not complaining just hit close to home

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Wynnona Earp is represention done right.

As much as I love Supergirl, and stand by Sanvers, I can’t get over how Maggie’s character was introduced just for the sake​ of a gay storyline. And while I hate to admit it, she always felt one dimensional and…bland.

Meanwhile we have Wynnona Earp, where while Nicole might have been integrated to give LGBT+ fans a lil something-something on the side, it’s not her sole purpose for existing in the show.

Her character has depth, feelings, emotions, and more importantly a storyline outside of Waverly.

Not complaining about Supergirl, Alex’s coming out episode hit so close to home and was beautifully executed. But that’s the only thing they did right.

Give Maggie a storyline outside of Alex and maybe then the CW may finally deserve a pat on the back.

Wynnona Earp, keep up the good work.

Anime Dirk would watch with his friends

Rose & Kanaya: Revolutionary Girl Utena. Dirk and Rose have ridiculously in-depth conversations about visual symbolism and growing up queer and toxic masculinity and predatory manipulation. Rose has to reassure Dirk he isn’t like the dudes at least twice but through subtle passive-aggressive barbs. Kanaya is sipping tea and sure there are great storms brewing in this conversation but it’s not gonna stop her from sewing this Rose Bride cosplay and having fun.

Jake: Hunter x Hunter. Dirk sees himself in Killua too much and cries a few times. Jake is floored and pokes some fun at him but then realises Dirk relates because of how much Killua loves Gon and figures out he’s the Gon here, then he’s crying too. They kiss and wear flower crowns and do couple cosplays. Jake loves the tiny shorts. Dirk does too. 

John & Roxy: Gurren Lagaan. Dirk complains a lot. John sprains his eyes from rolling them too hard. Roxy loves every second of it. They get so mad at each other it turns into a wrestling match and Roxy snapchats the whole thing for everyone and later asks Dirk if it’s weird she thought it was hot. Dirk grins and says ‘You can look but don’t touch.’ They hug and it’s great and John d’aws.

Jane: Evangelion. He spends about equal amounts of time complaining about the meaningless religious bullshit and trying not to cry about people loving each other but not knowing how to connect. Jane understands him perfectly on both counts just like she knew she would but he wasn’t expecting it would hit close to home for her too. They hug and it’s great and Jake cries when he hears about it later. 

Dave & Karkat: Karkat won’t watch anything thats not a high school romance shoujo, Dave only likes anime that’s shitposty, and Dirk only wants to watch sbahj with Dave anyway. They try to find some middle ground but it never happens. Then Rose sets them up with the Sailor Moon dub and they never stop referencing it for the rest of their immortal lives. 

Jade & Calliope: Dirk wants to get closer to Jade but he’s incredibly intimidated and worried about being weird because she’s Jake’s grandmother, so he’s super psyched when she corners him and is like “Hey I heard you’re a furry too” and he’s like “AM I” and she wants to show him this great show about furries is he free this afternoon.

He says he is and then suddenly he’s sitting on a couch and he’s psyched Jake is gonna be so happy with him and maybe he’ll break the awkward ice with Jade for good and then she loads up the show and it’s Sonic X.

Dirk looks sideways and Jade and Calliope look so earnest and happy and they already have drawing tools out because they like to draw fursona designs while they watch and Dirk has just committed to an afternoon marathon of Sonic X. He wonders if theres any horses in the sonic franchise. There’s not.  

anonymous asked:

What Papyrus said really hit me close to home... A lot of my friends are like that - they refuse to ask for help, and their attitude is, "What do I have to complain about? We live in a great neighborhood and everyone's nice and..." But they aren't happy. What Papyrus said, I feel like, was something that I wish was represented more often - not just in the skelebros' relationship, but everywhere. Papyrus' and Sans' relationship in your comic in particular is the best I've seen. Anywhere. <3

It’s definitely a complicated situation and one I’ve been trying pretty hard to balance. Because there’s two side to this. You have someone who is bottling up things and trying to deal with everything on their own, and you have the person who wants to help and is frustrated when the other isn’t letting them. However both sides have their reasons and feelings for behaving the way the do which can make a situation like theirs tricky.

