not commenting on the circumstances myself


Voltron + bridal-style catches.

I love the contrast between these two moments, lol. Hunk and Shay look so cozy despite the less-than-ideal circumstances, whereas Keith and Allura are both just like “WTF just happened.” :-P

(Please do not turn this into some kind of ship debate in the comments: That’s not what this post is about and I’m honestly not interested in seeing it. I think both are good moments in different ways.)

Married To The Boss [Four] | Rap Monster

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A party is being thrown which means it’s time to get dressed and play the part. Y/N soon reaches her limit of tolerance.

Angst ahead

“How do you end up marrying your boss?” Jimin asks for the thousandth time.

Park Jimin is one of my best friends from dance school. He and I were always dance partners for all our class performances. Since graduating we’ve remain friends and roommates along with Jeon Jungkook. He and Jimin were friends before I came into the picture but the three of us got really close after a while. Jungkook usually goes back and forth between Busan and Seoul to follow his dream of being a singer. He auditioned for RM Entertainment but he didn’t get a call back.

“Yeah, marrying a stranger would make more sense but your boss is just like really bad luck.” Jungkook looked at both his hands like one being the married to a stranger and the other being your boss. He drops his hand with the boss option into his lap as the heavier option.

“Trust me if I wasn’t drunk I would’ve objected to the marriage myself.” The three of us sit on the roof of our apartment building. It’s usually what we do on the weekends sit outside and have random conversations all night.

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heatherlanntheclever  asked:

Is there any chance of a happy ending for the Lannisters? I know they are awful people but why develop their motivations and give each of them a genuine moment of compassion if they are just going to murder each other? Every other POV gets a moment of truth/redemption why not the children of Tywin/Patriarchy/Aerys and Disability? I'm a bad person myself so I need to believe the Lions can defy themselves and prophesy and overcome their nature or what's the point? Not all of us are born Starks.

Hey! So it’s gonna take me a few minutes to answer your question, but I promise I’m gonna get there.

In one of the other shows I watch, an actor commented on the banality of evil. He said that evil is something commonplace. Given the right circumstances, great acts of evil could be committed by your neighbors, or your friends, or you, or me. Because evil is so easy. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” You needn’t be a monster like Gregor to commit evil; you need only be human. 

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on feeling ‘X enough’

So in this post it was asked if we (or followers) had any articles about not feeling ‘Asian enough’ or ‘specific-group enough’. I don’t have an article in particular in mind, but I thought I’d put in my two cents of personal experience as a US-based transracial adoptee: 

When it comes to the ‘hierarchy’ of being authentic enough, being transracially adopted is just oodles of fun /s. That is to say, it sucks. But not feeling ‘X enough’ is a very relatable feeling for many that I know isn’t adoptee-specific. I’ve looked in envy at a Chinese American friend who is a heritage speaker of the language, while she simultaneously looked enviously to other people she knew in her Chinese American community who were fluent speakers.

Whenever I feel like I am not Asian enough or Chinese enough, etc. I think about the fact that I am both of those things, Chinese enough and Asian enough, but I am those things in a way that is not considered the quintessential or the ideal. I can’t speak any Chinese, I have no connection to Chinese culture, I have no Chinese family members, and no Chinese American family / personal history. I do not have a story of how my family came to America, unless you mean the ancestors of my adoptive parents who were engaged in the act of settler colonialism. Or how my adoptive parents adopted me via a process that is called by some as ‘cultural imperialism’ or just straight up as ‘the continuation of colonialism’. Where I grew up in the USA, if I wanted to see a Chinese person in real life, I had better go look in a mirror.

Sometimes I worry that other Asians or Asian Americans avoid me because I don’t seem Asian / Asian-American. That I didn’t have the same cultural upbringings. I read a study once where listeners were told to guess the race of the American speaking. Listeners accurately guessed the races of many black and Latinx Americans, and also that of some Asian Americans, though they couldn’t guess at the specific kind, and it was specifically east Asians in the study. I bet though that if my voice were in that study, people would guess I was a white person.

But I am Chinese and Asian, whether one likes it or not. There was a Chinese exchange student I was friends with for a while. He would often comment how I ate my food or did other things and how American and not-Chinese it was. It bugged me a lot and made me irritated with him. I am what I am and there was nothing I could do to change it or the circumstances around it if I wanted to.

I say to myself, even if it’s corny, that everybody is unique and therefore no one else can be Chinese or Asian in the exact way that I am, and that by existing, I just expanded the definition and variation of ways it is possible to be Chinese/Asian. Instead of measuring up to an ideal standard of ‘Chineseness’ that, at least I personally know I could never live up to, I just accept that I am an unusual kind of Asian. Sometimes I imagine someone saying to me that I’m not really Chinese. I would say back, “No, I am. I’m just not the kind you were expecting.”

I would rather outright reject the idea of ‘authenticity’ or being Asian enough because I know I’m probably not going to win that one. Is that cheating, or sidestepping the very issue people are bringing up? Maybe. But it’s the only way I’m going to win. Or at least, not “lose”.

None of this means that it doesn’t feel lonely when I see others around me much more connected to the culture of origin, or the Americanized one (which is also legit), or to their family history of diaspora. Being Asian/Chinese in the way that I am means that no matter how much I redefine ‘authenticity’ or being ‘enough’ I’m still probably not going to be bonding with anybody over a mutual Chinese / Chinese-American cultural experience or memory anytime soon. And maybe there won’t be many people who can relate to my specific set of experiences either. Redefining or rejecting authenticity and being ‘Asian / Chinese enough’ isn’t going to make me feel more connected and less lonely, and it’s probably not going to make the sting of being judged as ‘not enough’ by others go away. But at least this way I will know the issue isn’t with who I am.

