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Dragon Cry and Neo Eclipse

I think I figured out what Mashima meant by the movie only making sense once we got to the last chapter of the series. (Unless you’ve read up to chapter 533 or don’t mind spoilers, don’t continue on)

Dragon Cry appears to take place before the Alvarez arc but after the one year time skip and even after Natsu and Lucy reform Fairy Tail. For this plot line to be canon, it makes no sense to have it occur at this time. After all, there would have had to be mention of Natsu turning into a half dragon thing during the actual series. Now, I’m perfectly aware that because this is a movie, that Mashima probably won’t including this in the manga, but what I previously mentioned seems a bit fishy still.

Let’s talk about Neo Eclipse. Recently in the manga, it was revealed that Zeref’s true plan is to reset time with Neo Eclipse to get another chance at life.

What I say next may seem off topic, but please bare with me. Mashima has already said to us that FT is going to have a happy ending, we all know this. But with the recent chapters that we have been getting, nakama power doesn’t seem to be enough, though it has gotten them far. They have two (possibly three if you count Ankhseram) major villains that they have yet to defeat, both of which are after all their lives. In the most recent chapter (533), we saw Natsu get “killed” (I say it in quotes because it’s not completely confirmed yet {and let’s face it, he’s not going to be dead forever}) by Zeref. There have been many other deaths throughout this entire arc, more so than any other arc in the series. How can something like this be a happy ending?

And this is where Neo Eclipse comes in.

I think that Neo Eclipse will be activated by the end of this arc, but not for Zeref’s purposes, but for Fairy Tail’s. If FT activates NE, then they could make sure than none of the atrocities that happened in that war will ever happen.

If this were true, then Dragon Cry could happen “after” time was reset.

As of right now, I don’t have a clear idea of how much could have been changed because I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I will make another post if anything pops up.

I hope you enjoy my theory! And if you use it, please credit it to me! Thank you for reading!

OK, so because there’s no new B99 episode this week and I’m seriously bored/obsessive, I decided to start cataloging all the subtle references hidden in the names of Brooklyn Nine Nine characters. This list is in no way complete and some are yet to be confirmed but it’s what I’ve got so far. Feel free to add if there’s anything I missed or if you think I’ve made a mistake.

OK, specific names first:

Raymond Holt: Raymond is a German name meaning “Wise Protector”, a pretty fitting description of the precincts Captain.

Rosa Diaz: the name “Rosa” is obviously a Spanish name meaning “Rose” which traditionally is associated with Beauty(Flower) and Danger(Thorns). A fairly accurate (albeit broad and unrefined) definition of Rosas’ personality.

Jacob Peralta: Jacob is a Hebrew name meaning “to take the heel of” or more simply put, “to follow”. As the majority of the first season involves Jake learning to trust and follow others, in particular Holt, this is very fitting.

Terry Jeffords: the name Terry comes from a French name meaning “powerful ruler of the people”. Given Terry’s physical attributes and his rank as Sergeant, it’s easy to see why this name is fitting.

Now the good-stuff:

Hitchcock and Scully: Michael Hitchcock is named after Norm Hiscock, a writer on Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Norm Scully is named after Mike Scully, a writer and producer, also from Parks and Recreation

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta: The last names of both these characters contain portions of actress Chelsea Perettis’ name (PERalta and LinETTI).

Amy Santiago: The name Amy is a French name meaning “Beloved” and the name Santiago is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob (Yes, Amy Santiago’s name literally translates to “Jacobs Beloved”).

Cagney and Lacey: Terry Jeffords two daughters share their names with the titular characters of a popular detective show from the mid-80’s. Whether this is a subtle meta-reference on the writers part or an in-story reference from either Terry or Sharon’s childhood is still unclear.

Fire Marshall Boone: Fire Marshall Boone is a subtle play on the name of Brooklyn Nine Nines’ executive-producer Marshall Boone.

The Entities Mythos: Snuggles (Flash Fiction #413)

Designation: TE002

Assigned Representation: The Unknown

Common Names: The Thing at the Edge of the Bed, Snuggles

Physical Description: Usually seen at night, complete description has not yet been confirmed. Appears as a male humanoid with pale skin, lacks eyes and possesses “holes” where eyes should be. Also possesses claws that are often described by survivors as being “as long as our arms”, though definitive lengths remain unknown.

