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The Roxy Theater-Feb. 14, 2017  (sound check)

Had a wonderful time meeting some folks from tumblr and twitter at The Roxy while waiting for the show. 

I was sitting on steps and watched Brad walk down the street somewhere, after about 30 minutes he and David came walking towards the venue and crossed the street and walked by me. A guy called David’s name and David looked at him and waved but didn’t really stop to talk. 

Inside the venue was small and we gathered around the stage. The band and David did their sound check thing and David sang some songs. During the sound check I heard one of the band members say ‘we need to hear more of David’ so they adjusted ‘whatever’?  

Later Brad and David sat on stage and answered questions. Brad had a few questions already written down that he asked him. 

I can’t remember it all but there was a comment about skinny jeans and I told David to thank Ms. Collini for the skinny jeans. He laughed and said she is going to be here tonight, do you know what she looks like?  And I said I think so. 

He also spoke of things he was going to do in the future and he didn’t mention movies so I asked him would he be doing any movies and he said ‘yes’.  I had a lot of questions to ask him but I was too shy. He also mentioned that he thinks the X Files will happen.

I wanted to compliment him on how much his voice has improved but I didn’t know how to word it to make it sound like a compliment and not hurt his feelings because when he first started out he sounded ‘ok’ but now he sounds so much better now. 

We had our pics taken with him in groups. I was one of the last ones to get in the pic and I was going to stand on the outer edge but the photographer said to stand in the middle because I was short. So I stood in front of David. After the pic was taken I asked him if I could have a two armed hug and he said ‘why not’  and gave it to me. I hugged him back and that made me very happy. 

I asked Security if I could get a chair because I have bad knees, and they placed me up further from the stage but I still had a good view. Once I turned around and saw Mitch Pileggi behind me. I took a few pics and I’ll post them on tumblr. I heard that Chris Carter was at the bar. I did spot a white haired gentleman with lots of people coming up to him and I assumed that was him. I would have liked to got a pic of him but I was afraid I’d lose my seat if I got up. 

During the concert David asked Tom Campinos to accompany him on stage to play guitar but there was no answer from the crowd. David said that Tom is infamous for leaving early so he got his good friend, Matty to play guitar.   I made some videos and will be making caps soon. 

It was a great show. I hope you all get to go see David sometime. You won’t be disappointed.

  • steve: *checks out bucky* *stares at him endearingly like hes seeing him for the first time because for once bucky isn't hiding his feelings* *flirts with him over the suit*
  • steve: *flirts with peggy* *gives her the once over*
  • bucky: steve wtf I'm right here - can you even see me?
  • bucky: fine, two can play at that game *tries to flirt* *gets shot down* you win okay? I'm invisible - I'm fine. this is fine. everything is fine.
  • steve: *oblivious* maybe she has a friend
  • bucky: my best friend is an idiot [screaming internally]

Been workin on this for alittle bit..

My ocs! Carter + Caleb 

in my 2nd ? story for them, DARK AU, carter has an office in a government chateau with a big bar in it. In the story he’s an alcoholic lush because of alot of stress he has to deal with involving a sort of um,,corrupt government he’s a part of. Caleb is his lapdog in the story ! they hate each other at first but fall madly in love the end…


the first time he glances sadly at steve (she hadn’t even mentioned music until the 3rd pic) and the second time then finally the realization (last two pics)

Peggy Carter has passed away and those who loved her are left to deal with the loss of a hero.

With all the pics coming out of the Captain America: Civil War set, this had to be done.

Inspired by a conversation between stuunalee, weareevilregals and myself concerning the somewhat, ah, volatile reactions of the lovely toodrunktofindaurl.

I hope I found a good balance with the sadness and happiness.

Let the hate commence.

NOTES: I’m sorry.

Pictures from the set of Captain America: Civil War have surfaced and we’re all crying over what appears to be Peggy Carter’s funeral. This story came from a conversation between @stuunalee and @weareevilregals. Hopefully, @toodrunktofindaurl won’t kill me.

Also, I totally swiped Tony’s spoiler alert line from MaggieMerc because that’s so Tony. Thank you, O Great One.

Again, I’m really sorry.


Heavy clouds hung over London, and there was a chill in the air. Steve Rogers felt it fitting. It was if the world knew one of its fiercest protectors was gone and now mourned her in its own way. He stood there stoically, still trying to process why he was here. Process who lay in the casket not five feet from where he stood.

Peggy Carter. Founder of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Peggy Carter. Brown tresses shining and eyes bright with mischief as she sat around in Nazi-occupied Italy telling stories of her childhoods.

