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So here I am, dead inside with a $53 parking ticket on a meter I was going to add more money into, but between the 10 minutes of me walking back down to my car I landed with a ticket regardless. ; u ;

I’m currently doing con prepping and on top of that next week I have to pay for another batch of testosterone AND continuously adding gas to drive to a job that’s 30 minutes away. I’m honestly so stressed by this cause I could be using that $53 for gas (it would’ve gotten me TWO full tanks!) My parents offered to pay for it but honestly with them paying for my school and housing I don’t want to burden them any more, especially since my sibling’s about to go into college next year as well.

So I really need to pay off this ticket before August 11th to get myself back on track, honestly just 10 people is all I need to get this ticket paid!!!

Please help out any way you can, boost this please! I’m willing to draw anything at this point just to get this ticket paid. You can reach me here or my email, !

Thank you for your time!




2nd try, here’s my knife collection!!! The top two came in today and I LOVE them, and I decided I wanted to get everything together, so!

Here they all are.


Hey everyone.

I’m having some pretty bad financial issues right now, so I’m opening up super cheap commissions, basically until I make enough to get by.

I’m gonna say a solid $10USD for basically any commission right now.

No slot limits or anything, just get in contact with me and we can work it out. I’m expecting to turn these around fairly quickly too, so look out for that.

If you can, please share this around with anyone you think might be up for this.

I have a few free commissions from a previous thing I was doing, and I’ll be posting them as they get finished on like I do.

Go ahead and either DM me here, on ryodraws, or at

Thank you, you’re saving several lives ;___;

(The recent pile of free commissions are all furry due to the nature of the offer I made, but I definitely do more than just furry art. I’ll try to do some reposts of other arts I’ve uploaded around, or just upload other things I’ve never posted yet, so that there’s more of a ‘portfolio’ to look through. I also do landscape stuff and painterly images. Just ask and chances are I’ll probably be OK doing it.)

My commissions are open boooyyyyy

Here are some prices:

Simplistic sketch-
Bust: $3
Torso: $6
Full body: $9

Bust: $6
Torso: $10
Full body: $12
( + $5 per added char.)

Simple color-
Bust: $8
Torso: $11
Full body: $14

Bust: $16
Torso: $20
Full body: $25

( + $7 per added char.)

(Anything with shading/color comes with a simple background)

-LGBTQ+ content
-(If you have a question about anything you’d want me to draw that isn’t listed then don’t be afraid to ask!)
-Sexual NSFW (only because I suck at it)

When commissioning me, please have a ref or be very specific (characters, color scheme, mood, expressions, clothing, ect.) with what you would like and what you’d want your outcome to be. (I can send wips of the commission if you request for me to do so!)

I do reserve the right to deny and refuse commissions. If I do end up accepting I require full payment upfront (half if you’re really weary please)
If I an unable to finish a commission, you will get a full refund!!

!!All payments must be through paypal!!

(Please send your inquiries to me through my PM!)

I appreciate any reblogs and signalboosts! Money is a bit tight at the moment so this would mean a lot to me ,,

hello! I know a lot of people are looking for cheaper alternatives to common stationery that is hyped a lot in the studyblr community. as a certified stationery addict, I gotchu! here’s some of my fave stationery items that you can find for decent prices in the usa.

**some of these pens are pretty inexpensive on amazon and come with prime shipping. I’ve never seen them in stores, but your mileage may vary.

black pens: best value is bolded; faves are italicized

pentel energel 0.5mm needle point - one of my favorite pens for note-taking. the inkflow is super smooth and the ink doesn’t smear/smudge very easil. the pen bodies are pretty pricey, but you can buy two refills for $2.29 - $2.69 (the price varies based on store). the refills will fit into standard gel pens such as the pilot g2. 

pilot g2 0.5mm - I’ve seen a pack of 12 for about $13 at staples, which should last you the whole school year. the ink flow is smooth and they smudge a lot less than the 0.7mm version. 

pilot g2 0.38mm - due to the smaller tip size, there’s less smearing with these pens, and they’re still pretty smooth. you can buy a pack of 12 for about $15 at staples. 

pilot precise v5 rollerball - these pens are super smooth and you can find them at a variety of stores at pretty good prices. because they’re rollerballs, the ink tends to be a bit thin/drippy and you might get a tiny bit of feathering, but personally I don’t really mind that and i still use them. I’ve seen a pack of 2 at target and rite aid for about $2. 

zebra sarasa 0.5 (non push clip) - these pens aren’t as smooth as the push clip version but they’re available at staples for about $15 for 12. 

bic ballpoint pens - they’re super cheap (about $1 for 12 at target or rite aid during back to school sales) and pretty smooth. although I can only find them in 0.7mm and 1.0mm tip sizes, which aren’t great for my small handwriting, they’re really not bad pens, especially considering the price. they also don’t smudge at all when highlighted! 

colored pens

zebra sarasa 0.5 (push clip) - i love these pens so much. they never skip, bleed, or feather and barely smear. you can find a pack of 10 for $9 which is great !!! value !!! on amazon prime. (you can’t really find these in stores, unfortunately.)

