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Hazy Glow (Ethan x Reader)

Summary: Requested by anon: “can you do an imagine of daddy ethan? he’s trying to do something without you noticing, influenced by your two year old daughter. like, having ice cream for breakfast, or eat candy before dinner. if you’d like to write this, all i’m going to ask for is the baby pronouncing with ‘w’ the ‘r’. 😹 melting just by the thought of it.”
Word Count: 2,513
Warnings: Pregnancy, lots of cute daddy!Ethan fluff.
A/N: This is more than you asked for, but it’s cute and I hope you like this. Also, I hope it’s okay that I made the little girl older than two years. xx

You shivered, pulling the cover up over your naked shoulder and trying to stifle a yawn that was desperately trying to get through. It felt like it was too early in the morning and you groaned quietly as you cracked an eye open, squinting at the clock by the nightstand. 11:03 A.M.

Usually by now your little girl would’ve been up and alert, bouncing around and on the bed begging for “pancakes, pwease daddy!”. At the thought of your husband you turned and found the space that was usually occupied by him, empty. He must’ve woken up early because this was the first time in a long time that you slept in, and although you weren’t a morning person, you felt spectacularly well rested.

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