This may not be the most comforting thing for people reading this who also don’t feel ‘Asian enough’ or ‘specific-subgroup of Asian enough’. But know that you are uniquely Asian. Everything you do is a kind of Asian because you are Asian. It just may not help you with making connections with those around you who are a different kind of Asian. But maybe knowing you’re ‘X enough’ will at least make you feel less inadequately Asian, even if it doesn’t solve everything else or change the attitudes of those around you.

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@dangry i posted this once already but I’m on mobile oops.
the first photo shows the eyes phil referred to as “sneaky,” they showed on the screen where it says “narrow eyes,” which are meant to be sneaky lol
& directly beneath that are literally called “snake eyes,” i know because i played the game myself. that’s what dan was referring to when he said “snek”
they were commenting on each eye type, not specifically the monolid, if you watch closely.
i’m not defending any racism from them, just pointing out that this specific set of circumstances has been taken out of context.

White Widow - Part 7

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader
Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her.

A/N: This chapter goes from fluffy romance to kidnapping and torture real fast. Blood, violence, and swearing, Be warned.

Originally posted by nutmeg2080

I don’t think I’d ever appreciated the sound of silence so much after all our guests left. Just as soon as I thought I could relax, there were people running around all week decorating the compound for Christmas. Bucky and I got a giant, beautifully decorated tree in our living room amongst other beautiful and sparkly decorations. As I looked at all the lights and garland, I realized I needed to get Bucky a gift. He’d been so wonderful to me and I just had to show him my appreciation. I knew Steve was my best bet for ideas.

I knocked on his bedroom door, pitching my idea.

“I might have something…” he led me in

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anonymous asked:

(1) Sometimes I'm not excited about effective altruism... the world feels too complicated to understand. You need to be good at lots of complicated subjects to compare between causes. Even smart people are really, really uncertain about what to do that's good. Even GiveWell's top picks are super uncertain once you look at the details.

(2) I am glad there are smart people working on figuring stuff out and making the world better in a big way, but engaging with all of it is exhausting. Is it bad for me to feel this way? Can I focus on being good to those around me and only occasionally donate to helping beings far away (distance-wise or time-wise)? I care about reducing suffering and feel guilty about retreating like this.

Yes, I think this is totally okay. It is hard, and exhausting, to spend all your time in the line of fire, whether that’s for local politics or online activism or the fight against all of the suffering in the universe. Sustainable and healthy and successful movements are ones which do not demand their members burn themselves out trying to stay on top of all of the latest debate and research. 

A couple strategies that might work for you: 

  • commit to a target for donation, and budget that much money every month for an end-of-year contribution: then, in December, figure out how many hours you’re willing to spend figuring out where to send it, and send it there. (’after zero hours of research I will send it to GiveWell’ is a totally legitimate answer).  
  • figure out a level of engagement that feels to you like it’d be more ‘being informed’ than ‘being exhausted and overwhelmed’. Maybe that’s ‘I will restrict myself to one comment in EA Facebook groups a week’. Maybe it’s ‘every month, I’ll read that month’s top post on the effective altruism forums’. Maybe it’s ‘I’ll keep GiveWell’s blog in my RSS feed but cut out everything else’. Feeling like you have control over the time you’re spending and the circumstances where you’re expected to engage can help a lot all by itself.
  • take a two-month cold turkey break; notice what this does. Do you find yourself wishing you were hearing more, because you like engagement with other people who want to reduce suffering and you feel like you’ve lost something? Or are you just happier? If you’re happier, then engagement (at least the way you’re doing it) isn’t serving you. You can continue to do good with reduced engagement. And if you miss some things but not others, you know what to look for going forwards.

Believing that something is really important does not require hurting yourself to stay on top of it or to contribute to it. That’s not realistic and it’s not sustainable. It is consistent and commendable to say ‘this is the most important thing, but I need to balance my life out with other things’. We’re on this planet for the long run, and we should plan accordingly.


Fic Recs: Regency AU Cherik fics! A short and a long one:

Dance With Me by wallhaditcoming:

After his most recent tour, Erik Lehnsherr has finally earned the rank of Captain and a commission on a vessel all his own. With the prize money he has collected and this new rank, he finally feels secure enough in his future to propose to the man he has loved for years. He just prays that Charles is willing to have him.

Comments: ~1k words, short and fluffy and light and beautiful and yes, this is another one of those that I’ve reread several times when I want to cheer myself up, or get back into a comfortable cherik mood. IT’S TOO CUTE

No Longer in Silence by Black_Betty:

It has been eight years since Charles has seen Erik. Eight years since they parted under unkind circumstances and Erik went off to sea. The boy he once knew is Captain Lehnsherr now and they are as known to one another as strangers, and yet–Charles finds that eight years has done nothing to diminish the feelings he had when he was 16 and in love.

It’s unfortunate then that Erik doesn’t feel the same way.

(Persuasion AU)

Comments: ~26k words, brilliantly brilliantly written, and as a gigantic fan of Jane Austen, I can’t help but say this was something I craved really really badly, and boy did it deliver! It’s a bit heavier than the one above, but no less good, if you’re looking for some adfkja;ldkfj-ly done mutual pining.

