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TALKING BOOK TUESDAY | Equipment Time Capsule

Today’s #TalkingBookTuesday is also a time-traveling throwback Tuesday!

The Talking Books library has been in Oregon since 1932, and has been at the State Library since 1969.  Technology has changed dramatically over the last 85 years!

The equipment in the pictures above that is on display at Talking Books includes:

  • 1947 model 30,000 phonograph player by the Sandwich Bower Corporation (brown)
  • 1965 model AE1 made by the Westinghouse Corporation (grey)
  • 1973 model C-73 cassette player by the General Electric Corporation (brown)
  • 1976 model C-76 by the Telex Corporation (orange)
  • 1980 model C-80 by the Telex Corporation (tan)

Now since 2009 Talking Books has had digital audio books and electronic Braille books you can download!  It’ll be fun to see where technology takes Talking Books in 5, 10, 25, or another 85 years!

[Image: tweet by Titanium Cranium (@FelicityTC) including three screenshots of a Harry potter book in three different formats on Amazon. Text:

“Harry Potter on Amazon -

Print: $6.39
Audio: $44.99
Braille: $100.00


d&d disability mechanics

so im disabled, and i have a disabled d&d character. i didnt like not having an in-game mechanic to express my character’s disability in more than words, so i decided to make some and then ended up making others.

a lot of these were made while consulting someone who has the disability or from my own firsthand experience, but some aren’t. if you want to critique some of my choices, message me! i’ll be able to either edit the ruleset or explain my reasoning, and i want it to be the best it can be.

note: a lot of the save DCs are left vague in this so you and your DM can determine how difficult they are to meet.

this is under a cut because it’s really long and so i can update it. if you want to see something added, message me!

(#dungeons and dragons, #long post, #death cw, #limb trauma)

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I remember being told that love is blind, so I ran my fingers through the creases of your flaws and slowly read your darkest secrets by stroking over the scars on your skin like braille. I’ve read all of your hidden chapters and you by far are still my favourite story.

- Meggan Roxanne

I’m rereading IT because I liked the new movie and haven’t read the book since I was in middle school, and I forgot that Stephen King is… like this. Hey, SK??? HEY, DAWG??? I don’t need to know that Stanley’s wife is sexually attracted to the Family Feud host because of his cool watch. Her husband’s up there killing himself and you’re like, “Awwwwwwwwww, she horny for that watch tho.” I don’t want to hear “terribly sexy” in reference to a watch unless I’m reading bad Back to the Future fan fiction. You know that joke about how what if people described dicks in novels the way they describe breasts? My man’s got you. He’s an equal opportunity dickscriber. He’s fluent in dick braille, in fact. He can read your weenie wrinkles like a boardwalk psychic if your pants are tight enough, I guess.

Fanfiction rant

My parents never liked my reading fanfiction and actively attempted to stop me. Me, being a rebellious teen at the time, obviously found ways round this.

Point is, one of my parents arguments was how much time I spent reading the /quote/ “stupid things” (excuse me?! But true😂) and I wasn’t learning anything (yeah riiiiiiight)

Do you know how many things I’ve learnt from fanfiction??

From Court cases, to latin, to basic first aid, to extensive knowledge on pressure points and how to use them when torturing (oops 😂). And honestly, those are just the ones I can think of the top of my head.

I’ve learnt soooo much knowledge from fanfiction that I constantly practice in my daily life, I wouldn’t be anywhere without it.

Point is, fanfiction is actually, despite the evidence against it (sleep deprivation, reading stories totally not for your age cuz let’s be honest, none of us paid attention to those 18+ warnings😂), really good for you and educational.

Praise the writers, cuz in maybe 50 yrs time, your gonna remember some random fanfiction fact and it’s gonna save your life.

Its proven true so far in my (short) life.