Always Babe (Sam Wilkinson)

I roll my eyes as I see Sam walk into class 10 minutes late as usual.
“Mr.Wilkinson this has been the second time this week you’ve been late, I let you off with a warning the first time, now you have detention.” The teacher scolds him as he tries to sneak into class with the teachers back turned to him.
Sam rolls his eyes and takes the only seat left which just so happens to be right next to me. I cringe as he sits down. He looks at me with a smirk on his face. And I sigh as I knew what he was probably gonna do next. He was gonna look me up and down and smirk as he compliments my appearance by making some crude remark.
“Damn ma, this is the first time I’ve ever seen you wear a skirt, you should wear them more often” he says as he looked me head to toe while smirking, showing off his dimple.
I silently congratulated myself for my accurate prediction.
“Leave me alone Wilkinson, you just got here and you’re already being obnoxious” I complained, shaking my head.
“Just calling it as I see it babe” my heart fluttered at his little nickname for me. Truth is, I’ve always had a crush on Sam, but his flirty ways turned me off.
Time goes by and next thing I know, I’m at my locker ready to go home. I closed my locker, phone in hand as I felt a pair of arms wrap around me. Startled, I yelped in surprise and dropped my phone. I groaned as I watched it hit the floor.
I watched the arms that were around me, drop and I turn around to see none other than Sam. Annoyed, I go to pick up my phone but he stopped me and picked it up himself.
“What are you doing Wilkinson?” I asked him, annoyance laced in my question.
He ignored my question and proceeded to take my thumb and put it on the home button of my phone to unlock it. I watched him as he typed away on my phone.
I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion as he handed me back my phone. His phone buzzes in his pocket, he pulls it out and I saw my number and a text that says ‘hey’. He saved my contact in his phone as ‘cutie’ with heart emojis. I blushed and smiled as he looked at me with a heart warming smile.
“I’m gonna text you later, you better answer me.” He pointed at me with a playful frown. I giggled as he walked away.
Later that night, I was washing my face, getting ready for bed as my phone buzzed and I saw a text from 'Sammy boy’ I grinned at the name he’s given himself in my phone and I sat on the bed and read the text that says 'so the carnival is in town next week, and I don’t have anyone to go with. Are you available next Saturday?’ I smiled at his cute way of asking me out on a date. I typed away at my phone as I replied with 'as long as you pay’ he sends me a quick text back that says 'always babe’. I blush, going to sleep in a good mood for the first time in a long time.

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I really wish people didn't complain about the voice actresses for the girls getting changed.. getting into VA can be very VERY difficult. Even if the show is absolute garbage, at least the door is open for the new actresses to find better work in the future. What do you think? It just hits a bit close to home, is all.

The problem isn’t so much the fact that they got new VAs but more to do with the fact that CN didn’t even have the courtesy to tell the old VAs in any way. 

One time I was looking at somebody’s iPad and they complained that the battery was running down too quick so I asked how many apps were open and they said “none” but when I actually had it in my hands I saw that every app on the iPhone was open and running. They hadn’t been closing them, they’d just been hitting the “home” button and figured they closed. They were shocked that dozens of apps were running, including ones that had not been used in at least one year. 

That sense of surprise we all experienced in that moment is the same one I get when I find out they’re still makng new episodes of “Supernatural.” 

Secret Relationship - Stiles Stilinski Imagine

Anonymous Prompt: Can you do an imagine where y/n is scott’s sister and is secretly dating Stiles and Scott enters in her room when they about to have sex ? :)

You were expecting Stiles over, but you weren’t expecting him to come through the window. 

After informing your secret boyfriend that your older brother and his best friend Scott was headed out to the Animal Clinic to work, Stiles had eagerly jumped at the chance to see you.

