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Day 2: Firsts / Unrequited

IwaOi Week one two three four 5 6 7

He’s warm, Hajime thinks, as Tooru buries his face in his chest, arm sliding around to Hajime’s back and tugging him closer, until their bodies are pressed together.

He’s warm, even though he always complains about cold fingers and toes, and always uses it as an excuse to get up into Hajime’s personal space.

Not that he minds it. It’s always been this way, and just like how, with time, Hajime learned to read, write, and not to leave jars with bugs open in the living room, he’s learned to accept these kind of things (hands linked under the table, arms around each other under the covers and sometimes during lunch breaks when Tooru needs to recharge) as part of how the world works.

And honestly, there’s so many more of these truths, universal and reassuring. Like how Tooru’s tone of voice gives away more than his smile. Like how his eyes search for Hajime before a powerful serve. Like how he can deal with Shittykawa and Crappykawa and a whole host of other almost-hurtful nicknames as long as Hajime grabs his wrist on the way home (he’ll slow if he doesn’t, getting lost in his insecurities) and lets Tooru curl up into his side when they’re on his bed watching movies, sometimes with popcorn, sometimes with chocolate, sometimes with grapes and apple slices if Hajime’s mom has her way.

Hajime knows how Tooru makes himself small sometimes, smaller than he ever should be, weighed down with doubts and fears and what if I’ll never be good enough.

Hajime also knows how to fix it, better than anyone.

And maybe that’s the thought that kickstarts it. Better than anyone.

He’s never really had to think about Tooru not being there, because he always has been. And honestly, Tooru would be a complete mess without him, anyway, because he forgets half his stuff all the time? Hajime’s the one who carries two bottles of water, an extra roll of tape, a small tube of hand cream for cuts and calluses - all in anticipation of Tooru draping himself over his back during practice with his telltale drawn-out “Iwa-chaaaan” to indicate that he’s once again forgotten to pack his bag properly.

Hajime’s heard Makki and Mattsun call him “team mom” behind his back, but really, the things he does are mostly for Tooru’s benefit. It’s not weird, or special, or anything. It’s just them.

Tooru mumbles something in his sleep, incoherent with his face smushed up against Hajime’s collar bone. Hajime exhales, tightening his grip.

Plus, he sleeps better with Tooru here. It’s an arrangement that works on both ends; it’s not like he’s always giving and never getting anything in return. Tooru’s just sort of reckless most of the time, and someone has to stop him from running himself into the ground. The recharging is mutual, as is the joy they share in victory (and the frustration of defeat). And Tooru’s also more thoughtful than people give him credit for. He notices things, pays attention, remembers. He buys Hajime small things that reminded me of you; takes Hajime to that new café that sells homemade chocolate ice cream, to the shrine and to festivals, to amusement parks and aquarium dates-

Tooru lets out a soft noise that rips Hajime from his thoughts, and he finds himself suddenly holding very still, tension growing in every muscle.


Fingers clench over the fabric of Hajime’s shirt (Tooru’s, actually, because his sci-fi fan shirts are way softer than anything Hajime owns and perfect for sleeping in, even if Tooru swears by Hajime’s hoodies) and Tooru wedges his leg between Hajime’s knees, hooking in and pulling himself even closer.

Hajime might have stopped breathing.

Oh. Oh.

Tooru exhales against his skin, and Hajime feels goosebumps erupt down his neck. He reflexively tightens his grip because it’s the only thing he knows how to do, though he should probably be pulling away, should think this through, should give himself time to process the realization that just burst across every fibre of his being, shit, shit, I’m in love with him-

With a tiny hum, Tooru nuzzles his face against Hajime’s skin, and he can only imagine that his eyes are fluttering open.

Hajime is acutely aware of how his heart is slamming against his chest, and on reflex he squeezes tighter, arms clenching around Tooru’s middle.


Oh god, he’s got his ear pressed right up against Hajime’s ribcage, he can probably hear-

The hands on his back unclench, touch going soft and gentle.

“…your heart’s going crazy,” Tooru mumbles, and Hajime thinks he might be dying. There’s nothing he can do but hold on, pretty sure his knuckles are going white from the strain. And then-

“D'you have a nightmare?”

Hajime lets out a breath that’s way too shaky and tries to calm his racing mind and heart, but he’s drawing blanks and probably breathing too fast now, too, because he’s bad at lying, this is the perfect excuse but he can’t use it because it’s Tooru and holy shit he loves him so much, how did he never realize-

“Hajime,” Tooru whispers, and he’s not sure if it’s the concern in his voice, or the fact that he used his given name, or the fact that he starts rubbing his palms between Hajime’s shoulder blades - either way, it feels like Hajime’s heart jumps clean out of his chest and he knows there’s more color in his face than is probably healthy, heat rising and making him wish the earth would open up and swallow him whole.

Slowly, Tooru tries to pull back to get a look at his face, and shit, it’s too bright (even though the door’s closed, the lamps are off, the only sliver of light comes from a crack in the blinds) and Tooru will see-

“No,” Hajime manages, and his voice is so wrong - and Tooru stills.

Through everything, his own nervousness and the crushing weight of his realization, Hajime still feels apprehension rising from Tooru.

“…then what’s wrong…?” he asks quietly.

Hajime wishes he could see his face, to judge his reactions, to make sure he’s not crossing a line - but what line? Was there ever one? Was this Tooru’s intention from the start? God, does he know?

Hajime is bad at lying. He doesn’t usually see the point, and even though he’s wishing he could, some small part of him is coming to terms with the fact that he’s not supposed to. He wouldn’t want Tooru to lie about something like this.

A million scenarios are shooting through his head, possibilities, reactions, what does this mean for us?

But underneath all that, there’s a certainty, and with every second it grows.

Tooru is an irreplaceable part of Hajime’s life. They’re not two halves of a whole, but they complete each other in a way Hajime could never imagine anyone else doing. His mind jumps to Tooru’s girlfriend, the only one whose confession he accepted, and how their relationship fizzled out after only a few weeks. She wasn’t right, for him.

Hajime hadn’t worried, back then. He hadn’t given it much thought at all, especially since it hadn’t taken long for it to become irrelevant again. Maybe some part of him knew that Tooru wouldn’t find what he needed out there.

In fact, he’s pretty sure (and his confidence is growing) that maybe what they both need is here, in each other’s arms.

His heart’s still racing, what if’s churning and terrifying him, and maybe all of this is moving too fast but how did I never see this before?

“I- I just-”

And even though Hajime is fighting for words, Tooru is already pulling him close again, offering comfort and warmth no matter what. It’s honestly not fair, how easy it is to let himself go, to surrender to everything Tooru is offering-

It’s too easy to love him.

“Tooru,” he says, and the tension is rising again, but really, there’s no choice. Hajime can’t keep this a secret, he already feels the words pushing towards his lips, out, tell him, now, “Tooru, I- I think I’m in love with you.”

Tooru goes scarily still, and then it’s his grip that’s turning rigid, clenching tightly around Hajime’s waist.


Hajime takes a few breaths, trying to steady himself, his own fingers catching on Tooru’s shirt and staying there, tangled up and close. Like a lifeline.

“I’m in love with you,” he says again, and the relief of saying it overpowers everything else. “I’m- shit, Tooru, I’m… I’m in love with you.”

The silence around them is suddenly heavy, strong, everywhere, and Hajime’s mind races, what if-

And then there’s a sound, so small that Hajime almost misses it over the way his pulse is pounding in his ears.

It’s Tooru’s breath, hitching in his throat, followed by what might be a sob.

“…oh,” Tooru whispers, and then he starts shaking, curling in over Hajime and pressing himself close, hiding his face and he’s crying, actually crying, air catching in gasps as his hands clench into fists.

Everything else fades. All Hajime’s senses zero in on the boy in his arms, and it’s all he can do to hold him, to try and shoulder some of the weight that seems to be coming off him in waves, along with the tears that are slowly drenching the fabric over Hajime’s skin.

“I-Iwa-chan,” he chokes, pulling back so their eyes can finally, finally meet, “Iwa-chan, I-Iwa-chan, I-”

Hajime brings his hand up to cup Tooru’s cheek, staring in awe at how much raw emotion he can see in his eyes, despite how red and blotchy his face is from crying.

And it’s all there, too. Oh, oh, Hajime, I love you and I’ve waited so long and please, please be mine now.

But he wants to hear it, then, with a fierce kind of determination, needs to make sure that he’s not making a mistake, that it’s okay to move on from here-

“Do you- do you think… do you think maybe we could try… being more than this?”