Peggy Carter. Waltzing into the bar in that red dress, eyes trained solely on him.

Peggy Carter. Her voice cracking in pain as she begged him for the coordinates he wouldn’t have time to give.

Peggy Carter. Silver hair splayed around her face, fragile hand in his as he visited her during one of her more lucid moments.

Peggy Carter.


It had been inevitable. Steve knew that. The Alzheimer’s had progressed rapidly these past few months and her once-frequent moments of lucidity had quickly melted away into days filled with confusion and fear. It broke Steve’s heart to watch the woman he loved – the fierce woman who had believed in him when he was still skinny Steve Rogers and not Captain America – fade into senility, oblivious to the vibrant world around her. Oblivious to him.

He’d gotten the call three days ago – surprisingly enough from Tony Stark of all people. He wasn’t quite sure what to make of that. But his phone had rung and when he picked it up, Tony simply said, “Steve. It’s Peggy. She’s gone.”

His voice was strangled, and if Steve didn’t know better, he would swear Stark had been crying. But that didn’t make any sense. Tony had no reason to cry over a woman he had probably only barely known through his father. It wasn’t like Stark, but Steve didn’t have the time or the inclination to think on it any further.

“Does Sharon know?”

He heard Tony suck in a breath. “She does. She’s… here. We’re at the family home.”

“Why are you there with Sharon?” Steve asked confused.

“I don’t have time to explain. There are things that need to be taken care of. Arrangements made.” He heard Tony sigh. “You need to come to London, Cap. Talk to Pepper. She’ll make it happen.”

“I will, but Stark– ”

But Tony was gone. Steve sat there for a long while, staring at his phone. Processing what had just happened. Peggy. His Peggy.

He ran a hand through his hair, feeling the tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. Everyone he had known, had loved, was now dead. The final link to his former life was irrevocably gone.

That was three days ago.

Now, he stood here silently, listening as final words were said, waiting while friends and colleagues placed flower after flower on the rich mahogany coffin, and then finally watching as they lowered Peggy’s casket into the ground.

Stillness surrounded him and the crowd slowly drifted away, until the only people who remained were Tony Stark and Sharon Carter.

He looked at the handwriting on the formal card that lay at the front of Peggy’s grave. Margaret Carter. The headstone would come later. He wondered what it would say. How did one properly memorialize a hero? He’d yet to find an answer to that question. He wondered if he ever would.

The wind picked up and he glanced around, noticing the gravestone situated closely to Peggy’s open grave.

Angela ‘Angie’ Martinelli. Loving Wife and Mother.
June 4, 1924 – February 17, 1994

“Martinelli,” Steve muttered distractedly. “Not a very English name.”

He heard Tony laugh, the sound so surprisingly inappropriate at a time like this. Scowling, he turned to look at him. “Something funny?”

Tony shook his head and ran a hand across his face. “She would’ve given you an earful for thinking she was English. That woman was Italian through and through.”

Steve’s eyes widened in surprise. “You knew her?”

Tony smiled, but it didn’t reach his eyes. “Yeah, I knew her.”

Steve waited for him to elaborate, but Tony stayed silent. He glanced at Sharon. “Well, who was she?”

“My great aunt,” she quietly replied.

Steve’s brow furrowed in confusion. “Your great aunt? On your mother’s side?” he asked, uncomprehendingly.

Sharon shook her head. “My father’s.”

“I thought Peggy was your paternal aunt.”

“She was,” Sharon nodded.

“Then how…” he trailed off, mind whirling as he tried to process the information being given to him.

Tony stepped up and placed a hand on Steve’s forearm. “Know how you always said you hoped Peggy was able to live her life after you disappeared? How you hoped she was happy without you?”

Steve swallowed thickly and nodded his head.

“Well she was,” Tony informed him. “Happy, I mean.” He pointed at the other tombstone. “And it was because of her.” He sighed. “I never had the heart to tell her Angie wasn’t there any longer. Every time she asked for Angie, I’d say she stepped out to do some shopping and would be back later. Peggy used to come here every year and leave flowers on her grave. But once the Alzheimer’s set in…” his voice trailed off.

Sharon slipped her hand in his and gave him a watery smile. “You brought Aunt Angie flowers. You always took such good care of both of them, Tony. They knew how much you loved them.”

Steve spluttered. “What’s going on here?” He turned an incredulous gaze on Tony. “You never told me you knew Peggy.” His voice turned hard. “You never once mentioned knowing
S.H.I.E.L.D.’s founder.”

