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I don't know how I found your fics, and I'm not familiar with any of the fandoms that you write for, but I read them because your writing is gorgeous. I read that Yuuri/fairy one and it was brilliant, beautiful with lovely dialog. I'm reading the Hannibal/circus one now and I'm already enjoying it.

thank you so much!! I know that feeling: there are writers I have happily followed into strange realms and fandoms where I have ZERO INTENTION of ever consuming the canon.

the hannibal circus story is probably the work of mine that took the most hair-pulling and gnashing of teeth to complete, but I am very happy with how it turned out.


An evolution portrait commission for @the-aloof-hermit! Dorumon & Alphamon! This was a huge challenge as far as Alphamon goes, but incredibly satisfying to pull off (imo!) successfully! I’m very satisfied with the outcome.

I’m mildly amused to be drawing Alphamon again - my very first commission involved one too! I feel like like I’ve come full circle

[Commission info]


I finally finished these!! I’ve spent the past week working on several things at once, but finally got my drawing project done~ Out of desire to re-design outfits for some of the Gotham villains, I drew them like fashion sketches (you can google what i mean) complete with modeling poses for fun~

though this took me a while, i’m very happy with how they turned out! I hope you guys enjoy my outfit designs (the only old one being Riddler’s; i’m kind of settled on it); you can click to get a better look at them! each outfit incorporates inspiration from their canon outfits combined with some sort of ‘fashion flair’ and were fun to create

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

Essays in Existentialism: Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s day coming up, how about a themed Clarke and Lexa story?

The hospital swirled with the quiet steady of patients and doctors, all taking their time getting anywhere at all. Nurses stations filled with deliveries of bouquets and cards and chocolates, while the halls were littered with cardboard hearts and babies with little wings and bows. Reds and pinks of every shade and color turned the fifth floor into a haven of sappiness and commercial love.

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All In The Follow Through

“Are you sure you want me to come with you?” Bitty asks, but it’s a moot point by now. They’re already on their way to the driving range. Jack puts his blinker on and takes a left and goes down a street Bitty’s never been on before. “Wouldn’t it be better if Ransom went with you?”
“Holster said he’s on the way to becoming a coral reef so I think he’s out.”

“But still. There isn’t anyone else? I mean, I don’t know what I’m doing. I’ve never golfed before.”

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I love the idea of a friendship growing between MC and Jaehee at first because they're both the only girls and, like, sometimes you just gotta talk smack about the boys with another girl, but then it blossoms into this really good and deep friendship and I was wondering if you could maybe show how that friendship would manifest with MC's different relationships with the RFA boys and V?

A/N: THIS IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA AND I LOVE IT SO VERY MUCH BECAUSE I FEEL IT ON A SPIRITUAL LEVEL I WANT JAEHEE AS A BESTIE IN EVERY ROUTE (also i kind of made this how they all reacted to the friendship i hope you dont mind) ~Admin 404


           - I don’t think it’d affect him that much

           -Like yyeess MC I’m so happy you got best friend!!!!

           -Does get a little jealous of her though

           -“MC!!! Wanna come play some LOLOL with me???” “Nah, me and Jaehee are going to go shopping!” “But…the two of you hung out all day yesterday?” “Yeah, and we’re gonna do it again! I’ll text you later!”

           -HE WANTS SOME MC TIME TOO *angry eyebrows*

           -As long as you make time for him, he’s a-okay!

           -But pls tell him secrets too MC he wants to be your other best friend

           -Also lowkey worried because??? What do the two of you talk about?

           -He remembered some of the things his sister and her friends used to talk about and he was nOT EXCITED



           -*Slides into the living room and seductively throws himself over the side of the couch*

           -“Where the two of you talking about me?”

           - yeah talking about how you’re a total fucking DORK

           -He’s good friends with Jaehee too!! Why won’t you let him in the room for talk time ;A;

           -Tried sneaking into the room to listen but the two of you are smarter than that and have to physically throw him out of the room

           -He’s happy that you’re such good friends with her, though!!!

           -Since he’s her friend as well, he knows how badly she needed a friend for some girl talk

           -But?? Still?? He waNTS TO KNOW


           - honestly pouts and sits outside of the door sometimes when the two of you throw him out, blows up your phone until you yell through the door


           -This….is so weird

           -Why is Assistant Kang in his house

           -Tries to hand her work almost every single time

           -Until you kind of knock it out of his hand and it falls to the floor

           -?????? MC????? It’s her job??????

           -“She is here as my GUEST Jumin, YOU do that work”

           -G A S P MC WHAT

           -Overall he’s just so…..awkward when you and Jaehee hang out at home. Otherwise, he could care less if the two of you were close friends. He loves that you have a close friend to talk with! He also doesn’t care if the two of you talk about him, whatever

           -Like how is he supposed to act??? He’s almost two different people. He’s so laid back at home with you and all business when he’s at work with Jaehee. WhaT IS HE SUPPOSED TO DO ;A;

           - locks himself in his office when she’s over to avoid the awkwardness


           -*dresses up as a girl*

           -*slides into the room to join the girl talk*

           -*is promptly kicked out by the two of you*

           -The only person he had like that in his life was his brother

           -But they’ve been apart for so long, and with everything that happened….

