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I Said I’d Wait For You (Fic)

Notes: This is the actual fic that I’m posting on here, for the Tumblr crowd. It’s close to 9k so that’s why there’s a read more. (This was a Valentine’s present for Marina!) 

Summary: Shaw thinks on past friendships and current ones.

Content warnings: Sexual content (light bondage, breathplay), angst, Shaw-centric 

Shaw remembered, very clearly, sitting at this very same bar with Carter. Instead of rain it had been clear that night, a glorious, late summer night that she revelled in because of getting off early. They’d talked until 11 about the various goings-on in their lives, the conversation stemming mostly from Carter’s end and Shaw gladly lending an ear.

           If she were still alive Shaw was certain she’d ask Carter out for a drink and tell her the long-awaited conversation about Root. About their unlikely friendship. Maybe mention that they were a little more than co-workers and two people who shared a bed for several hours before falling asleep together and apart.

           “Well,” Carter said, in that certain way that Shaw knew she meant business if Root ever crossed a line, “as long as you’ve got someone who can handle you, I see no problems. Has she changed as much as you’ve said?”

           “Yes, but some things still remain the same.”

           “Tasers and two guns.”

           Shaw smirked. “That won’t change anytime soon.”

           They toasted on their last glass of whiskey and downed them in sync. The bar emptied out, patrons retiring for the night and going home. Shaw wished the moment would continue for just a little longer, because she liked Carter and admired her; she was hard-working and a person who was almost always on the right side of the law.

           Shaw leaned her head on the back of her seat, closing her eyes briefly. “Maybe you would’ve liked Root,” she said softly, “despite how crazy she sometimes is.” She sat up, resting her hands on the steering wheel of the car. The inside was warm from the heaters while outside was bitterly cold. There was slush on the ground, turned black and brown from tires and dirt. The sky was clear and blue, with little wisps of cloud hanging over the tops of buildings, moving in the cold wind from the north. Shaw wanted a coffee. Maybe she could ask Root if she could splash a little whiskey into it if she got the chance.

           Shaw shifted in the leather seat, running her hands over the steering wheel again. This car was hers. As thrilling as breaking into other people’s nice sports cars was, she figured she had the funds for a decent car. Root teased her only mildly, “Turning over a new leaf.” Though perhaps she was right. They’d started over and the last year and a half was nothing if not a sort of searching adventure, finding themselves again in the rubble Samaritan’s destruction had left behind.

           The passenger side door opened, bringing with it a blast of cold air and a rush of sweet perfume. Root slammed it shut with a sigh and handed Shaw her coffee. The tip of her nose was red and her cheeks were pink from the bitter wind. Root rubbed her hands together in front of the vent, then attempted to get some feeling back into her face. She said, “I managed a little bit of whiskey in that. Should perk you right up.” She leaned back in the seat when she was sufficiently warm. “She tells me this bar holds a certain significance to you.” Root’s eyes bored into the side of Shaw’s head but she didn’t bristle. She wrapped her hands around the hot cup, savouring the taste of honey whiskey still on her tongue.

           “I used to come here with a friend, after her hours. We’d sit and talk for a while over drinks and then go our separate ways. Until the next time.” Another sip of coffee. The whiskey was settling in her belly, creating a warm glow. “I think you know who I’m talking about.”

           Root nodded. “Carter.” She reached for Shaw’s cup, stealing a small sip. “She’s told me about her, of course. Sometimes I wish I would’ve met her but I don’t think she would’ve liked me too much.”

           “She would’ve warmed up to you.”

           “Well.” Root brushed slush from her boots. “I did kidnap Harry, after all. And escaped a psych ward.”

           “You’ve changed since then, Root,” Shaw told her softly. “She could see the good in people. She would see it in you and I think she’d be glad you’re my… friend. Despite your prophet tendencies.”

           Root smiled, almost shy at the compliment. “Thank you.”

           Shaw finished off her cup of coffee and put the car into gear. “Anywhere in particular?” She pulled away from the curb, sparing a last glance at the bar before it was nothing but a small building in the rear view mirror.

           “I haven’t had breakfast yet.”

           “Diner it is.”