“white people love distancing themselves from their whiteness so much”

today I watched a marathon of a British cooking show, for dinner I ate well-done seasoningless hamburgers drowned in ketchup with a side of mashed cauliflower, then I got in a pickup truck and drove through hicksville indiana to my trailer park house, along the way I sang along to rick astley and linkin park on the radio, all while I was wearing khakis, a lord of the rings shirt, and a motherfucking camoflauge adidas baseball cap

under what circumstances am I distancing myself from my whiteness? literally all of this I did subconsciously and didn’t realize until I read this comment on a reblog of one of my posts. my subconscious is so white I should probably put on sunglasses when I look in a mirror. it’s funny when people make assumptions about your intentions when all they know about you is a tumblr post they took entirely out of context.



MULAN. ☽ ˣ @honoreflected

Man o’ man, where do I even begin with this girl?
Mulan, you and I have been friends for YEARS – you’re practically my baby sister by now. I remember the day we met like it was yesterday and I can’t believe that I didn’t approach you a day sooner, babes. For the longest time, I kept my distance from you; I had this crazy assumption that you were just a troll roleplayer, always joking around and hardly ever staying in character. But then you sent me that friend request and I figured that it was time to get to know the perfect person that is you.
I’m so glad that I did.
Honey, you turned out to be one of the most beautiful people on the planet. ON THE FUCKING PLANET. And not to mention, a great writer! Just ask your 900+ followers. c; You’re always thinking of others and you never fail to do what’s right or decide what’s fair for everyone, even if your gut tells you otherwise. I’ve seen your saddest times, your hardest times, and your happiest times and you’ve definitely seen all of mine. It’s just so crazy how you became such a huge part of my life so quickly. It was so quick, that it was almost impossible to believe and ever since we exchanged Roleplayer.Me comments, I beat myself up for not giving you a chance way back when first started. Now, I can’t even go a day without talking to you or I’ll probably lose it. Lol. Mulan… B.Cookie… you mean more to me than Jasmine does or ever will – and you KNOW how deep my love for this character is.
Basically, I love you best friend and I always will. That’s a promise!

MEGARA. ☽ ˣ @nxtmegara

You already know how much you mean to me. But… My darling! I can’t believe the circumstances of how we’ve met. Lol. Not only are you a bestie in RP, but you’re a bestie in RL, that is also my COWORKER. I just can’t. You’re an angel sent from Heaven, you just don’t know. When I was new at our crazy, slave-driving job, you welcomed me SO nicely without hesitation, along with other people too. You even bought me a Princess Jasmine pin for Christmas and a Rajah Tsum-Tsum plush randomly, just because. JUST BECAUSE. That’s how I knew we had a real thing going. AND THEN RECENTLY. You opened up to me about your personal life a little bit more, insanely revealing to me that you were into character-writes too. That literally blew my mind. Blew it. You’ve always been different than everyone else at our job but, it’s even more-so now that we have a deeper connection no one else around us will ever understand – and that’s pretty freaking cool, if you ask me. Work used to suck but, it’s worth showing up to everyday now, knowing that you’ll possibly be there, cracking up at dumb shit and avoiding mess with me. Lmfaoooo! I love you, my mermaid! Lots and lots! ~

GENIE / FLINT LOCKWOOD. ☽ ˣ @flintlockwood

My baby! Oh, guys. This is my heart right here. He is my beloved Meatball, Flint. But first and foremost, he is my main Genie of the Lamp. I have been roleplaying as Jasmine for a long enough time and for years now, I’ve struggled to find a Genie to have as a main / best friend. And then he came along and we instantly had more than an RP connection. / Fli-nie / , you mean so much more to me than some silly old RP account. Honestly, truly. That’s simply because you are absolutely incredible in character and out of character – just angelic either way. The bond that we share is irreplaceable; it’s gotten to where I can spot your editing / many, many profiles a mile away. You have made millions of other accounts to keep you occupied lately, all of which you’ve added me from. And even though your big, blue account is inactive, you’ve still held onto it just for me. That means something. I’m not going to lie, I miss having you there but being with you as Flint is just as perfect. You’re such a blessing! Just know that you will always be my number one Big Blue Baby Boo and my best friend forever!


MIRAGE. ☽ ˣ @femmexfatale-x

Mirage, Mirage, Mirage. We go waaaaay back – even farther back than Mulan and I. When I first joined the Disney verse, you were the very first one to speak to me, the first to write with me, and the first to co-own RPGs with me. We went everywhere together hand in hand and always had each other’s backs. Sadly, after a while, we grew distant as our RL’s grew busier and then you vanished completely, from time to time. But even still, you always made it a point to contact me as soon as you could and I was always willing and happy to hear from you! Then, thankfully last year, out of the blue, you made a huge come-back and things were back to the way they used to be between us. Ever since then, it has been like old times hanging out with you and catching up on everything we’ve missed out on. You’re the ride-or-die that everyone on the planet is wishing for and I’m so glad to call you mine. I love you babygal!

ICHIGO. ☽ ˣ @xkingshinigamix

You already know you hold a special place in my heart, Ichi. We haven’t known eachother for very long but, I already know for a fact that I can always depend on you. You’re my King, my Knight, my Protector. And I couldn’t ask for a better companion.

RAJA. ☽ ˣ @fireversed

My OTHER Raja + her muses. When I first made my account, before my hiatus, you were one of the very first people to speak to me here. I was SO new and SO nervous to post my writing but then, you were just so welcoming and sweet and the ice-breaking message you sent to me was too cute! You gave me the confidence that I needed and I want to seriously thank you for that. So now, when I call for my furrier Rajah, I have high hopes that you’ll come prancing from around the corner alongside him! xD ILYBBY.

