not break it yourself

you promised to put out a new fic chapter today but your brain seems to be working against you ? totally cool, i understand !

you said you were gonna answer some asks but you’re feeling a little overwhelmed ? no worries, we can wait !

you decided you were going to post some art today but you’re just too busy to finish it ? all good, there’s always tomorrow !

give yourself a break sometimes. work at your own pace. congratulate yourself for any amount of progress.

creating content is hard, okay.

you’re already doing wonderfully. no pressure. you got this.

self-care bucket list🌺

the new year is here and with that i list some ideas for self care, love and appreciation to inspire your 2018.

  • wear less make-up
  • focus more on skin care
  • drink more water
  • listen to more music
  • eat healthier
  • air dry your hair
  • spend more time with family
  • wear less black
  • take your time with homework
  • go out with friends
  • go on more walks
  • log out of tumblr
  • treat yourself to new clothes
  • enjoy the rain
  • expresss yourself
  • go to the gym
  • deep clean the house
  • smile more
  • masturbate
  • allow yourself breaks
  • worry less
  • take less days in bed
  • open up more
  • wash your hair more/less often
  • paint/write/draw
  • turn your phone off
  • meditate
  • read books
  • pick up hobbies you’ve forgotten about
  • hug your family/friends/pets
  • focus on yourself more
  • open windows more often
  • watch funny videos



It’s really important to give yourself a break. This is something I’m working on now. Instead of saying “wow I’m so dumb”, try saying things like “I’m a really creative and wonderful person”. It makes a world of difference. If you stay up reading instead of going to bed, that’s okay. If you say the wrong thing, that’s okay, too. Give yourself a break. Say good things about yourself. You’re a good person. You can be your greatest ally.

anonymous asked:

hey uh how do you clean a room beyond “oh hey this is easy I can do this without having a mental breakdown”? my friend’s sisters trashed my room and messes make me freak out ;; -call me Sin! (:

Separate the room or clutter into different sections! for example, under the bed, near the door, the closet, ect or trash, clothes, objects! Each day try to accomplish something from each section, and if you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed take a break for 5 or 10 minutes!! You don’t have to clean it all in one day, just do your best!!

Good afternoon!

//Good afternoon my lovlies, I have missed you. I am so glad to see you all still active, still writing, and still here on my dash. There are so many memes and asks I want to do, but I am reminding myself to get back into things one step at a time!

Auntie Grandma Anthy wants to know if:

  • you remembered to take your meds today?
  • you remembered to take your vitamins?
  • Did you stop and get yourself a nice big glass of water at least once?
  • Have you taken a pause in replies, studying, cleaning, bills and life to get up and walk around and stretch?
  • have you been told today that you are an amazing person with unlimited imagination and you are loved and worth it and there are people here so glad to see you post?

Remember to take a break on yourself today. <3 Hopefully I will get around to doing some srs replies soon!

I think the hardest part of Zugzwang (aside from Reid breaking down) is “You would kill yourself for her?” “Yes.” I don’t know, but to me it just speaks a lot for where Spencer’s head is at. He’s hurting and he’s scared, he’s TERRIFIED, and he doesn’t want to deal with the aftermath of what he knows is about to happen, and he knows he’ll blame himself and he knows what happens in his head when he blames himself and he would rather die than lose her or deal with how he knows he’ll respond when he does and that breaks my heart. (And as a result, I’m really proud of him in the next few episodes for managing not to go down that road.) It breaks my heart and it’s hard for me to watch because maybe I’m a little too much on the “Spencer Reid deserves happiness” bandwagon but after everything he’s been through, all the losses and the pain and the hurt he’s dealt with, I know he doesn’t think that’s the only way out but I don’t want him to be hurting so much that he thinks it’s the best way out. I really do just want him to be genuinely happy for a season or two.

Stop what you are doing. Go outside and breathe. The world will not end if you take ten minutes for yourself.
—  taking time for yourself is important
Solitude is dangerous. It’s very addictive. It becomes a habit after you realize how peaceful and calm it is. It’s like you don’t want to deal with people anymore because they drain your energy.
—  Jim Carrey

There is a distinct difference between caring for someone and carrying someone.