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  • steve: *checks out bucky* *stares at him endearingly like hes seeing him for the first time because for once bucky isn't hiding his feelings* *flirts with him over the suit*
  • steve: *flirts with peggy* *gives her the once over*
  • bucky: steve wtf I'm right here - can you even see me?
  • bucky: fine, two can play at that game *tries to flirt* *gets shot down* you win okay? I'm invisible - I'm fine. this is fine. everything is fine.
  • steve: *oblivious* maybe she has a friend
  • bucky: my best friend is an idiot [screaming internally]

vampireguided  asked:

finding carter. do it

  my all-time ultimate fave character:  carter  wilson.  but  also  max.  but  also  bird.
  a character I didn’t used to like but now do:  crash  and  elizabeth.
  a character I used to like but now don’t:  taylor.  they  ruined  her.
  a character I’m indifferent about:  the  baby  bro,  what  was  his  name?
  a character who deserved better:  all  of  them.  except  lori,  she  can  choke.
  a ship I’ve never been able to get into:  carter  and  the  old  bar  guy.
  a ship I’ve never been able to get over:  marter.
  a cute, low-key ship:  marter.
  an unpopular ship but I still enjoyed it:  carter  x  gabe.
  a ship that was totally wrong and never should have happened:  CARTER  AND  THE  OLD  BAR  GUY.
  my favourite storyline/moment:  i  love  when  carter  tells  elizabeth  she  is  her  mom.
   a storyline that never should have been written:  most  of  2b.  
   my first thoughts on the show: “ i  came  because  of  kat  but  this  is  so  good.”
    my thoughts now:  why  dID  THEY  END  ON  SUCH  HUGE  CLIFFHANGERS?

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the first time he glances sadly at steve (she hadn’t even mentioned music until the 3rd pic) and the second time then finally the realization (last two pics)

First Time Again

The first scene:

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Deanna supporting Rick:

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Ron during the whole episode:

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Nicholas actually listening to Glenn and helping out:

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Daryl leading the walkers:

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Michonne and the peanut butter bar:

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Carter getting bit right in the face:

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The fucking horn at the end:

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How people at Alexandria are gonna be in the next episode:

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Been workin on this for alittle bit..

My ocs! Carter + Caleb 

in my 2nd ? story for them, DARK AU, carter has an office in a government chateau with a big bar in it. In the story he’s an alcoholic lush because of alot of stress he has to deal with involving a sort of um,,corrupt government he’s a part of. Caleb is his lapdog in the story ! they hate each other at first but fall madly in love the end…


Peggy and Thompson own rival bars across the street from one another and never talk but then Thompson employs a new bartender named Angie who drops by to introduce herself one day and Peggy finds herself having to make up excuses to go into the rival bar and visit her.
(Also Jarvis works with Peggy and finds it hilarious but helps her anyways) x

In the 50s Peggy Carter visited a bar in Poland where she saw a young man drowning his sorrows. Taking pity on him she sat down and talked to him, and during their talk the young man told her a heart breaking story of how he was a Holocaust survivor and the over whelming guilt he felt not being able to save his mother. That young man’s name was Erik Lehnsherr.

Sitting at one end of the bar, Carter gazed into space. Alone and isolated from the fellow clients at the bar. Every now and then the bartender came over and inquired if he needed a refill. Each time Carter nodded and after a while got drunk. Drunk Carter was never a good combination with the public. Over the time people, old friends, told him stories about the Carter Duvall, he never met himself. They say he’s aggressive, even violent, not the gentleman everyone loves and respects. Flinching as someone talked to him, he turned his head slowly to return the look. “What?” He huffed. “Never seen a man drinking?”

Spinning around in the bar stool, Carter looked out for some familiar faces in the crowd. What was the fun of birthdays any more? The whole summer had been rather odd. In fact, he almost felt like he was revering back to his much more cynical self. All summer, he had been in a lab and talking with very few people. “Turning twenty-four is kind of anti-climatic. There’s no lame song to even look forward to, and I feel obligated to be even more responsible.” 

There’s two bars called Carter’s and Thompson’s across from each other on my walk to the station. So it made me think: AU where Peggy and Thompson (or their respective parents) own rival bars and they hate each other. But then Thompson employs a new bartender named Angie who drops by to introduce herself one day and Peggy finds herself having to make up excuses to go into the rival bar. (also jarvis would totally work with peggy and would find this hilarious)