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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 5

The Beginning - Chapter One

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Not gonna lie, my heart hurts a little after drawing this update.

But please enjoy! I’ve been looking forward to this set of pages for a long time. :)

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Holy SMOKES that’s a looooong post!!

So, @min-play​ made those skelebros reactions to alcohol, and it got me thinking! (It’s dangerous to think, I know) because I always thought US!Papyrus as a regular stoner, and with a big heart for sweets, he would probably make some “funny” brownies.

My friend @thelongshorts​ came up with the idea that Sans just becomes other alternate universes of himself, ESPECIALLY UT!Sans since he’s so chill and sleepy and punny :> But also UF!Sans because your mood can swing so much when you’re high.

I’ve NEVER made anything this long! Proud of myself *runs around in circles*


a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter Two - Part 3

The Beginning - Chapter One

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Everything about this update makes me happy :)

Because ya’ll are awesome, please enjoy these pages a few days early! I’m already very excited to start on the next set of pages, haha ^^

Also omg Fatal buddy friendo social skills learn them

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!

Underswap belongs to @popcornpr1nce!


Sleep time

Big plus of being a drawin person is that u can draw yourself whatever you want to see atm. I wanted to draw this scene.


Birthday part 3 (CollegePapyrus)

It’s Sans’ b-day and it seems things are looking as gloomy as always…

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This is all I could think of after seeing Steven in that jacket. >v<-)^


Bokuto: I got you fam

Akaashi: Bokuto-san for the umpteenth time, Hinata-san is not your son. Plz stop…

Text post inspired comic from here >>  credit to @incorrectgym3 I love all of these related blogs, there is a plethora of ideas for comics and I am so happy about that. This fandom is a blessing. Plz keep making these text posts to draw from.


… when skellies get elctricuted? idk man.

hah, fuck anatomy, I am having a helluva fight with this artblock, so just getting something stamped as DONE is a fucking miracle

also - I have too many different ways I want them to look as humans, I had such a hard time picking a design… and then, out of my hands this crap came to be. Im sorry, it’ll be better next time pfffff

this was sent to me weeks ago but I never actually did it until now… I really should start pacing myself because this legit took me all afternoon to finish

so y’all better read this and enjoy it because it’s long but oh so good. obviously, this isn’t as convenient as a full-on typeset, but I do recommend looking at the comic on a separate tab while reading this translation in order to follow along! and if even then it’s hard to follow along… I’m sorry

Page 1

Karamatsu: Heh. I look good today, too. Perfect.
Todomatsu: How long are you going to keep staring at your mirror?
Karamatsu: My mirror is just fascinated by me and won’t let me go.
Todomatsu: How painful~ Look, Ichimatsu-niisan’s giving you a really amazing look right now.
Karamatsu: Eek… Th-That’s right. It’s time for me to meet my Karamatsu Girls. I have to go guide them towards fate.
Todomatsu: Okay, okay. Take care. (after he’s gone) Geez, what a pain…
Ichimatsu: …Ughhhhhhhhhhh…
Ichimatsu (thinking): It’s like daily torture… It’s totally like I’m being shown the old me… That way of speaking as if putting on a performance, that behavior of trying to act cool… That wasn’t something Karamatsu started. It was me. This is something that my brothers all know, which only makes it even more embarrassing… I just want to forget anything ever happened…

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a Fatal_Error has Occurred: Chapter One - Part 5

Read the Beginning

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This update makes me happy :)

Aftertale, Errortale, GenoSans, and ErrorSans belongs to @loverofpiggies!

Outertale belongs to @outertale!


I was trying to go to bed at like 2am the other day and somehow ended up thinking to myself “what if Frisk just brought back an old person after they left the barrier” cause nobody ever said you had to murder someone to get their soul which led to this nonsense

and here’s a bonus because I’m an dummy and forgot the beginning of the phone call:

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