POCAHONTAS. ☽ ˣ @ofthewiind

Just. Ugh. You’re the most amazing Indian Queen that I’ve ever met. Deadass. You give me such life and you’re such a beautiful and great writer. I didn’t think my love for Poca could get any stronger, TBH. Then here yo ass come, all flawless n’ shit. c; ILY, ma. Thank you for sticking with this basic-ass queen.

LOLA BUNNY. ☽ ˣ @hoopsheartthrob

#WCE right here. You’re the epitome of bunny badass and you slay me every single day. I had no choice BUT to include you on here. AND YOUR BIRTHDAY IS IN APRIL TOO? Please. Lol! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to potentially become your best friend in the whole entire world because we’re honestly meant to be when you think about it – I mean, come on now.

ESMERALDA. ☽ ˣ @murroyilodel

Esmeeeeeee! Oh, girl. You’re such a sweetheart in every way! I will never forget that day, a few weeks ago, when things weren’t going so well with me and you sent me that sweet, random message. That really made my day and it gave me the feel goods that I needed. Thank you so much, honey! That won you a permanent place on my besties list and you’re definitely A1 in my book.

MOANA. ☽ ˣ @horizoncrossed

Mo! You are beyond perfect, from muse to mun! It is a delight to see your bright, beautiful posts on my dashboard every day! You definitely do Moana a justice and I’m so excited to see where this friendship will take us! Expect tons of loving from me, okay? ~


Those of you that I’ve peeped and literally swooned over.
If anyone is / feels left out, I’m so sorry! That is not intentional!
But there are so many of you now and I’ve recently gained almost 50 more followers, so! Lol!

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Obviously, each and every one of my followers mean a lot to me! But these are just the few that have really stood out / have contacted me over the past few weeks! My list keeps updating so of course, more of you will be on the next Follow Forever post, for sure! I hope to get to know more of you soon!

Cookies and Cream

lol i really only had to add one line and then i was finished! guess i was closer to being finished than i thought! anyways, hope you enjoy! it’s their first date!!! i don’t own anything😊 ps—can you guys guess what my favorite line from this fic is? hint: it made me giggle lol
“I cannot believe you did that.”

Sylvie couldn’t help but blush when Antonio brought up her sampling all the ice cream incident. It was impulsive, she knew that, and it could have possibly ruined the date as it was also slightly catty. But he had found it to be hilarious, so all was well.

“I can’t believe it either.” She admitted with a laugh, taking a bite out of her cookies and cream ice cream. “He just made me mad.” She looked up and shrugged her shoulders at her date. Then she self-consciously wondered if she made it seem like she had a bad temper. During their date she has felt comfortable, but like with every first one, you have to have a few nerves. “Well, not mad. More irritated than anything. Like did he ever hear of the word patience?”

Antonio didn’t seem put off by her comments. “Apparently not.” They continued walking down the streets of Chicago, eating their ice cream. They had nowhere in particular to go, just decided to enjoy the nice evening weather. They had actually walked from Sylvie’s apartment. They had plans on riding in Antonio’s car, but decided to walk to the ice cream shop. “God, that look on that guy’s face though…..” He shook his head in disbelief, a wide smile on his face. “Completely badass.”

“Well, I’m flattered that you think so.” She took a bite of her ice cream. Cookies and cream was definitely the right choice. “You learn some things when you spend your time with Gabby twenty four seven.”

“I’m sure you learned some on your own.” He tried to give her credit, but Sylvie shook her head as she began to recall when she first moved to Chicago.

“God, you should have seen me when I first moved to Chicago.” She couldn’t help but cringe at the memory of her younger, naive self. “I moved into a bad neighborhood, because the rent was cheap. Should had realized that safety takes priority over cost of an apartment. And that I shouldn’t leave my money on the dining table.” His eyes widened at that comment. “Anyways, one day I left my door unlocked, and a burglar got in. Honestly, I’m surprised it took that long for someone to get in.”

“Okay, that is pretty bad.” Antonio told her. “But I can’t tell you how many situations I’ve seen over the years like that.”

“Oh! But I can give myself some credit.” She remembered the rest of her story. “Chased him off with a baseball bat.” She said proudly.

He nudged his shoulder against hers. “I don’t think Gabby taught you that in that short amount of time.” He complimented her.

“That is true.” She conceded, fully aware of how close the two of them were walking, their shoulders brushing with every step. With him not complaining, or making any motions to move, she assumed that he was just as fine with it as she was. “I guess I always had it, maybe.” She thoughtfully said, wondering why she was having this realization tonight of all nights. “Maybe with me living in the same small town all my life it was hidden…Had to get away to find myself….” She mused. Antonio was quiet next to her, seeming captivated by what she was talking about. Why, she had no clue.

“Sorry,” She apologized, this was a night for the both of them and she was talking about herself. “I tend to ramble when I’m nervous.”

“I make you nervous?” He asked, but said so with a tiny smile. Clearly her response had pleased him.

Sylvie couldn’t help but make a face at him, knowing what he was doing. “Yes, you do.” She said, then directed the question right back at him. “What about you?”

He stopped walking, turning himself directly towards her. “I don’t remember the last time I’ve been this nervous.” He truthfully told her. “And I get shot at for a living.”

His sincerity sent her into a slight loop, she wasn’t expecting such a response. “I wish I could say the same.” The words stumbled out, as she tried to regain control of them. He seemed so eloquent compared to her. This thought made their age difference come into mind, something she normally didn’t besides herself over but she was in a situation of vulnerability. “But honestly, I’ve had a gun pointed at me before and that’s pretty nerve wracking.” She rambled, becoming more flustered by the fact they were standing still and not moving forward. She was looking directly into his eyes, and God were his eyes beautiful, not helping her situation at all.