Behavioral Description: TE002 is actively hostile towards human life. Slips into homes through windows and sits on the edges of people’s beds, mentally tormenting its victims by staring at them. TE002 is known to appear to people who are drifting off to sleep and will target anyone it can. Victims who have survived its appearances report that it will watch them, tapping on their feet in order to get their attention. It will only attack once the victim is asleep. Recovered remains suffer from multiple lacerations to the throat, chest, arms, and eyes. TE002 will try to persuade the victim into falling asleep through begging and pleading, though it will only state a single phase, “Go to Sleep”. Victims who have survived experience intense nightmares and insomnia afterwards.

TE002 is known to operate within the borders of US Site-001. Rarely reported outside said area and unwilling to leave. Investigations conclude that it is a location-bound anomaly, seemingly tethered to The Slit.

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Anti-fandom is stronger than it could ever hope to be

Anti-Naruto fandom in recent months has gained a solid foundation of smart and active members, has developed a strong and consistent collection of arguments, its own patterns of stating and defending its territory. More importantly - it developed its own sense of pride. The banners are bright and morale is high. Despite operating in opposition, anti-fandom has gained and displayed creative strength, digging deep into canon material, extracting ins and outs of what we were reading for 15 years, enlightening each other and supporting\ nourishing fanon. If anything, anti-position has shown its rightfulness by surviving so long and growing instead of diminishing. In the situation when people generally slowly drift away from finished story, anti-fandom being so solid only shows that there was and IS real substance to people’s critique of canon. 

With recent chapters of Gaiden, including the last one, the anti-fandom has received even more ground to operate. Despite all odds, despite SP and Kishi having all resources to sugarcoat their mutilated canon, antis received complete confirmation for their arguments. And yet, antis never even needed to see dysfunctional families and stagnating world to stand firm. Anti-fandom was established when the story ended, after 700, the moment it became obvious that the development and important plot themes were dropped, the moment the story opened up as a hive of toxic ideas and destructive statements. Anti’s mission was to analyze and denounce bad and harmful writing and their source was 15 years worth of material, not some expectations. It was decided that people with both logic and love for Naruto series have lost in their hopes, including some rational canon-pairing-fans and non-shippers. Yet, through stating their anti-position they have found their solid place that cannot be overrun by hoards of children.

And yet pros act like there is still some kind of competition with winners and losers. They act as if some new material can change anything and prove someone wrong. It is absolutely not how it works. Antis can be proved wrong if their arguments about the whole story are rationally answered. Just pointing at some superficial and - truth be told - controversial panels in new canon goods is not an argument about anything. This is what they fail to understand. Lets be realistic, anti-fandom could never grow so strong if it depended on canon material giving them further and further ground to highlight bad writing, it just came as a surprising bonus. SS, NH, whatever, were supposed to be dipped in honey, it was not hope to see them destroyed that drove us to establish anti-fandom, it was what we already had and rebelled against.

Pros should really understand - there is no more race to the finish.

Genetic Theory On Sarada.

Sooooo… you sayin’ Sarada ain’t Sakura’s daughter?


I came up with this. If you have studied genetics, you’ll get this easily, if you don’t… well, I’ll try and explain myself as better as I can.

‘Kay, let’s do it!

In genetics, there are two types of cells that influence on us:

  • Homozygous (Which can be Dominant or Recessive) [I’ll get on this a down below], and
  • Heterozygous

So, let me explain a little better. These cells are the ones that determine our phenotypes (That means, physical characteristics that we can see or feel) and genotypes (Which are our tendencies to inherit some characteristics BUT not always actually present them). All of this based on our parents cells as well. For more info, please click here.

(Alleles are, by the way, one of a number of alternative forms of the same gene or same genetic locus. Sometimes, different alleles can result in different observable phenotypic traits, such as different pigmentation. However, most genetic variations result in little or no observable variation.)

Homozygous: Which means that the alleles are homogeneous, or have the same value.

  • Homozygous-dominant (Always represented with capital letters. This time, we’ll use “AA” and “BB”) are the strongest way to determine genotypes and phenotypes. Homozygous-recessive are nothing next to this. In humans, homozygous-dominant are characteristics as: Black/brown hair and eye color, which also explains why there are SO many people with this eye/hair color.
  • Homozygous-recessive (Always represented with lower case letters. This time, we’ll use “aa” and “bb”) can determine some factors when mixed with a heterozygous or with a homozygous-recessive as well. In humans, homozygous-recessive are characteristics as: blonde/red/whatever-weird-hair-color and green/grey/blue/whatever eye color. Since this gen can’t be shown without another Homozygous-recessive or a Heterozygous, is pretty hard to find people with these characteristics in comparison with brown haired/eyed people.

