not completely done but yeah

It’s been 2 months since I’d finished Carry On, but I’m still having enormous feels about SnowBaz.

So here they are, with matching clothes and my favorite line!

Shit Slytherins Say: #13
  • Gryffindor: "Are you done being sarcastic?"
  • Slytherin: "Yes."
  • Gryffindor: "Wait, Really?"
  • Slytherin: "Yeah"
  • Slytherin: "Totally"
  • Slytherin: "Completely"
  • Slytherin: "Done for good"
  • Slytherin: "Quit cold turkey"
  • Gryffindor: "...fuck you"

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He is quiet in his touch yet the warmth in his eyes spoke stories that did not spill from between his lips. Spun tales of loyalty and cherishing: From long fingers ( he has not dared for more quite yet ) to her knee. With calloused fingers brushing gloved wrists and to her shoulder. And sheepish was his smile as he pulled away to gaze upon his confidant and friend.

send in the tactile meme! | accepting.

               she welcomes his touch like she would the velvet hiss of fire
                            in the gelid void of a lonely light: with a fond twinkle in blue
                            pools and a pair of outstretched, yearning hands. she returns
                            the contact wherever she can, tapping on leather knuckles
                            and lightly squeezing warm wrists. his devotion to her stirs
                            her very soul — incites an upwards twist of roseate lips and
                            a loosening of taut shoulders.

               she reaches up then, brushes a stroke against sharp cheekbone,
                            draws gauntleted hands closer to drop a thankful kiss ‘pon
                            the tips of toilworn fingers.

                                         ❝ we will prevail, ❞ she assures, extremity but a
                                         weightless plume on his thigh; kinship, joy, and solace
                                         all crammed within a single gesture. ❝ we will be
                                         alright. ❞

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Omg I just realized that s2 started at the end of February? In my head once the trailer is out we have to wait until like april.. (Which when I think about it, makes no sense smh) My body and soul have been resurrected.

The only reason I’m staying alive is by thinking that they will skip the trailer and just release the season ?? But honestly if they waited until April to release the season that would completely save my grades cause then my mid terms will be done. But yeah. Idk what they’re doing??? Where is my trailer????


Aw jeez, c’mon, find something else to stick in here, will ya?!


Done. Here she is! Finally redesigned completely.
Kanus! Or rather Kate. Yeah… Since I’m changing her back story to not make her a bastard anymore I figured I’d get rid of the name that’s latin for dishonor. But I’m happy to finally switch the sheath to the proper side because that has honestly bothered me for so long.

Hope you guys like the redesign

My Unpopular Opinion

I know that racism is real. I know that a lot of white people are racist, and sometimes when I’m really feeling angry I would even say most of them are racist. But I refuse to be one of those pro black people who treat white people like they are inferior, which is so hypocritical. White people are not sub human. I get tired of seeing some pro black Afrocentric accounts completely shitting on the white race. Yeah they’ve done fucked up things, some of them steal our shit, and turn a blind eye to our pain. But not every single person with white skin is scum. Let’s not become what we claim to hate.

~ Hannah

signs + who’s ready for school

aries: sureeee, i mean i dont really have a choice so.

taurus: yEAH let’s do iT.

gemini: of course i’m ready. i’m always ready.

cancer: as ready as i’ll ever be…

leo: omg yes everyone’s going to love the stories of my summer adventures!!

virgo: what’s to get ready for? no worries.

libra: well duh lol. 

scorpio: fuck school. fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, oh yeah, and fuck you.

sagittarius: lul yeah i’m ready….it’s not like i haven’t done any summer assignments…..i’m completely ready…..

capricorn: yeah! i’ve got my pencils all sharpened and everything!! :)

aquarius: school???? wait, what????

pisces: yeah, i’m ready. definitely. definitely ready. that’s the word. ready.


For the past few months I have really been slacking off on the art I’ve been producing and I wanted to give a more in depth explanation as to what’s been prohibiting me from making a lot more art like I used to do.

First, moving. After a week of our house being on the market, and having to take day long trips while we waited for the appointments to end, we finally managed to sell our house while purchasing a new one. The moving process should be completely done by the end of March. So yeah, being kicked out of the house for hours on end each day kinda put me behind on work.

Second thing, stress. Been dealing with a lot of personal stuff and people that have really just made my motivation to draw plummet. This was mainly an issue from December through early February. Most of that is gone now, and I feel a stronger desire to draw now. So there’s that.

Finally, a game! I’ve been lucky to work along side @bucketsofpocky​ and a few others on a game. Petram to be exact. Really nice to be able to put my sprite work to some better use. Yeah, working on that has been really important (and fun) and stops a lot of actual big art pieces from getting out more often. I don’t post any game development stuff here, so I’d highly recommend following Pocky for any sort of updates/progress on the game.

There’s my explanation. Hopefully I’ll be able to settle down peacefully soon and work on a lot more stuff.

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I remember Brie going to the hospital with Daniel in their storyline but i guess Renee is completely done with his storyline. Yeah, they could have easily made her run out and check on him. Vince doesn't want her involved anymore but Dunn males sure she stays linked to him tho

I am so OK with her being done with his storylines. She is not needed let Baron and DA have their own feud with out her. Bad enough you know it’s some how going to get mentioned on Talking Smack. 

Dipper is worrying me guys

remember back pre-ATOTS when everyone was talking about dark!Dipper and how after we heard him tell Stan he was sorry for not trusting him in the episode abandoned that theory completely?

yeah, I don’t think we should have done that

I’ll list off all the abnormalities in Dip’s behavior 

- The fact that he immediately felt sorry for Stan after hearing his life story but had only an hour tops felt so incredibly betrayed and angry at him 

(he angry)

- Realizing the mindcontrol tie was “ethically ambiguous” but clearly not giving two shits about it (Stanchurian Candidate)

- The general saltiness of his comments during the entirety of TSC

- the comments from his “subconscious” that surprised even him with how smart they were (The Last Mabelcorn)

but we all know about this, so why will it be relevant? 

because I am to a 99% certainty he’s not the one thinking this

is there someone whispering things in his mind that he could only pass for ordinary thoughts? making him feel different about certain things he would have reacted more/less to? 

just like the sort of whispers his great uncle started hearing before he went mad? 

I don’t think that Dipper has been himself completely for a while, I might even say since Sock Opera because well, Bill’s little rubics cube that only appeared in the dreamscape, but then also in Dipper’s bag in ATOTS

I really don’t think Dipper’s mind is safe from Bill, at all

Kagami vs the Generation of Miracles
  • Kagami: no way you can pull that off
  • GOM: *pull off some crazy shit*
  • Kagami: wow so THIS is what its like to play against the generation of miracles
  • Kagami: amazing
  • Kagami: but
  • GOM: omg

like, i understand why people are starting to really like juzo again, but still, that doesn’t excuse his other shitty behavior. i too believe that he has slightly redeemed himself, but not completely. yeah, i get that people like him more because he saved the others, but that shouldn’t be the complete reason that we like him. a character’s worth is not measured in one action - it’s measured in the multiple actions that they choose to perform. yes, juzo did something that was very good. but he also has been extremely violent towards them all, and made the others fear for their lives. juzo is not a total savior - he clearly said that he mostly did it for munakata. had munakata not survived, juzo may or may not have done the same thing. it’s completely relative.

but yeah.

tldr; don’t love juzo solely for saving the others. love him for his entire character - not because of one thing he did.