You heard a clicking at the window, and unsure of what it was exactly, you grabbed the baseball bat that was located at the side of your room (because Scott insisted you had something to defend yourself with) you inched your way to the wall beside the window, ready to pounce in front and knock the intruder over the head with the wooden bat. As the intruder came in, you screamed ready to whack, but stopped when you realized it was Stiles, just inches before you would have hit him in the head.

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It rained tonight and I swear I saw your face 10 times in the drops that fell from the skyline, like you were crying. Or was it me who was crying with water streaming down my cheeks. Your face flashed like a frenzy, come and gone trying to escape from under my presence. My breathe made the air fill with a smoke and I could not see through the fog anymore you disappeared on me again like we’ve been playing games of hide and seek where only you could ever win.
It rained tonight and every time I heard the pitter patter on the pavement and looked at the cement I imagined the sound of your footsteps coming home to greet me after a meeting with the boys. But instead the only thing walking on the concrete is my own two feet looking for a place away from all the noise so I dont have to pretend that you’re on your way up to kiss me anymore.
It rained tonight and the ground smelled so sweet like everything was new and fresh and somewhere in there I caught a waft of that cologne you used to wear just for me. You did a lot of things just for me, like cheat and break everything around me so that I would have nothing to my name and when you would waltz back in to meet me I would need to have something so I had to take your hand and claim it so I didnt feel l so homeless.
It rained tonight and I let myself get drenched. I closed my eyes and felt your skin on my skin the entire time the way it used to be. Like every time a drop hit me I would feel it with everything like you had just touched me but I mean eventually and you used to hit me and try to make me feel everything like you’re touch was too soft for human skin you wanted me to feel you so everything was rough I couldn’t complain. I made a home out of you but one day my home was bull dozed down and in the wreckage I found a text message, said you couldn’t come around anymore. Was there something holding you back or did I just push you away too many times. When I go to sleep at night, though I sleep in a bed I know that home is where the heart is and I think you took mine with you when you left. I can’t tell if I’m whole or not.
It rained tonight and I swear I saw your face.

Happy Birthday, gelatokitty! I was going to write you jewelry-thief smut but then it turned into a fluffy marriage proposal. Hope you like it!

There is nothing that Arthur loves more than the sight of an exquisite emerald ring resting in the palm of his gloved hand. He takes one second to admire the gorgeous gem and then slips it into the secret pocket sown in the front of his pants. It might seem like an obvious hiding place, but if there was one thing Arthur has learned from a life of criminality, it is that few security guards are willing to spend time examining a slight bulge in a man’s pants.

Arthur gives the small collection room one last, appraising glance. Decorated in the style of King Louis the XVI, it is gaudy and ostentatious and French. He sticks out his tongue in disgust. Even if he wanted to steal the gilded furniture, it is far too large to carry. And there is no point in stealing the two “Fabergé” eggs—both of them are fakes.

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Fic: 20 Things Blaine Wants To Do With Kurt (4)

Summary: Because ‘The 20 Things Blaine Anderson Wants to Do With Kurt Hummel Before Kurt Leaves Blaine At McKinley to Deal With All of The Ridiculous Things That Happen During Glee and at McKinley For 365 Days Before He Can Join Kurt In New York and Start Their Fabulous Life Together’ was too long of a title for a list, according to Kurt.

A/N: This is fluff.  Summer before Kurt moves to NY fluff. 

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Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3

4. Get Over Fear of Using Skype

“I still can’t believe this has to be on the list.”

“It’s weird, Kurt! And I do want to get over it, I do, but… it’s just weird.”

Kurt just tilted his head and stared at Blaine, who was draped across his bed with his face shoved in a pillow. Finn and Puck and a few of the other guys from the football team had taken over the Hummel-Hudson residence in day long Call of Duty ‘fiesta of pain’, as Puck referred to it, so they were holed up at the Andersons. Blaine’s parents were both at work so they had the house all to themselves. It was nice to have the privacy, and perfect for the sort of practice they were going to do. “Don’t be such a luddite,” he sighed. “Besides, I would think you’d be eager to see my face during the, and I quote, ‘365 days before you can join me in New York and start our fabulous life together’.”

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