Heterozygous (Always represented with both capital and lower case letters. We’ll use “Aa” and “Bb”) is a combination between two cells of different values, being one weaker and the other stronger. Is the combination between dominant and homozygous-recessive. People with this type of cells, often present the phenotypes of a homozygous-dominant BUT have tendency to recessive characters which, if the person has children with a recessive person, the child could be recessive by heritage.

Now, to Sasuke and Sakura.

In the next charts (Called Punnett Square), I’m going to explain to you what kind of gens I THINK they both have. So, press attention to this. Since we are trying to guess hair AND eye color, we’ll use A for hair and B for eyes. Try not to lose yourself lol.

Sasuke: (In which G stands for “Genes”, F for Fugaku [Father] and M for Mikoto [Mother]



(This chart is ASSUMING Sasuke is a Homozygous-dominant, which I assume is correct because his parents AND even his brother were dark haired/eyed -not to mention the whole clan)

What is going on here? As you can see in the chart, when having their children, Fugaku’s and Mikoto’s genes are crossed together to determinate their children phenotypes and genotypes. There’s only two parts filled because they only had two children. So, based on the chart, we got:

  • Genotype: When it comes to Fugaku and Mikoto, their children probability is no doubt 100% Homozygous-dominant.
  • Phenotype: Their children have/are going to be 100% Dark haired/eyed.

Obs.: Even if we filled the other parts of the charts, the results won’t change, since Sasuke’s parents are both Homozygous-dominant.

Now, Sakura: (G stands for Genes, K for Kizashi and M for Mebuki)


(This is based on Kizashi being both pink-haired and green-eyed and Mebuki being blonde and green-eyed)

Only one part filled because they only have one child.

  • Genotype: 100% Homozygous-recessive.
  • Phenotype: 100% Pink-haired (Or Blonde, in this case is a thing of luck, I guess) and green-eyed.

Obs.: Just like before, the number of children won’t affect the result.


We’re going to do the same thing BUT crossing Sasuke’s and Sakura’s genes.

So, ladies and gentlemen, for Sarada: (G for Genes, U for Sasuke and H for Sakura)

I’m just filling one, because they only have Sarada, at least for now.

  • Genotype: 100% Heterozygous.
  • Phenotype: 100% Dark haired/eyed.

Sasuke’s genes are dominant, so it doesn’t matter if Sakura is a Homozygous-recessive, because, to put it into easy words, her genes are weak, being Sasuke’s the strongest ones. THOUGH, in this case, Sarada presents a tendency for recessive characteristics (Which means, if she has children with a Homozygous-recessive -coughBoltcough- it will be possible to get a Homozygous-recessive kid, which could have either her mother’s eye or hair color. And obviously have her husband’s characteristics as well. Let’s pretend her husband is Bolt, in that case, their children could be easily Blonde, pink-haired, blue or green-eyed).

Obs.: Number of children won’t affect results as well.

(This explanation is assuming, I’M SAYING IT AGAIN, ASSUMING Sasuke’s a Homozygous-dominant. IF he were to be Kishimoto-know-how a Heterozygous and seems to have a Homozygous-recessive as an ancestor, there would be a possibility for them to have either pink-haired or green-eyed children)

So that’s pretty much why she doesn’t show any Sakura’s physical characteristics.

PS: It’s not yet confirmed if this theory is completely accurate in human beings, but it’s not wrong either.

PS2: I learned this all this year in school, in my mom’s science class. Ugh, I hate this shit, but it can be useful sometimes.

PS3: My explanations may be quite wrong, but it’s because of my poor English, I’m sorry.

PS4: I’m going to make a chart for Bolt’s and Sarada’s children too, why? BECAUSE I CAN.

Uzumaki/Uchiha kiddos: (G for Genes, B for Bolt and S for Sarada)

(Bolt is OBVIOUSLY a Homozygous-recessive because he’s blonde and has blue eyes)

  • Genotype: 50% Heterozygous. 50% Homozygous-recessive.
  • Phenotype: (Press attention to this) 50% Dark haired/eyed kids and 50% Kids with either blonde or pink hair. And blue/green eyes.