Antonio clutched his chest, acting offended. “You’re bruising my ego.” He said, but didn’t seem to mind at all. Had he stopped smiling at all tonight Sylvie wondered.

She reached forward to lightly brush his arm, pretending to comfort him. “I think you’ll be okay.”

It took a rude glance from a passing pedestrian for Sylvie to realize that they were standing in the middle of the sidewalk. “We better keep walking,” She said, gesturing for them to go.

They began to walk again, strolling through downtown Chicago. And as soon as she threw away her ice cream cup a block later, he took her hand into his. She could get used to this, she thought gleefully to herself. Here she was, 30 years old, but she was acting more giddy than when she was 16.

“I don’t find myself getting to enjoy the city anymore.” Antonio brought up, as he looked around at their surroundings. “It’s kind of hard to when you’re chasing criminals all the time. Can’t really stop and enjoy the view.”

“I get what you mean.” Sylvie agreed with him. “Except the not chasing criminals part. That would be replaced with patching people up and keeping them alive until they get to the hospital.”

“Much more noble.” He complimented her job, causing her to blush. Yes, she loved her job and was extremely proud to be a paramedic, but over the years she has been constantly compared to other medical professions. So it was huge to hear from Antonio that he thought her job was superior to his. He might be just saying it to make her feel better, but it still worked.

But she couldn’t help but voice her surprise. “Really?”

“Absolutely. You and Gabby do amazing work. Yeah, I know being a cop is great and important, and I help people as well. I’m not dogging my profession here,” He made sure to let her know. “But having to literally save a life, right in front of you…”

“How about we just both agree we work some pretty incredible jobs?” Sylvie offered, squeezing his hand. “So you can stop cutting yourself down.”

“I’m not cutting myself down,” He corrected her. “Just rising you up. Two different things.”

“What happened to the guy who replied to my magic hands comment with ‘I bet’?” She tilted her head at him, feeling victorious at the sight of his cheeks turning red. “Ha! I guess you are human!” She teased.

“I can be nervous and also comfortable.” He told her with a laugh. “Even though that night was under totally different circumstances.”

“How so?” She was curious to hear his response.

“I was taking a chance approaching you at Molly’s. I didn’t know what was going to happen.”

“And so you’re confident tonight?” She rose an eyebrow at him. “How are you sure that I am not having the worst time of my life right now?”

Antonio took her off to the side, getting out of the way of passing pedestrians. But to her amazement, they had reached her apartment building already. Had they already walked for that long? He leaned forward, his face only inches from her’s. “Are you having the worst time of your life right now?”

Her eyes couldn’t help but look back and forth from his eyes to his mouth. Plus the fact that she could feel his breathing didn’t help at all. “You’re a jerk.” She complained, making a face at him.

He, somewhat impossibly, got closer. “I didn’t know just asking a simple question makes me a jerk.”

“If you don’t move—” She began to warn him, knowing that if he stayed for another second longer, she wouldn’t be able to resist the urge to kiss him.

“If I don’t move, what’s going to hap—”

Sylvie cut him off, wrapping her arms around his neck and pressing her lips against his. He eagerly responded, his lips tasting like the chocolate ice cream he was eating minutes prior.

They only separated seconds later when she heard an obnoxious catcall, reminding her they were still very much in the public eye.


“Do you want me to walk you in?” He offered, gesturing to the tall apartment building.

Tempting, but she knew she had to decline. “If you walk me up to my door, I think I’m going to end up pulling you inside.” She told him seriously, giving him a look. She then took a deep breath, about to become more vulnerable. “I know this is going to contradict what happened a few days ago, but um, at least today, I think we should end here.” She then made awkward hand movements, trying to gesture to him that she meant right in front of the building.

“I think that’s a good idea.” He softly agreed.

Sylvie couldn’t hold back a smile. “Thank you, for today. I had a great time.”

“I had a great time too.” He repeated, and to her surprise, leaned in and kissed her cheek. “See you soon?”

She held up her phone, waving it slightly. “You can text or call.” She told him, but then wanted him to know that she could as well. “I mean, I can too, I just—”

“I get it, Sylvie.” He stopped her with a laugh.

They parted ways, and after she traveled up to her apartment, she couldn’t hold back her glee when her phone vibrated, signaling a text from Antonio.

Friday? The text read.

She began to smile. I’m free:) She texted back.

When he texted back the word perfect, she had to prevent herself from responding, not wanting to seem to eager. But God, was it Friday yet?


“Well you’re in a cheery mood.” Stella commented as Sylvie was putting away her clothes in her locker. It was the beginning of their shift, but she was still riding high from last night, this early work time was definitely not getting her down.

She shrugged, not wanting to be too gossipy and open. A part of her enjoyed knowing that yesterday’s experience was only between her and Antonio. Also they weren’t alone. Severide, Mouch, and Herrmann were in the locker room as well.

“Any reason?” The female firefighter continued to press when they were leaving the room. But Sylvie refused to budge.

“What are you trying to get out of Brett?” Gabby was now approaching them, a confused look on her face. Sylvie then knew she wouldn’t be able to keep the secret for much longer. She had to have known about last night.

“She’s in a really good mood.” Stella was getting frustrated, she certainly didn’t like to be kept out of the loop. “I’m trying to figure out why.”

Gabby frowned. Hope soared in Sylvie’s heart, maybe her partner wouldn’t put the pieces together and she would be able to go through the day without being constantly asked questions.

Stella continued talking. “I was about to ask if she got laid or something—”

“I didn’t get laid—” Sylvie protested. And that was the truth. They had just made out outside of her apartment building.

