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Official list of people who Deserved Better™

- Noel Kahn
- Wren Kingston
- Travis Hobbs
- Holden Strauss
- Bethany Young
- Carla Grunwald
- Pepe the Dog
- Tippi the Bird
- The N.A.T. Club (as a whole)
- Alex Santiago
- Dr. Sullivan
- Jake the karate kid
- Marion Cavanaugh
- The Wine Moms™

Feel free to add anyone I forgot

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Boys taking care of their newborn twin daughters? :3

I mixed these two!


♥Shu: They are tiny… -you handed your babies to him. They started crying the moment Shu touched them with his colds hands- … And noisy…

♥Reiji: I’m really proud of you. To think that you gave birth to my own daughters… I’ll do my best, too.

♥Ayato: Chichinashi, did your body create those two girls for real?! Heh… This is amazing!

♥Kanato: Are these my daughters? Are you really serious? They seem… Cute.

♥Laito: Lookie here~! They look like you, Bitch-chan! They’re so pretty… Oh, that one has my eyes~

♥Subaru: Two… Two girls…? -he was speechless, but he was indeed very happy. You could tell because of his flushed cheeks.-


♥Ruki: You’ve done a great work, Livestock. Now, rest properly. We’ll have a lot of work from now on.

♥Kou: Heheh~ yay! Are they twins? It’s fun how they’re so alike!

♥Yuma: This feels so strange… Are these my daughters for real? Shit, I don’t know what to say…!

♥Azusa: I’m so happy, Eve… I’ll make sure to… Give my love to them… Everyday of my life…


♥Carla: Finally… Our daughters have been born. I feel… Blissful.

♥Shin: Is this really happening?! If things go right, they’ll be the princesses of the demon world.

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if you don't have many other requests, can you draw some teen starla? Of course you don't have to

I wonder, wonder who, who-oo-ooh, whoooo~
Who wrote the book of love…

the signs as (more) Fairy Tail characters
  • Aries: Makarov Dreyar
  • Taurus: Evergreen
  • Gemini: Cana Alberona
  • Cancer: Lisanna Strauss
  • Leo: Porlyusica
  • Virgo: Carla
  • Libra: Loke
  • Scorpio: Panther Lily
  • Sagittarius: Elfmann Strauss
  • Capricorn: Freed Justine
  • Aquarius: Mirajane Strauss
  • Pisces: Mavis Vermilion

I saw an image a of nice dude carrying a baby and just as usual I immediately thought of Eren lol So I wanted to draw smth about him and Mikasa holding a baby for the first time in the orphanage, and maybe Mikasa daydreaming of how would it be is she had a baby on her own;; but! I was already cringing barely three panels in bc why on earth would I ever want to draw babies? They creep me out lel So I just went for soft Eren being tsudere about babies and Mikasa just finding the whole thing endearing bc he seems content and cuter than the baby~



Happy Mother’s Day to all strong and happy mothers in the world. <3

Thank you for always being there for us, when we have problems or are sad, that you always show us the right path and of course, that you support our dreams. (⺣◡⺣)♡*

Thank you for being there. ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

Artist:  こーだ


In chapter 275, in Carla’s vision, Lucy is wearing the same outfit that she’s wearing in 538. She’s also screaming and crying like in the vision. Finally, in 275, Carla says “mercurius collapsing..” and the title of chapter 539 is ‘The collapse of the world.’

Maybe the vision is of the recent chapters!