Tony snorted. “That’s because I didn’t. I only knew her as my godmother. The classy British lady who let me stay up late on Saturday nights to watch Humphrey Bogart movies whenever I stayed at her house.”

He pulled a picture from his wallet and passed it to Steve who took it and stared. There, in faded hues, was a picture of a young Tony Stark hanging onto the waist of a petite, dark haired woman. Steve guessed her to be in her early 50s. Her blue eyes were filled with mischief and her hand rested on his Tony’s shoulder, lips curved in an impish smile. On the other side of Tony stood Peggy, hair windblown and cascading about her face. Her hand casually rested on Tony’s other shoulder, but that wasn’t what made Steve draw in a sharp breath. It was the fact that Peggy wasn’t even looking at the camera. Her gaze was solely fixed on Angie, eyes full of adoration looking at her in a way that could only be described as lovingly. Even through the faded colors, Steve could clearly see that. Her mouth was parted in an affectionate smile, and Steve felt his heart constrict. Peggy had loved this woman. That much was painfully obvious.

Tony slid another picture into his hand. “This is from their wedding. I found it in my father’s office after he passed away. Angie used to love telling me all about it.”

“But I thought that wasn’t legal until…” Steve began.

“It wasn’t,” Sharon nodded. “But Aunt Peggy knew how much Aunt Angie wanted to be married. She was Catholic, after all. And Italian. It was important to her.”

“That’s an understatement,” Tony laughed. “I can remember going to Mass every Sunday when I stayed with them.” He caught Steve’s incredulous look and gave an innocent shrug. “Relax, Cap. I was still young and wholesome. No chance of bursting into flames when I walked through the door.”

Sharon smirked. “That wasn’t until 15.”

Tony pursed his lips. “Funny. Anyhow, Angie told me how Peggy set the whole thing up with Dad’s help. Told her she was coming to our house for a fancy party. Mom even took Angie dress shopping. Angie said Peggy gave her some excuse about a S.H.I.E.L.D. emergency and said Angie would have to attend without her.”

Sharon broke in. “I remember that! Dad said Aunt Angie was furious she told her, but Aunt Peggy promised her she’d be there and to go on without her and she’d try to show up as soon as possible.”

Tony nodded. “Spoiler alert – Peggy ducked out and headed straight to the house to get ready. She had Mom pick up Angie, who fumed the entire way to the party, but then, when she walked in and saw Peggy standing up front, waiting for her in a beautiful white gown…”

Sharon smiled. “It was unbelievably romantic. Dad said he’d never seen his aunt so happy. Angie ran down the aisle into Peggy’s waiting arms and showered her with kisses.

Apparently, it took the minister ten minutes to get them apart long enough to start the ceremony!”

Steve studied the picture of the two women, attired in formal gowns, eyes beaming, arms wrapped around the other’s waist.

“She looks so happy,” he mused, awe seeping into his words. “So… in love.

“She was,” Tony said simply. “Most of my happiest memories involve those wonderful ladies.”

Sharon nodded. “Mine, too.”

Steve looked up and glanced between then. “What happened to Angie?” He felt the atmosphere suddenly shift, and Tony grew still as tears welled up in Sharon’s eyes. Steve suddenly felt like a heel for asking.

“I’m sorry,” he apologized. “I didn’t mean…”

Sharon laid a hand on his arm. “It’s okay.” She took a deep breath. “She was poisoned.”

Steve sucked in a sharp breath. “Poisoned? Who? How?”

“Hydra somehow managed to infiltrate their home. They never found out how and Aunt Peggy never forgave herself for not being able to determine their method. But they somehow managed to slip the toxin into a bottle of wine.” She sighed. “My aunts always did enjoy a glass of wine together in the evenings.”

Tony gave her a sad smile. “Yes, they did.”

“Aunt Peggy was supposed to be home early that evening, but a late call kept her in the office,” Sharon continued. “She told Aunt Angie to start without her, that she’d be home as soon as she could.” She paused and took a deep breath, a single tear trailing slowly down her cheek.

Tony gave her hand a squeeze. “Peggy found her in the study. She was on the floor, empty glass near her outstretched hand. The coroner said the poison was quick, but it wasn’t painless. It restricted her air passage and…” Tony swallowed and closed his eyes. “It was awful.”

“Aunt Peggy was never the same after that,” Sharon whispered. “The Alzheimer’s set in shortly after they buried Angie.”