Know the difference.

You are allowed to let people down when they are too heavy.

You are not a bad person because you have limits.

Don’t rush yourself. Give yourself the time you need to heal. Then, continue once you’ve regained your strength, and feel ready. Don’t be rushed. You have time.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
I know it’s hard for you to talk to anyone right now, but how much do I wish I could tell you this: love isn’t everything. You don’t always have to live on the feeling of being in love. You are not a half of a whole seeking for your perfect other half; you are whole. You could be capable of creating masterpieces if you tried to reach for the sky. So please don’t get stuck in your hopeless circle, waiting for love - you are so much more than that person you said you are.
I know this is an extremely stressful time for you, but just remember you can only do as much as you possibly can. Then, give yourself a definite break of at least an hour to two, just to give yourself (brain included) a rest, which everyone needs once one reaches their limit. Remember, you will still be alive tomorrow, the sun will still rise the next day, so its not “A matter of life or death.”
—  Krista Cowton
Things I’ve learned as a student and language learner
  • No teacher will ever tell you how to study, they will only say that you have to study.
  • No one has any idea how to study, they just try out things and see what works for them.
  • There isn’t a “standard” or “universal” way of studying but there are tips and methods that work for most people.
  • 1 method won’t work for everything. 
  • When it comes to languages, you’ll have a plan or an idea of what you should do, but you need to be open minded and flexible. You adapt to the situation. 
  • Having a partner for studying might be a blessing or a nightmare, it depends on you.
  • Always have snacks around. You don’t want to stop when you finally focus only to grab something to snack on.
  • Always have a bottle of water, or maybe 2.
  • If what you do it’s weird but it works for your studies, it’s not weird, it’s just a new method.
  • There’s no “talent” when it comes to languages, it’s just experience and some badass strategy behind the success. And this applies to studying in general from what i’ve seen.
  • Being organized and disciplined might not sound fun, but it saves your ass when motivation goes away.
  • Sooner or later, you realize that only you can get up and study. No one will give a shit if you do it or not, people are selfish, accept it.
  • Figure out if you are a planner person or not. Not everyone can follow a schedule.
  • Plan your breaks.
  • Just start doing something small. Once you start, you’ll work more than you planned.
  • Elle Woods, Rory Gilmore and Hermione Granger are the holy trinity. The motivation you can get from them is unimaginable.
  • Never underestimate the power of a motivation list. Just a list with people you admire can make you work. It’s that simple.
  • Sleeping enough is more important than you think!
  • You’re way much better than you imagine. You can deal with everything, just be confident.
  • Nothing is so difficult as you think it is, it gets easier once you work for a while.
  • Your mind will trick you and make you think in the middle of a study session that you can’t handle it but if you ignore that, you’ll realize it’s just a trick because you might not be used to study like that or for that long.
  • Organize your study space so you don’t waste 10 minutes. 10 minutes in which you might lose your mood for studying.
  • Keep a diary. Write in it your progress and your fears or whatever bothers you. You don’t need to write daily in it but just writing down and seeing what bothers you helps a bit.
  • Know why you’re studying! Without a goal in mind, in a couple of days, maybe weeks if you’re lucky, you’re gonna give up.
  • Studying in bed will make you sleepy. 
  • Eating lunch will make you sleepy and a bit lazy so choose an easy task for that time of the day.
  • Studying in pajamas is nice, but that outfit kinda sets your mind in the “i go to sleep” mood so just take some clothes that you don’t sleep in. Let’s face it, we all have old clothes that we don’t want to throw away but we wear inside the house.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  • Never compare yourself to others. Your only competition is you.
  • Don’t be afraid to be outstanding. 
  • It doesn’t matter if you have expensive pens or cheap ones, in the end, they all do their job.
  • There are people who like to decorate their notes, and there are people who like keeping them simple but everyone uses a highlighter at some point in their life.
  • You’ll ace everything by overlearning.
