not by accident


Flower Shop AU where Viktor keeps buying a new plant everyday and Yuuri thinks the plants keep dying on Viktor so he gives him a catcus.

Yuuri: “Now you don’t have to come back so often” :D :D 

Viktor: *sound of heart breaking* 


Stuntwoman killed on set of Deadpool 2

A female stunt person has died while performing a motorcycle stunt on the set of Deadpool 2 according to a statement from the Vancouver police. On Tuesday, the Coroners Service of British Columbia identified the victim as 40-year-old SJ Harris.

Witnesses said that a female motorcyclist crashed her bike in the Jack Poole Plaza in the Canadian city of Vancouver. She reportedly went airborne before crashing through glass at Shaw Tower.

Onlookers originally thought that the crash was a choreographed part of the filming, but soon realised that the incident was unintended.


“I hope that someone is me.”

This is a PSA: Read Met by Accident by @paxohana it will change your life. I have never become so invested in a fic so quickly, all the characters are amazing. You will cry and you will cry hard… You also may feel as though a herd of small elephants has trampled your heart, but its worth it, I swear.

Thanks to the absolutely brilliant Pax, for writing such a beautiful story and for letting me use your scene in my art, my heart actually melted during this scene, I swear.


rip haz’s steak 2k17