I hope you didn’t got bored of this lol if you don’t get something, I’m really sorry, I tried my best to explain this in English and plus, I’m seventeen xD I’m not precisely a teacher.

Buckle up guys cause I still think Rose Quartz is Pink Diamond, and here’s why:

Listen one more time to what Jasper says.

It’s a play on words. 

Jasper says Rose did something to her Diamond. To Jasper’s Diamond, but also… “YOUR DIAMOND” as if she means… the…. gem on … Rose Quartz…! Her Diamond gem! That’s now Steven’s gem! Your Diamond can literally mean Rose’s gem - her gem, her Diamond gem, that she wears, that she is. The Diamond on her belly. What she did to her Diamond. Her Diamond that she had, but cast away, to become a lowly Rose Quartz. I’ve talked before about that perhaps Pink Diamond made herself into a Rose Quartz, and stated in this link several reason as to why that would be possible and plausible. Also here’s a post on how to make diamonds from quartzes in IRL gemology.

If Pink Diamond shaved off parts of her gem, put herself into the ground again, remade herself, and became Rose Quartz, it’s only natural that Jasper (and others) would be horrified by what Pink Diamond did. This works very well with Rose’s philosophy to be whoever you are. Pink Diamond chose who she wanted to be. It fits so well that PD would give up her form and become something else, something that she wasn’t supposed to be. It’s exactly Rose’s philosophy.

Jasper can’t forgive Pink Diamond for casting away her Diamond rank. She left Jasper, she left all her gems that were hers. Pink Diamond left her, that’s why Jasper wants revenge. That’s why Jasper wants to beat lowly Rose Quartz into the ground, for revenge. One last time. Beat Rose Quartz who cast away her Diamond rank and her intended purpose.

Besides, Jasper talks about Rose is talked about as if she’s the only Rose Quartz around. She’s always referred to as “Rose Quartz” but never once as “a rose quartz”. What’s seriously the likelihood of Rose being the only Rose Quartz around? It makes no sense, unless she was unique. Like, perhaps…. the only Rose Quartz. She is THE Rose Quartz.

Also, look at this:

We’re made to believe that Jasper means Steven here, but she doesn’t know what Steven is. She doesn’t understand it. She doesn’t call him Steven, she considers him to be a weird version of Rose Quartz. She doesn’t know how Rose reshaped herself into Steven. What is Steven’s purpose? Is Steven’s purpose really different from Rose Quartz? Would Jasper know that Steven’s purpose is different from Rose Quartz? No. She would consider Steven’s purpose to be the same as Rose’s, because they’re the same to her, aside from Steven being a weak dulled down version of Rose. So, why would she say this above? Because… Pink Diamond reshaped herself outside of her purpose. She became Rose Quartz. She’s talking about Rose’s transformation from Pink Diamond. Remember, this line is said before Jasper says the Pink Diamond line. Remember that Jasper is later surprised that Steven (Rose) doesn’t remember what happened to Pink Diamond. Jasper would not be talking about Rose reshaping herself into Steven here in the above scene - she’s talking about Pink Diamond reshaping herself into Rose. She’s not thinking about Steven, she doesn’t see Steven. She only sees Rose… and her former Diamond.

It’s all a clever wordplay by the Crewniverse. At least this is my theory. So with this, we have nothing completely confirmed yet, guys. I still strongly believe that Rose Quartz used to be Pink Diamond.

anonymous asked:

Could you please explain the Purple PR thing you reblogged a little earlier? I know about the whole database thing and everything fyeahanon was researching about their contact info and stuff, but its the Purple stuff I dont really get. So why is Zayn having a new team good news in relation to his return to 1D? For a sec it made it seem like that meant he was really gone for good. Is that the team that the rest of the boys are gonna be with once they're done with modest too?

Zayn having a new team isn’t a good thing in relation to his return to 1D exactly, but it’s not a bad thing either.  It’s a good thing overall because getting rid of any part of their current management-label-pr team triangle is good.  We’ve seen both Modest and Syco trash 1D to make themselves look good.  HJPR is the company that helps them do it.  They’re all heavily associated with each other.

Why does a retweet and contact information changing make people think he’s gone for good in particular?  The contact information changed months ago to his private lawyers.   Harry’s incidentally changed around the same time.  His new contact info this time might be Purple’s, but that’s not a confirmation that HJPR is completely out of the picture yet.  It’s just that now is the time to push the fact that he’s working with Purple to the forefront.