Tooru lifts his own hand to cover Hajime’s, fingers slipping together like they belong. His expression softens, wet with tears and so full of hope it’s almost painful. Hajime swallows against the lump in his throat, against the thoughts screaming oh, oh, I don’t deserve this.

“I’ve always loved you,” Tooru says, barely more than a whisper, heavy with awe. “Always. And I never thought - I-I was sure you could n-never- love me the same way.”

Hajime tries to think back, to ten minutes ago, ten hours ago, ten days ago, when tonight’s revelation was unthinkable - but he finds that he can’t. Because it feels like everything makes sense now, and his previous understanding of the world, of their lives, of his feelings is falling away. All he knows is that Tooru was always most important, for as long as he can remember.

“…think I always did,” he says, blinking the disbelief out of his own eyes. “I just- I didn’t realize. God, Tooru, I’m sorry-”

But Tooru brings up his other hand and claps it over Hajime’s mouth, cutting him off.

“D-don’t. Don’t. This is perfect. I’m- y-you’re here now. You see, now.”

Hajime nods, brushing his thumb over Tooru’s cheek. “Yeah.”

Tooru holds his gaze, and despite the tears he’s never looked more certain, more resolute. Hajime finds himself falling, bit by bit and then all at once, for the fire in Tooru’s eyes and the salt on his skin, for the way he’s practically glowing, exhaustion and worry falling away in favor of a smile that has Hajime catching his breath.

It’s a little too much, and Tooru seems to think so too, because he lets out a small, breathy laugh and lets himself fall forward, back into Hajime’s arms.

He catches him on instinct, fitting him against his chest like he’s done so many times before - only now it feels closer, stronger, definite.

“Y-you mean it?” Tooru mumbles into Hajime’s skin, arms trembling ever so slightly. “…’s this real?”

And Hajime says the only thing he can think to say, because there aren’t words for the magnitude of feelings building in his chest. He squeezes him tighter and hopes that’s enough.

“Yeah. Yeah, it is.”

Photograph || Jeon Jungkook

Originally posted by jookyunhoe

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Angst

The sound of silence surrounded the two of you, creating a tension neither of you could find the courage to break. It had been happening more often than not lately, and the idea that something may have been wrong scared you more than anything. The idea that maybe something had gone wrong in this relationship and you wouldn’t be able to fix whatever it was.

Jungkook had barely spoken a word to you today, and you didn’t understand why. There was nothing that you had done lately that you thought would bother him, but apparently it was something big. The only time you ever saw him in the past few days was when he was either coming home from dance practice of leaving to go. Early in the mornings, it was only fifty percent of a chance that you would be able to see Jungkook before he left.

You were sat on one side of the couch, and he sat on the other. Not a single sound could be heard besides the television lightly playing in the background. You wanted to say something, and it was itching at the inside of your brain but no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t force out the words. You were able to open your mouth and let out the thoughts that were slowly taking over your mind.

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The one where it’s too late.

The fourth addition to the Divorce Series AU. Let me know if you guys are enjoying it, if I should continue writing it. ENJOY! :)

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What's On The Board - Stiles Stilinski [Smut]

Author: @dumbass-stilinski​ and @writng-obrien

Character(s): Mieczyslaw Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 5377

Notes. This was a collab. with @dumbass-stilinski​ and we’ve got Oral (both receiving), fingering, face-riding, mentions of nudity and dirty talk.

Originally posted by my-wounded-innocence

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Cosa Nostra (Pt. 4)

Summary: You were just a girl who took some odd jobs from the Min Syndicate to make some extra cash. When Min Yoongi himself sends a request for you to come to his mansion, any semblance of your normal life gets thrown out the window. What sort of dangers will face you once you become associated with one of the biggest mob bosses?



Word Count: 3.6k

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] 

Originally posted by nevermindmyg

A few days had passed since you moved into Yoongi’s mansion practically against your will. Even though you put up a bit of a fight against the idea, Yoongi just steamrolled your thoughts and opinions and had Hoseok help you pack up anything of importance and move it to his place. As much as you hated the idea of living with a mafia leader, you were somewhat relieved to not struggle to pay rent for your cramped apartment anymore.

That is, until you found out just how boring it was at the Min estate. For one thing, you certainly didn’t feel at home there, after all, it was the home of a guy you barely knew. Secondly, Yoongi had banned you from entering most of the rooms claiming that “there’s nothing interesting to see in those rooms”, which limited you to basically your new room, the library, the kitchen, and the main hall. You tried to be good, you really did, but there’s only so much of wandering the same four rooms that a person can take before they start to go crazy. Worst of all, you couldn’t even leave the mansion to do as you pleased. These luxurious walls were essentially just an over glorified prison for you, and you were not happy.

‘At least he didn’t force me to quit my job,’ You thought to yourself as you got dressed for another boring day, ‘I really would have gone crazy then, not having a reason to leave this place.’ You gave yourself a glace over in the rather large mirror that was set against the wall. Satisfied with how you looked, you opened the door to your room and stepped out into the hallway. ‘Still, I’m going to go insane if he doesn’t let me go out and do shit that doesn’t involve work.’

You began to make your way towards Yoongi’s office to complain when you bumped into Hoseok in the hallway, “Oh, hey (Y/n)! How are you?” Hoseok smiled brightly. His pure radiance never failed to stun you, it was truly incredible that someone could be the literal embodiment of sunshine.

“Oh, uh hey Hoseok,” You stuttered awkwardly. You still weren’t use to Yoongi’s men speaking to you. It was hard to figure out how someone was supposed to act around the mafia, “Do you know if Yoongi is in his office? I need to speak with him.”

He cocked his head questioningly, “Why, what do you need to speak to him about?” His tone of voice was a little tense, as if he were ready for you to say something that he would have to do something about.

You huffed, irritated that he wouldn’t just tell you what you wanted to know, “That’s between me and Yoongi, I just want to know where he is so I don’t go searching every room in this place. Care to help out?”

Hoseok’s smile faltered a little at your curt voice, “Well, I’m sorry (Y/n), but you can’t just barge into any room you please, even if you do live here now. Plus, his office is the worst place to walk in like you’re in charge, especially while he’s working.”

“So you’re saying Yoongi is in his office now? Thanks, Hoseok,” You smirked mischievously as you walked past him, proud that you had tricked him into giving away information.

He stood there gaping at you for a moment before he jogged to catch up with you, “Wait, wait, wait! I can’t let you do that (Y/n), Yoongi will have my head if I let you barge in there.” He frowned at you, pleading with his eyes for you to listen to him, but you weren’t in the mood to be sympathetic and listen.

“Sorry, Hoseok, but I really need to give him a piece of my mind right now,” You stopped at Yoongi’s office doors and put your hand on the doorknob before turning to Hoseok and winking, “Don’t worry, I’ll say I gave you the slip so you won’t get in trouble.” Before he could say anything or stop you, you pushed the door open and walked in, seeing Yoongi sitting at his desk reading some papers.

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Sinner’s Prayer [ Min Yoongi ]

Originally posted by jookyunhoe


Summary: Hear my sinner’s prayer. It’s the only one I know. It sure as hell don’t rhyme, but it’s as good as, good as, good as, good as gold” (Mafia!Yoongi AU)

Genre: Angst?

A.N. Let me know what you think! Send me a prompt and I’ll write you a drabble! :) not really proofread so sorry for any mistakes

Yoongi stood on the rooftop, eyes fixed on the red sunset in front of him. Birds flew and he could hear Jungkook’s dog barking on the balcony two floors below him. He turned around when he felt a presence behind him, face brightening at the sight of [Y/N] standing by the door with an equally bright smile.

“Thought you’d be here.” she wrapped her arms around her body as gust of wind blew past her.

“I was trying to find a quiet place.” he smiled.

“You’re getting more dramatic by the day, Min Yoongi.” she nudged his arm and rested her hands on the railing.

“Care to share?” she asked him after a moment of silence has passed.

Yoongi stood still for a good minute, eyes slowly darting towards her.

I am happy. Present tense.

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William Nylander #1

Anon:  Hey could you possibly do a William nylander one, like something cute about him getting the game winning goal maybe? Thanks!

Here you are sweetie. Enjoy it!

Originally posted by hockeyontrend

“Do you, at least, remember why you fought?” You denied.