           -He tries to have that kind of friendship now and Saeran just kind of walks out of the room

           -So!!!! He’s happy for you!!! But also very jealous (though he hides it)

           -You can tell how upset he gets sometimes, and you and Jaehee agree to let him hang out every now and then to make him happy

           - only if he dresses up like a girl

           -When the two of you don’t let him in, he just turns on the CCTV because??? He wants the juicy gossip on all of the members too??? BAD SAEYOUNG


           -Completely respects your privacy

           -Please, MC, you and Jaehee spend all the time you would like together

           -Talk about whatever you would like

           -Your laughter is muSIC TO HIS EARS


           -He couldn’t care less what the two of you talked about

           -Knows that if you want to share with him, you will

           -Plus, Jaehee isn’t really a loud, rowdy person well most of the time

           -So!! She can stay all she wants!!! It doesn’t break the nice relaxed feeling of the house and he appreciates that

           -He even makes the two of you tea and some snacks every now and then!!! hes like a mum omfg


           -What do you mean you’re going out

           -What do you mean I can’t come in and sit in the living room



           - someone please help him he doesn’t understand how this all works

           -Constant reassuring that you’re just going to hang out with Jaehee!! You aren’t mad!!

           -There’s just some things you have to talk about with a girl friend, ya know??

           -If you bring up even a slightly awkward topic he gets flustered and immediately agrees to leave the two of you alone

           -A lot of the time though, Jaehee doesn’t mind if he’s there? He’s actually pretty quiet and uninterested

           -He just likes to talk shit about Saeyoung let him into the conversation every now and then plEASE he needs to get it out


~Thank you to @dolphingoddess81, @ineedthesons, and @ilikechocolatemilkh for the help. @come-join-themurder This enough smut for ya?~

Reader’s POV

I wasn’t a stranger to violence with being the niece to a Son of Anarchy and the daughter of a drug addict, it always seemed to follow. My uncle Tig had done his best to take care of me when my mom was bad. He helped me get through high school and then once I graduated I got a job at TM. Even though I wasn’t a son, I was family, and they let me live in a dorm in the clubhouse for free.

Everything was fine until two weeks ago. One of those crazy fucking Calaveras broke into the club house. I had been in my room taking a nap when I heard yelling from the front of the clubhouse. It didn’t sound like any of the Sons so I slowly made my way down the hallway and peeked into the main part to find the guy pointing a gun at Uncle Tig and Happy.

I knew I had to do something so I made it back to my room and grabbed the gun Uncle Tig had given me. I quietly made my way back up the hallway and made sure the man couldn’t see me. He was talking about how he was going to kill one of them and take the other. I slowly turned the safety off and when I knew he was completely focused on them, I unloaded the entire clip into his back. The guy’s body fell to the floor and my hands shook slightly.

Uncle Tig and Happy came over to me but I was just staring at the body. My mind was trying to process what I just did as Uncle Tig was talking to me. Happy took the gun out of my hand and Uncle Tig made me look at him.

“You did good, Doll. We have to clean this mess up now. Go back to your room and relax, okay?” He spoke to me slowly like I was a child and I nodded. I took in a deep and shaky breath and went back to my room.

That was two weeks ago and I was still waking up, gasping for air, from the nightmares I’ve been having. I had barely gotten 7 hours of sleep since it happened. I sighed and put my head in my hands. Fuck, I need a goddamn drink. I threw the blankets off of me and got out of bed. I was wearing a TM shirt and some PJ shorts, so I shivered slightly as the wind hit my body.

There had been a SAMCRO party tonight so when everyone started passing out drunk, I went to sleep that only lasted an hour. Now I was trying to make my way over the bodies of croweaters and sons and get to the bar. I poured myself some whiskey and leaned against the counter.

“Shouldn’t you be asleep?” A voice rasped from the doorway. I jumped and spilled some of the whiskey on my shirt.

“Shit! What the hell are you doing up here? Shouldn’t you be in the back getting sucked off by a croweater.” I glared at Happy. He smirked at me and shrugged. I rolled my eyes as I knew that would be the best I was going to get. “I couldn’t sleep.” I answered his earlier question.

He came over to me and set the glass down on the counter. I looked up at him confused as he just stared at me. It was awkward and I wanted to look away but something in me wouldn’t let me. He reached his hand up and lightly cupped the side of my face. His thumb brushed the underside of my eye softly.

“Nightmares?” He asked simply. I couldn’t lie to him so I just nodded my head. He looked around the room to make sure everyone was asleep still and then he looked back at me. He took his hand away.

“I had them after my first time too.” He told me.