pilot juice 0.38 - probably my all time favorite colored pens. they’re super similar to the zebra sarasa, but they’re even smoother to write with. you can find them on amazon for about $13 for 12 pens. 

binder paper and notebooks:

tbh expensive paper is… really expensive, especially rhodia, moleskine, and leuchtturm notebooks. i just use generic binder paper and spiral notebooks for class notes.

my bullet journal is an essentials a5 grid notebook, which is about $11 on amazon. it’s a great dupe for the moleskine and leuchtturm notebooks for almost half the price, and i really like it.

sticky notes:

post it brand sticky notes are actually super expensive. a pack of 3 can be almost $8 at staples or office max. usually, i buy generic sticky notes from target or a dollar store. 

that’s about all i have! i hope you found this helpful! if you’d like, you can check out my tumblr and studygram for more helpful posts :)

-arohee from camellia-study

also yikes @ my cover photo

[ disclaimer: this post might contain affiliate links. you don’t have to use them, but your support will go a long way in helping out ur local broke high school student ]

Inexpensive Witch Items for your craft #1

This will be my first post on places to get inexpensive items for you!

DOLLAR TREE!!! I can not explain my love for this store to be honest. Now it may be an obvious store for budget friendly people but I know many people may not think about going there for items for your altar, spells, etc but it is my go to place for all of my items! I will list below all of my favorite items you can get from there! Also they always get in new items all the time so I go quite frequently to see what I can pick up! And of course everything is $1 so to be honest it can’t get any better than that!

SALTS: 2lb boxes of sea salt, regular table salt, and they will even sometimes have pink Himalayan sea salt! Do I even have to mention why this is useful? Well I will anyway! Salt is like the boss of protection and purification. Use it in baths, spells, throw it around the house to keep negative things out, use it when you cast circles, etc. Salt is the bomb I my opinion. And why not get a huge box of it for $1?

SPICES AND HERBS: they have amazing spices to be honest. (Not just to use for cooking which I do) but they have cinnamon, parsley, ground sage, Basil, oregano, ground cloves, All spice, Ginger, etc. You can use these in jar spells, dream sachets, cooking spells, etc. They are fantastic especially for beginner witches who don’t want to spend tons on dried herbs or can’t find them locally outside in the wild or like those who live in a big city far from lots of nature where it’s hard to grow them yourself… Or for those who don’t have as much of a green thumb!

CANDLES!!! : THIS is one of my favorite sections at the dollar tree. You can probably get a better deal for bulk tea light candles somewhere else like Walmart but the dollar tree has amazing tall pillar candles, Scented candles, cute jar candles, Mason jar candles which obviously you can re-use for spells or storage! They have candles in different colors as well! For those who don’t like much flame they have great battery operated candles as well!

GLASS CONTAINERS AND JARS: THEY HAVE SO MANY GLASS OPTIONS! I love finding glass bowls, jars, vases, cups, etc you name it. All can be used for your altar for decor, spell work, collecting water, mixing stuff in, and anything else your little witchy heart desires to use for a glass container!

FOOD ITEMS: *PLEASE be aware to look at expiration dates and read labels. In my experience I’ve had no negative ones as of yet and I’m very sensitive to food and such* I Love getting my baking soda, sugar for offerings or spell jars, candies for offerings, sweets for the fae, jelly (I love their preserves they are delicious! The strawberry and raspberry ones are a house staple), Crackers, unsweetened apple sauce (it’s fantastic), teas (LOVEEEE THE TEAS they have fruit teas, camomile tea, green tea, black tea, and more) these are fabulous to use in spell work or just to drink, and mainly anything a kitchen witch or just a witch in general wants to use for offerings. *I do not advise on getting any meat or dairy products for obvious reasons. Though their vegan spring rolls are my go-to and the dark chocolate covered banana slices are also amazing in the freezer section along with their frozen fruit and vegetables I always make sure to get the ones grown in the USA. * Fruit infuser tumbler cups! Need I say more?

CRAFT SUPPLIES: GLITTER, PENS, PENCILS, STICKERS, TAPE, FLORAL WIRE, FAKE FLOWERS, WREATH WIRE, FLORAL FOAM, WOODEN DOWELS, GLUE, ROCKS, SHELLS, SAND, YOU NAME IT ITS ALL THERE!!!! Anything you could possibly need for your journal, spell books, spells, etc. Everything is there!

BATH SUPPLIES: GLAMOUR, RESTORATING, AND SELF LOVE BATHS HELLO! they sell Epsom salt, good bubble baths, bath loofas, scrubs, soaps, anything your heart would want for a bath spell! I love getting my favorite brown sugar vanilla bath soap mix it with some Epsom salt and sea salt throw in some green or black tea and have myself a self love and clearing bath!

There are a lot more wonderful things that can be found at your local dollar tree! Those are all the top categories that came to my mind. Next blog post will be on online websites that have inexpensive things for my lovely witches out there! Sending blessings to you all!

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