Tony sighed. “When we lost Angie, it was like losing my parents all over again.” He let out a bitter laugh. “Worse, actually. I was closer to my godmothers than I ever was to my father. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I went a bender, drinking anything I could get my hands on. It’s a wonder I even made it to the funeral.”

Sharon gave him a small smile. “But you did. I may have been little, but I remember you there, standing next to Aunt Peggy, holding her hand.”

“Peggy was always so strong, but Angie was her rock,” Tony mumbled. “A part of her died when Angie left us.”

“I didn’t know,” Steve murmured. “I had no idea. Peggy never said anything about her.” He glanced up, confusion etched into his features. “What about the pictures of her family? Her husband? Children?”

Sharon smiled. “She couldn’t very well tell the world she was happily living with a woman. Not back then.”

“No, I suppose not,” Steve agreed. He grew quiet and stared at Angie’s grave before shifting his gaze to Peggy’s casket. After a long silence, he finally spoke. “They had a good life together?”

Tony cracked a small smile. “If Pepper and I can have even a sliver of what those two ladies had together, I’ll consider myself the luckiest guy in the world.”

Steve looked up with a piercing gaze. “And Peggy was happy?” His tone was desperate. “Truly happy?”

“She was,” Sharon assured him.

Steve considered their words for a long moment and then turned away, staring at the horizon, becoming lost in his own thoughts.

It was a lot to take in, the idea that Peggy had lived an entire life completely opposite to everything he thought he’d known about her. He chuckled to himself. Leave it to Peggy Carter to surprise him even after she was gone. She truly was the most amazing woman he’d ever known, and he suddenly understood learning this secret side of her changed nothing. She was still, and always would be, his number one girl.

He turned back around and glanced at the tombstone by his feet. It looked like she had willingly shared that distinction with an equally incredible woman, and Steve realized he was okay with that.

Stepping closer to the grave, he knelt down and carefully placed his palm against Angie’s tombstone, his fingers resting against the word loving for several minutes. His voice, when he finally spoke, was soft and gentle.

“I’m glad she found someone like you, Angie Martinelli. Thank you for taking such good care of our girl.”

He stood and turned to Tony and Sharon, brushing the dirt from his hands as he did so. Tony lifted an eyebrow. “So now you know.”

Steve nodded. “Now I know.”

“You okay with it?”

Steve considered Tony’s words for a moment before responding. “Peggy was happy. That’s all I ever wanted.”

Sharon smiled and looped her arm through his. “She wanted you to be happy, too.”

“I know,” he nodded. “And I’m working on it.” He glanced back at Peggy’s grave one final time. This chapter of his life was done. It was time to close to the book and move forward.

He brought his gaze back to Tony and Sharon.

“Didn’t I see a pub around the corner?”

They looked at him, startled by the sudden change in conversation, but Tony recovered quickly and nodded. “Yeah, about two blocks over. Why?”

Steve smiled. “What do you say we go lift a glass in Peg’s memory and you two tell me more about Angie Martinelli. She must’ve been a pretty special lady to win Peggy Carter’s heart.”

Tony grinned. “You have no idea.”

The trio walked toward the gates, and Steve listened as Tony and Sharon shared memories of growing up with Angie and Peggy. When they reached the gates, Steve turned back, glancing toward the two graves one final time. He closed his eyes and breathed. When he opened them, a genuine smile graced his features. Everything would be okay. How could it not be?

Peggy Carter was finally home.

Femslash Sharon Carter AU ideas

If anyone likes any of these ideas, you are free to use them for your fics too. I’d love a mention/credit though :)

Sharon Carter/Pepper Potts:

  1. Cousins Sharon and Tony have a bet on who will succeed in charming the new transfer to their high school. It turns out, impressing the fiery and smart Pepper Potts is a Carter gal’s cup of tea.
  2. When architect Sharon Carter was given the assignment of remodelling the Potts Tower, she didn’t really think through the possibility of falling for the owner of the home.
  3. Pepper Potts was the forensics expert who was also one of the best friends of  Freelance Consultant Tony Stark. When his childhood friend, Sharon Carter, joins the bureau there is a chemical reaction that Potts wasn’t expecting.
  4. Burned out businesswoman Pepper Potts met punk biker Sharon Carter in a bar and began the longest, most complicated and exhilarating journey of her life.
  5. Pepper is biggest fan of crime and mystery novelist Thirteen, who has never been identified by the world. In an attempt to catch the elusive author for a journalistic piece, Pepper seeks the help of her ex-girlfriend and detective Sharon Carter.
  6. Lady Virginia hates magic ever since a warlock killed her fiance. Crowned the Queen in his stead, she vows to erase the land of magic. Mage Sharon is sent in guise to try and change her mind, to save the magic folk of New Yorkland.