With a smile on the face you turned to look at her, “No. But I know we’re mad at each other”

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anonymous asked:

I have a legit question. While it's fun and I almost peed myself during class reading all this dankness, but it's time to get a bit serious. In both manga and anime, Reiner just casually reveals to Eren that he and Bert are shifters and responsible for the whole series basically. But why would confess nonchalantly? And did he really expect Eren to join them? There's has to be a reason but I don't really understand.

When I read the manga for the first time I was quite confused by it too, but re-reading it a few times and also listening to Hosoya’s performance made it pretty clear to me.


I’d like to add beforehand: I know virtually nothing about dissociative personality disorders or other mental illnesses in that direction, thus I apologize if anything mentioned below is somehow incorrect from a technical standpoint, its just how I interpret the events.

When Eren mentions Reiner’s hometown, Reiner visibly gasps and we get that symbolic shot of his other side in the water reflection on the ground. Basically, at that moment, his mind snapped back into warrior mode. Only minutes after that he openly asked Eren to come with him. I think its very likely that his mind was in a pretty confused and messed up state following the “personality switch”, thus causing him to not realize the lack of sense his actions were making. Eren himself later calls him out on that too, and Reiner agrees, wondering if he had really gone crazy. 

Basically, I’m pretty sure that, even though his personality switches, his mental game still isn’t totally up to perfectly locating him in his current situation. Even though Reiner realized he was the armored titan with his mission, judging from the incredibly earnest and overly convinced tone of his voice when talking to Eren, I think he still saw Eren as a comrade with whom he shared a deep bond of trust, leading him to believe Eren would be okay with following whatever he came up with. Furthermore, his mental state probably didn’t even let him realize that the implications of his words, aka him being the armored titan, have major consequences for everyone else, whereas that’s a reality he’s already used to. When complaining about the lack of water in 46 he ignores the bizarre circumstances he finds himself in as well–Eren and Ymir are missing limbs and they’re in the middle of nowhere surrounded by titans, but according to Reiner everything’s pretty normal safe for his thirst. He’s not realizing that his words and believes don’t match the situation he’s in. It’s pretty fucking terrible really.

Once again, that’s just my opinion, and I know there are people more qualified than me out there to talk about Reiner or his mental struggles, but I hope I could at least shed some light on this issue!


Request: Can I get #15 with Wonho?

15) You LITERALLY run into your bias.

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: fluff

Senses Pt. 2 - Senses Pt. 3

“Too many,” I groaned, nearly crippled beneath the weight of the denim in my arms. For a company that loved to have their artists half clothed most of the time, I sure did feel like I spent a large amount of my time carrying around clothing. 

“Take it to the back room and put it on the racks,” the main stylist sighed, stacking a few more pairs of painfully expensive ripped jeans in my arms. 

“I don’t think…I can see,” I hummed, attempting to look around the sea of blues and black encasing my arms. 

“Use your senses, you know this place like the back of your hand,” the stylist chuckled. 

“Yeah, sure,” I grumbled, sticking my foot out in front of me carefully, immediately hitting a chair sticking out a bit too far. “I’ll try not to die.”

“That would be for the best,” he nodded again, giving me a gentle push in the lower back. I rolled my eyes as I continued slowly down the hallway, careful not to drop any of the pants I had been given. I listened carefully to the sounds around me. I had always heard that if one of your senses was compromised, your other senses worked to overcompensate. I closed my eyes, testing the theory as I continued to quicken my pace, the sound of my shoes echoing down the hallway. 

“Yah!” a voice gasped. I felt as if I had hit a brick wall. The heavy denim in my arms flew into the air and landed with a plop on the tile around me. As if slipping on a cartoon banana, my feet flew from beneath me and I landed with a crash onto another human body. 

I slowly opened my eyes to discover my face was roughly an inch away from the face of Monsta X’s Wonho. I squeaked, quickly rolling away to lay flat on my back beside him. I closed my eyes again, hoping I could make myself disappear from the moment, but only felt my face growing hot with embaressment. Wonho began to chuckle quietly. I opened my eyes again, focusing on my peripherals to see his face. 

“Are you okay?” he laughed lightly, pulling himself up to a sitting position. 

“Besides the numbing embaressment? I’m fine,” I sighed, sitting up as well. 

“I don’t mean to be rude as I ask this,” he said, taking in our surroundings. “But were you walking with your eyes closed?”

“Aigoo,” I whined, putting my face in my hands. 

Wonho laughed again, running his hand up the wall to brace his weight as he stood. He lowered his palm to my face level and I took it gratefully. His hands were smooth and strong as he lifted me, using his opposite hand to steady me as I reached my feet. 

“I’ve seen you around,” he continued, the smile never leaving his face. “You helped dress us for our INK show.”

“I just try to make good decisions with what I’m given,” I nodded, unable to look the man directly in the face. He was so handsome and kind, I didn’t think I deserved to look at him directly. It was almost like staring into the face of an angel. “And it seems I’m given a lot of clothing with holes in it.”

“Yeah, do I address my grievances about that with you?” he said, another warm laugh escaping his lips. 

“I am but a small fish in a big pond,” I sighed, smiling as well. “I have no say.”

The man nodded, leaning down, and beginning to pile clothing into his arms. He worked methodically and I was completely enchanted. Eventually I shook my head, trying to shake off the cobwebs of thought and began pulling at the clothing myself. “You really don’t have to help Hoseok oppa. This was my responsibility, I’ve got this.”

“Hoseok oppa?” he said, his eyes growing wide. 

I immediately bit down on my tongue. “Yah, Wonho oppa,” I corrected myself. 

“Y/N-ah,” he nodded. “I don’t hate my name. You can call me Hoseok, I’m just not used to it…and please…you don’t have to be formal with me.”

I felt as if my heart had skipped a beat as he finished the statement with another gentle smile. He stood, leaning back with a sizable amount of clothing in his arms. I picked up the last garment and stood as well. 

“Thank you,” I nodded, attempting to take the clothing from him. “If you could just…stack those?”

“And have you assault someone else? I think not,” he said, walking past me and down the hall. “You were going to the stock room with all of this, right?”

“Well, yeah, but-” I began, trailing behind him. He smiled over his stack of jeans at me and rammed into the door with his back. It sprung open and revealed the disheveled racks housing the clothes from nearly every comeback and photo shoot I had worked on. 

“Wow,” he gasped, placing his pile on a table. ‘Clothing graveyard.”

“Yeah,” I groaned, placing my pile beside his. “I’m the overlord of the dead garments.”

“There could be worse jobs,” Wonho said with a wink. “How else can I help?”

“Really, you’ve helped enough,” I sighed, playing with a piece of cloth absently. “More than enough.”

“Mmm, you have to hang all of these?” he asked, motioning to what we had just brought into the room. “It’s going to take you eighteen years. Before you leave this room, you’ll have grey hair and be married. The future will be the present.”

I laughed, shaking my head at his silly words. “Eighteen whole years? Maybe you should help after all.”

He nodded, proud of himself as he eased his butt onto the table and began to transition clothes onto hangers. He hummed softly as he went about his work, being very gentle with all of the materials that passed through his hands. We worked in silence for a few moments before he began to clear his throat. 

“I don’t think you ever addressed my question,” he said quietly, looking at me sideways. “Were you walking with your eyes closed?”

“Ugh,” I groaned, shaking my head. “So I couldn’t see anyway, why does it matter?”

“But why?” he said, a loud laugh echoing through the room. 

“Haven’t you heard the theory? If one of your senses is compromised, the others have to work overtime to compensate for the one that’s missing?” I continued, feeling my face grow hot again as he focused on me. “I wanted to test it.”

“Your test failed,” he laughed, beginning to fold the clothing and place it on the table beside him as we had run out of hangers. “But you know, next time you can just ask me to help.”

“Oh yeah? You’re going to help me train my senses?” I said, not able to hold back my sarcastic chuckle. 

“Of course,” he nodded. “I’m the king of zeroing in on senses.”

“So you think?” I said, lifting my eyebrows. Wonho hopped from the table and quickly crossed the room to stand in front of me. 

“Close your eyes,” he whispered. I had to have looked shocked because he immediately broke out into a fit of giggles. “Do it.”

I groaned and reluctantly shut my eyes. I shivered as I felt Wonho’s hot breath near my ear. “Scent, what do you smell?”

“I don’t know,” I whined, stomping my foot. “Hoseok, this is silly.”

“What do you smell Y/N,” he repeated. I felt the warmth of his body eerily close to mine. 

