not complain tho

Ok so...

I was watching this series on Netflix. “Click My Heart”

And that dude right there in the pink column immediately got my attention.
I literally say “wtf he’s so cute what is this” every time the dude appears on screen.

Seriously. Look at how cute.


So I googled the cast.
And… idiot that I am, I had no idea that their names in the series were their actual names in real life. 

And that “dude” is actually SF9′s Lee Dawon

C U T E . 

So…I googled a bit more.

And I thought to myself… 

“He kinda reminds me of someone I love…”

And surely enough…these pop out of google search…

Istg everything I do just keeps tracing back to Park Jimin. o.o

@funfetti-angel i mean, the stuff about boruto is true, but as far as I know kishimoto did design their adult looks? Like the looks they have in chapter 700? Plus tho its not quite there yet temari’s post war look in the anime is already leaning heavily towards the dreaded sideswept bangs

anonymous asked:

"how many questions have I answered of yours???" -> mmmh 4 ? Maybe 5 ? I'm not complaining tho

asdfghj that’s a lot tf usually I can notice if it’s the same anon but u snuck under my radar there

every time they redraw it they make it gayer
If I'm ever given a second chance in life, 
I wanna be able to live only for myself.

The biggest thing I learned from looking through Mass effect concept art is that the artists keep trying to make alien-looking aliens but they feel like if they make them too different from humans they’ll be impossible to relate to. So they go from designs like this…

to this…

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate the design for the Kett. I’m just not… thrilled. I wish that they wouldn’t be afraid to take more of a risk with their alien designs. I mean Garrus Vakarian is one of the least human-looking characters on the Normandy and he’s still arguably the most beloved by fans. Legion, Grunt, and Wrex are also well-loved and very non-human. Why on earth would they think we couldn’t sympathize with them just because they “don’t wear clothes like us”?

I can’t tell you the disappointment I felt when they were showing off all these crazy concepts for the new race, talking about how they were going to be different from the species of the Milky Way galaxy, only to reveal… another race with two eyes, a nose with two nostrils, and humanoid lips/teeth. :\ 


“I love you.”

// GIVE THE BOY THE LOVE HE DESERVES. 2016 will be known as the year where i was overly invested in fictional boys… have a merry christmas and a happy new year, my loves. ♥  (for @half-burr)

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A huge thank you to @fy-good-earp-cleavage for getting this signed by Alycia and posting it back across the world to me.  I will buy you many a drink in Vegas next year <3