“After your first kill?” I asked and he nodded. “When will it go away?”

“Depends, mine went away after I got used to killing.” He shrugged. I let out a scoff.

“Thanks, Hap very helpful. I’ll just go out and slaughter 10 more people.” I said sarcastically and he gave me an amused look.

“Want help?” He asked and chuckled as I playfully hit him.

“I’m serious Hap. I’ve only gotten 7 hours of sleep in the past two weeks.” I told him.

“Don’t drink or take pills to try and sleep. I don’t need you getting addicted.” Hap said.

“Fine, give me something useful and I won’t.” I told him. He pulled something out of his back pocket and handed it to me. I took it and smiled as I realized it was chocolate.

“My ma used to give me chocolate before bed if I had a nightmare the night before.” He told me.

“Thanks, Happy.” I kissed his cheek softly.

“Yeah, go attempt to get some sleep, little girl.” He nodded towards the dorms. I giggled and headed back to my room. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to sleep tonight so I turned on the tv and watched it until it was time to work. Besides for yawning so much I thought my jaw was going to pop off, nothing unusual happened. That night the clubhouse was quiet and I headed to bed at a semi-decent time.

I broke off a piece of chocolate from the bar that Happy gave me and ate it. I changed into Pjs and got into bed. I closed my eyes and passed out quickly. The chocolate failed and this time when I woke up I wasn’t gasping for air, I was screaming. Not too loud to wake up the whole clubhouse but loud enough that anyone outside of my door would of heard me. Which was why when my door opened and someone came over to me, I wasn’t that surprised. When they reached me I had managed to stop screaming but I had moved into sobbing so hard I couldn’t breath.

The person sat on my bed and pulled me into their arms. They rocked me softly and stroked my hair until I calmed down. I didn’t know who it was yet but I was thankful they came in. My body relaxed into them as I finally managed to stop crying. I looked up at them and was surprised to find that it was Happy who had come to comfort me.

“Hap?” I asked. He grunted in response. “Can… will you… stay in here with me please?” He looked at me and nodded after a minute. He set me down and went to close the door. I was still shaking slightly and got back underneath the covers.

“Do you mind?” Happy asked gesturing to his clothes.

“No I’ve seen you shirtless before Hap.” I said. He smirked and rolled his eyes at my answer. He took off his t-shirt and his jeans which made me swallow a little but I made sure that didn’t show. He got in on the other side of the bed. I looked over at him, he sighed and put his arm up and nodded. I cuddled into his side and laid my head on his chest. He wrapped his arm around me and traced light circles over my arm with with fingers. Between that and listening to his heartbeat, I feel asleep quickly again.

I woke up the next morning to my pillow snoring. I opened my eyes confused and saw a bare chest under my head. I lifted my head off of it and looked up to find Happy. Everything came back to me. I smiled at Happy and tried to get up but his arm was wrapped around my tightly. His hand had also somehow snaked it’s way under my shirt during the night and he had a firm grip on my stomach. I glared up at him as I gave up on trying to get out of his grasp.

“Hap. Hap!” I said while poking him in the stomach. He stirred slightly but didn’t wake up. “Hap!” I said again and then squealed as he rolled on top of me, still asleep. Well most of him anyways, something else was wide awake and he groaned as it pressed against me.  I freaked out and punched him in the shoulder. “Hap!”

This time he woke up with a growl. His hand that wasn’t in my shirt grabbed my hand that hit his shoulder. I stayed still as his eyes opened and he seemed to realize what happened. He let go of my hand and jumped off of me fast.

“Sorry.” He said. I sighed and sat up.

“It’s okay. I freaked out when you rolled on top of me. Thought your fat ass was going to crush me.” I joked and he chuckled.

“Thanks…” He rolled his eyes at me. I smiled.

“Thanks for last night.” I said softly and he nodded. He grabbed his clothes and started putting them on. Once he was finished he turned to leave. “Hap!” He turned to me.

“Yeah?” He asked.

“Can you…” I started and coughed embarrassed. “Can you stay again tonight?” I finally managed. He nodded and left. I smiled and got ready for the day feeling refreshed for the first time in a while.


Happy and I developed a pattern.Every night Happy comes into my room once everyone is asleep and leaves before everyone wakes up. It has been two months since we’ve started this and while Happy chased away the nightmares, he also brought on a plague of making me so horny that I was seriously considering jumping him. Every fucking morning either his morning wood is pressed into me or his hand is groping my body.

I don’t want to bring it up because I don’t want him to stop staying. I’ve slept better in the past two months then I have my whole life. I wanted Happy badly though. Maybe instead of saying anything, I should test the waters out a bit. I smirked as I thought of what I could do. The dorm was slightly hot and that could work in my favor.

A knock came on the door before it opened and Happy walked in. As soon as he walked in, he began to strip and as I was watching him, I decided to go for it. I moved up into a sitting position and pulled my tank top off. I had my bra on still but Happy’s eyes got wide as I took off the tank.