“I smell…” I sighed, taking a deep breath. I breathed through my nose repeatedly until words started to spill from my mouth. “I smell something musky…but not the bad kind…like the kind they put in cologne…and it has a spice to it…and maybe an underlying scent of flowers? Something fresh to take back the bite of the musk…”

“Pretty good,” he chirped. I felt as if he had backed away from me. “Sound. Where am I standing?”

“Yah, Hoseok!” I groaned again. 

“Where am I standing Y/N?” he repeated. 

“I don’t know, maybe three feet to my right?” I sighed, shifting my weight. 

“What about now?” he asked, his voice more echoey than it was previously. 

“Probably about two yards away to my left,” I called.

“What about now?” he growled directly into my ear. 

“Yah!” I screeched, jumping in my spot. 

“Eyes closed!” he warned as he circled around me. 

“Touch, where is my finger hovering,” he whispered. 

“How am I supposed to tell you that?” I complained. “You aren’t actually touching me.”

“Fine,” Wonho said quickly. I felt him close the space between us as he pulled me to him. I placed my hands instinctively in front of me, my palms flat against his toned chest. 

“I-I think,” I stuttered, my mind in a daze. “Practicing touch is silly…of course I know what I’m touching.”

“Then what do you feel?” he asked slowly, his breathing rugged. 

“Your shirt,” I said, hardly in a whisper. “The thin cotton…the frayed edges…your skin beneath…and beneath that your tense muscles…you’re so stiff.”

“Should I relax then?” he asked, a smile in his voice. I opened my eyes slowly, looking through them half lidded, intoxicated by Wonho’s close proximity. 

“What would that require?” I whispered. 

“Probably a more in depth sense practice,” he nodded, his voice a low growl. “Focusing on touch.”

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Senses Pt. 2 - Senses Pt. 3



Title: Painkiller

Summary: Your mutation was the ability to take away people’s physical pain and sometimes it got to be too much.

Pairings: Alex Summers/Reader

Request: Can you make an imsgine with Alex Summers? Any topic just with Alex Summers with the phrase: “Damn it! I love you Y/N! More than anything!” Thank you ☺ - @pandaalex081090

Word count: 2469

Warnings: Angst.

A/N: So in an episode of X-Men: Evolution Alex mentions that his powers cause him pain (because they’re not fully developed). I took that idea and turned it into this. This went through about a million drafts before I settled on this one, I hope you like it!


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Disney movies and cuddles...

Request: Nope 


Authors note: Special thanks to soundhealy who helped me write this.Please check out her blog she is amazing and Im sure you will love her blog as much as I do.

“Ughh.” I groaned as another wave of oppressive pain hit my stomach. I knew what this was, it didn’t take long to figure what it was. Why does Mother Nature decide to punish you for not getting pregnant? I let out a muffled scream as the pain repeatedly hit my stomach again, over and over again. I slumped off the bed, not really wanting to move and adjust the pain. I managed to get to the little wooden bedside table where I keep all of the tampons and things in. My boyfriend, Kian, was never as grossed out by that kind of stuff as I was; compared to me who was definitely more embarrassed than he was. 

As I opened it, and to my dismay, I found out that there was only one tampon left. I let out a groan. I really didn’t feel like doing much more than cuddling Kian in bed with little Hazey at the side, and sleeping. Thinking of Ki, where had he got to? 

“KIAN!” I shouted. No answer. I reached for my phone, soon realizing that it was 2pm and I already had a text from Kian. 

Kian xx: >> hey, had to go to a meeting. finishes around 2 and i didn’t wanna wake you. text me when you wake up babe, ki xx 

I quickly clicked the little green phone sign next to his name.

 “Waaaasss upppppp” Kian almost screamed down the phone, and you could hear the excitement in his voice. The meeting must of been about the tour before the tour, because I had never heard him be this excited about a meeting. Kian was so excited to meet and hear the fans stories, and it only took one look to tell somebody how much Ki loved his fans. I was there from the beginning, from the very first Sam and Kian video till now. Through the ups and down, through every painful and amazing step. It all made Kian the wonderful, beautiful caring man he was today. 

“Babe” I groaned, the pain getting worse as I spoke. 


“Can you go to the store?” at this point I had given up with holding the phone painfully up to my ear and instead had placed it next to me on the loud speaker whilst I struggled to get into a comfortable position. 

“Sure baby girl, what do you want?” I loved this about Kian; how he would do anything for me - from holding me whilst I cried to straightening my hair when I was in a rush in the early mornings.

 “Some tampons.” I muffled, still embarrassed despite there being no reason to be embarrassed.

 “Okay babe, not a problem. I’ll be home in 30 okay?” 

“Thanks baby” I muffled a reply back, shuffling around on the bed - still not finding my comfortable position. 

“Welcome, just cuddle with Hazey and get some rest.” Kian’s voice was calm and sweet. I managed to get into a semi-comfortable position, Hazel shuffled up by my side as if she knew I was in pain and was there to comfort me. It wasn’t long before I heard the door open and Hazel’s ears perk up that I knew Kian was home. 

“Hello,” he said, peeking his head around the door. I slowly shot him a painful through the pain. 

“Right, I have lots of Disney movies, choccies and woman stuff. How about DVD and cuddle?” Kian suggested, raising the bag of store stuff above his head in a suggestive way. 

“Yes, please.” I nodded as he moved onto the bed opening his hands up for me to cuddle up next to him. 

“Ughh, why do periods happen?” I asked Kian. I knew the answer but I just felt like complaining, it was one of them things which you know the answer to but you just need to complain and ask yourself about it. “It’s when the sperm doesn’t meet an egg,

” Kian’s voice was serious, in a tone he almost never used. However, he knew I was messing with him. 

“Kiiii,” I laughed. He gave me the cheeky smile he’d been hiding and then that’s when we cuddled for the rest of the night in bed with Hazey. I couldn’t of been happier.

The Jungle Book Review

Note: Considering how old and well known this story is, I figured putting out a spoiler warning is pretty useless. Nevertheless, I don’t go into detail about plot points specific to this particular adaptation, so this review is spoiler free!

“Now this is the law of the jungle, as old and as true as the sky,
And the wolf that shall keep it may prosper, but the wolf that shall break it must die. As the creeper that girdles the tree trunk, the law runneth forward and back; For the strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack” -
The Law of the Jungle, by Rudyard Kipling

Rudyard Kipling’s original 1894 magnum opus is truly one of Literature’s greatest works. Drawing upon his experiences growing up and working in Colonial India, Kipling created a vivid series of stories about the Indian Jungle that enraptured generations of readers. A masterful wordsmith, he created a Jungle that was both terrifyingly dangerous and intoxicatingly inviting. He populated this world with anthropomorphic animals in order to teach children lessons in respect and morality, with memorable characters like Bagheera, Baloo, Shere Khan, Raksha, Kaa and of course, Mowgli, the Man-Cub. Like many, I fondly remember having it read to me as a child, and to this day it’s one of my all-time favourite books. 

And also like many, I loved Disney’s animated 1967 take on the original story. It was an almost completely different beast from the original story, but it was a wonderful movie that, while lacking much of a plot, was nevertheless charming with it’s humour and its songs, and holds a special place in the hearts of millions of children and those like me who are children at heart. 

And now here we are, almost half a century on from Disney’s initial animated effort, and once again, after some slightly less than memorable live action remakes in the 90s, the Mouse House has unleashed upon the world yet another. But this one delivers. Guys, this one meets the hype. It’s freaking phenomenal. 

With game-changing, spectacular, photorealistic CGI and an impeccably picked cast, Jon Favreau delivers a marvelous adaptation of The Jungle Book for this generation - one that pays homage to it’s animated predecessor, draws thematic inspiration from its source material, all the while creating a compelling narrative of it’s own accord - which could very well be the definitive adaptation of Kipling’s timeless tale. 

There were numerous ways they could’ve screwed this one up. This film is the latest in a long line of live action remakes that Disney is recently producing of it’s animated classics. Some have been better than others. Maleficent, for example, despite a stellar performance from Angelina Jolie, was so obsessed with putting a contemporary spin on a well-known antagonist, and rewriting events in order to make the titular villain more sympathetic, that it was utterly devoid of the original Sleeping Beauty’s charm. The outrageous amount of CGI didn’t help matters either, and it ended up looking like a fake mess. Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland remake, meanwhile had issues with a meandering plot. Last year’s Cinderella, however, was a breath of fresh air. In deciding to make a faithful adaptation of the animated classic, Kenneth Branagh’s movie was received well by both critics and audiences.  

