not climate change

“In Nepal, 150 people have been killed and 90,000 homes have been destroyed in what the UN has called the worst flooding incident in the country in a decade.

According to the Red Cross, at least 7.1 million people have been affected in Bangladesh - more than the population of Scotland - and around 1.4 million people have been affected in Nepal.

International aid agencies said thousands of villages have been cut off by flooding with people being deprived of food and clean water for days.”

Climate change activists being shut down because “now is not the time…” We’re seeing some of the most dramatic and severe weather events ever recorded across the globe, never before seen levels of warming and emissions, severe flooding and habitat degradation, meanwhile governments still refuse to react with anywhere near the level of urgency required. If now isn’t the time to talk about climate change, when the fuck is?

to all my floridians and islanders, please stay safe. irma is a category 5 and is now one of the largest hurricanes to have ever developed in the atlantic and it may only get larger. please stock up on water and supplies, and evacuate if you need to, do not get caught unawares like houston was. if you can’t evacuate please prep your homes with sandbags or move to a shelter! this will devastate when it hits, please stay safe and stay aware.

some of y'all need to stop being oblivious to the how humans are constantly fucking up the environment AKA Miss Earth. all of this crazy weather is happening because of pollution, climate change, and humans exploiting the planet catalyzed in greediness. It’s time for you “climate change is a hoax” freaks to wake up and realize we have a serious ass problem. future generations are going to suffer and go through even worse weather conditions if we don’t take the proper precautions to not be disastrous Miss Earth. she’s fucking pissed.

This is what colonialism looks like

“If you ever wondered what colonialism looks like, this is it. It’s a country that ignores a catastrophic disaster in its colony while people draw “SOS” signs on the street that they need water and food, yet responded with surprising agility to make sure they passed a law protecting Wall Street investors and their profits in the island.

It’s a President that tweets how “sad” it is that millions are starving, with no electricity or water and reminds them that it’s because they owe bankers billions of dollars, which they will need to repay (before aid is shipped?).

It’s an imperial power whose denial of climate change and undeterred capitalism contributed to the destruction of whole island nations and yet when calls of aid are demanded to respond for their crimes, silence.

Colonialism is not being able to control your borders, air space or ports so you can’t receive aid shipments from nearby countries wanting to help and show solidarity because your colonial power is MIA, except for their military planes which hover nearby to keep away other countries’ aid.

This is what colonialism looks like. This is what capitalism looks like. This is what climate change and our future looks like.”