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I'm not inspired, guys, sorry.

I’m not blocked, just not eager to write like usual. I’ve worked a lot of overtime this week, so I’m tired and taking the weekend off from writing unless the mood comes back strong. It’s so frustrating when the stories are in my head, but they’re just a big jumble that won’t come out right. I’ll still be around, just not likely posting fics till next week.

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What do you think Lucifer's sister Azrael is like? Do you think we'll see her this season?

Okay first can I say that I’m INCREDIBLY PLEASED that Azrael has become a thing, because I had Azrael the MALE Angel of Death in INP, and then this turned up a few episodes later.

But I actually like it so much more that she’s a sister??? Because obviously traditionally, the angels are all male, and I love that they’re twisting it like this. Because a male Angel of Death would make sense, but.. a female Angel of Death allows for so much more personality.

Azrael is probably the older/oldest child, maybe second oldest after Amenadiel, and has a LOT of younger brothers. They’re all scared of her with good reasons/they admire her/they have never entirely dared to tease her. I don’t know if she’s the only daughter, but if so, she might have a REALLY INTERESTING relationship with Mom that I would so love to know everything about, and probably won’t.

She is like Lucifer in that she has a lot of thoughts about her job, and that it’s not just to have to take away people regardless of whether they deserve it. But she’s also made herself really good at it.

Azrael loves cold-cocking the fuck out of evil bastards who deserve to die. Warlords, career criminals, sex traffickers, flagrantly corrupt politicians, etc. She shows up in her full, terrifying glory, unfurls her wings, lets the realization sink in, and hauls them off. She used to especially enjoy dropping by hell to see her little brother, and let him know a particularly big bastard was coming by, sharpen up the knives and get Maze on the job.

She and Lucifer like each other, but they bicker all the time. They are way too much alike to stay in the same room without potentially blowing it up, not metaphorically. The Angel of Death and the Devil, well, you know.

She was the only one of her siblings who kept speaking to Lucifer after the Fall. She had to, after all, as she saw him every day. Until he arranged it so that he wouldn’t see her when she came by hell with the baddies, because it was just too painful of a reminder, and centuries and centuries passed without them ever meeting face to face, just passing in the night.

And yet, as utterly ruthless as Azrael is with people who deserve what is coming to them, she is incredibly, unspeakably tender with people who don’t.

If it’s an abandoned child, if it’s a beaten woman, if it’s someone who has seen the worst of what the world had to offer, if there is no way their story should be ending like this, if Azrael may be the only gentle touch they have ever had in their life, she never forgets that fact.

She crouches down, pulls in her wings, and holds out a hand. Asks them gently what their name is. If it’s a kid, she asks what they like to do. Picks them up and smiles at them and tells them they’re going on an adventure and it’ll be fun. They just have to trust her. They just have to fall asleep. It’s soft and easy and painless and she’ll be here for them the whole time.

She carries those ones personally all the way to heaven, waits until Uriel has assured her they’re going on, and stands for a moment to make sure they do.

She remembers all of their names. All of their faces.

She always will.

Tier Harribel & Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez.

Time to draw my favorite otp again and also something for Nikan / @nihilxm. Meanwhile draws the three and six over them to hide Grimmjow’s hands a little B’) cuz reasons. Also might drew Harribel wrong, idk, haven’t looked at refs.

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alola may be hot but ice types are a thing, so imagine a triple date between hau/sun, lillie/moon, and red/green to a fuckin skating rink

sun, moon and green all bring like…… shorts and t-shirts because alola is steamy and theyre hot all the time so when they go in an actual ice skating rink where the temperature is Cold Enough To Keep The Ice Frozen they’re all a shivering mess. hau and lillie know the place well enough so they’ve come prepared with coats and sweaters and red has spent enough time up on the peak of a mountain so that the cold doesnt really bother him.