This happens every time any move that sets Zayn up for an eventual solo career happens.  People get freaked out and assume this means he really left in the weird way it played out and there’s no chance of him coming back. We’ve said all along he WILL go solo.  Him having a solo career doesn’t automatically mean he can’t or won’t return.  

There’s no reason he can’t do both and as the narrative stands, it makes sense that they’re doing everything they can (short of actually releasing music apparently) to make him look like a rising solo artist.  What else could we expect them to do?  Having Zayn return as the pathetic, failed artist who couldn’t hack it does 1D no good.  They need him to have solo cred.

1D as a whole could end up under Purple.  Nothing says they can’t.  As of now we know absolutely zip about their new team for certain.  We know Azoff very probably has a hand in this somehow, but other than that, nothing.  1D could end up with Purple as a PR team, or it’s possible for them to have separate PR teams as soloists and another one as a group.

We don’t know anything yet and what we learned today isn’t hugely radical.  It doesn’t change things all that much.  We know Purple is basically claiming Zayn.  We knew they were going to be in the picture before.  We know Zayn has a new Instagram.  We can theorize that this is a move to help setting up his future image for his solo work.  He’s already been creating his solo brand for the last month or two.  That’s about it.  Nothing crazy.  

I’m not saying him releasing a solo song is incompatible with the idea of him returning because it’s not, but let’s at least wait until they bother to do that before worrying about him having a solo career and not returning.  Deal?

From the FE14 Trailer
  • Dual system confirmed.  Pair up, not yet.
  • Almost completely smooth transition from map to battle, looks great.
  • Looks like Dark Knights are back, implying branched classes return or new base classes
  • Several unidentified classes, including one that seems to be wearing a crown.

Not all of these classes in the above screenshot are identifiable, most notably the dark-clad one in the center, who seems to be the Lord as in a later clip she(!) is shown wielding what seems to be a unique weapon.  Also guessing that reclassing system is intact, since there are two Pegasi and two Thieves.  Also implies that there will be a lot of magic units given to the player.

Iwata also says that decisions will matter more than ever but to be honest we don’t have any idea what that means.  Branched plots are difficult to do and a lot of games have done it very badly (*cough* Shadow the Hedgehog *cough*), so I don’t think that’s what he’s talking about, but if decisions from three chapters ago affect the one you’re on now (sans the obvious effects of recruitment, of course), that could subtly change the game experience.  Who knows, it’s all speculation right now.

Tennessee Teacakes: Twenty-Two

Drip… drip drop… drip… drip drop… drip… drip… drip drop… drip.

I hummed along to the pattern of our leaky faucet as I wiped down the last window on the door. It started off as a distraction—something to keep my mind off the heartburn raging in my chest—but now I was convinced the drip drop rhythm was permanently etched into my brain. I considered doing a quick Google search to figure out how to fix it, but the last time I attempted to fix the plumbing, Harry and I ended up in a fight. So I let it drip and drop until it just about drove me mental.

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as it’s officially the start of end of the year music show / gayo season, here is a comprehensive guide to shinee’s schedules over the last (just a little over) week and a half of 2015! this current week we’ll see them performing on one regular music show and at one gayo, while we’ll see them performing at two gayos next week. this will begin with the music core end of the year special on december 25th and finish with the 2015 mbc gayo daejun on december 31st which will lead us into the new year. the new year will then start with the release of shinee’s fourth japanese album, dxdxd, on january 1st. now, see below for more information!  to start off the week, shinee will be performing at the music core year end special on december 26th at 3:45pm kst. the full line up has not been confirmed as of yet.shinee will be performing at the music core year end special on december 26th at 3:45pm kst. the full line up (just like with the above) has not been confirmed as of yet.

sbs gayo daejun
date / time
: december 27th at the coex c hall at tba
mcs: iu / shin dong yeob

tidbit information: korean media has been mentioning that we should “expect” collaborations between top groups attending the show, as well as “moving performances” that will “bring nostalgia from the 1990s”. it’s not confirmed if they’ll be continuing on with it this year as well but, during last year’s gayo, sbs decided to bring back handing out awards during the show, officially intertwining the gayo back again with sbs’ yearly awards festival. awards given out last year ranged from: best album, best song, best male / female group, best male / female solo, best band, best new group, top ten artists, ect. the gayo usually runs for, roughly, three and a half to four hours. (it’s like this for the below as well, but the airtime includes: each performance, mc talk segments, one commercial break between the first and second half of the show, sometimes “vcrs” and the group ending stage. sbs’ may be a bit longer this year as well if the awards are given.)

