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Have you seen the legit articles using your fake article as if it's a legit article????? Omggg


for those of you who don’t know, i started a rumor (as an inside joke with @justawordshaker, @outofcases and @singledadniall) about how louis’ baby was named conchobar and people believed it! which, the 1d fandom is not known for checking their sources so whatever. AND THEN IT GETS INTERESTING.

sugarscape, capital fm, e online, india today, the international business, the international business times us, even freaking cnn all reported on it. granted, most of them did say it was a rumor started by fans, but there are some that are legit about it being a real name for baby tommo. (i’m looking at u who directly quoted my exclusive source @singledadniall who made it up)

i was in journalism for three years in high school and this is basic stuff people. YOU CHECK YOUR SOURCES. if something’s trending on twitter, don’t just trust twitter! get to the bottom of it! that’s just lazy journalism.


I think this is for my parents, who allowed me to live my dream and with this award I’d like to tell parents out there to let their children live their dream. This is only possible because they believed in me more than I believed in myself and they’ve been so supportive and so encouraging. Living away from family is not easy, but to always make feel like they’re there for me no matter what, this wouldn’t be possible without the two of you so thank you.

Deepika Padukone, at the CNN-IBN Indian of the Year Award receiving the Special Achievement Award


Ebola! Very hard to contract. Do EVERYTHING we can to stop it. Close the border. Cancel flights. Quarantine nurses who have no symptoms. Spend weeks covering it in an alarmist paranoid fashion. Kills ZERO people who contracted it in America because of our medical expertise. Ebola is a public health threat yells all of the bloggers. The govt needs to do whatever it takes.

Measles! Very easy to contract. Be asked to do the bear minimum by vaccinating your children for the sake of herd immunity and for the sake of community? Neva because CNN isn’t freaking out about it. Neva because freedddddommmmmmm and libertyyyyyyy. 102 confirmed cases in the U.S. so far this year of measles. A disease that still killed 18 people a day around the world in 2008 and there is still 20 million measles cases every year around the world. Measles, an actual threat, yells all of the bloggers is not a problem for my child. My son is safe because I say so. The govt needs to stay out of my life.

CNN is Freaking Out!

My gf’s was going under some minor surgery today, so from 8-7 I was in the hospital as the election fallout was taking place.  It was freaking hilarious.  All I had for entertainment was CNN on in the waiting rooms.  Apparently when things aren’t going to script, they lose their shit.