It’s thus that adapting the Jungle Book posed a tricky situation for Jon Favreau, and screenwriter Justin Marks. Had this movie been overly faithful to the 1967 animation, modern audiences would probably scoff at it. However nostalgically people remember talking animals singing about the Bare Necessities of life, a whimsical, live action musical with a lack of threat probably wouldn’t cut it. Too faithful to Kipling’s original text, and it would be considered too “dark and gritty” (as is all the rage today in Hollywood) for the typical Disney demographic. It would also probably lose the trademark Disney charm that people so fondly remember the original with. So what did they do? They combined the best of both worlds, of course, to great success. While setting a new bar for the standards of CGI in movies today. 

As charming as the 1967 version was, it had a very basic plot and lacked a good deal of narrative heft. As befitting the works of Walt Disney, it was very child-friendly, which it ought to have been. But as a result, stakes were significantly lowered. Shere Khan ran away from fire after being distracted by those Beatles vultures. Again, very cute and child friendly - which isn’t to say Favreau’s version isn’t for kids, because it certainly is. Show this to any child and I bet they’d be totally enraptured by what’s unfolding on-screen. But Justin Marks, using themes from Kipling’s novels, lends a great deal of gravitas to the screenplay, and gives more depth to characters like Shere Khan and make them genuinely evil. There’s nothing particularly horrifying, but certain sequences may have especially young children, under 10 perhaps, holding their parents hands. It’s totally fine though - using more “mature” themes allows the audience to feel a real sense of danger, as well as a more clear, concise, and centralized journey for Mowgli to undertake from the start of the film to the end, especially in comparison to the animated movie. The wolf mantra heard repetitively throughout the movie is taken from one of Kipling’s original poems from the books, and allows to solidify the movie’s messages of the strength in both individuality as well as companionship. 

Marks’ screenplay at different times changes the tonality of the movie from a humorous comedy, heartfelt emotional drama, to a thrilling revenge story, with the lush jungle as a backdrop. But remarkably, just like Kipling’s original story, these shifts in tonality don’t seem jarring at all. Scenes and sequences move smoothly from one to the other, and even the songs (the film includes “The Bare Necessities” and “I Wan’na be Like You” from the original - it would be sacrilegious if they didn’t).  which some people found to feel a little odd from the rest of the movie - I thought were spontaneous and added beautifully to the film. 

The CGI in this movie, truly, is breathtaking, and arguably the best in any movie I’ve ever seen. It’s ridiculous to believe that every tree, every leaf, every drop of water, every strand of hair on the animals’ body, was created on a computer. “Location shooting” wasn’t the vast Jungles of India. It was a studio in LA. It’s clear to see how painstaking the process must have been to the animators, but their hard work definitely paid off. I don’t think we’ve seen such a leap in CGI technology since Avatar in 2009 or Life of Pi in 2012. At times it definitely felt like I was watching a nature documentary, as opposed to a fictional fantasy story. There are even some shots where water would splash upon the camera lens, adding a great depth of depth and immersion to the cinematic experience. 

The cast was, as I previously mentioned, was impeccably picked. Ben Kingsley is wonderful as the stern but loving fatherly Bagheera, complete with his RP accent. Bill Murray is just perfect as the laid back and easy-going Baloo. There’s not many people who could’ve held a candle to Phil Harris and his original version of the “Bare Necessities”, but Murray rendition is just as brilliant. His role as Baloo is probably his best work in ages. Likewise is Christopher Walken’s King Louie, now a Gigantopithecus ape, since Louis Prima’s orangutan wasn’t native to India. And his cover of “I Wan’na Be Like You” is just perfect. His voice and accent fit the song so well. Lupita Nyong’o brings a warmth and motherly love to Raksha, and the seductive, dulcet tones of Scarlett Johansson’s Kaa really give you chills. As for the antagonist, the great Shere Khan, Idris Elba brings a menacing East London-accented gravitas to the iconic tiger. He’s a genuinely terrifying villain, and his interplay with Mowgli and delivery of lines has to be commended. There’s absolutely nothing to complain about the voice talent on display here. 

Which brings us to basically our only human character in the film, Neel Sethi’s Mowgli. This kid is just brilliant. He portrays Mowgli with just the right amount of naivete, enthusiasm, humor, heart, bravery, and cuteness. We watch or read the Jungle Book through the eyes of a child, and Neel is the perfect audience surrogate, reacting like we would with a child’s amazement and wonder at the extraordinary events happening around him. On the rare occasions that his delivery of lines may slip up, or his eyes are looking in another direction it’s important to keep in mind that he was a) only 10 years old during filming, and b) a kid with hardly any acting experience acting not along with other humans, but literally nothing but green screen and boxes and tennis balls. It’s extraordinary how he managed to carry the whole film by himself, and you can’t help but think that if they cast the wrong kid, the entire movie would’ve probably fallen flat on it’s face. There are seasoned adult actors who act in front of a green screen and come off as utterly wooden and lifeless. Neel knocked it out of the park. An incredibly talented young man, who I’m sure has great things ahead for him. 

I was initially hesitant about the idea of a live action remake of the Jungle Book, but safe to say I was more than satisfied with this film. It’s one of those rare movies that I can seriously find no serious fault with. If anything, I only wish we could see those Beatles tribute band Vultures in live action. Apparently Favreau even planned for Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr to appear as cameos, but sadly the scheduling didn’t work out. 

But the movie as a whole was spectacular - fantastic voice talent, brilliant photorealistic CGI, and a heartfelt, emotional narrative at it’s core. It’s a wonderful story for families, and is just 2 hours full of pure escapism. A massive well done to all the cast and crew. 

Rating: 5/5

All thoughts turn now to Andy Serkis and WB’s completely separate adaptation, Jungle Book, now since delayed from next October to October 2018. Set to be closer to the spirit of Kipling’s novel even more than this one, it’s hard not to get excited with talent such as Serkis, Christian Bale, Cate Blanchett, and Benedict Cumberbatch behind it. There’s also a sequel planned for this one, with the same creative talent returning, so it’s all the more reason to get excited, especially with the wealth of Kipling’s original stories left to adapt. But those are still a long way away, and for now, we can rest content with what I believe to be the most definitive adaptation of Kipling’s text. A masterpiece.  

Hiking (1 /2)

 Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Request: Could you do a modern Alexander x reader with #267 and 282. The reader and the Hamilsquad go hiking or something and Hamilton falls on the reader. Fluffy/flirty stuff happens. Something like that. -Anonymous

Prompts: 267. “Stop taking pictures! I’m fucking stuck. Be useful and help me!!” 282. “The way you flirt is shameful.”  Neither are used in this part

Word Count: 949

Warnings: Swearing

AU: Modern

Sidenote: I will not be responding to anonymous messages to say when things have been posted, not because I don’t love all of you, but because it quickly fills tumblr pages with a blogger saying “yea sure”. I personally dislike scrolling through all of those, and I assume y’all feel similarly. I will however write your request. Thank you all for understanding.

Herc, you know how I feel about hiking.” You said as you shimmied out of the green sequined dress in the fitting room. Hercules had wanted to make sure it would fit his girlfriend Lily, who was roughly the same size. He wanted to surprise her for her birthday.

“Y/n, I know you aren’t a huge fan of, as you put it, ‘walking around only to get tired and sweaty’. But the rest of the squad is going, even a certain someone.” Replied your close friend Hercules. Even without seeing him you could tell he was wiggling his eyebrows.

“Then I don’t even have to think twice about going.” You respond, changing back into your usual attire. You heard a voice mutter ‘yes!’ then you continued. “I’m not going.”

“What?” Came Hercules’ voice from the other side of the curtain that sectioned off the fitting room. You pulled your boots on and pushed the curtain aside, laying the dress in his arms.

“Yes, telling me I would be sweaty in front of the guy I like makes me want to go even more.” You said sarcastically, rolling your eyes. “The dress should fit Lily nicely, it was a little large around my hips but hers are slightly wider. Speaking of your lovely Lily, is she going hiking with you guys?” 

“Why, will you go if she goes?” He asked.


“Stubborn woman.” He muttered, barely audible. “She’s going to her mom’s house for the weekend anyway, her sister is coming to visit with her new baby.” He said a bit louder. “Y/n, just promise me you’ll think about it. We aren’t hiking far, and it’s Fall. It will be fun, the gang all together.

“Fine.” You reply. “Plan on picking me up tomorrow. But if I text you and change my mind, you have to respect my choice.”