Sharon Carter/Maria Hill:

  1. Maria Hill is the best dog trainer available in town and Sharon Carter has the world’s most mischievous dog to train. 
  2. A broke and desperate Maria Hill becomes the surrogate for Sharon’s cousin Tony Stark and his husband. In the middle of all the baby drama, Sharon falls in love with the woman who might just break her heart.
  3. Maria Hill is the new popstar in town in need of a good lyricist. Enter Sharon Carter, a small time greeting card writer.
  4. Maria and Sharon are good friends outside the ring, but in it they are the worst rivals in robotic boxing.
  5. Broadway director Maria Hill meets the young and talented Sharon Carter, niece of yesteryear star Peggy Carter, and decides to make her a star.
  6. Sharon Carter never expected to meet a barista she would hate, but as always Maria Hill manages to accomplish the impossible.

Sharon Carter/Jane Foster:

  1. Sharon Carter is the athletics star and Jane is the science champion of the school. Away from school they are the neighbors who know the real person behind their tags.
  2. Jane is an Immortal who seeks the help of mortal Sharon Carter to save her King who has fallen.
  3. A recently divorced Dr. Jane Foster and unhappily engaged DJ Sharon Carter mistakenly take each other’s bags at the airport and begin communicating in the pretext of returning the other’s items.

Since Sharon/Natasha has already been done in the previous Natasha based AU ideas post, I’m omitting that pair here.

Let me know your favorite AU idea? More femslash AU ideas to come for other characters.

anonymous asked:

Peggy has to take Angie to a lesbian bar for a mission and Angie is resistant, so Peggy explains that it's just so her cover could be more plausible, and it would give Angie a scenario where she could work on her improv skills. Angie (still reluctantly) agrees to go. Peggy finds out why when they step into the bar and are greeted with an, "Angie! It's been a while! Brought someone new I see. Would you like your usual?"



Peggy and Thompson own rival bars across the street from one another and never talk but then Thompson employs a new bartender named Angie who drops by to introduce herself one day and Peggy finds herself having to make up excuses to go into the rival bar and visit her.
(Also Jarvis works with Peggy and finds it hilarious but helps her anyways) x

Just Stay Here Tonight

For: Natalie stylesprimes 

By: Emma ninetyfovr 

There were many things Zoe McPherson loved - her incredible style, the ability to make any man swoon, and the way heads would turn as soon as she’d enter a room. That was until Harry Styles came into the picture. 

 Word Count: 9,539 

 Warnings: language, mild sexual content 

 Main Pairing: Harry/OFC

Tonight was a special night for Zoe. She and Carter were attending a party hosted by Daisy Lowe and for months, they’ve been trying to get their names out there. Daisy’s cousin Tim, who was an absolute peach, just happened to be mates with Carter and got them invited. It was their first time, well Carter’s, being surrounded by celebrities and today’s fashion icons and she wanted it to be a night to remember. The only way to do that was by dressing the part. Finding the perfect outfit wouldn’t be hard though, Zoe had tons of clothes, especially ones from next season.

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crimsontoad1  asked:

prompt: Find a pic of a Chris Evan from Snowpiercer were he's scruffy and hard. Now imagine that man sitting in the SSR interrogation room claiming to be Steve Rogers and spinning a wild tale about being held prisoner by the Russians after they pulled him from the Valkrie's wreckage and his improbable escape. The SSR thinks he's a spy. They also try to keep Carter in the dark. And when she does find out she storms into that interrogation room like the Wrath of God and Steve's in her crosshairs

There were bars between them, but they didn’t feel like they would be enough.

Agent Jack Thompson looked at the man in the cell. He was chained to the wall with thick metal shackles locking his arms behind his back. They looked like the kind of chains for keeping elephants down.

“What’s with the cuffs?” Thompson asked.

“He broke through our people,” Colonel McIntyre said. “Laid out a dozen of them before we pinned him. He claimed he thought we were Russians. Got real quiet when he realised where he was. Then he came out with that fairytale. How the hell did he expect us to believe that?”

“Damned if I know.”

In the cell, the man lifted blazing blue eyes and stared at Jack.

“So, Agent Thompson, what do you want to do with him?”


The cell was deep beneath the SSR building.

