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On rescuing Dwight:-

Aidan: Dwight Enys, his ship goes missing off the coast of France, his best mate, so Ross rallies the troops together, some of his old pals, to try and find out where he is…. It’s very exciting. It’s a little war movie in the middle.

Debbie: The funny thing is when you talk about it, it sounds like ‘Oh God, Ross being reckless again’ but if you think about it, he’s an army captain, he has done this kind of thing before.  It wouldn’t be like, you know, Francis going off. This guy has military experience. We’ve tried to show that he is very much the leader of this expedition and he knows… he does have some idea of what he’s doing!

Q: Ross is a military man is that where he’s most comfortable do you think?

Aidan: I think so. I think he’s better at making decisions on the battlefield… he’s far more comfortable. It’s when you see him really well-measured and gathered and clear, really. That’s when you see Ross in his element. … It’s interesting to play that side of Ross.

[BFI April ’17]

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i had this theory from the moment i read julie's insta post when she announced sana's season and (supposedly) the end of skam. she said: we are not making a new season this fall. THIS FALL!! skam seasons come out in spring, too...SO MAYBE THEY ARE TAKING A BREAK. ina said in a recent interview: "we all need a little break" or something like that ... WHAT IF!

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Your tantrums are the very reason i am proud of being far right. Keep doing what you are doing buddy, you're doing great

This is very rich coming from someone who doesn’t even have the capacity or self-control to *not* send us this message. Like. Y’all realize you embarrass yourselves right? We don’t give a fuck about you. We just have to laugh at the shit you do, which is endlessly entertaining.

Also, if you’re “proud” of your ideology, you probably don’t actually *do* very much else to be proud of in your life, do you? 

- Mod A

There is so much of myself I see in her, and maybe you do, too

Maybe Hermione Jean Granger’s parents were a little less like Ron’s parents and a little more like mine. That drive to succeed at all costs, the breakdowns, feeling like she couldn’t talk to anyone – I see myself in her, and my fiancée, and the experiences of so many others who couldn’t prove abuse, but were implicitly told that “living up to their potential” was their only purpose in life. So –

Give me a Hermione Granger whose parents suggested to her, ever-so-gently, that to remain in magical school it was best that she came top in her year. “To dispel prejudices against, um, what was it that professor said? Muggle-borns,” they told her, but she knew why.

Give me a Hermione whose parents succeeded in a career that was very difficult to enter, and expect the same of her.

Give me a Hermione who came second, or third, or fourth or even plain old middling in a subject she just hated in primary school, and was lectured until she cried. (Hence her mania to do well in History of Magic.)

Give me a Hermione who thinks she can’t trust teachers, especially since Minerva McGonagall doesn’t suspect anything about her parents’ request to send home a progress report every few weeks. This is, after all, not a skinny and defiant Harry Potter, but a girl who just loves to succeed – and what’s wrong with that, after all?

Give me a Hermione whose fanatic organizational system is a result of being grounded if she forgot a homework assignment.

(This is the brightest witch of her age, still – I must say it here. Don’t get me wrong. But school is not everything, and brightness can shine in unexpected places. There are simply other reasons for why she is how she is, in addition to brains.)

Give me a Hermione who is weak-kneed with relief that the Sorting Hat at least offered her Ravenclaw, because she can tell her parents so.

Give me a Hermione who is frightened whenever classwork or homework seems too easy, because what’s coming next? She studies far ahead to compensate.

Give me a Hermione who wishes she had an excuse to stay at Hogwarts over holidays, because her parents sit her down and “discuss” anything in her progress reports they don’t like until she breaks down in tears.

Give me a Hermione who in second year screamed “No!” when exams were canceled, because it was the only way to prove to her parents that she was still doing well even after she was “irresponsible” enough to get herself Petrified.

Give me a Hermione who lets Harry and Ron copy off her despite her annoyance, because although they seem happy, she has no idea what they might have to deal with at home should they fail. No matter how many times Harry exasperatedly explains that the Dursleys don’t care (when she asks in veiled terms, of course, because she can’t tell), she still wants to help. The same, of course, goes for Neville and his potions.

Give me a Hermione who wishes with all her heart that she can drop at least one of her subjects third year, even though she enjoys most of them (except for Divination, of course).

