not but seriously we won

i knew there was something seriously wrong w/ the grammys when fun. won for their song We Are Young and they didn’t thank Janelle Monáe (who if you remember was on the song) ONCE

well now the bands split up and Janelle’s in 2 oscar nominated movies so who’s laughing now


mood of the day [그날의 분위기]   + w i d e s c r e e n

- where are you going?
-   busan.
- for work?
-   yes.
- me too. i guess this is what they call fate.
-   they call it coincidence.

*note: 운명 (umyeong) meaning fate sounds similar to 우연 (uyeon) meaning coincidence

Date as Prize (Alex Standall)

Title: Date as Prize.

Pairing: Alex Standall x Reader

Request:Hello! May I request a fix wherein the reader and Alex met together through a music related thing? The reader being a singer and alex being the guitarist and just both of them bonding over music as they get to know each other maybe even performing or composing together? Just overall fluff. Thank youu and have a nice day! :)    

Word Count: 695 words

Reader Gender: Female

Summary: What if two who are meant to be, finally realized they like each other after they teamed up?

Author’s Note: I love you all. Remember it. Continue requesting please. I love to write for you.

Y/L/N (Your last name) Y/N (your name)

 Finally the results were here. After waiting for a long time, we would know who won the talent show. Everyone was excited, even when some of them didn’t even perform.I was nervous because, I did. I participated and I knew I wasn’t the best singer, but I guess our job isn’t too bad.

My first class was with Mrs. Bradley so I went to my locker and took my notebook from it.

“Are you nervous?” Alex scared me while I took out my stuff.

“Hey, Alex.” I said and he laughed, getting next to me. “How are you?”

“I think we won. Like seriously, we made a great team.”

Alex Standall. No matter how hard I tried to hide it, I liked him. He was nice, and kind and cute. God, here I go to blush again. I closed my locker and continued walking next to him.

“So, yeah, maybe we won. But, I mean we weren’t the best.” I said and he gave me a weird grin.“

We were the best. We appeared on Ryan’s magazine.”

“That doesn’t count, you’re friends with him.” I laughed and he smiled.

“Well, I think we should plan what we’ll do with the prize.” He explained.

“We already talked about it. You take the half of it. I don’t know.” I said, moving my hands not really knowing what to say. We walked until I stopped at my classroom.

“I think it’s the best too, but I heard they included a dinner at Rosie’s”

“Ok, look we can discuss the prize at lunch. Yeah?” I touched his cheek and then I pulled my hand away. “Sorry, I-”

“Don’t worry. Actually, that’s what I wanted to ask you.” He continued a little blushed.

“Leave her alone, Standall. She’s mine dude.” Justin said playfully getting inside the classroom and I laughed looking at Alex getting serious.

“I’ll see you at lunch.” He finished and walked away.

I met Alex at the jazz recital a year ago. We said hello at each other, but we never got really close. I lost his track and then I thought it was just a weird crush. Then this year I heard him again because of Hannah. She did with me many projects, and told me about Alex and Jessica. Then they dated and I started to be away from them because I liked him a lot. But for destiny reasons, I found him again. And this time, was after Hannah died. I lost my poetry notebook, but fortunately he found it and that’s when the co-writing started. We needed the money, but now, I think we just need ourselves.

Some girls started to whisper about how the results were already published. So once I got out I went to look for Alex until I found him talking with Clay.

“Have you checked already?” I told him excited and he smiled.

“I was waiting for you.”

He said and I took his hand so we could see on the lists on the entrance door.

Winners: Y/L/N Y/N & Standall Alex.

Once I saw it and hug him immediately. I could feel his hands rest on my waist while I pulled him from the neck closer. He thought my voice was lovely, and he made me believe in myself. I really liked him. I let go of him slowly and then I saw some people staring at us from all the hallway.

“Thank you-” I whispered before Alex took my face in his hands and kissed me. A strange kiss, but a lovely one.

“I know you’re excited, but you can’t celebrate in here.” Mr. Porter’s voice scared me and I gave some steps backwards. “Congratulations” He smiled and he went to a classroom near, leaving us alone.

“Sorry.” Alex apologized and grabbed my hand. “But maybe we should go for our money, and our date at Rosie’s, right?”

“Date?” I questioned confused.“Okay.” He got in front of me and said. “That’s what I wanted to talk with you. I really like you. And I thought maybe, you’d like to go on a date with me?” He smiled and I smiled too.

“Yes, I’d love to.”

