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Destiel EXISTS

And here’s me, appearing again. 

You all know I don’t watch that show (Supernatural) anymore. You all know that its fandom wank drove me far from tumblr (and twitter) a couple of years ago, and even when I miss the bright side of what being part of something that big brought me, I don’t regret the decision.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I still love being a fangirl, I still love being part of a fandom, I still love reading and watching fiction. It will never stop.

The sad thing is, Supernatural (the show itself, its writers, some of its actors, and some of its fans) made me despise the exercise of being a fan and enjoying whatever I wanted to enjoy (a story, an actor, a bloody ship), or even the importance of having an opinion. I was always despicable for having a favourite character “I shouldn’t have”, for shipping a couple “I shouldn’t ship”, for preferring an actor instead of another one… 

I didn’t want it to feel like that forever.

I left Tumblr, I stayed away from most fandom conversations, I dismissed most spoilers and little by little I recovered the fangirl-happiness this show took away from me. Music and other stories helped me immensely, because apparently not even the nastiest music discussion wasn’t as nasty as the “fans” who sent death treats to my favourite actor on a daily basis just because… Yeah, I’m talking to the adult ladies who still think (in 2017) that Misha Collins is the reason why their lives are so empty and suck so much. They used to read this blog a lot in the past, and enjoyed sending disgusting messages to me too (Jesus… was I that important?). I hope they are reading now too, so they know how much disgusting they are.

Back to the point, I started watching the whole thing from a distance, as if it was something I hadn’t be part before. I still saw the same problems, the same twisted situations the show provided (provides), the messes the same people generated (generate) in real life (both fans and not)… but I made it. No negativity affected me anymore. I was not there, in the middle of the storm.

The shitty thing was I still loved the show (or what it used to be) and most important, I couldn’t stop loving my favourite characters (Dean and Castiel), or hoping they would eventually get together in the show.

Why? You may wonder. It gave me grief. I shouldn’t.
The answer is simple. They ARE in my heart and I don’t want them to leave.
I love their personalities as individuals.
I love their relationship as a pair.
And no matter what anyone says, I KNOW THEY ARE IN LOVE.

So then I got it.

I’m not stupid. I’m not delusional.

I’ve watched every single episode of the show, some of them more than once, and the show provided me that information. THE SHOW SHOWN ME THEY ARE IN LOVE. It doesn’t matter what other people say, it doesn’t matter how many times I’m called off because of that. 

I’m not stupid. I’m not delusional. I’m a grown up person who can interpret a text. And the Supernatural text tells me (us) THEY ARE IN LOVE.

Perhaps it’s a joke for some actors and writers, perhaps it’s a sin for some fans… although, sadly for them, neither of their opinions delete what the show has being telling us for more than a decade. And it’s, I’m repeating, that Dean Winchester and Castiel, the angel of the Lord, are in love with each other.

It’s more than sex, it’s more than a trivial romance appearing out of nowhere… it’s more than merchandising and more than actors’ popularity. IT’S WHAT THE SHOW TELLS. And, repeating again, I’m intelligent enough to understand what the show is literally putting in front of my eyes.

Today is one of those days that in the past would have frustrated me, and in the last months of me as an active part of the fandom would have broken my heart in little pieces. Because someone I used to love was underappreciating me as an rational person who understood perfectly well what a TV show (that is not Shakespeare and has tons of plotwholes) was telling me.

Now I see it differently. 

Now I roll my eyes at the stupidities I read, and I keep doing my stuff. My opinion is not changed, my intelligence is not insulted. I still believe Dean and Castiel are in love, because it’s still what the show has told me.

I can even says it gives me a new resolution.

I still have a fic to finish. A piece of fiction where Dean and Castiel meet in a whole different universe, and they fall in love, as they did in the show. I was too busy last year to do it, I will re-schedule my activities this year to do so.

Supernatural as a TV show won’t provide us (and the characters) the possibility of being happy together? WE, AS FANS, WILL. We know what the show tells us, and we’re not afraid of acting in consequence, unlike the creatives that are paid for that.

There’s nothing more precious than that.

Fans have the power. 

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tbh i think lance was purposefully ignored this season??? as a build up to his insecurities n shit,,, but the way they treated hunk was unacceptable

yes!! like lance was setup for “you’ll shine next time,” but hunk…i don’t know what they were trying to accomplish with all the food jokes and ignorance of his character development.

on the bright side, season three is being written with a lot more time and room to do some really good things with hunk’s character. i know season two wasn’t the best for him, but i have hope that future seasons will treat him much better!

Tough day and tough week starting.. I am sick but I have 4 days of work, school, school + work to go through. Times like this reminds me I never appreciate enough not being sick, feeling well in my body.

But well, on the bright side, I finally have a huge desk I’ll be able to use for bullet journaling and… tarot readings!!

Hope you are having a good day lovelies <3<3

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Today I saw someone on Facebook say "if you wear a vagina hat to the women's march you're a TERF" and I instantly thought of you because of how fucking ridiculous and nonsensical that is. I thought you would find that infuriating/almost hilarious. Have a good day!