Give me a Hermione who forced herself to envision McGonagall instead of Mum and Dad when the boggart came up to her during third-year exams, because there was absolutely no way she was letting Lupin know.

Give me a Hermione whose parents insisted that she go through years of jaw pain and expense and ridicule to fix something that was genuinely giving her problems, just as they had, despite a magical solution – and who was so relieved when Snape gave her an excuse to do just the opposite.

Give me a Hermione who likes Viktor for his eagerness to talk with her about how interesting the contents of her books are, rather than how many there are.

Give me a Hermione who, in a tiny, guilty part of her heart, knows that she Obliviated her parents both for their safety and her own. They wouldn’t hesitate to hurt her in every verbal way they knew how if they heard she was dropping out of school.

Give me a Hermione who finds happiness in whatever career she chooses. Whatever person. Ron with his easy intelligence and love of logic and kindness. Viktor with his curiosity and willingness to teach her how to fly. Anyone and everyone, anything and everything, as long as it makes her happy and content. Give her free time and hobbies and smiles.

Give me a Hermione whose parents, years later, deny that they ever did any such things to her – “Your marks were fantastic!” – and give her the courage to tell them the truth.

Give me Hermione.

Imagine Kaiba going to bed at like 3 am and he’s already half asleep and not really on this plane of reality and he sees something on the floor that looks like some sort of murderous mutant spider and he screams

And then it turns out it’s just a tangle made of hair Mokuba lost and he’s like. This room got cleaned this morning how did Mokuba manage to get all this hair in here already is it normal for someone to lose hair at this rate

So like I’m almost half way through Hero of Ages and a few of my predictions:

-Kelsier, supposedly, who is talking to Spook: same guy who was talking to Zane.
-Also probably not actually Kelsier
-I feel like everyone is going to die. I sense a Rogue One ending coming.
-but if anyone lives, it’ll be Sazed or Spook
-Marsh is going to have some big role with defeating/trapping Ruin
-But definitely die
-I still feel like Kelsier’s going to come back in some way (beyond maybe being the one whispering stuff to Spook). He probably won’t but like I still gotta hope
-uh yeah also
-Vin isn’t the hero of ages
-Sazed is the hero of ages
-also he’s the one who wrote the italicized stuff before each chapter
-whoever wrote it is certainly a core member of Kelsier’s original crew, and given the… general feeling/style of the writing I think it’s Sazed. And the first chapter is “I am, unfortunately, the Hero of Ages” so I’m fairly certain Sazed is the Hero of Ages
-one last prediction:
-I’m going to cry

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Hi! I'm moving to student halls soon and I was really curious about your move-in day experience. Like how did the meeting with your suitmates went, meeting new people in general and all that stuff.

((OOC: Moving in day at university was so difficult for me because I don’t find it easy to put myself out there and tend to get very anxious in social situations (I’d had three glasses of wine before I even left my room to go and talk to my flat mates… I do not recommend this approach) 

There was a big moving in party on campus so thats where I did most of my socialising. Thats also where I met Lucy, who laughed at a weird guy that was hitting on me and then started fangirling about shakespeare… and we were literally joined at the hip from that day on XD 

Honesty the best advice I have for moving in day is just to be yourself. Everyone is in the same situation and everyone is as nervous as you are but I have met the most amazing people this year, I’ve laughed almost constantly and am more myself than ever before. 
Take a deep breath and jump because It’s going to be an awesome year, and If you’re really lucky you’ll meet someone as awesome as this beautiful human below <3)) 


ADOT’S NEXT CHAPTER (CH. 40) IS NOW DONE. FINALLY. BLESS. It clocks in at 5.3k words and awaiting edits/betaing, but for all of you who have been so kindly waiting for an update for two+ months, it should be up in the next couple of days depending on how fast we can get it turned around.

THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING SO PATIENT WITH MY INCONSISTENT BUTT (I blame it on finishing Proposal and Dramione and kdramas and general distraction lol). ILU.

Sonic showed up at the Underswap house and decided to greet Blueberry with an enchanting introduction

…and now Sonic is listed as one of Blueberry’s love interests

Sonic no this game is already enough of a bad fanfiction we’re not doing this