With that, Gabby groaned. “Last night was your date, right?”

Sheepishly, Sylvie nodded.

This intrigued Stella even more. She began to hit Sylvie’s arm in excitement. “What the hell, girl!” She exclaimed. “You had a date! Why is this the first time I’m hearing of it??? Who was he?” She threw tons of questions at her.

“It’s not a big deal, guys—” Sylvie tried to brush off the importance. But who was she kidding! That date with Antonio was definitely the best one she had ever been on.

“Don’t you want to hear what he said about it?” Gabby asked with a raised eyebrow.

Sylvie immediately turned towards her, with a dropped jaw and widened eyes. “Really? He said something?” She resisted the urge to grab onto her and start begging. “Did he have a good time?” Antonio had said that he enjoyed their date, but he could have been lying to not hurt her feelings!

“Do you really think I talked to my brother in the timespan from last night to this morning?” She laughed, as Sylvie realized her friend was only teasing her. Her face turned red. She had acted like a school girl with a crush.

“What!? Antonio Dawson!?” Stella yelped.

Sylvie’s eyes immediately went around the break room, seeing if anyone was listening. At the outburst, a few head’s had popped up, but then went back down, showing no interest.

“Shouldn’t this be talked about over drinks?” She tried to end the conversation. She would feel much better about discussing this at Molly’s.

“Who can wait that long!” Stella wasn’t having it. “Seriously? Antonio freakin’ Dawson. How did you snag that piece of—”

“Hey! Sister right here.” Gabby butted in, a disgusted look on her face, guessing what Stella was about to say. “Please mind your language.”

Sylvie used Gabby’s uncomfortableness to her own advantage. “I don’t want to make Gabby feel weird, so—”

“Come on! Gabby can handle it.” Stella was not giving up. “If she can’t, we can for sure go somewhere else to talk—”

“Oh, whatever!” Gabby sighed. “Even if it is my brother, a part of me still wants to hear about it! Just don’t make it too gross, please.”

Didn’t anyone need an ambulance???? Usually they had an abundance of early calls. “Okay, fine.” She conceded. “We went to get ice cream—”

“God, that’s freakin cute.” Stella interrupted.

Sylvie rolled her eyes. “Then we just walked around the city, talking and whatever.” She tried to make it sound vague, but couldn’t hide the big smile appearing on her face.

“Anything else?” Stella asked. Gabby was staying silent, but she was intrigued as well.

“Um….we held hands….” Stella didn’t have much of a reaction to that, it was clear she wanted something more juicy. “…and we made out outside of my apartment building.” Sylvie added.

Gabby made a face, while Stella waggled her eyebrows. “And then….?”

“Please don’t go any further!” Gabby moaned, starting to cover her eyes.

“Nothing else happened!” Sylvie quickly assured her two friends. “We both agreed that since it was our first date, we shouldn’t jump right in, you know?” She explained.

“Like how you jumped him the week before?” Gabby dryly said, which made Stella let out a shriek.

“Okay, that-that was—” Sylvie stuttered, knowing she had no way of explaining that. “That was a special occasion…”

“You going to my brother’s apartment on a random Tuesday night to seduce him was not a special occasion.”

As God specifically was coming to safe her, the alarm went off above them, calling for ambulance 61. She let out a sigh of relief, dashing out to the garage, knowing that Gabby would be more than happy to drop the subject.

But she knew that she had to at least acknowledge the whole awkward situation Gabby was in, how her partner slash friend was with her brother. “Sorry that you had to hear all of that.” Sylvie apologized as they got into the ambulance. “I know this is weird for you, and I appreciate that you’re handling it well.”

“I can’t lie to you, it’s really weird. Like really weird.” Gabby confessed as she pulled out of the garage and onto the street. “But if you two are happy, then I can’t really complain, you know?”

Sylvie nodded. She couldn’t complain either, about anything really. With her great job, friends, and now a new relationship, things were only looking up for Sylvie Brett.

Kiss me kill me- chapter 4

pairing: OC x mark (feat. the rest of got7 and some appearances from bts and some pairings of oc and got7)

genre: supernatural!au, some angst, fluff, hopefully comedy and smut eventually (you have been warned)

summary: a new teacher comes and stir up the life of kathy. he wanted something and what he wanted was simple. kathy. but it seems there’s more than meets the eye. (i am like the worst at summaries sorry)

word count: i'm not gonna lie i'm not counting anymore XD (…….1537….)

warnings: again i dont think so… maybe some swearing… 

so this is my first series, my official first fanfiction so i would really really really appreciate it if you guys gave me some feedback and tell me if you want me to continue it. i do have other chapters ready but i need to know if i should post them or not so please dont be shy. thank you and hope you enjoy.

I woke up groggy, everything around me dark and blurry. I groaned, my head feeling heavy, I looked around but I couldn’t make out much. The room was dark and seemed pretty empty.

“Finally you’re awake! I was getting bored.” A Peppy voice spoke up.

“What… Who are you? Were you the one who brought me here?” I asked, groaning.

“Oh no, I was brought here same as you. I just woke up an hour ago or so and I’ve been bored ever since waiting for you two to wake up.” She replied.

“Two?” I asked confused.

At that moment I heard another groan. I turn to my left and saw Lisa.

“Lisa, you got taken too?” I said, crawling to her side.

“What the hell? Where are we?” She asked looking around.

“I have no idea.” I replied. “This is weird, the last thing I remember is parting with you and then my head felt dizzy and next thing I knew I woke up here with peppy girl over there.”

