not camera shy


“My first flirtation with fame; I was in the Surrey Comment when I was 11. And the headline was "Martin Beats Injury To Reach The Top”. And I was a Squash player, I was a very good junior Squash player in the Surrey Squad and I had had a recently two hip operation and so a photographer came and photographed me and my Surrey Squash track suite, smiling at the camera in the same embarrassed way that I am now when someone puts a camera in my face. In fact I was better at it at 11 to be honest then I am now.“

submission - photographer aus
  • I saw you taking random pictures here in the park so I decided to photobomb one but you didn’t seem to notice me
  • alternatively - I was taking photos in the park and I just now noticed some stranger in the background of my photos making funny faces and ruining my aesthetic I’m gonna hunt you down you fucker
  • I’m a wedding photographer and omg none of these people can take a straight shot except you- come to think of it, you look kind of agitated being here, are you okay? 
  • I’m planning on majoring in photography and I need someone to take photos of for my portfolio and omg my camera loves you can you pls stick around a little while longer?
  • My camera broke and it’s hella expensive to fix but you loan me your old one out of kindness, no I’m not crying there’s light in my eyes
  • You say you’re camera shy but your aura is just what I need for my current project- and you’re cute too so that counts
  • I post my photography on my blog/Instagram/FB/etc. and you’re the only one who likes them and leaves a lil message about how you love my style ilysm even though I have no idea who you are
  • You’re my current muse and your smile is so cute/breathtaking/sexy/etc. I have to lie down