“What are you doing?” He asked. His voice seemed slightly lower.

“It’s hot.” I shrugged. He nodded and got into bed beside me. I turned on my side and patted my hip. He sighed and wrapped an arm around me while pulling me against his chest.

“Those fucking metal things on your bra are digging into my chest.” He grumbled after a couple minutes. I smirked and looked back at him.

“You want me to take it off, Hap?” I asked in a playful voice and he glared at me.

“Go to sleep little girl.” He said and cuddled into me more. I laid my head back down. The front of his pants were pressed into my ass now. I smirked and moved like I was trying to get comfy while pressing my ass right into his cock. I heard him growl slightly. I pretended like I didn’t notice and moved again, grinding my ass into his cock. His hand grabbed my hip so hard that I thought he was going to break it. “Don’t move again little girl.” He growled in my ear, causing my pussy to soak my panties.

“Why? You like that Happy?” I said referring to the erection I could feel pressed against my ass now. He gripped my hip harder, if that was possible. and I let out a little hiss of pain.

“You don’t want me to like it.” Happy growled again. I bit back a moan and looked back at him. Our faces were so close that his nose was touching mine.

“Yes I do.” I looked him dead in the eyes as I said that and took his hand on my hip. I moved it to my pussy so he could feel that my shorts were even soaked. His eyes closed as he felt how wet I was and his breathing was heavy. “I need you.” When I said this, it was like something snapped in him.

He growled and shoved his fingers hard against my covered pussy. I moaned as he ground his cock against my ass. He bit my earlobe and I let out a gasp. He moved down to my neck and kissed and sucked on it. He took his hand away from my pussy and yanked down my shorts. He slapped my ass hard and I moaned loudly. He lifted my leg over his as he continued to rub his cock against my ass. He ghosted his fingers over ,my pussy and lightly circled my clit. He slammed two fingers into my pussy and started pumping in and out.

“Fuck! Happy!” I moaned loudly. He growled and bit my neck and then kissed up to my ear.

“Quiet little girl.” He chuckled in my ear. “Unless you want your Uncle to come in here.” He speed up his fingers and I moaned louder. “You want him to catch you with the killer, little girl?”

“Mmmmm Happy, please!” I begged not really sure what I wanted.

“What do you want, little girl.” His fingers moved harder and faster. “Use your words baby.”

“I… I want…” I moan loudly as he moved his fingers faster. “Fuck! I want your cock!” I practically yelled. He pulled away and tore my shorts off of me. He took off his boxers and looked over my body.

“Fuck! Take off your bra, little girl.”  He ordered. I took it off and laid back down. “Who’s are you?”

“What?” I asked, surprised. He grabbed my legs and pulled me down the bed to him. He pulled my legs apart and smacked my pussy hard. My hips bucked hard and he smirked.

“Who’s are you, little girl?” He growled.

“I’m yours!” I moaned. He flipped me over so my back was facing him. He tucked my knees under me and slightly to the side so I was spread out for him. He smacked my ass again and I moaned loudly. He leaned down and kissed my back softly. He put one hand where he kissed and pressed down lightly and put his other hand on the side of my head with my face towards the side. His hand slid off my back and he took his cock and pushed his cock into my entrance. When he pushed slightly into me, he put his hand back on the spot on my back.

He used all his force to thrust into me. Pushing me right into the mattress. My mouth opened wide as he began to pound me into the mattress. He pushed my head and back down as he kept thrusting long, hard strokes into me. He used the angle I was at to thrust deeply into me, hitting my g spot everytime. His balls and hips were bouncing off my ass as he thrusted. I gripped the bed and my moans turned into gasps and screams as he pounded the fuck out of me.

The bed creaked and groaned under us and slammed into the wall over and over again. Happy was grunting and his hand was bruising my back. My nails were ripping holes into my sheets as I pulled downward on them.

“Fuck! God Happy, I’m fuck!” I screamed out. He growled and moved faster. I came hard not long after that. He thrusted in deep and came hard. Our bodies shook hard as we settled down. He pulled out of me and lightly pulled his hands off. He placed kisses down my back and softly rubbed my sides. I smiled and yawned. He lightly pulled my legs out from under me and laid down on the bed beside me. He pulled me to him and cuddle against me.

“Don’t forget that you’re mine.” He said. I turned around and faced him. He looked down at me and I kissed him. He kissed back and I cupped his cheek. He smiled against my lips.

“You’re mine too.” I told him.

“I can live with that, little girl.” He told me with a smirk.

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the holy uncle trinity of ijs men’s skaters

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I think people lack perspective wrt Louis situation. Like yeah, JHO probably would have charted better if they actually used his sm and crusty is a useless sea urchin but the song still did amazing? it went platinum and he just performed in front of, what, 150000 people? And not to hashtag jinx it but while bg is still officially a thing it hasn't really been a /thing/ since september last year except for one muted 3 second video so I don't get the doom and gloom, he's doing great career wise yk

I totally get where you’re coming from and in fact, just yesterday I was saying i think in the long run, Louis might be the one who makes the most money out of everyone.  I’m pretty sure he’s made the most this past year.  