“That’s weird I had the same thing, was walking to class, started to feel dizzy and then bam! I woke up here.” Lisa said looking intrigued.

“Okay well it seems obvious we’ve been drugged. But what are the chances we both got drugged the same way.” I reasoned.

“I felt fine during lunch…” She trailed off, as if she just figured out something. “What did you eat for lunch?”

“Some chicken sandwich and some iced tea.” I replied thinking it over.

“I also had the ice tea.” She replied.

“Hey so did I.” The peppy girl spoke up.

“Okay so the mystery of how we got drugged has been answered, still doesn’t tell us why?” I piped up. “I’m Katie by the way.” I introduced myself to peppy girl

“I’m Chelsea.” She answered, getting closer to us smiling.

“I would say nice to meet you but I don’t think the circumstances are the nicest.” I commented chuckling softly. “Have you looked around maybe there’s something to get us out.”

“I haven’t looked around yet, waiting for you two to wake up, but I doubt our kidnappers to leave us something to escape.” She replied.

“With a little luck they will underestimate us and leave us some stuff.” I said getting up to look around. “They didn’t tie us up which is mistake number one. They are either very foolish or so skilled they don’t need to tie us at all.”

“Frankly I’m not sure which one is the least scary option.” Lisa commented getting up as well.

We started to look around for anything that could help. I went to look at the door and jiggled the doorknob and saw that it was locked, obviously. I inspected the lock, but couldn’t look clearly at it.

“So there’s no windows, no furniture, which by the way very rude they could have at least put some chairs or something, and nothing else to get us out.” Chelsea listed off.

“Well seeing as they kidnapped us to start with, I don’t think that politeness was high on their list.” Lisa replied still looking around.

“I think I might be able to unlock that door, does anybody have a bobby pin?” I asked, looking at the two girls.

They both shook their heads and I sighted in defeat. I went back to the middle of the room and sat down.

“Guess we just wait for whoever took us to show up and hope they are not good at defending themselves.” I said defeated.

The girls came back to my side, Chelsea put her head on my lap and Lisa leaned on my shoulder. I was rubbing her back comfortingly while trying to piece all the pieces together. Something was connecting all of us I just knew it, but at the time I was a little slow to figure out what.

“Sleeping Beauties are awake.” A voice piped up coming in the room.

We all jumped up startled, looking at the new incomer. With the light coming through the door we could see a little clearer and I recognize with surprise that it was Mr. Tuan. Now if you were faced with your kidnapper, who seemed already quite crazy by the earlier events, what would you do? Probably stay quiet and calm and not do anything rash. Yeah didn’t work out well for me. What can I say? I have a temper problem. I walked to him and kneed him right where the sun don’t shine. I felt a little pride when I saw him double over in pain. We didn’t have much time to do anything however, since more people came in the room, laughing.

“She got you good.” A man laughed walking in.

“Aren’t you the new counsellor?” I asked when I got a closer look at the guys. “And you were in my class… What the hell is going on?”

“Feisty little one.” The one I recognized as Jaebum said.

“Seriously what the hell is all this?” Lisa piped up coming by my side.

The look of pure lust on the men wearing a tight black tank-top, gave her did not go unnoticed by me.

“Can’t get girls the normal way so you kidnap them?” Chelsea jumped in standing strong by our side.

“Oh this is so much more than what you can ever imagine little one.” Jaebum said with a dark chuckled.

Chelsea turned her head to me mouthing, ‘little one?’ in a questioning tone raising an incredulous brow. I shrug my shoulders turning back to face the men.

“Well then what is it?” I asked getting angry. I could see Mr. Tuan’s eyes turn red for a second at my tone before returning to normal.

“Patience baby doll.” Mr. Tuan smirked looking at me.

“Do not call me that.” I said in a cutting voice. “Well I have already missed, I’m guessing, the rest of my classes today and I have classes tomorrow so I’m gonna go.”

I started walking to the door when a tall lean boy with almost white like hair, stepped in front of me.

“You can’t do that.” He said trying to sound intimidating.

I smirked at him, I stepped up to him fast and took him down before anyone could see anything. I turned to the other boys, the smirk still on my face. “Anyone else?”

Before I could take another step, strong hands grabbed my hips, lifting me up. Arms wrapped around my waist keeping my back flushed against their chest. I turned my head seeing that it was Mr. Tuan. I tried not to get distracted by the fire his hands left against my skin and after the initial shock, I started struggling against his hold.

“Let me go!!” I screamed, trying to rip his arms off.

“Well it seems you don’t want to wait anymore so let’s do this now.” He said and I could hear the smirk and his voice. “Jaebum handle your girl and Jackson handle yours. The rest of you just go about your business and keep patrol on the exits in case these fireballs find a way to escape.”

He started walking out of the door while I was still struggling his hold. I could see Jaebum and the guy with the black tank-top, which I assume is Jackson going towards Chelsea and Lisa.

“Don’t touch them! I swear to God I will rip your heads off! Let me go!!!” I screamed enraged as we disappeared in a corner.

We walked, well more like he walked, until we reached a room. He walked in closing the door behind him with his foot. The lights opened and I could see that we were in a bedroom. The walls were dark red with a king size bed in front of us with black covers. There was a mahogany desk on the right side, two door a little on the left next to the bed, which I assumed was the closet and a door on the far left wall, which looked like the bathroom.

“What the hell… why did you bring me here?” I asked keeping my voice steady.

he placed me down gently and stepped in front of me facing me. I took it a step back by instinct.

“This is my room.” He answered casually as if that would give me the answer, stepping closer to me.

“Still doesn’t answer my question.” I countered, stepping back again.