You woke up to the light fluttering in your blinds, birds chirping happily with each other. A gentle breeze outside making the leaves rustle in the trees. It was awful. You never woke up this early, why today?

“Five more minutes.” You said to nobody at all. You had almost fallen back asleep when your phone went off.

Zero to hero, just like that! Zero to-

Hello?” You answered the phone, too groggy to notice that it was Hercules’ ring tone. He always got annoyed that you used a song from the Disney movie that shared his name. “If his father is Zeus, he should be named Heracules anyway! Greek and Roman mythology are different!” He complained. He may be right, but the ring tone isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Y/n, hey! We’re on our way, we can get there in about twenty minutes.” Said a voice. What? “Did you just wake up? Come on, we’re going hiking!”

It was Hercules. You realized as you shot up in bed. You had never texted him to say you had backed out after all, and now you had to go. Fuck.

“Y-yea, I’ve gotta go.” You say quickly, hanging up and rushing to the bathroom. You decided against taking a shower, you were bound to be pushing late if you did. Instead opting for dry shampoo, you were done with your bathroom routine in about ten minutes. Getting dressed in a little over five minutes gave you just enough time to make and eat some cereal. You finished rinsing the cereal bowl out right as your doorbell rang. Setting the bowl into the “clean”  side of the sink, you grabbed a backpack with a couple of water bottles and snacks thrown in it and were out the door.

“Y/n! Nice to see you can get ready in 20 minutes.” Said Hercules as you opened the door to see him standing in the hallway of your apartment building.

“Yea yea, shut up.” You told him. Hercules and you made small talk on the elevator ride down to the ground floor and out to the car, before you stopped.

“Hercules, who all is riding in your truck?” You asked, seeing somebody sitting in the passenger’s seat. 

“Uh…” He replied, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Hercules, why didn’t you tell me that Alexander would not only be hiking with us, but riding with us as well?” You questioned.

“I’m sorry for not saying anything Y/n, but I thought you wouldn’t come if I told you.”

“Well you’re damn right about that!” 
“Y/n, it’ll be fine. Trust me.”

“Hercules, first of all I have to ride in the middle seat, and second of all it’s because the guy I like will be sitting in the passenger’s seat! I can’t just calm down and ‘trust you’.” You respond. Hercules sighed. 

“Y/n, if you can get past the fact that you have a crush on our little Alexander, you could have a great time today. Please just try, for me.” Crush? More like I’m hopelessly in love with him. Sure, it crushes my soul, so close enough. You open your mouth to say no, but Hercules looks at you with those big puppy dog eyes of his and instead you sigh.

“Fine. But if anything goes wrong, it’s your fault.” At your words, the man next to you squeals. He literally squeals, the tough, grown-ass Hercules Mulligan. If you had ever explained to that man what “OTP” meant, you were sure he’d be saying something along those lines.

“Then come on, get in the car, we’re going to be late! John and Gilbert are meeting us there.” Hercules ushered you to the car, and with that the three of you were off. Hopefully, Hercules was right and nothing goes wrong.

Part 2

Turn Off Your Ears- Christmas Prompt – Derek Hale

-gif source unknown-

Christmas Prompt: #10. Character A doesn’t feel the Christmas spirit, but Character B, who lives above them, keeps playing Christmas carols really loud. – Requested by Anon

Warnings/Labels: Grumpy Derek

Approx. Word Count: 360

A/N: Damn that werewolf hearing! (Couldn’t resist this gif)

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Summary: Your friend’s Bachelorette party was just the excuse you needed to to let your hair down, but things heat up when the entertainment arrives.

Pairing: Stripper!Sam x reader

Word Count: ~1500 words

Warnings: drinking, stripper!Sam, unprotected outdoor (semi-public) quickie.

A/N: Thanks to captain-princess-rose for taking the time to beta for me. Feedback is appreciated!

You looked yourself up and down in the mirror and finally decided you were happy with your outfit. You hadn’t had the occasion to dress up for a while, and even though it was only your colleagues Bachelorette party, you took the opportunity to go all out. Why not? Free booze, reasonable company, even the thought of getting out of the house was enough for you to jump on board.

You took a cab to her house, after all there was no point driving if you were gonna get messy. When you arrived there were a dozen girls in the living room, they had hired a cocktail bar and there was music playing in the background.

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The Woman Who Knew Too Much, - Castiel X Reader

Request: Hi! Can you do one where the reader is dating Cas but is also really depressed and so he tries to show her the finer things in life? Fluff and a little smutty pls?

Writer: Jemma,

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 3400

Warnings: Trigger: Depression, Fluffy, SMUT, Swearing

Author’s Note: I tried to write this as though it was taking place during Season 8. Hope you guys like it. Sorry if it turned out too fluffy.


You woke up to the sound of the Winchester’s fighting …again. Uuuuuuuuuuugh….You groaned feeling annoyed, this was not the first time they had awakened you with their squabbling in the last three weeks. You rubbed your eyes and dropped out of bed, making your way slowly toward the noise. It felt like it was still night time, but since there were no windows in the bunker you couldn’t be sure. Your mind muddled from sleep, you padded barefoot through the empty library and down the cold hallway. As you reached the doorway to the kitchen you paused taking in the scene.

Sam had his back to you. From his posture you could tell he was more than a little annoyed with his brother.

“Look, if she gets super pissed we can just say neither of us did it, okay? Safety in numbers.” Dean said using his I’m-in-charge-here, voice. You frowned wondering if they were talking about you.

“You shouldn’t have opened it, Dean. ______’s going to be pissed.” Sam complained. They were definitely talking about you. Things just hadn’t been the same since Dean had busted out of purgatory. There was a time when his shenanigans used to make you laugh, but lately the old dynamic between you two seemed off.

“Well, how was I supposed to know whose it was?” His indignant tone cut into your reveries. He was sitting at the kitchen table, wearing a black t-shirt and jeans, and avoiding his younger brother’s steely gaze.

“Really? Cas made a huge deal about it when he dropped it off yesterday. You were there!” Sam rebuked crossing his arms over his red and white flannel shirted chest.

You decided to jump in before things got ugly, “What’s this I hear about Cas?” You inquired stifling a yawn.  Both of the Winchesters turned to look at you, surprise etched on their faces. Seriously? I shouldn’t have been able to sneak up on a pair of hunters. You mused eyes narrowing in suspicion. There was an awkward pause and then, “Dean, did it.” Sam blabbed with a guilty expression. There was a long drawn out sigh from Dean, “Thanks for having my back, Sammy.” He smirked sarcastically. 

You frowned at their childish behavior. “You guys have been bickering like crazy. What’s with you two lately?” You murmured sleepily. You were seriously getting tired of all the fighting. “Nothing.” Dean replied tersely. Sam shot a glare his way, but didn’t say anything. You stretched causing your back to pop and Dean grimaced. “Do you have to do that every time you wake up?” He asked with a disgusted expression on his handsome face.  You raised an eyebrow at the jibe searching his green eyes for answers.

“Stop, trying to change the subject. The point is, that I was sound asleep and you two woke me up at this god forsaken hour with your old married couple bickering.” You grumbled heading for the cabinet where you kept the coffee.

“It’s four in the afternoon.” Dean remarked shifting uncomfortably in his chair. Neither of them seemed to want to look at you. The heavy feeling of being judged cut into you like a knife. When did this happen? We used to be friends. Now we can’t even be in the same room without things getting awkward. You felt the heat of a blush staining your cheeks pink.You had to admit you’d seen this coming. When Cas had saved you from hell, you had been relieved enough not to question his decision to leave you under the protection of the Winchesters. Now that you’d had time to think it over, it seemed like a bad idea. Things just weren’t the way they used to be between you. That’s why you’d avoided Sam and Dean as much as possible. Not that it was a very hard thing to accomplish. They went out hunting for weeks at a time and you didn’t mind being alone. Besides you spent most of your time asleep. In fact, you were already missing the cool darkness of your room and wanted badly to go back to bed.

 “We don’t mean to over step or anything.” Sam broke the awkward silence. “It’s just that, since you moved in with us, you’ve been sleeping practically around the clock.”

 “We haven’t seen you eat more than a couple of bites of food in days…” Dean continued anxiously. You cleared your throat thinking of something to say. You were surprised they had even noticed. At your silence, Sam and Dean gave each other a knowing look.

“We’re worried about you,_____. You and Cas, you’re family and he asked us to look after you, to protect you…” Dean’s green eyes bored into yours like he was searching for a truth he couldn’t find.

