not but really though


“And what’s THAT supposed to mean?”

((woahh this ask caught me waayy off guard like–DEMN.

Also, Ludwig gets easily flustered when such personal and private topics like these are mentioned~))


((Blindfolded Mini-Event: #17))


aaaaaaahhrhdg i really really wanna get a buncha piercings all over my ears but i already have just have the regular ones and i Never Ever wear earrings and forget to buy them so im afraid im just gonna have a buncha holes in my ears and never remember to actually put earrings in?

someone: so what’s your type?

me: Uhhh haha I don’t think about that very often… uh… I kinda like blonde? Blonde hair is nice. uhhhh glasses are pretty cute. He’s gotta be at least a little metrosexual? Like, not enough to be pretentious haha just enough to care about how he looks. But like, a little pretentious is ok. Nerds are alright, he definitely has to be smart. like, an interest in science is a big turn on for me. an actual scientist? fuck that’s even better. interested in pokemon? no, here me out. he has to be a mainline pokemon game antagonist. Cameo in Pokemon Sun and Moon (2016). © Pokemon: Nintendo, his name is Colress,

rhuzii  asked:

What is it about the shipping forecast you like so much?

You know the posts about how nice it is to be cuddled up in bed and hearing rain outside? It’s like that; I like being safe and warm inside, and hearing about the storms, wind speeds, rain and fog all around the coast makes it extra cosy 💛

I started a much longer explanation but remembered that this video exists and it basically covers everything, and this girl from the video is me: 

I know no one asked for my religious opinion but any god who threatens their worshippers with eternal torture is not a god worth worshipping. “Follow me or I will cause you to suffer” are the words of a tyrant no matter who they come from.

            ♡ ▪ — Hello my lovely babes.
               I’m just stopping by to say
                          THANK YOU !!

I wanna thank those who have been with me,
     some may longer & some may shorter,
 the ones I have heart-warming threads with
     & everyone I have wonderful talks with.

       I appreciate each & every single one of you.
 You’re doing so amazing, you’re beautiful humans,
your muse(s) are great & your writing is breathtaking.

☆ Special thanks, hugs & kisses for: ☆
@gvthvms, @mcmorics, @oriiginalsin, @souvexirs,
@mxndhunter, @withthisflcme & @relentlessvowed.


well is a silly comic.. but  i was thinking in how did King Dice started to suspect the Cupbros were up to something else; you know that they were not going to deal with the devil once they meet him again

so i though at the Die House II, these dorks don’t know how to hide their enthusiasm that they are going to kick King Dice and the Devil’s butt XD thus the King starts to suspect… hehe

also sorry if the english is bad.. X3