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Rebelcaptain Gossip Girl AU

Hey, Upper East Siders! Gossip Girl here. Your one and only source into scandalous life of Manhattan’s elites. And I have biggest news ever from our favorite quartets!

Jyn Erso was spotted at Grand Central, bags in hands. Was it only a year ago our favorite Stardust mysteriously disappeared from quote, “boarding school”?

Leia Padme Skywalker, daughter of CEO of Skywalker Inc. and Upper East Side Princess, came out from hair salon with new hairstyle and happy face. Could it be?! Will she have a meeting with a boy who will be her King?

Han Solo, our favorite bachelor, was found with heiress-to-be, Mara Jade. Signal boost, everyone! Heir apparent and heir presumptive of Solo Corp. and Empire Industries are gonna be the next King and Queen of New York.

Cassian Andor, an outsider-turns-to-insider, after his brief meeting with Jyn Erso. Rumors have it that he is Davits Draven’s nephew. We all know who’s Draven, right? Editor-in-Chief of Alliance Publisher and one of the richest people in USA. Does Draven hide something behind our favorite Mexican’s back?

And who am I? That’s a secret I’ll never tell.

You know you love me.
Gossip Girl


Happy 30th Birthday Taipi ♥ 2017.06.25

Sorry for the absence

Sorry for being absent on here!! Forgot my password at first, but then I had to deal with a loss that really hurt me pretty deep and couldn’t really chat outside of my close friends and just trying to joke constantly and distract myself. I mostly kept it too myself as to not drag anyone down about it except for those who I talked to super often. 

I’m feeling a bit better and will hopefully get back on my schedule in the next few days. Everything was just stressing me out and I felt a lot of pressure that I’m slowly but surely getting over. I’ve also busted my tablet but I have a new one coming soon and found an old that’ll do for now!!

I’ll be emailing those who I haven’t been able to contact before regarding commissions/trades in the next few days. I’ll be posting more art here soon, thank you to everyone who was patient. 

Story (Multiple) Announcement

Hey all, brief announcement: 1. In regards to the final chapter of ICABS I’ve been very busy and have not had the time to finish it but I will have it posted soon, I promise! 😃 2. To those who follow me for my other story PNF (which I have essentially stopped writing), I have heard your questions and requests for me to keep writing. I have been trying to plan it out and in the end I’ve come with a general conclusion. To long to short: yes I’ve heard you, yes I’ve been planning it out, no I don’t know when I’ll have it done I can assure it’ll be before September. I have a small break from June to July I’ll try to do something then, but I will warn you may hate me. 3. Following my last chapter of ICABS i will be taking a short break before I continue with Part 2. The new story should be released around the beginning of August (that way we are fully prepared and have some extras as well!) 😃 Do expect a few teasers because I can 😎 Thank you all for your patience 😁😃 love you all! -Nexi/Jay

Sneak Peak!

I was selected to write for a fanfic project organized by @spnshortstories called Seasons. It is an anthology of SPN fanfiction - all canon!verse and gen!fic - that’s going to be published in the coming months!  100 authors were chosen and we’ve all submitted our pieces now and, while I can’t share the whole fic with you, I do get to give you a sneak peak!  

Each of the authors was split into a group that was assigned a season and I was in the Spring group.  Some of the themes I got to work with were starting over, new beginnings, rebirth, freshness, and joy.  It was so much fun to write for this project!

So, about that sneak peak!  The first line of my fic April Fools’ Day is…

Sam shot up in his bed, the song “Heat of the Moment” by Asia blaring out of his phone.

For more information about the project, authors, or anything else check out these links!

I know I wrote about this before but I am really worried about my mum. She’s still really ill, she can’t really do anything without getting exhausted and feeling ‘like she’s been punched all over her body.’ The doctors aren’t sure what’s wrong with her- they think it’s chronic fatigue and lack of vitamin D along with something else, but can’t work out what that something else is. She can’t work for more than a couple of hours, can barely walk anywhere, make herself food etc. So yeah pls keep her in your prayers and thoughts!!!

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much goodness in way of warm happy fuzzies to you, your gf, and to the progress of your art!


Warm happy fuzzies are on the way, I can feel it!


Happy Pride!

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Will Herondale sat in the window of his new bedroom and looked out at a London frozen under a chilly winter sky. Snow dusted the tops of houses reaching away toward the pale ribbon of the Thames, giving the view the feeling of a fairy-tale.

Though at the moment, Will was not feeling very friendly toward fairytales.

He ought to be happy, he knew that much — after all, it was his wedding day.