not breaking my heart

“celebrating birthdays together with a family must feel really warm…. mom shouldn’t be home at this time yet… going back to face an empty home again.”

jian yi so badly wants a family of his own. a REAL family - this poor boy has never been appreciated by anyone of his blood. they’ve clearly never even celebrated a BIRTHDAY with him. growing up, he was always cared for by a nanny… his mother was/is never home. zhan is really the only one who cares about him.

this poor baby deserves so much better.

don’t worry, boo. zhan will be your family, just you wait. ♡

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Oh! I don't mean in terms of psychic power by "1000% Reigen". I just mean that things are possibly about to get Very Reigen. Of the Reigen to a Significant Emotional Percent. Un-Reigen-lievable. Reigendiculous. No Reigengrets (All the Reigengrets). Reigenesque. Reigentastic. All the Reigs. Ara-tak-a-my-heart-and-break-it-why-don't-you. Reigendiculous. Salty.

I’m just gonna be honest and admit that I’ve been laughing about this for five minutes now. What  t h e  he ll.

TO ANSWER UR ..?? question.?..?? ?

Reigen’s role in this is very Reigen indeed. I think that’s what you were gettin at. Very emotional and with that particular salt man flavor for extra oompah. 

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Odysseus ultimately reunited with his wife whom he loved deeply but who believed him dead -- Also, Odysseus' journey home lasted 10 years. Exactly as Flint's now.

I know, right?!! So many parallels going on. They better not break my heart again. Also TobyS mentioned in an interview that TPTB told him this last season would be “part The Odyssey, part Moby Dick”. Perhaps a pirate republic being the elusive whale while Flint’s ending will be The Odyssey – reunite with his great love, walk away from the sea and find peace.

Knowing that maggie was outed to her parents literally breaks my heart. I’m just imagining little teenage maggie sawyer trying to figure herself out only to be outed when she was most probably not ready. “Well my dad isn’t known for his open mindedness but he was pretty good, and so was my mom” now I think maggie might have lied to alex about her ‘coming out’ to make alex feel more comfortable because maggie just wants alex to be happy and proud of who she is and ready for when she told Kara. Maggie was so supportive and made sure alex knew she was there for her and that honestly makes my heart melt. Gosh do I love this show and it’s writing.

and am i not to be allowed
the joy of a fresh acquaintance?
the delight of seeing mirrored in your soul
aspects of my God?

don’t be shy with me
for i have feet of clay.
if it would help,
i will tell you what dusty
earths compose and crack my frame

i will tell you what seeds
the Lord has sown
and i will share with you
whatever blossoms i have.
and if i am given the grace, i will try
to refresh you,
however i can.

don’t be shy with me,
for i will always welcome
new friends and new minds and i
am no more
and no less
than you.

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my crush just... Confessed to me via text??? And shes such a gorgeous being that i just,, cant accept because i could never be her equal and its breaking my heart

(noo!! talk that out with them, don’t say no if you like them back!)

Hey we all love and appreciate you. We all know that you have been going through a rough couple of days and it really breaks my heart to see you not being yourself. So just know that the whole community is sending you love. We all love you Jack💚

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Any random thoughts or theories?

Random thoughts/theories about ACOMAF/ACOWAR that are incomplete but I have them all the same:

-There is SOME reason that all three Archeron sisters have a mate. They bond is supposed to be rare. The Mother is playing a funny game…
-Miryam and Drakon are going to reveal more secrets that even Rhys and his Inner Circle didn’t know and will blow our minds
-Azriel is going to FUCK UP MOR’S DAD IN ACOWAR
-Nesta is going to have new magic powers nobody has seen before and it’s going to be AWESOME
-the Archeron sisters will all end up being leaders of some sort. Feyre High Lady/queen, duh, Elain High Lady of the Spring Court, and Nesta either a High Lady or queen/Illyrian leader of some sort

I made an updated timeline of Greg’s relationships throughout his adult life. Triangles are marriages.