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Thank you so much for all that research and time put into the call out post supporting Jin. Seriously, your work is loved and appreciated. Lets make sure we won't ever shut up about how underappreciated he is. I saw some people making that excuse you listed, that BTS is a team and they decide on everything together.. such bullshit tbh.

i was up all night writing the post omg. thank you so much for the love…and i know i’ve seen that excuse a lot too that’s why i had to write about it.







sand snakes be useful gdi

who’s gonna die in 3, 2, 1?

aw theon you’re not doing too bad <3

what the fucuuuuuuck

euron where did u get the fireworks

yara someone please explain me how the fuck can you afford to look at the sea for five minutes

colleen wing I don’t see you faring too well


obara goodbye we won’t miss you

colleen wing you’re wasted but I’m afraid you’ll go back to iron fist soon -


don’t worry bb a better life with danny rand awaits you


tbh if theon gets the fuck outta here to get help he’s just doing the smart thing

‘give your uncle a kiss’ seriously

meh if it was mads mikkelsen he’d have given this some gravitas












good lord

that said


guys, seriously, i feel like we should all give jimin more credit for being the angel of bangtan. like he comforted taehyung when he was being bashed by some knetizens, he mentioned that rapmon was suffering alone and probably comforted him too. and remember that time these random trolls started a hashtag saying that bts should get rid of jhope, and jimin tweeted a really supporting message that was obviously aimed towards jhope. he also comforted jungkook when he started feeling like shit after he made a mistake after going against that guy in AHL. he’s suga favorite among all the members. all the members chose him as a stress reliever during ASC. rapmon even said they couldn’t have won without jimin. seriously he is an angel that we all need to protect and appreciate

TalesFromYourServer: entitled princess snowflake team mom

I work at a restaurant that caters to families and youth sports. It’s a larger place, with tons of TVs and a full bar for the adults. The owners offer a team party special where the team gets two free pizzas and the other guests get a discount. The only thing is, we require a reservation and we don’t offer that deal on Friday or Saturday nights - two simple and reasonable rules.

Last Friday night, a team party comes in with no reservation and probably 30-40 people. They order and eat, then when it comes to pay the team mom throws a tantrum because we won’t provide the team special. Seriously, she felt ENTITLED to get free food and a discount. We explained that we don’t offer it on Friday/Saturday nights OR without a reservation - she didn’t have the courtesy to call ahead and see if there was availability for a fricking 30-40 person party on the busiest night of the week! If she practiced common courtesy she would have called to let us know, and we would have informed her of the policy (which has been in place for several years.) She threw a fit, saying she wouldn’t have come to the restaurant if she knew we wouldn’t give her the offer, and that she is going to tell all of her team mom friends. To top it off, she gave the restaurant a 1-star yelp review for not getting the free food/discount. (side rant: Screw yelp for empowering this type of entitled princess!)

PEOPLE! Sorry, Had to vent.

By: SportyMcSportSport

9.War’s End Kiss / 29.Sated Kiss

I think tumblr ate the ask because I don’t have it anymore in my askbox, but @mirthalia asked for these prompts. Here you go, darling.

Prompt: 9. “War’s End” kiss, 29. Sated kiss
Words: 1925
Link to AO3

The city of Paris was put back together in seconds with the magic of her Lucky Charm. It was like nothing of the big catastrophe had happened. People started to come out of their hiding places and a few moments later, there was cheering and hugging and celebration.

It was over. Finally, finally over.

Ladybug felt her knees weak, she was exhausted. But instead of letting herself fall to the floor and get a breath of air, she turned her head quickly to her right, where her partner laid a few meters away.

“Chat Noir!” she exclaimed running towards him. He was trying to incorporate to a sitting position.

“M’fine.” He said when she reached him, kneeling beside him.

Even when she knew her kwami’s magic had erased his wounds the same as hers, she couldn’t help but to examine him with her eyes and hands. She let out a sigh.

“Why do you always have to be so reckless as the distraction?” she asked shaking her head, but a small smile playing on the corner of her lips.

“Well, you know I just had to make the better of the last battle and end it with a blast.”

For once, she laughed. A breathy laugh where tears started to glass her eyes.

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Back from wedding anniversary/father’s day stuff, which included our first tour of a house with a realtor.

We won’t be able to seriously consider anything for AT LEAST two years of careful saving (probably longer, tbh, also we would need to move in with my dad to save any money at all? We haven’t decided or given notice to our landlords but things are leaning that way)

It was weird/exhilarating/stressful to look at houses even though we aren’t in the market yet, esp. considering we might be giving up this shitty apartment in a month or two, and I wasn’t prepared for a sudden move in any way shape or form.

I complain about this century-old dump constantly, but secretly, we are really attached to this space. Lifestyle-wise, it fits us well, even if it’ll fall apart if you stare at it and the landlords are absentee children. It’s got our paint on the walls, it’s where I sewed my wedding gown, it’s bright and airy with tons of windows and twelve foot ceilings (even if it’s full of bugs and the siding is all rotting off and the foundation is crumbling into the street) and I didn’t even realize that I cared about this hellhole??? Get these tender feelings away from me, I don’t want them!?