Transporting the prisoner wasn’t that difficult. They just had to lock him up in a container and ship him over. No one knew why he’d shown up in Germany anyway, but Jack had his suspicions. If a pretty blonde woman could be a murderous assassin for the Ruskies, then a strung-out hobo could be just as useful.

He wasn’t taking any chances this time.

The man spent the whole journey shackled and gagged. Jack went into the container to see him from time to time, but the man in front of him sure as hell wasn’t who he claimed to be.

Captain America was dead going on two years now.

He’d gone down with an aircraft.

The man in the chains told a different tale. It was a cute story: found by the Russians, kept as a prisoner, and conveniently freeing himself just in time to cause all manner of problems in the good old US of A.

New York was in sight the last time he went down to the container.

He removed the man’s gag.

“You got one more chance to tell me the truth before we make land,” he said.

The filthy man looked up at him. His face was matted with stubble. His hair was greasy, almost brown. The contempt and dislike in his expression twisted his face up. He looked nothing like Captain America. Nothing except the eyes.

“I am.”

Jack crouched down on his toes in front of the man. “Maybe that’s what they told you,” he said. “Hell, maybe it’s what you believe, but Captain America is dead. Everyone knows it.”

The man’s shoulders rose and fell with short, angry breaths. “So why take me back?”

Jack smiled. “Because I know there’s someone there who is going to show you how much of a mistake it was to try and steal his name. And when she’s done, I’ll pick you over for any information you have left.”

The man’s lips twitched. “Good.”

Jack shoved the gag back in his mouth and left him in the dark.


“I don’t understand what this is about.”

Thompson rolled his eyes. For all that he let her go on missions and even run the show some of the time, Carter always had to ask a million and one questions.

“Some crazy hobo said he’d escaped from the Russians. We’re trying to get information out of him.”

Peggy was descending the stairs behind him. “Which language do you require?”

“Actually, he speaks American.” He paused turning to look at her. “Kinda like your friend from the hotel last year.” He saw the way her lips pursed and the muscle in her cheek twitched. She’d never been happy that the Underwood girl got away. “We figure if he’s a Russian plant, at least we’ve got him in a cage this time.”

“Then why do you need me?”

Jack rubbed the back of his neck. “When he tells you his story, I think you’ll see why.”

She looked at him with suspicion. “What aren’t you telling me?”

He jerked his head down the stairs. “You’ll see in a second.”

The doors were thick. Two layers of them, and then another layer of bars between them and the prisoner.

He’d let them strip him off, scrub him down. His matted hair and beard had been shaved away, revealing a gaunt-faced man beneath it. There were dark shadows beneath his eyes, and the jut of the bones in his face suggested he’d been malnourished for a long while. Now, he sat on the bunk in a shirt and loose pair of pants, his hands resting on the edge of the bed on either side of him.

Carter moved forward briskly. “Good afternoon,” she said. “I’m told…”

The prisoner raised his head.

Carter gasped aloud.

The man had shackles on. They should have held him against the wall, but they popped like they were made of paper, and before Jack could even get a hand to his gun, the man was at the bars. Carter was reaching through them from the outside, and she took his face in her hands.


Broad hands were holding her waist, and the man was smiling, his eyes bright and wet. “I know,” he said. “I’m late.”

Carter was laughing. “I’ll say you are, you incorrigible man!” She called back without turning. “Thompson, open the door.”

Thompson’s hand was on his gun, and he was awash in a sea of confusion. “Carter, I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

She was stroking the man’s cheek tenderly. “Do you think you can open it yourself?”

“I was just waiting for you to ask,” the man replied. Carter stepped back and he peeled open the bars like they were made of taffy, and stepped out through them. Carter was in front of him in a moment, and they stared at each other, as if no one else was there.

“Carter…” Jack stared at the twisted bars. “What the hell is going on?”

Carter’s hands were spread on the man’s chest, and he was holding her waist, his hands dwarfing her. “Agent Thompson,” she said, beaming up at the man, “I’m pleased to present Steve Rogers. Also known as Captain America.”

The man looked at him then, and the smug smile was the one Jack had copied when he needed to look like the great soldier everyone believed him to be: the confident smile of a man who knows exactly who he is and exactly what he’s about to do.

“Told you I was telling the truth,” he said.

In the 50s Peggy Carter visited a bar in Poland where she saw a young man drowning his sorrows. Taking pity on him she sat down and talked to him, and during their talk the young man told her a heart breaking story of how he was a Holocaust survivor and the over whelming guilt he felt not being able to save his mother. That young man’s name was Erik Lehnsherr.