not club penguin

>Webkins is dead

>Neopets’s economy has gone to shit

>Gaia’s economy was destroyed by irresponsible Gaia Cash practices

>Club Penguin has shut down

>Runescape still has a stable economy and a sizable playerbase and continuous updates to improve content, and quickly taking note of player feedback regarding many things, even made a clone of the old version for players who disliked the new version.

RS is the only 2000s online hangout still kickin, lads.

So Club Penguin is shutting down to be replaced by Club Penguin Island, but I don’t think anyone fully understands what this means. Do you really expect me to believe that these fun-loving penguins would willingly leave their happy arctic home to live on a tropical island unfit to sustain penguin life? No. Fuck that. Remember that Disney owns Club Penguin, therefore, it is my humble hypothesis that the original world of Club Penguin has been consumed by the darkness so all the penguins and puffles had to migrate to Destiny Islands as refugees. Now, Sora must purge the darkness from their original arctic world so they may return in safety. This will be a crucial plot point in Kingdom Hearts III.

today.. the most homosexual being to ever exist... has died..... 1 minute of silence... for rainbow puffle

we will always remember your achievement as the Gayest of all the species to ever exist. We will always love you, Rainbow Puffle

🙏 🙏 🙏 rest in piece 🙏 🙏 🙏