I’m a mess of super conflicted emotions, like wildly fluctuating between every extreme, and I’m just really tired and I can’t even answer questions. When my husband asked me about dinner because I said I was hungry then immediately forgot, I just stared and blinked slowly in his general direction, like some kind of sedated betta fish.

I’d like to get back to editing RS tomorrow, but for tonight it’s just me and hubbub, some white wine, and as much TAZ as it takes to distract me from all these gross REAL ADULT EMOTIONS EWWW.

How Starrk and Aizen are similar

As requested by anon. :)

I feel like I should write an intro but this list is simply what the title says.

1. They are (and always have been) super powerful.

Aizen and Starrk are both extremely powerful individuals. Starrk’s origin story involves his spiritual pressure being so strong that any hollows who come close to him dissolve. Kinda like Aizen, who dissolved a shinigami’s hand when the guy tried to approach him in his chair. Both Aizen and Starrk are insanely powerful, more so than their fellow beings. And although Aizen’s back story remains hazy, it seems likely that Aizen was always that way, much like Starrk.

Starrk: So your power only dissolves people’s hands though?

Aizen: I wasn’t really trying.

2. This power makes them lonely.

Starrk was the espada of loneliness, in large part because his power made him virtually unapproachable. He was isolated by his own strength. The same is pretty true of Aizen. He believed at least that his power was so great that he had no peers - which might be why he made Ichigo so powerful. He just wanted there to be somebody like him.

Starrk: Tearing your own soul in half is an easier way to make a friend, you know.

Aizen: As if easy is better.

3. They try to combat their loneliness by making someone like themselves.

As I mentioned, part of Aizen’s motivation with Ichigo was his desire to create someone in his own power class. Someone like him, as it were. Starrk, for his part, tore his own soul in half so that he could have a friend. A friend who was just him, but a friend nonetheless.

Aizen: Gives “talking to yourself” a whole new meaning.

Starrk: Or just the meaning it always had.

4. They both evolve (albeit in opposite ways).

Both Starrk and Aizen underwent a good deal of evolution: Starrk evolved from a hollow into an espada, and Aizen evolved from a shinigami to a shinigami who looked like a demon butterfly or something. Which is in itself interesting: Starrk became ever more human (in appearance at least), and Aizen became ever less human.

Starrk: Yeah, man, why a butterfly?

Aizen:  Butterflies are the most terrifying of creatures.

5. They are defeated by someone like them.

Aizen by Ichigo, who is like him insofar as they are both highly unique and ridiculously overpowered individuals. And Starrk by Kyoraku, who is basically shinigami Starrk.

Starrk: Except that Kyoraku was way more into murder.

Aizen: And Kurosaki Ichigo way less.

6. The don’t take fights very seriously.

Starrk didn’t really seem to want to fight Kyoraku - he wanted to get it over with, but he wasn’t exactly enjoying himself. Aizen, for his part, became so powerful that he didn’t feel the need to try. All that stopping swords with one finger and subbing in Momo and casually slashing everyone including his own allies.

Starrk: Do you think if we had taken it more seriously we might have won?

Aizen: Hey. I was pretty serious by the end.

7. They can use their spiritual pressure as a weapon.

Starrk fights with his soul wolves, which I guess aren’t technically his spiritual pressure but it seems basically the same. Aizen uses his spiritual to squash both underlings like Grimmjow and weird black goop monsters.

Aizen: And soon I will squish Grimmjow again, I hope.

Starrk: So it’s like a kink with you?

8. They both took Orihime away from Ichigo.

Aizen was the one who ordered her kidnapping to begin with, of course. And Starrk once physically came and took Orihime away, after the Kenpachi / Nnoitra fight.

Starrk: Yeah, why did you make *me* do that, anyway?

Aizen: You had been offscreen a very long time.

9. They both take power from Barragan.

Aizen toppled Barragan from his throne and Starrk took the #1 spot, even though Barragan was previously the god of Hueco Mundo so that always seemed weird to me.

Starrk: Did you make me #1 because I am the strongest or because you wanted to piss off Barragan?

Aizen: Yes.

10. Kyoraku likes to play games with them both.

Kyoraku’s fight with Starrk was all about playing games - deadly, horrifying games. And then more recently, Kyoraku sure seems to like messing with Aizen; forcing him to fight while sitting in his chair and all of that, telling him he’ll “figure something out.” I guess Starrk and Aizen are just Kyoraku’s type - of people to mess with.

Starrk: Weirdly that makes me feel better.

Aizen: …

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Ok LJ Jeff is not a scary bitch to my eyes he's just a strong man or boy and no I'm not a crazy fangirl so Jeff can stop hiding oh and don't worry because I will find that person who do it to you guys and make sure he gets the bitch out of Christina

Nah, Jeffy is afraid of his own shadow, but seriously, when we find this person, it won’t end well for them.I


 Jeff is not afraid of his own shadow he was afraid of the thing it at was pleasing people’s shadows, and it’s gone now.