line up: 2pm, 4minute, a pink, ailee, aoa, b1a4, b.a.p, btob, cnblue, exid, exo, g-friend, got7, hyukoh, ikon, infinite, lovelyz, mamamoo, monsta x, red velvet, seventeen, shinee, snsd, t-ara, twice, up10tion, vixx, and wonder girls. this is not the full line up / more could still be added on.

kbs gayo daechukjae
date / time
: december 30th at the gocheok sky dome at 7:50pm kst
mcs: 2pm’s taecyeon / exid’s hani / lee hwi jae

tidbit information: it was revealed in late november that the “teams” (kbs does this yearly, where they basically split the line up down the middle into… yeah, teams) for the gayo this year will be: the immortal song 2 team and the sketchbook team. it’s not completely confirmed but people speculate that the first line up was for sketchbook, and the second for immortal song 2. the gayo usually runs for, roughly, three and a half to four hours

line up: the full line up hasn’t been completely confirmed, or it hasn’t been said that it is but there’s been two so far that revealed the following: (first line up) a pink, ailee, aoa, b1a4, btob, bts, cnblue, exid, exo, g-friend, got7, infinite, mamamoo, noel, red velvet, shinee, snsd, and vixx. (second line up) ali, crush, dynamic duo, hong kyung min, hwang chi yeol, moon myung jin, son seung yeon and zion.t.

mbc gayo daejejeon
date / time
: december 31st at an unconfirmed location at 8:55pm kst
mcs: snsd’s yoona / kim sung joo

tidbit information: the gayo usually runs for, roughly, four or more hours. (the end time is usually sometime between 1 - 2am kst.)

line up: the line up is not completely confirmed yet; the first twenty or so acts were confirmed late last week and the second few today. there’ll be more announced over the next week but, as of now, the confirmed are: 2pm, 4minute, a pink, ailee, aoa, b1a4, baek ji young, b.a.p, btob, bts, cnblue, crush, dynamic duo, exo, g-friend, got7, infinite, jyp, lovelyz, mamamoo, monsta x, red velvet, shinee, shin seung hun, snsd, teen top, vixx, wonder girls and zion.t.

shinee is, obviously, confirmed to be performing as a full group at all five of the above. it hasn’t been mentioned whether or not jonghyun will perform as a solo act at all as of yet, but seeing as zion.t is confirmed for two of the gayos (kbs and mbc), it’s likely that he’ll perform at at least one. just a note: anything from above is subject to change in terms of: set list (additions will happen), start time, ect. fyjjong will be making resources / watching guides for each of the above events in line with their airing (usually posted the evening before they air and scheduled to reblog multiple times leading up to it) that will include links to streams, ect. so keep an eye out for that!

the year is 2152. humanity’s largest particle accelerator yet has finally confirmed a fully complete and uncontested theory of fundamental physics.

the last piece of the puzzle is to find one, single, unitless ratio. a number fundamental to the universe, unbound by any arbitration by human unit definition.

the computer whirrs - we’ve come full circle, computers whirr again now. they’re that good.

indifferently, it prints the number on ticker tape, from a special printer installed specifically for this ceremonial purpose. the event is being broadcast worldwide. everyone is watching in rapture and anticipation.

“the fundamental ratio,” the head researcher says, taking the ticker tape and unfurling it, “is…”

he stops. his eyes widen.

“sixty six million, six hundred and forty two thousand, and sixty nine.”

I feel like hartbig and hangrid are becoming what troyler and tronnor has become. 

With troyler, for so long, we had so many indications and reasons to believe it was real, and it wasn’t all the time we got interaction but when we did it was amazing. Then tronnor came swooping in and they were hanging out every day, and if there was a day they didn’t post a selfie of them together it was like a blue moon. Some people who had shipped troyler easily switched over, while others who had it as their otp for so long were so conflicted on what to believe. 

Hartbig has been so believable for a long while now, and suddenly hangrid comes into the picture and they’re always together and it’s left most of us wondering whether we should switch over, and let ourselves become completely engrossed in yet another ship that will never be confirmed or denied.