“I thought we would have more privacy this way.” He added a dark smile on his face as he kept stepping forward.

“Privacy for what?” I asked cautiously, stepping back until my back hit the wall.

He stepped up to me until he was a few inches away from me. Cue the deja vue.

“I like where your mind is going doll.” He smirked making sure that I kept eye contact with him. “But I thought you wanted answers and it’s going to be easier to explain everything in peace and quiet.”

“Fine.” I said holding back my annoyance. “Then what are the answers?”

He looked at me with a dark smirk; his face came close to mine as he kept eye contact.

“I’m a demon.”

Perfect Life - Dean Winchester x Reader

Title: Perfect Life

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1245

Warnings: Slight bad language

A/N: Written for @spnbuddywriters SPN Team Building Challenge.  So this is Part 1 of a 3 part series written in conjunction with @waywardimpalawriter and @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel.   

Read Part 2 by @waywardimpalawriter

Read Part 3 by @thetalesofmooseandsquirrel


**Dean’s POV**

Ever since Y/N came into my life, everything has been better.  She stitches me up when I’m battered and broken, she makes the world seem that little bit brighter.  During those moments when I doubt myself, she restores my faith – she makes everything worthwhile and she’s the reason I wake up in the morning with a lease of life that I thought I had lost forever.  No matter how bad things get, I know that she’ll be there in any way I need her to be.

All of that makes my current behaviour seem like that of a complete jackass.  Thanks to some off-the-cuff comments and my ability to keep a decent poker face in pretty much any circumstance, she thinks I’ve forgotten our wedding anniversary.  Like I could ever forget the date I made her my wife, the day she made me the happiest man on earth simply by saying “I do”.

I wanted her out of the bunker for a while but apparently I may have gone a little too far in my actions because I wasn’t expecting the reaction I got from her.  She stormed out about a half hour ago, grabbing her keys and screaming something about a supply run but not before she let out quite the stream of expletives, all aimed in my direction.  My particular favourite was “you complete and utter bloody bastard”. Which reminds me – I have got to stop her from hanging around with Crowley so much…..she’s started to pick up a whole range of new insults thanks to him!

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leather and lace: six

“Well, see, I’ve not been in the city for a while and — uh, I have some spare time today, so I was thinking of going to visit your father.”

I froze in my seat instantly, unable to even remember how to breathe, let alone react to such a comment. I felt as though all the air inside my body had been sucked out, leaving me to fall to the ground, never to get up again.

Mum sensed my immediate tension but continued on regardless. “Was thinking that, uh, you’ve not really been out there since, well, you know…” She paused, her hands gesticulating her apprehensive proposal as she gulped hard. “And so I thought that maybe you’d like to join m—”


story page // chapter index

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anonymous asked:

Are you ok?

Thanks for asking nonny.  The truth of it is, between the big bang and other commitments and working on my own projects, I’m kind of burned out right now.  I’ve been working basically nonstop for the last two months or so, if not longer.  And not it a way that means I have a paycheck to console myself with. I was hoping the reviews from my BB would help, but I just…I don’t know.  I was really drained because I’d just finished my edits for my book, and then I got some comments which were basically all constructive criticism that normally wouldn’t have bothered me too much, but under the circumstances made it feel like something I do for fun and for free was becoming work and felt kind of unappreciated.  I know they meant well, but in my current frame of mind it didn’t help much.

It didn’t help that I’ve somehow managed to hurt my back again, and my period (which even on birth control is painful enough to leave me bedridden) didn’t improve matters.

So I think I’m going to be taking October off from writing (both fic and my own).  Hopefully I should be recovered in time for nano, which I love, and back to posting “regularly” again in December.  Thank you for your concern!

Happy FinnRey Friday

The fact that Rey was affectionate to Finn to the point of giving a forehead kiss to represent her protection over him is certainly not something I would personally consider as exclusively friendly. This young lady wouldn’t let another living being touch her under any circumstances. She was reluctant to Finn, he respected her space yet she would return to find comfort in his touch. I remind myself of JJ’s commentary, that their relationship at the end of TFA was open-ended. That they found belonging with each other. You don’t need books, adaptations or comments outside the context of the film to understand the ambiguity of their relationship.

The potential of romance between them may have its clichés of good, fluffy romance for which people could find “boring”, but it’s their dynamic that we rarely see in movies. Their chemistry is remarkable, and interracial relationships needs to be more represented, and represented well. FinnRey is that opportunity.

leon-karnak  asked:

I just wanted to comment about "An Honest Betrayal." I usually don't read fanfiction or browse anything NSFW, but I got curious and read it. I was completely stunned and amazed by your writing. I felt like I was breathing in that kiseru smoke and suffering MC's loneliness. Before I went to bed, I debated to myself what anyone could have done in MC's circumstances and when I woke up this morning I was still thinking about it. Thank you for writing and sharing.

Oh my gosh, thank you!! I’ve wanted to write this fic for months and I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed it :D


Star Wars Imperial Historian is a Star Wars lore channel shown from the perspective from an imperial, Alfred Prowse, archiving the galaxy covering civilizations, organizations, species, creatures, people of note, recurring technology and historic events. Please note that most topics will cover canon events to the new timeline to keep hold of the in-universe theme. I do like to interact with the community and if I do reply or comment, I myself do have a few rules on my part. If I says something in quotation marks, for example, (“Rebel Scum.” AP.) I am commenting as the character, Alfred Prowse. Please do not confuse Alfred’s political and world views as my own, as all of Alfred’s interactions are fictional however if at any circumstances I do cross the line please do let me know.