BUT at the same time, a huge part of why JHO is doing well is because of Steve and his efforts, and even more importantly, it’s because of FANS.  And what his team seems to be doing is slowly and systematically attempting to destroy that for whatever reason.  Look at how many people have already turned on him or completely washed their hands of him because it’s just too much drama. Obviously I don’t mean his hardcore fanbase, but casual fans that just read headlines and say fuck this shit i’m out.  

Then on top of that…there’s Louis himself.  Look at his face when he has to stunt.  That’s not a happy dude.  Sure it’s been a couple months since he’s had to do anything baby related, but that doesn’t mean it’s not constantly hanging over his head.  When he meets fans and they ask, making sure his family still plays along, making sure no one slips up in any way and he has to do damage control.  That weighs on a person.  

And then there’s his reputation.  For years, fans were afraid to approach him and thought he was “the mean one”.  It’s only within the past few years that this has changed and now…now he’s the guy that punched a girl in the face.  He’s got his babymama claiming he’s basically unstable.  To a guy like Louis who obviously loves and appreciates his fans SO MUCH…that’s gotta sting. That’s not going back to square one, that’s going to like square -5.  

I’m not saying that he can’t overcome any of this and it IS all doom and gloom forever and ever amen because I really do think he will be fine eventually.  But that doesn’t stop the current situation from sucking.  Sure, he’s is doing well career wise despite all of this shit, but that’s a testament to who he is as a human and how fierce this fanbase is.  

Here’s the complete, honest truth: I’ll never know why you left.
I’ll never know what changed inside of you,
what ripped you out of my arms and placed you in hers.
Because we were happy, we were in love, when I looked into your eyes I saw my future, I saw what I thought was the love of my life.
And then suddenly that love turned into pain and anger.
I’ll never know why we didn’t make it, only you know that.
But what I do know is, you will never forget me.
Because I changed you, no mater how much you try to deny it, you and I both know it’s the truth.
You used to say that the only person you would ever care about was yourself, that the day you gave someone your heart would be the day the world ended.
But you were wrong.
You gave me your heart and I gave you mine and the world lived to see it, we made our love unforgettable.
Because despite our ending, what we had was real and you know it.
So no, you will never forget me,
because every time you tell her you love her, you’ll remember who taught you what love was in the first place.
—  Your heart has my fingerprints on it.

I crocheted a coat for this new thrifted doll. In the background: a human sized coat my mother crocheted for me and which I tried to recreate in doll size. I’m happy with how it turned out, it took me more than 25 hours to make :-) Next I will repaint her face and complete her outfit.

Haven’t Seen Her

Title: Haven’t Seen Her

Author: SomeonexSomeone

Pairing: Jacksepticeye x fem!reader

Word Count: 1766 

Summary: Jack has a new girlfriend?

A/N: This story is told as the reader is female. For my NonBinary/Male pals out there, if you would like for me to rewrite the story with genderless pronouns, just let me know and I’ll get it up as soon as possible

Originally posted by riciehmon

Jack had a new girlfriend. The internet was buzzing, his community talking about it on every form of social media. Who had managed to catch the eye of the sweet, loud, Irish boy? More importantly, how had they not noticed? The clues should have been as clear as day, not to mention all the times he mentioned you.

       The first time he mentioned you, it was a passing remark. No one really took notice of it, too occupied laughing and focused on what the Irish man was doing. Smiling, he held up a handful of containers, and a small note with scribbles on it.

       “So, I got my make up here that was so generously loaned to me. (Y/N) put a little list here for me so I knew what order to put them on.”

       The second time was a few months later, when he was doing a new and improved house tour. Not much changed, though it was always entertaining to watch the shaky camera and the happy voice accompanying it.

       “This plant is very pretty. Its not mine though, I’m just watching over it while (Y/N) visits her family.”

       Yet, the fans still didn’t seem to pick up on anything. Sure, there were a few comments here and there about what he had said, but they were buried deep in the comments section, covered by links and click bait ads.

       The third time sparked interest within his community, more and more people noticing your name popping up here and there, casually as if he had already told them who you were. Had he? Or was this a new development?

       “What’s my favourite memory of 2015? Oh, that’d have to be the time a bunch of my friends and I went on a group camping trip. It was amazing. I never really get to hang out with people as much, not that I’m complaining or anything. It was just nice to get away for the weekend. (Y/N) and I had canoed down the river, and almost got lost if it wasn’t for her being smart enough to bring a compass.”

       By now, theories began to pop up. Did Jack get a girlfriend? An old family friend? A neighbour? No one could figure it out, and Jack had given them no clues. People began writing stories, drawing art, trying to guess who you were and what you looked like. It wasn’t until the four incident, when they finally got some clue into who you were.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies. My name is Jacksepticeye!”

