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Hi can you do Fred and George for the EDH? Ily all but I wanted to know if Agnes could do it? (I haven't seen that much of her yet) thanks 💗

You got it!

1. What does their bedroom look like?

The two of them shared a bedroom at the Burrow all their childhood. The room is almost symmetric, with identical sets of furniture on each part of the room, one for Fred and One for George. Organization and order are not something they find super important, so the room is quite messy, but you can see a small difference between the two halves of the room, George is just a little bit more organized. The twins have been able to find a spell that quickly organizes the room, to use when they hear mrs. Weasley in the hallway. The room is cozy, and dressed in the Gryffindor colors. On every surface there are little experiments or research for the joke shop happening, and candy from the skiving snackboxes are lying around, often used to trick their siblings.

2. Do they have any daily rituals?

I think they are quite free from rituals, but keep ones they really like. They find family important, and make sure to spend time with siblings and parents every day. Both at home and in school they find time to talk to Ron and Ginny every day at mealtime, at Hogwarts they tend to sit close to them at the Gryffindor table. Every evening after dinner at the Burrow they drink a cup of warm milk in the kitchen with their siblings before going to bed, something they have done since they were little.

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can you believe that jasmine burrows literally DIED just after finally making peace with her sister, jac naylor just lost the last family she has besides emma and morven digby just lost the second person she loved in the space of a year and people still only care about berena

newsflash: the show is not just them. the show is not just anyone. every character has fans and haters and every character (and actor) deserves respect in their own right. please, just think about things before you post them. it’s fine to worry about other characters and their reactions, of course, but please remember how much jasmine burrows meant to so many of us in her own right.


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