not cellphone photo


My markings have finished peeling and I’ve some low quality cellphone photos to celebrate! Huzzah :) Here’s to hoping I can snap some higher quality, more honorable shots of the finished thing within the next few days. xx


One day I will make proper photo shoot of the cosplay. Couldn’t do much for the hair so let’s say I was a random Healing Church cleric x) Everyday bad hairday pff.

On Saturday I met an executioner and hunter! Hello if you stalk my blog! :D I was so happy to find other Bloodborne cosplays! Made my day! Sadly, the quality isn’t the best, most photos were little bit blurry and the place not the best possible x) basic quick con photos by cellphone! It was raining almost the whole weekend except Sunday so outdoor photos weren’t possible on Saturday.

Photos above were taken on Sunday at pond.