not childs anymore

Squall Week Day 3: favourite inner monologue / silence / sleepless nights

Why do people depend on each other? In the end you’re on your own. I’m fine by myself now. I have all the skills I need to survive. I’m not a child anymore…That’s a lie. I don’t know anything. I’m confused. I don’t want to depend on anyone. How can I do that? Someone tell me…someone? So I’ll end up depending on others after all…

I ended up doing a similar style to Day One’s, lol…oh well. Also, I missed yesterday because I was sick all day, I hope to find the time to draw it and post it by the end of the week though!

I know there haven’t been any fun or fluffy pics yet but Monday’s definitely will be something cute, promise!

Anyways, this has always been one of my favorite scenes/quotes, all I want to do is give Squall a hug haha.

it’s so hard to imagine what good parents are supposed to be. I feel out of sync. watching parents interact with their children and being affectionate looks wrong, like a setup. hearing parents speak to their children with mutual respect or understanding, not demeaning them or manipulating them, looks like a façade. I feel like i should warn them. like I need to protect every kid I see. but some of them are safe? it doesn’t make sense.

Better With Age

Summary: Sam freaks out a little about growing older. You comfort him.

Word Count: 1900ish

Warning: standard smut, a little dirty talk

A/N: Hope y’all enjoy this one! XOXO

It’s the little things.

Sam starts an intense multivitamin regimen in the mornings. He cuts back on the beer. He tries his best to start sleeping five or six hours instead of the usual four.

You get it. You aren’t twenty-one years old anymore either. Sore muscles take a couple of days longer to heal, too many beers at dinner makes you feel awful the next day, and you just simply don’t have the stamina you used to.

Sam is just trying to ward off middle-age as long as he can, despite the fact that he’s not even there yet.

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a fanmix for Laura Kinney

01. child, they’re seeking weakness tonight / 02. this human heart, how many times can it be torn, before a superhero is born? / 03. you gave me my very first gun / 04. you are another one, buried here by no one / 05. no hope, just lies and you’re taught to cry into your pillow, but I survived / 06. my childhood spat back out the monster that you see / 07. I play for keeps, ‘cause I might not make it back / 08. I’m only the monster you made me / 09. better men have hit their knees, and bigger men have died / 10. this war is mine / 11. you know the blood that I’m owed is all yours / 12. excuse me sir, am I your daughter? / 13. I make no apologies all of my sins I would repeat / 14. I will burn your kingdom if you try to conquer me and mine / 15. if I’ve no one to fight, how do I know who I am? / 16. you will be the one that I’ll become / 17. don’t you ever tame your demons, but always keep them on a leash / 18. one eye is taken for an eye / 19. welcome to the new age / 20. to the edge of the earth, it’s a brave new world, from the last to the first / 21. I would like to run away to a place where stars could be seen as a warning, where we could rise clean in the morning

[ L I S T E N ]

“The strange and wondrous secrets of Gravity Falls, Oregon.”

anonymous asked:

Remember the mall episode? Maybe before Pidge came along, Lance and s/o were checking out the shop?

Yeaaaahhh!!!! This is a short one bc I’m unimaginative

“Alright, 2 through 6! I’m counting on you to find those scaultrite lenses!” Coran adjusted his disguise, seemingly proud he was ‘blending in’. You and Lance shared a skeptical look over your glasses but said nothing as Coran continued, “Remember, you have no money. And no one can know who you are. So looking only! Got it? And don’t cause any trouble. This may look like a mall, but this is a swap moon. Swindlers are everywhere!”

“Yeah, yeah. We got it Coran. Just look around for one varga. No touching. No fighting. Keith.” Lance sniggered while Keith shot him an unappreciated “Hey!” and continued, “We promise, we’ll be good. I’ve got Y/N to keep me out of trouble.” He shot you a wink and you felt a warm blush rise in your cheeks.

“That’s what I’m worried about Space Juice.” Coran shot Lance a withering look that had your boyfriend cowering. “Just keep a low profile. Got it?” You all nodded, eager to ditch your babysitter, toss your ridiculous getups, and to explore some shops.

“Whoa! Hey, Y/N! Look at this shop!” Lance stopped in front of an empty store, his hand clasped in yours forcing you stop next to him. 

“Looks kinda sad…”, you mumble. It was a lot more empty than the other stores you’d seen. In fact, there wasn’t a single person in it. Just a lonely grey alien waving enthusiastically at his potential customers.

“Well…yeah, ok but look at what it’s selling! This is all retro Earth stuff!” He lets go of your hand and dashes in, his face lighting up with excitement and making him look like a twelve year old rather than a Defender of the Universe. You can’t help but smile as he starts going through a stack of ancient CD’s, his tongue poking out between his lips.

“Anything good?” You peek over his shoulder, resting your chin on it and enjoying his cologne. How he managed to smell like citrus in space he won’t let you  know. Lancey secrets he says.

“Yeah babe, look at this stuff! MCR. Fall Out Boy. Nickelback. Prince. Kesha. Oh my god, they have freaking Queen! This is like ancient history! You can’t even play this stuff on Earth anymore without some major internet searching.” You snuck your arms around his slim waist, content to hang out while he continued searching a new stack labeled ‘Reggae’. “Man. I wish we had money. I would give up my slippers for some Earth music. Even some oldies like this.”

He pauses in his searching and leans back in your arms with a heavy sigh, “I miss Earth.” His hands come to a rest on yours, nervously rubbing circles with his thumbs on your skin. You sense he has more to say, what with the way he’s chewing his lips and the downcast look in his eyes. So you patiently wait.