       Thousands of people watched in confusion as Jack sat in front of the screen, his face being the only thing seen, awe and confusion on his face as he looked off screen, and not the game that was put in the title. That wasn’t the only thing that was off. The voice of the intro, however, wasn’t his. It was a woman’s voice, melodic and teasing as she practically screamed the line he was known for. Jack laughed, slouching over the table slightly before quickly standing up, only the corner of his jaw seen of his face, whispering something to someone off screen. There was a laugh, then Jack getting pushed back into view of the camera, before the video reset, playing the intro as it should have been, as if nothing had happened. An arm, a hand, and a glimpse of hair was all they got, but it was enough to explode the internet.  

       The fifth incident was different than the others. It was a vlog, nothing too unusual for Jack to do every now and then. However, this time, he stood in front of a hair salon, his green hair faded so much it was practically yellow.

       “Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to another vlog! I know I’ve been doing quite a few of these lately, but this time, I’ve brought you to the hairdresser! Tons of people asked me to show me going to get my haired dyed, and the process of it. And in order to not bore myself. I’ve brought along a friend!”

       There was a cheerful hello in the background, but Jack hadn’t turned the camera, the voice hidden, and the person unknown. Was this (Y/N)? The girl that had started showing up in Jacks videos more and more? The audience waited in anticipation, enjoying themselves already.

       The video continues, Jack doing things here and there, cracking a few jokes and introducing the lady who was dying his hair. However, it was soon obvious whom he had brought with him, as the same name rang out half way through, and a woman walking behind Jack as he filmed himself looking in the mirror. The mystery girl had returned. Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch another glimpse of her. However, the only thing they got was Jack retelling a joke you had said, or repeating a funny comment while you laughed in the background. It wasn’t until the end, when you were revealed again.

       “Don’t I look soooooo pretty!”

       Jack’s voice was high pitched, hands pulling your hair so it curled over his head, which was partially dyed to match his, as he smiled sweetly into the camera. You laughed from behind him, quickly stealing the camera, and your hair back, from his hands and flipping the camera to filming him. However, the camera had turned to your face, and for a split second, the world saw your face.

       Twitter blew up minutes after the vlog was posted, the hashtag #WhoIsJack’sNewGirlfriend? spread like wildfire, single shots of your blurry face everywhere.

       The sixth mention, wasn’t as much as a mention, but more a video. The video was titled “HAPPY WHEELS CHALLENGE…WITH A GUEST?!?!”, no mention of who it was, or if they had been on a video with him before. Fans spectated the video, starting with the intro, just as it always was. However, the camera was placed differently, so that Jack was completely visible till his waist. His arms were behind him, and two smaller hands replaced them, high-fiving the air beside the camera. Jack laughed as the hand totally failed, but continued to do his intro.

       "Top of the morning to you laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome back to…HAPPY WHEELS! I have a very special guest with me today, (Y/N)! And this is a very stupid video we decided to do, because why not?! I’m going to have my arms behind my back, and (Y/N) is going to control the game for me, but she can’t see a thing! Hopefully this wont be a total disaster!“

       The video was full of laughs, screams, and Jacks new hands smacking his shoulder several times, which just made them laugh harder. It was hard not to laugh along, especially when Jack kept screaming while (Y/N) tried to do a spike fall. The fans hoped that they could at least see a small view of your face, however, Jacks back and shoulders covered everything that could have been seen.

       The seventh and final instance, was when the truth came out.

       Jack was filming another reading your comments video, a half a year after you were first mentioned. He started the first few as he normally did, a few silly one, a few serious ones with silly answers, and one serious one. And then, the moment of truth.

“Jack, can you please tell us who (Y/N) is? You’ve mentioned her a lot recently, and I know I’m not the one wondering. I’ve seen a lot of these comments recently, and yes, I have seen them and haven’t answered them. (Y/N) is a very special person to me, and I respect her enough not to be forcing her to do things she doesn’t want to do. She enjoys her privacy, and can be shy sometimes, so I don’t want to be forcing her to sit with me on camera, or be constantly filming what we do. When (Y/N) and I hang out, I don’t have to pretend with her. Not that I’m saying I pretend when I talk to you guys, but when I film, I constantly have to make things interesting, keep the energy going. (Y/N) is my rock, and I couldn’t imagine her not being in my life. When she’s ready, maybe she’ll introduce herself to you, but for now, please don’t pressure her into anything she doesn’t want to do. If you haven’t figured it out, (Y/N) is my girlfriend. We’ve been dating for almost eight months now, and honestly I’m so happy. I love her to death, and I hope you guys will love her just as much as I do. Okay, maybe not that much.”