Hey look at the bright side. Those marches show that women that live outside of the ridiculous internet liberal identity bubble understand that sex-based opressionis a thing.

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(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻: what are your thoughts on school?

Personally, I’m glad I graduated and no longer go to school. I’ve been a student for 12 years and I hated 90% of this hell. Yes, it’s important to educate yourself and the learning part, while definitely stressful at times, was not what made me hate school. It was everything surrounding it. Having to get up early in the morning, having to face the emotional stress, being pressured into being as good as possible and feeling so defeated when you weren’t, feeling worthless, being made felt worthless by others with their snarky remarks and their hurtful words and actions. I am glad I no longer have to see all these people that made my life a living hell for 12 years of my life.

On the bright side, I am thankful that I met amazing friends through school which I still love and cherish today. It’s important to remind yourself that one day, you no longer have to endure it everyday, but there are things you’re going to miss about it. I miss seeing my friends everyday, for example. But I do know that I can stay in touch with them and that I’ll be able to see them on weekends, etc. Life goes on. School is only a small fraction of your entire life and it’s not worth fretting about. Keep your heads up high and go through it, slay those years and do not look back without a proud smile. Nothing’s better than being able to say “Fuck you. I did it. Even though all you stupid teachers, parents, siblings and schoolmates told me I wouldn’t, here I am. So fuck you.” Feels amazing.


B: We call this one the Colonial Disaster. Built in 1852 this 2 bedroom, 2 bath is literally in shambles. All of the appliances are broken, and/or don’t work at all. The lawn is overgrown and the roots of the tree in the backyard are starting to overtake the foundation. It hasn’t been cleaned in 5 years and it hasn’t been lived in in over 60. It is scheduled to be bulldozed in the next month because of the poor aesthetic value it’s giving to the neighborhood. On the bright side, it is located in one of the best neighborhoods in Willow Creek, and it is literally right across the street from Bradford Elementary school. Oh, and there’s one more thing. The last person to live in this house died from drowning in the bathtub that’s upstairs.

K: How much?

B: 10,000 simoleons. But I guarantee I can get this fixer upper down to 9,500 simoleons. 

K: I’ll take it.


I.O.I, thank you for everything.

It’s hard to put into words the how much I love and adore these eleven girls and how thankful I am for I.O.I’s existence. I never knew I could love a group as much as I love them. Every bad day had a bright side because of I.O.I and every good mood was made even better. All of them are such amazing, talented, beautiful girls and they deserve all of the happiness and joy in the world. I hope these girls will be successful in their future careers as they’ve worked so hard to be where they are now. I will always support you but I’ll never forget I.O.I. From the bottom of my heart, I love you.


“Who cares about the balderdash I sprouted yesterday?”(famous german misquotation)

Anyway… guess I started a historical neighbourhood? I mean, it’s completely anachronistic in order to fit my (rather strict, I guess?) maxis-matchy style and kind of boring, but, hey, why not? (it’s also 75% Skell, clothing-wise)

I probably won’t post much about it at all (maybe as much as my medieval game- yes, that is a thing that exists. On the bright side, I played a few Strangetown households why listening to lecture recordings (don’t do this!), so as soon as I feel like spending three hours setting up my queue, you can expect some new content on this blog.

(anyway on the bright side if i end up feeling stupid & bad enough about straggling after girlfriend all the way to LA (which had vaguely been my proposal for spring break) that i back out of ever buying a ticket—as is currently looking Real Likely—i’ll save a lot of $ that i shouldn’t be spending anyway! despondency as budgeting ftw!! haha!!!)

An update on my last personal thing. She ended up texting me as a drove up and told me she tried to get ahold of me on Facebook. I literally have one for a means of having tinder, but she did what she could to tell me. She had gone out the night before and lost her phone and wallet, but we ended up meeting up anyways.

Ended up having an ok date but totally not going to go anywhere. The main reason being behind why she lost her phone and wallet, but that’s neither here nor there.

Bright sides: had at least one date in 2017 and I’ve only been kind of stood up one in my life (it was almost two times within two months. The last one had a much weirder story).

So I guess it gets better from here right? I’ll stop complaining now

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"that means that this kd moment was so powerful that all the antis suddenly reacted" lol yes! that right there says it all. it is really tiring to see all these haters in our tag but let us look at the bright side. all the uproar from the haters just proves even they were shook

Yeah it is really tiring, and also I don’t like the shipwars. That’s not my thing whatsoever, cause at the end of the day I believe everyone is entitled to ship their own ship. And that we should stick to our own tags and hang around the ppl who agrees with us, instead of always fighting with those who don’t. But it’s hard at times like this when they do not follow the same protocol. And I adore and want to protect kd and their love so much, that I can’t help but follow along.. *sigh*

well im not old enough to vote yet so i guess my only choice is to shove 13 american flags up my ass and fucking pray