“Y/n? Do you–? Do you ever think we’ll make it home?” His voice is quiet and serious, a rare thing for Lance so it’s actually quite terrifying. You want to comfort him, to hold his face and kiss him senseless, to tell him that of course you’re going to make it back home. And sooner rather than later. But…

“I…want to believe…”, your voice trails off. You know very well that you and your friends could die any time you fly out. Any battle could be your last. And the chances of you all making it back to Earth statistically went down every time you survived. Eventually, your luck was going to run out…

“Nice X-files reference”, he snorts.

You roll your eyes, “Seriously? Lance! I thought we were having a moment!”

He turns around in your arms, his goofy smile back as he leans for a quick kiss, “And now it’s gone. C’mon! There’s Pidge!” 

He slips out of your arms and takes your hand, tugging you to the front. And you let him, setting a mental reminder to finish this conversation later. Maybe in a less public space.

 “Pidge! Hey Pidgeon! Look at all the cool Earth stuff this alien is selling!”

Your words hurt more than your hits.
“Useless, worthless, stupid.”
I am done. Done living my life in fear.
Beat me up for what I have to say.
I can take it.
Because mother dearest, soon I will be gone.
And you will have no one.

So come and beat me till I am numb.
Remind me of how much of a regret I am.
Tell me how you hate me, with every inch of your being.
Tear me apart right at the seams.
But mommy, I will pull myself up. Piece by piece.

—  Words of a daughter, that finally had enough -Klaudia Isky


the mother’s pov : 

❝Do you want to feel the baby kick?❞ 
❝I’m eating for two, so let’s go grab some grub.❞ 
❝I’m… pregnant… and it’s yours.❞
❝We need to talk, I need to tell you something..❞ 
❝I’m too far along for an abortion.❞ 
❝You want to give our baby up for adoption?❞ 
❝I need to know… if you love me, if you love us..❞ 
❝I thought you would be happy… it’s our baby.❞ 
❝It’s your baby I’m carrying…❞ 
❝I want to tell you that’s it’s yours but it’s not…❞ 
❝I want to find out the gender with you there.❞ 
❝I’m so lucky to have you by side during this pregnancy.❞ 
❝I wouldn’t want anyone else by side during this pregnancy.❞ 
❝Do you feel that? It’s the baby… it’s kicking.❞ 
❝I’m not going to be surrounded in a place were my baby isn’t wanted.❞ 
❝How could say that? This is our child to be!❞ 
❝I’m pregnant, I can’t act like a child anymore.❞ 
❝I’m pregnant, not incapable.❞ 
❝I’m sorry you’ve had deal with my pregnancy hormones lately…❞ 
❝I just wanted to wait to tell you, I wanted to know for sure I was keeping it.❞ 
❝I’m not sure what to do anymore but it is your baby…❞ 
❝This is just as much as your baby as it is mine.❞ 
❝I’m not lying! We can do a test right now!❞ 
❝Why are you blaming me? We at both at fault! It’s not the baby’s fault!❞ 
❝I’m not going to be around people like you, who don’t support me.❞ 
❝I am keeping this baby and I’m not discussing it anymore.❞ 
❝People have told me I’m glowing lately and I know why…❞ 
❝I’m ready to be mom! More than what you think!❞ 
❝I will be a great mother to my child, unlike you!❞ 
❝This is my decision! Not yours!❞ 
❝You told me you wanted the baby and now you don’t?❞ 
❝Why are suddenly against having this baby with me?❞ 

the father’s pov : 

❝How far along are you? When did you find out?❞ 
❝Well, that’s great news! Isn’t it? I think so.❞ 
❝Wait, are you telling me, its my baby?❞
❝Well, how do you know its my baby?❞ 
❝You’re carrying my child?! That’s great news!❞ 
❝I love you and I’m ready to be a parent with you.❞ 
❝I wouldn’t want a baby with anyone else other than you.❞ 
❝How long have you known? Have you told anyone else yet?❞ 
❝Well, I’ll get a job and help support you and our baby.❞ 
❝Hey… don’t worry so much, okay? We can raise it.❞ 
❝It’s going to be okay, we can do this.❞ 
❝I have the perfect plan for you, me and our baby… a good plan.❞ 
❝I was thinking… since you’re pregnant and all, would you marry me?❞ 
❝I love you so much, that’s great news after the day I had.❞ 
❝As long as we’re happy, as long as the baby is happy.❞ 
❝I’m not abandoning you or my baby!❞ 
❝I’m not walking out on my kid like my parents did.❞ 
❝I’m going to be here for you and our baby.❞ 
❝Why would you want that for our baby? You’re talking nonsense.❞ 
❝I’m ready to be a father and you’ll make the best mother.❞ 
❝I have never felt so lucky!❞ 
❝This baby is a blessing and probably saved my life.❞ 
❝Did you hear? I’m going to be a dad!❞ 
❝I’m going to officially be a dad in a few months!❞ 
❝I’ll be a much better dad than you ever were to me that’s for sure.❞ 
❝My girlfriend is pregnant and she’s keeping it and I want her to keep it.❞ 
❝Don’t tell me anything about being a dad when you never were one for me!❞ 
❝Are you serious?! You’re pregnant?! That’s amazing, baby!❞ 
❝Well, do you need anything? Anything at all?❞ 
❝What? Something wrong with the baby?❞ 
❝I just want to keep you and our babt safe and happy.❞ 
❝I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now!❞