not completely confirmed yet

Coming from a twin myself, the 2CT is so heartbreaking yet so intriguing?? The dynamics Yana has created between these 2 characters, one not even being completely confirmed yet is so believable to me. I can’t imagine my twin being straight up murdered right in front of me but our Ciels reactions and even just his personality in general just seem to fit?? Yana did such a great job with this

OK, so because there’s no new B99 episode this week and I’m seriously bored/obsessive, I decided to start cataloging all the subtle references hidden in the names of Brooklyn Nine Nine characters. This list is in no way complete and some are yet to be confirmed but it’s what I’ve got so far. Feel free to add if there’s anything I missed or if you think I’ve made a mistake.

OK, specific names first:

Raymond Holt: Raymond is a German name meaning “Wise Protector”, a pretty fitting description of the precincts Captain.

Rosa Diaz: the name “Rosa” is obviously a Spanish name meaning “Rose” which traditionally is associated with Beauty(Flower) and Danger(Thorns). A fairly accurate (albeit broad and unrefined) definition of Rosas’ personality.

Jacob Peralta: Jacob is a Hebrew name meaning “to take the heel of” or more simply put, “to follow”. As the majority of the first season involves Jake learning to trust and follow others, in particular Holt, this is very fitting.

Terry Jeffords: the name Terry comes from a French name meaning “powerful ruler of the people”. Given Terry’s physical attributes and his rank as Sergeant, it’s easy to see why this name is fitting.

Now the good-stuff:

Hitchcock and Scully: Michael Hitchcock is named after Norm Hiscock, a writer on Parks and Recreation and Brooklyn Nine Nine. Norm Scully is named after Mike Scully, a writer and producer, also from Parks and Recreation

Gina Linetti and Jake Peralta: The last names of both these characters contain portions of actress Chelsea Perettis’ name (PERalta and LinETTI).

Amy Santiago: The name Amy is a French name meaning “Beloved” and the name Santiago is a Spanish name derived from the Hebrew name Jacob (Yes, Amy Santiago’s name literally translates to “Jacobs Beloved”).

Cagney and Lacey: Terry Jeffords two daughters share their names with the titular characters of a popular detective show from the mid-80’s. Whether this is a subtle meta-reference on the writers part or an in-story reference from either Terry or Sharon’s childhood is still unclear.

Fire Marshall Boone: Fire Marshall Boone is a subtle play on the name of Brooklyn Nine Nines’ executive-producer Marshall Boone.

the year is 2152. humanity’s largest particle accelerator yet has finally confirmed a fully complete and uncontested theory of fundamental physics.

the last piece of the puzzle is to find one, single, unitless ratio. a number fundamental to the universe, unbound by any arbitration by human unit definition.

the computer whirrs - we’ve come full circle, computers whirr again now. they’re that good.

indifferently, it prints the number on ticker tape, from a special printer installed specifically for this ceremonial purpose. the event is being broadcast worldwide. everyone is watching in rapture and anticipation.

“the fundamental ratio,” the head researcher says, taking the ticker tape and unfurling it, “is…”

he stops. his eyes widen.

“sixty six million, six hundred and forty two thousand, and sixty nine.”

I feel like hartbig and hangrid are becoming what troyler and tronnor has become. 

With troyler, for so long, we had so many indications and reasons to believe it was real, and it wasn’t all the time we got interaction but when we did it was amazing. Then tronnor came swooping in and they were hanging out every day, and if there was a day they didn’t post a selfie of them together it was like a blue moon. Some people who had shipped troyler easily switched over, while others who had it as their otp for so long were so conflicted on what to believe. 

Hartbig has been so believable for a long while now, and suddenly hangrid comes into the picture and they’re always together and it’s left most of us wondering whether we should switch over, and let ourselves become completely engrossed in yet another ship that will never be confirmed or denied.