not by us


some wintry spiderbytes… i cant believe blizz hasnt given amelie a nutcracker skin its so obvious?? its right there?? they could just recolor her huntress skin and give her a ballet bun and a big stupid hat??? blizzard come on


Watching Net Neutrality get repealed like


Have you already watched this today?

i fucking love this community so damn much

#overnightwatch really brought us all together in a way I didnt think would ever happen. our eyes were focused on that screen at all times, and when something came up, thered be at least 20 posts on my dash within minutes. we worked together so beautifully and most of us didnt even need to communicate! I hope jack does something like this in the future. not the same thing, no. I mean something that makes us work together as closely and cooperatively as we did. it was the most fun i had in months, even though i was dead tired. 

i love you guys :’)

Smth for the au again, but not at any particular time.

While Yugi at his current age is (presumably) in the late 90s, I feel like he’d have some older stuff laying around? Like that old walkman and tapes. Not for any actual purpose, but he might pick them up and use them every once in a while.

And most likely those are comic books or game manual things, but I was too lazy to draw covers.

I forgot that I was coloring the sketch, which explains the nasty lines but luckily the colors on this are kinda lazy too, ahaha;


otay are we doing best photos of 2017? unless a bitch rly pulls it through for Christmas photos i think these will be mine…not that a leo has to try…in 2018 i want to be hotter and let my mane fill the whole frame u kno and also have a hot gf to take my photos for me instead of my long-suffering brother and/or best friends. still though. this year was wild and I certainly was photographed during it! also unrelated but this was a good ass year for my eye makeup game