       He ended the question with a giggle, and that was that.
       Of course you were mentioned more and more over the course of the year, Jacks face lighting up at your name and the stories he told. He apologized most of the time when a story got away from him about the two of you, but instead if receiving hate or comments that told him they didn’t want to hear stories about you, all the comments were positive. They loved hearing stories about you, about the life Jack had outside of YouTube. As soon as he started mentioning you, others did as well. Mark, Felix, and even Ken mentioned you at least once in their videos, excited for Jack and happy that he found someone to love as much as they had. Mark of course had to be the odd man out and have a whole story on one of his videos, but the fans loved it, laughing about how you got lost at the mall with them and had to huddle next to him until you two managed to find Jack again.

       It wasn’t until a year and a half later, when you were finally introduced to the world. It wasn’t a video like most hoped, a picture was what revealed you. Your face wasn’t in it completely, you were turned away, just the side of your face being seen, but Jack was full center. The pictured seemed almost better than a video when everyone saw the smiles on yours and Jacks face as he held your hand up, a ring on your ring finger sparkling in the light, did they realize that they didn’t need to see you to know that you made Jack incredibly happy. And that was enough for them.

Open Heart (FE Heroes Alfonse Oneshot)

Alfonse swore to himself that he would never attach himself to anybody. He didn’t want to feel the same pain that his heart felt when his childhood friend disappeared, ever again. It was the most painful time of his life.

With this promise, Alfonse locked up his heart and distanced himself. It was easier not being attached to anyone. But for some reason, he felt empty, something was missing.

Then, you, you came into his world.

He had no intentions on becoming attached to you at all. After all, it would only hurt if he got too close to you and you disappeared.

But he couldn’t do it, he broke his own promise. Alfonse became fond of you. You were slowly removing the locks his heart hid behind.

When his sister, Sharena, told Alfonse that he was growing fond of you, he denied it at first.

However, Sharena was right. As days, weeks and months passed, he realized that he didn’t feel empty whenever he was in your presence. Even just seeing you was enough to put a smile on his face and warm his heart. He grew so used to your company that if you weren’t near him, he felt empty again.

Every moment with you took him to paradise. With every moment he spent with you, his heart beat faster than normal.

That’s when Alfonse realized, you had broken through all the locks his heart hid behind. And like autumn leaves, he couldn’t help himself. He fell in love with you. There was no doubt about it. He could no longer lock up his heart and try not to feel it.

After this realization, Alfonse did attempt to lock his heart up multiple times. But with just one look at you, the locks broke immediately and his heart soared with happiness each time.

He was past the point of no return. There was no turning back, he was in love.

Finally, Alfonse remembered the day he confessed to you. He had asked to talk to you in privately in the library. He held your hands and looked into your eyes, hoping that his eyes accurately portrayed his pure love for you. He poured out all of his feelings for you on: how you made his heart race, how he always felt happy just by looking at you and how you made him complete.

When he finished, you were silent. Then you smiled at him and with shining eyes filled with happiness, you answered yes.

That was the best day of his life. On this day, Alfonse swore to himself that he would stay with you and love you forever. He would protect you and cherish you with all he had.

Now, he looked at you, snuggled up against him. He smiled, seeing your peaceful face as you slept.

Your eyes fluttered open. You looked at him with sleepy eyes and murmured, “Good morning, Alfonse.”

Alfonse chuckled and quickly kissed your lips. He pressed his forehead against yours. “Good morning to you, too,” he whispered,

There was no doubt that you were the one, no one else. You were all that he ever needed. As long as you were by his side, he was complete.

applebites2013  asked:

Hello! I was wondering if there was any new angels/demons au

ugh yas i love me this genre and the latest fics were freaking lit

  • When the Lights Fade Out (All the Sinners Crawl) - angel!nini and demon!soo, flustered nini and his crush on ksoo makes him get in trouble and kyungsoo is having so much fun bc of that; smutty and cute as hell :))
    Curse of a Fallen Angel - fallen angel kyungsoo loves human jongin despite that humans and angels are not meant to be (smut)
  • Take My Virgin Sacrifice - demon/incubus kyungsoo falls in love with human jongin who has very religious parents, they meet in jongin’s dreams (happy end and sMUT)
  • The Completely Candid Chronicles of a Wayward Demon - demon soo is banned from the underworld and is sent to the land of the fey, there, he meets a soft fairy jongin (who bakes cupcakes!!!), this really really sweet and amazing, just like the author, pocketks c: 
  • Teddy Bear, Say Goodnight - demon kai wants kyungsoo’s soul but turns out he’s a nice demon who likes fluffy kitties :’)
  • How To Catch An Angel - angel jongin + demon hunter kyungsoo + soulmates au,  kyungsoo accidentally shoots down a gold winged angel instead of a demon (btw the sexual tension in the last chapter is killing me)
  • diabolical - this lit af, jongin is bound to a very powerful demon and magician ksoo comes to help him
  • A Heavenly Gift - not new but wasn’t recced before! angel Kyungsoo gets gifted to demon Jongin for this birthday
  • The Forest Demon - jongin is a forest demon who is in love with kyungsoo
  • Sometimes It Doesn’t Hurt to Fall from Heaven - guardian angel au, super cute, it’s strangers/enemies to lovers, jongin is kyungsoo’s guardian angel who doesn’t follow rules (what’s terms n conditions bruh) but kyungsoo doesn’t believe him and is freaked out at first
  • Your New Addiction - kyungsoo as a powerful wolf has too much energy and jongin an incubus has the perfect solution for it; this such a good smut im cry :’) 
  • The Dark Lord - drabble, (satan soo anyone) satan Kyungsoo goes to seoul to find a partner
  • Lips Like Morphine - vampire!soo receives a gift on his bday from his brothers and it’s an incubus; smut
  • hello, angel - angel!jongin has very sensitive wings but kyungsoo is tempted to touch them ;)
  • A Touch Closer To Sin - priest!au + incubus!au, ksoo is an incubus in a priest’s disguise, luring in every pure church boy there is to ruin them
  • Fallen - kyungsoo is jongin’s guardian angel and falls in love with him even though he shouldn’t ;; (spoiler: happy ending lol)
  • heaven can’t help you now - priest!au. kyungsoo is slightly psycho uhm :–) (there’s a demon posession involved so this kinda counts)
  • [extra]: sauce tomate suggested by our reader Aii @/fanboard

and previous requests here ~ Admin J


Harle cosplay, complete!

I can say that it isn’t my most comfortable cosplay (the shoes aren’t easy to walk in for sure), but it’s not entirely uncomfortable. Could be worse. It’s very warm. I need to hope for cooler weather this weekend.

This cosplay took SO MUCH time and effort to put together, but I’m super super happy with how ti turned out :D I avoided playing Chrono Cross for a long time because I’m a huge CT fan, but ended up falling in love once I was finally convinced to give it a try. Harle is my favorite character, so I really hope I was able to do her justice <3

Look out for me at Animation on Display this Saturday!

ten days of minimalistic living

have you ever wanted to add something to improve your life? like consistent exercise or clean eating? if you have, that’s great! you’re already 50% there.

however, have you ever thought about removing elements of your life instead of adding elements? if you have, you’re now 75% there.

if you haven’t, don’t worry, let me explain.

instead of adding elements to improve your life, minimalistic living aims at subtracting elements to improve your life. it targets areas in which you can simplify your life in the most easiest and effective fashion.

so with that being said, i’ve compiled 10 one-day assignments to help you begin your journey into minimalist living.

1. designate an hour for “you time”

choose a secluded place where you can disconnect from the virtual world. focus on what it feels like to be at peace and, if you feel inclined, jot down your intimate thoughts and feelings in a journal.

2. no complaints, no not today

complaining can easily become a habit. however, today try your best to not get frustrated at the man who is taking forever to order in front of you at starbucks or the woman who is walking too slowly in front of you.

3. clear out your email inbox

you know that email subscription you signed up for? the one that sends you emails all the time, but you forget to delete the emails or unsubscribe yourself from receiving future emails? yeah, you know the one. well, take time today to make your inbox spick and span.

4. disconnect and dream

instead of taking your phone to bed with you to check social media posts from besties and celebrities, leave your phone on your desk. your body needs sleep. social media will be there tomorrow morning.

5. remove one item from your to do list

you could probably complete everything on your to do list, but doing so may leave you burned out by the end of the day. so instead, choose the most important assignments and leave out the last one.

6. listen instead of waiting for your turn to speak

when talking to a friend, a family member, or a colleague, actually listen to what he/she is saying, then respond.

7. eat a meal without watching a movie or show

it’s easy to make dinner then plop on a couch with a plate full of food to watch your favorite netflix show. however, watching a show takes away from the eating experience. instead, sit and eat while paying attention to how the food actually tastes.

8. turn off notifications

notifications can easily interfere with your day. so for today, only check your social media accounts when necessary.

9. make two lists

make one list of things that make you happy. then make another list of things you do every day. adjust accordingly.

10. wake up an hour earlier

although you may classify yourself as a night owl, try becoming a morning person for one day. hop out of bed, make yourself a cup of coffee, and begin to conquer the day. you’ll be amazed at how much work you can complete with waking up one hour earlier.

if you try out any of these assignments and you show progress, feel free to individually message me. i would love to hear your story.

do have a lovely week ♥

“See the line where the sky meets the sea! It calls me!
And no one knows, how far it goes!”
-Auli'i Cravalho, Moana

I’ve always loved the parallels between Ashe and Moana, so when today’s @aprildrawing challenge was fandom, I knew it was the chance to do this Aesling piece for Thrilling Intent that I’ve been wanting to do for two months now, and I’m so happy with how it turned out! It’s the least I can do for a fandom that’s so inclusive and cozy.

This is available for purchase on my Redbubble!