not coming back

i’m sure you can only grow these in the bae area though

I swear sometimes I think I’m the only person who likes recurring storylines.

I get it, I do, sometimes it can be repetitive, but other times… it makes it real to me? You don’t just fix a personality flaw in an instant, it takes a lot of work, a lot of trying. But each time it crops up again you deal with it a little differently, or it becomes more of a frustration to those around you, and to yourself.

A bone of contention, something to work towards.

It shows growth, and weakness, and human nature. And I kind of love it.

hmmm,,..,,…,,,,my phone is on the other side of the couch charging and it just randomly started playin music??? um i guess i have a ghost. and that ghost is an emo fuck bc it chose to play dashboard confessional of all things.


And here it is! My new video. Your comments and feedback are much appreciated :)
Hope you enjoy ❤️