So now that Greg officially announced Hannah Minx was the YouTuber he secretly dated, she’s officially on the timeline. (He said she broke up with him because he told her he was in love with her when they were only two weeks into the relationship.)

There are two things to note about this reveal:

1. When Greg first mentioned this secret ex-girlfriend’s age back in 2012, he said she was 23. He is now saying in videos that she was 24. I looked up her info (all you have to do is google “MissHannahMinx”) and she actually turned 23 two months after they dated.. so she was really only 22.

2. If you watch his 2011 “She Wanted My Body, Not My Heart” video where he vlogged about their break up the day after it happened, he actually says their relationship was not official. Also, it was a long distance relationship and from the sound of it most of their communication was over the phone. It’s kind of funny to think about considering he now calls Hannah his ex girlfriend, yet he rejects the idea that Luxy was called an ex of his and Lainey’s.. when Luxy pretty much had the same type of relationship with them as he did with Hannah. 

(If there are any Microsoft Excel wizards out there, can you tell me how to get the chart to start where the data starts and also have the years ticked on the 1st of the year? When I get the chart to start when the data starts, the years tick in the middle of each year. When I set the ticks to the first of the year, the data gets moved over. Thanks!)

To the boy that broke my heart, H

Thank you. Not for breaking my heart though, that’s still sore. But for everything else. I am who I am today because of you. And while some parts of this me are a little messed up I’m grateful I got to learn something very important from you.

See my whole life I’ve been lucky. I never actually had to struggle for anything. My parents are too giving they want me to have everything with no worries.

But watching you live your life I learned that struggles can be good sometimes. And I craved independence. I want to live my own life on my terms.

I’m applying for internships now. On my own merit. And I’m scared as hell of not being good enough. But I want to prove to everyone that I can be taken seriously on my own.

I can do this.

I know you’d be proud of me too. 


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She's deadass more worried about her fucking hair then poor baby's health and comfort. Girl, wyd? Don't you have maternal instincts? Don't you care about your baby brother?

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I grew up in Puerto Rico where it’s hot but even then my mom made sure I was dressed for the weather. Because that’s what moms do. Worry and care about their child’s health and safety. Not have their babies practically naked in the fucking rain. A baby’s immune system is fragile you can’t just do this shit and it break my heart. If she were a mom somebody would’ve called child protective services on her ass a long time ago.

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I am this close to flying there and adopting this kid. I would cook him amazing healthy food (not sugary shit that are for adults). I would dress him up in the cutest clothes and I’d buy him lots and lots of toys. I would protect him from all these bad people. I just want Louis and the baby free. I don’t care about anyone else (well, also Austin too).


My dad breaks my heart every morning and night. He goes out to check nothing’s happened to the garden around the dogs and to say good morning/goodnight.
I genuinely well up with tears everytime I see or hear him go out.

Did u guys know I haven’t studied in 21 years actually cuz during every class I have ever attended in my life since kindergarten I’ve never payed attention to anything cuz I was like blacking the fuck out into my fantasy world and that breaks my heart cuz I’m so smart, my potential could be immeasurable, but I’m like 

We were housemates whilst living in Cambodia, teaching English at the school.

It was only a short couple of months but during that time, he became really important to me. After the experience, he continued travelling and I went back home.

I should have known how early we would have become strangers. I asked him several times if he had snapchat, and he kept ignoring my responses. I didn’t say anything until one of our mutual friends sent me a snapchat of him saying hi to me.

It really hurt so I told him how it had hurt me. This was his response.

It’s been two weeks, he still hasn’t spoken to me and I don’t think he ever will. It sucks knowing he’s travelling with people that messaged me back but he never could be bothered. I think the fact he’s 19 mean he’s too immature to have a meaningful friendship. It still breaks my heart every day knowing he will never talk to me.

I always love too much.