“And we can’t do that, if you don’t let us know what’s going on. This holing up in your room thing has got to stop.” Sam said earnestly. You just sighed. What could you possibly say? You’d just been feeling really depressed lately. Hell could do that to a person. And the way you saw it, sleeping wasn’t all that bad of a way to cope with your emotions. It was a lot healthier than drinking or drugs.

“You know, it’s starting to feel like you’re hiding something…” Dean accused. You frowned, but didn’t bother to respond. Sam glared down at Dean before giving you a small smile.

“It’s just that, you’ve been spending a lot of time alone.” He said hesitantly.

“Like you’ve been afraid of us noticing that something’s off. Well, guess what…we noticed. What don’t we know,______?” Dean inquired impatiently.

“I think what Dean meant to say ask was, is there something we need to know? I mean, is everything…okay?” Sam back pedaled giving you that soulful look you were coming to despise.

“Are you asking if I’m possessed?” You blurted. It was the first thing that had crossed your mind when Dean started accusing you of hiding something, but you hadn’t meant to ask it. Your cheeks heated again, but you stared them down, daring them to admit it. How could they think that? You were in a warded bunker for Christ sake? The place was so anti-demon it was ridiculous. 

“Why would we think that?” Sam asked hesitantly.

“Why the hell wouldn’t we?” Dean snorted with derision. “I mean, maybe she’s possessed, and she’s just waiting for the right time to get the jump on us.” He concluded.

“HA! The right time would have been a couple of minutes ago when I walked up behind Sam and neither of you noticed.” You said sarcastically.

“Maybe we would have noticed if we hadn’t been so busy worrying about you.” Dean ground out.

“Well, don’t you think that maybe Cas would have noticed if his girlfriend was being worn by a demon?” You countered crossing your arms over your chest defensively.

“He wouldn’t notice anything different from the way you’ve already been acting!” He snapped.

“Fuck You!” You spat bitterly.

“You Wish!” Dean snapped back.

“That’s exactly what we mean, ______. You’ve never acted like this with us before.” Sam pointed out.

“Yeah, what’s wrong with you?” Dean started in again still pushing all the wrong buttons.

Nothing, is wrong with me! I’m doing great. Just mother fucking fantastic, because between watching Cas open purgatory and then losing him when he accidently unleashed the Leviathans, I should be fine. Right?” You chimed your voice dangerously high.

Dean’s face went blank immediately and you could practically hear the words Oh Shit pass through his mind as he thought them.

Exasperated by this you continued in your most enthusiastic voice, “Oooh, aaand then, and then, Dean finds him! Married no less, with some fucked up form of amnesia that somehow turned into psychosis. Let me tell you that, really put me at ease.”

Sam frowned his hazel eyes staring down into your brown ones. You could tell you’d hurt him, but you couldn’t seem to stop.

“But uh-oh! Do you know what finding Castiel didn’t solve? Our Leviathan problem! So, you guys, had this great idea that we could all pitch in to kill Dick Roman, only it wasn’t all of us that did it. It was just Dean and my boyfriend! But still! Everything should have turned out fine….Only, it didn’t. I lost Castiel, again, only this time, my best friend disappears right along with him!” You could feel the grief clogging your esophagus again like acid reflux. Dean was staring down at the kitchen table, but Sam hadn’t moved, so you pressed on.

 “Not to mention the cherry on top of my mother fucking hot fudge sundae, getting kidnapped by the King of Hell!” Dean’s head snapped back up in reaction.

“Oh. You didn’t know, Dean? After, you and Cas disappeared, when Sam and I finally had to admit that we weren’t going to get you back that night, we drove to the outskirts of town and checked into a motel room. Next morning, the second I stepped out of that room, Crowley grabs me and transports me to hell.”

“I thought you’d left town on your own.” Sam said defensively. How could he think you’d just leave him after you’d both lost the two people you were closest to? How dare he?! He was starting to look well and truly pissed.

Good, was all you could think.

“But I didn’t, Sam!” You hissed, your hands balling into fists at your sides.

“Your bags were gone!” He continued, irritation sharpening his tone. 

“Well, Crowley, must’ve taken them, then! Cause I sure as hell didn’t!” You could already see the anger receding from his expression.

 “Well, in case you were wondering how my extended stay vacation was, it went fabulously! Let’s just say that if Cas hadn’t shown up and pulled me out of there, I’d still be serving Crowley drinks and dinner wearing nothing but a gold studded collar on a leash.”

Sam swallowed anxiously, his eyes not meeting yours. He could be as puppy dog eyed, sorry, and apologetic as he wanted, you decided, that didn’t take away the shit you’d had to endure for all those months.

 “Do you know what the worst part is? Do you know what I imagined you were doing while I was down there? Finding a way to get Dean and Cas back from purgatory. Or, Idiot that I am, I assumed you’d be figuring out a way to help me escape from hell. Now, guess what I didn’t imagine, Sam? That you would turn your back on the people who consider you family to play house with some civi, youbarely knew!” The venom in your voice couldn’t be matched by a viper.

“That’s not fair,______! You can’t be mad at Sam for leaving me in Purgatory. That’s my bone to pick with him. As for Cas, he doesn’t seem to hold his stint in the nuthouse against, Sam. So, neither should you.” Dean thundered in his deep baritone. You hadn’t expected him to say that, though you should’ve. You felt so raw, so exposed, and you weren’t used to being this vulnerable.

Dean’s expression was bleak. He looked so torn, like he wasn’t sure whether to comfort you or defend his little brother.

“Fine. I’ll try.” You grumbled. You’d never been able to stomach hurting Dean. Issues or not, he was still your closest friend.

“You’d better.” Dean grunted arms crossed over his chest.

For a second you considered leaving it at that, but you needed to lay all your cards out on the table. You were tired of hiding your pain, tired of screaming into pillows and sobbing into Castiel’s shoulder late at night so that the boys wouldn’t hear you.

“Maybe, you were right tobe worried. Maybe, I’m not as strong as you are.” You said on a sigh, your voice losing its sharpness.

You could feel Sam looking at you, but you ignored him. Whether this was out of shame and regret for what you’d said or you were still angry at him, you didn’t quite know.  

Dean sighed. He seemed to understand that you weren’t in a good place right now. “I don’t know what to tell you,_____. It’s not like we can just make it go away. All I can say is that I’m here for you. If Sam can forgive you, I bet he is too. And of course, you know you’ll always have Cas.” Dean said carefully and gave you a small smile. You tried to smile back, but you could feel the buildup of unshed tears threatening to billow over and tumble down your cheeks. “Thanks, Dean.” You replied softly and headed back to your room.

                After what must have been several hours more sleep, you felt your bed shift with the weight of someone sitting on the empty side. You breathed in the fresh smells of wind and the ground after it rains and sighed happily. Castiel pressed his warm full lips to your temple and then your cheek. “Cas.” You mumbled groggily. “How was your day,_______?” He asked. You could feel his warm breath against your cheek. “It was…fine.” You hedged not knowing what to call your face to face with the Winchesters.

“That’s not what I heard.” He pressed and then waited for you to respond.  When you didn’t, he continued, “I heard, that you and Sam…argued. What did he say to upset you?” Castiel asked seriously. You laughed, “Why? Are you going to go kick his butt in my defense?” You felt the Angel grow tense and opened your eyes to try and read his expression. “Are you?” you asked incredulously.

“I don’t like anyone hurting you, ________.” He answered in that cryptic way of his.

“Cas, while I appreciate your willingness to stick up for me, you don’t need to beat up, Sam. I picked a fight with him.” You admitted looking up into his deep blue eyes.

“Why?” He asked looking concerned.  You thought about it for a little while, looking for the right words. You reached up and traced the arch of his dark brow with your fingertips. “Because, I guess I still felt like it was his fault that you and Dean were stuck in purgatory for so long.” You explained gently.

“That wasn’t Sam’s fault. Dean and I. We were standing too close to the Leviathan when we killed it and got pulled into Purgatory with it.” Cas clarified, repeating the same explanation he’d given when you were first re-united.

 “I know. I know.” You muttered on a sigh. “It’s just…I don’t know. I felt like we were all counting on him and he let us down.” You admitted.

 “________, how much has Dean told you about how he escaped?” Cas asked his gaze searching yours.

“Not much. Just that he met a vamp in there that knew a way out and something about a portal…” You trailed off. You hadn’t really understood how he’d done it.