  • Others’ limits aren’t yours. 
  • Don’t check your phone. If you check it once, you lost.
  • Same with the snooze option in the morning.
  • Instead of saying that you don’t have time, better say “I’m not a priority”. See what effect that has on you.
  • Don’t judge people. The weirdo that no one talks to might have life tips that will save you. Or even better, might be a friend for life.
  • Tips and tricks won’t work if you don’t.
  • Always have a trick or two saved for later. Others might not be your competition now but you never know who wants the same job as you in 10 years.
  • The sooner you start, the sooner you’re done.
  • When you feel down, remember 1 skill that was a pain to learn but now it’s something you love.
  • Learn to listen.
  • Your goals are important to you but many people won’t give a damn about them. Learn to let go people who don’t respect your goals/priorities.
  • If people hate you, they a) envy you because you’re amazing, b) they are just shitty or c) a+b.
  • Always be innovative. Why? People will copy what you do if you have success so always be 2 steps ahead.
  • Don’t stress over exams/tests/presentations that passed already. They are in the past, don’t overthink these.
  • There’s no point in collecting tips and resources if you don’t start using them.
  • It takes time to be disciplined but that’s not impossible. You just need to want and try over and over again until you’ve got it.
  • Get used to make mistakes, others don’t even remember them.
  • Most people can’t memorize very well in the morning, avoid learning new words after you wake up.
  • Learning and studying doesn’t usually imply memorization unless you need certain formulas, terms and definitions. However, many teachers accept to use your own words when talking about something. The point is to understand something, not to quote your textbook.
  • Failing is okay. Procrastinating is okay. What’s not okay it’s when you stop trying and working only because you have a bad day, week, month or year.
  • Everyone fails and everyone procrastinates, remember that. No one’s perfect.
  • When you can’t focus, find a way to calm down your mind. If you focus, you can work for hours but if you are distracted by a feeling/thought just stop and talk to yourself because everything you do that day will be almost useless; your mind is not with you.
  • Don’t just read passively, try to take notes or annotate so you actually pay attention to what you read. Read it 100 times and don’t pay attention or read it twice and understand everything, your choice.
  • Most people will gladly help, you just need to ask.
  • Be open minded.
  • Your teachers might not give you the grade you deserve, people might talk about you behind your back, no one might see your value but they aren’t important. You work for yourself and that’s important, who knows, maybe in 15 years these people will ask if you’re hiring. Karma is stalking everyone. 
  • Your brain needs sugar, always have some chocolate/sweets around.
  • People will either hate you or love you. You shouldn’t care what they choose. Respect everyone, be yourself and love yourself. Who wants to be around you will stay in your life, don’t worry.
  • People don’t need to know what you’re doing 24/7. If they ask, tell them; if they don’t, don’t overshare.
  • Take your time to make/find a playlist for studying if you like having background noises while studying.
  • Bother to make one for motivation too.
  • Have at least 20 free hours weekly. Your brain needs a break too.
  • Not everyone needs to be like you, study like you or like what you do and that’s fine. After all, not everyone will have the same story.
  • Find a person who makes you feel better only by being around them. That kind of friend is priceless.
  • Try to read once in a while when you’re free. Maybe you learn something new.
  • Your attitude makes the difference. Just do your best and always be optimist.
  • When you have questions or you need help, just ask. Don’t assume things before asking. People might surprise you.
  • Don’t doubt yourself. You can do it, it’s just a matter of time.
  • People will betray you, your work won’t.
  • Always carry around your agenda or a small notebook/notepad. Just in case you need to write down a date, a phone number, just a reminder or you need to plan something.
  • Prepare for the worst but always hope for the best.
  • Learn how to know when you need breaks.
  • Also, learn how to control yourself during breaks. You don’t want to take a break of 5 minutes and end up with a 3 years one.
  • Nothing is impossible if you just ignore the negative comments and you focus on your goal(s).
  • Learn to enjoy studying so much that you’re frustrated when you can’t do it.