes in vampires bc she knows she’s full of shit*

Noelle: no.. You know what.. I’m cool, I’m cool. Everything is lovely. I am the Q U E E N of darkness!! I got this.

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How can I know if I'm sex repulsed? like sometimes I think about having sex with someone and I kind of almost like it, but then I think "ew, that's so gross and weird!" sorry if it's a weird question :/

nah dude it’s all cool (well not really but you know what I mean)

I know on the extreme side of things, some sex repulsed aces actually get physically sick while talking about sex. I would call myself sex repulsed to a degree, because I typically joke about it with my friends but whenever I imagine myself in any sexual scenario I get creeped out & disgusted.

Anyway, determining whether you’re sex repulsed depends on how you define sex repulsed. It depends on a lot of personal things, but it sounds to me like you might be sex repulsed to some degree.

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Hey Sasori, why are you so cool? How did it feel to see that Kankuro was using your puppets?

Cool? Thank you…I didn’t know I was cool considering I don’t do much each day, so I appreciate that. As for Kankuro, I’m slightly frustrated he survived my poision. However, I am impressed by the way he weilded my body. Perhaps I misunderstood his ability?

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i really think i should test the limits of what cool things im allowed to have in my dorm room. i know all the rules about fridges and microwaves, but i dont really want or need those things because meal plan. anyway, i dont think my roommates and i were technically supposed to have a piano in here this year, but nobody stopped us. i would love to have a pet, honestly. i think youre allowed to have a fish, so i could try that next year. or i could sneakily have another small animal even though youre not supposed to, like a rat. i could just put a cloth over the cage if anyone official came in.

i dont serve university housing, it serves me.

Why? Does he look more like a “Totalitarian Regime” to you?

Reblog if your blog is:

-LGBTQ friendly (including genderfluid, nonbinary, agender, etc)
-aesthetic based/you reblog a lot of aesthetic stuff
-a meme hell
-positive (any kind of positivity will do I just like positivity)
-art related
-gaming related
-cute stuff
-music stuff
-or if you are a cool person in general bc I need friends/people to follow

i am constantly growing as a person and i’m very thankful for it.. i just.. love myself? in the most sincere way. i am aware of my flaws, and i accept them, but i don’t encourage them. i allow myself to make mistakes, and forgive myself for them, but push myself to learn from them and use the experience to become better. i am understanding of my limits, but i also make myself take chances sometimes, because i also know i’m capable of more than i’d like to think i am.. and sometimes, the only way to grow is to make yourself… i don’t have it all figured it out, and i still have a long way to go, in my own personal journey, but i’ll be there with myself every step of the way. and that’s a very nice thought.