“Dean tried to pull me out with him.” Cas stated. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, he’d never told you this before. “When, Dean found the way out, he came looking for me. And when he finally found me, he told me about the portal. I knew, the chances of Dean making it out alone were scarce, but had I added myself to the equation the risk would have been far worse. So, I let go of his hand when he was halfway in the portal.”

“Cas!” You exclaimed half angry half stunned. “How could you do that?! Do you have any idea how much more broken I’d be if I had really lost you?” You asked him taking his face in both your hands. “I wouldn’t, couldn’t possibly live, the rest of my life without you.” You told him punctuating every other word with a kiss. The feeling of his lips against yours was heaven. I love him. God, how I love him. You thought as he kissed you back. Your lips molded to his immediately and you sighed at the feeling of bliss that washed over you. His tongue ran gently against the crevice between your top and bottom lips and you parted them allowing him to taste you. As his tongue mingled with yours you felt a sort of tingling sensation from how absolutely wonderful he made you feel. As he explored your mouth you noted that he tasted like mint and honey. You sucked on his tongue, experimentally, wondering what reaction it would produce. Cas groaned right into your mouth and pulled you on top so that you were straddling his lean hips. You could feel his erection a little too well through his slacks.

Though he was breathing raggedly and kissing you a little more sloppily, he kept his hands in places a little less indecent than what you were craving. He kept one hand on your waist and gently stroked the delicate skin of your hip with the other.

The kiss deepened and you tried to rub against his hard cock, but Cas wouldn’t give an inch, he gently but firmly held you in place. You had a short struggle for control as your need for him began to block out your inhibitions. Before long, he won and you tried to punish him with chaste little pecks on the lips, but he ravished you with his tongue making you feel more than a little breathless yourself. You moaned into his mouth wanting him so badly you could hardly stand it.

As though he’d read your mind, Cas took your face in both of his hands and slowed the kiss. Pulling away for a little bit longer each time like he was weaning you off his kisses. It was necessary, his kisses were so addicting. After a moment or so he rested his forehead against yours. You both lay there panting, your breathing getting a little more even as the seconds passed stretching out into minutes.

“Did you get my presents?” Cas asked looking into your brown eyes.      

You shook your head “no” as you tried to focus on what he was talking about.

“I saw the box open in the hallway.” Cas told you and then you remembered that Sam and Dean were fighting about a package earlier. Hmmmm…Now you were curious.

“Do you want to me to bring it in?” He asked grinning excitedly.  You nodded and grudgingly unmounted your beautiful boyfriend’s hips.

Castiel opened the door and brought in a medium sized cardboard box. He set it on the bed and sat next to it, not letting you peek inside. “I thought it was a present. Doesn’t that mean I can open it?” You pestered playfully. Cas chuckled. “I would have let you if the box wasn’t already opened.”   

Damn it, Dean. Your best friend could be a pain in the butt sometimes. You thought a little annoyed but mostly amused.

“Close your eyes.” Cas commanded and you did as you were asked feeling intrigued.

You felt something cold, smooth, rectangular, and possibly metal in your hands.

“Can I look?” You asked realizing you had no earthly idea what it was you were holding.

“Mmmm…Yes” He decided and you opened your eyes to look at your gift.

It was a picture frame. It wasn’t very big, just the sort of picture you could fit on the small desk you had by the closet.

It had a beautiful shiny silver frame. You ran your fingers along the edge as you looked at the picture. It was your favorite picture of Cas. You were leaning back against his chest and he was actually smiling, but looking down at you instead of up at the camera. Remembering that day always made you happy, you thought as you traced the Enochian symbols engraved around the frame. “What does this mean?” you asked turning it toward Cas. He ran his fingertips over the symbols as he read in his gruff voice, “If I speak in the tongues of Men and of Angels, but have not Love, I am a noisy gong or a clanging cymbal. And If I have prophetic powers, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, but have not Love, I am nothing.”  His voice was filled with emotion as his blue eyes gazed intensely into yours. “Corinthians 13:1 & 13:2, it’s from the bible. I…I hope, you don’t mind.” His face was hopeful.

“Not at all. It’s beautiful.” You told him and gave him an encouraging smile.

“It’s just that…The word of my father is the first place I ever learned of Love. Other than watching humans of course.” He explained a blush pinkening his cheeks. 

“Thank You, Cas.” You murmured and waited for your next gift, dutifully closing your eyes like before.

This time he handed you something heavy and round. You knew what it was before you opened your eyes. “It’s bubble bath!” You chirped excitedly already imagining the two of you in your tub.

The third thing he handed you, you weren’t at all sure about.                

When you opened your eyes, you laughed. It was a bottle of champagne.

The forth thing he handed you felt a hell of a lot like a box of expensive chocolates…and it was just that.

The fifth and final thing Cas handed you was another box. When you opened your eyes you recognized it as a keepsake box. You looked at Cas for some explanation but he just shrugged. When you unlatched and pushed back the lid you smiled. Cas had stuck some postcards from different places around the world to the inside of the lid, all places you wanted to visit someday. As you examined the box you noticed that there was yet another smaller box hiding in it. You picked it up slowly, a bit of apprehension pricking at your heart and mind.

Before you could open it, Cas plucked it from your hands. He moved to kneel on the floor next to the place you sat on the bed.

“_______, from the moment I met you, I recognized a kindness in you unmatched by anyone I have ever seen. You have a pure soul that is beautiful and so rare. You….understand me in ways I didn’t think it was possible for one being to know another. These are but a few of the many things that I admire about you. I promise that I will always put your needs first and do everything within my power and more to make sure that you live a safe and happy life. Will you, please, marry me?”

And even though you had endless questions, you found yourself saying “Yes”, to your Castiel, because if there was one thing this celestial being had given you it was hope for new beginnings and faith in happy endings.

“PA” [Chris - One shot]

Inspired byImagine: Being Chris’ personal assistant. One of his friends tends to flirt with you whenever he sees you. Chris gets jealous every time.

Written by: A.Wölf.

Notes: Featuring: Sebastian Stan.

Special Tags: @theycallmelirpa Thanks for the imagine inspo. <3

@voicesandvoicesandmore Steve’s next i hope but in the meantime, here, have some Chris. ;)


She’s sitting at a table, using her laptop.

Only the sound of her fingers hitting the keyboard resonates in the room.

The screen’s brightness and the lamp on the hotel room’s nightstand are the only source of light.

Chris places a script in front of her.

-Now, we’re talking. –He says pointing at it. –Think you can get me a casting call?

She eyes him through her glasses with a condescending look.

-When have I not, sir?

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Badboy!Luke (Part 2)

She loved me for the dangers I had passed, And I loved her that she did pity them - Shakespeare, Othello – Act 1, Scene 3

Summary: Badboy!Luke is angry at himself for the unrequested fascination psychology student y/n sparks in him. He is not the type who falls in love, of that he is sure. And y/n wouldn’t want to ever date someone with a noticeable criminal record, so any attraction they might feel for each other is pointless. Is it though? 

Links to part 1 (x) and part 3 (x)

(credit for the punk edit to

a/n: So here’s part 2 of badboy!luke, sorry for the delay, but I decided to combine what I planned to be part 2 and part 3! Anyway, let me know what you think about it xx

Warnings: sexual situations and explicit language

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the fact that project christmas miracle failed made me sad so I made myself stupid crossover fluff from this headcanon

Sakura wasn’t sure what to do.

True, she was invited here. True, all the Nozakis are pretty fond of her (NozakiMama gave her a ribbon for Christmas and NozakiPapa told her to ‘take care of my stupid son’. She and Mayu has an understanding and he supports her on her love for his brother.) True, Nozaki Umetarou personally asked her to be his 'plus-one’ for the event.

But still. Nozaki Umetarou is a weird creature and no one actually understands what he’s thinking half the time. (She can never look at fireworks the same way again.) Him inviting her to this family reunion is just another disappointment waiting to happen, she’s sure.

Of course, knowing that and actually making herself stop hoping were two very different things.

“Umetarou! Umetarou! Come here and introduce Chiyo-chan to your cousins!” NozakiMama was clearly hands-on with making sure Sakura felt comfortable in this place. Sakura was thankful, even though she was still unsure on how to act around the extended family. “Come, come, Chiyo-chan,” NozakiMama ushered both of them close and motioned to a handsome lean man with dark blue hair and the prettiest eyes Sakura has ever seen. “This is Haruka-kun, Haruka Nanase, my sister’s son.”

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