not boyfriend material

  • Yurio: *looking at intricate, beautiful braid* Holy shit, Beka this is amazing! How were you able to do this?
  • Otabek: *has flashbacks to the hours of hairstyle tutorials he watched on YouTube, just in case the event that he was able to braid Yuri's hair arose*
  • Otabek: Uh... Natural talent, I guess.
My ideal type of boyfriend

*Someone as intelligent as Namjoon

*Someone as cute as Namjoon

*Someone as caring as Namjoon 

*Someone as talented as Namjoon 

*Someone as honest as Namjoon 

*Someone as thoughtful as Namjoon 

*Someone as hardworking as Namjoon 

*Someone as loyal as Namjoon

*Someone as mature as Namjoon

*Someone as funny as Namjoon

*Someone as sexy as Namjoon

*Someone as precious as Namjoon

*Someone as handsome as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at rapping as Namjoon 

*Someone as inspirational as Namjoon

*Someone as tall as Namjoon

*Someone as cool as Namjoon 

*Someone as clumsy as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at singing as Namjoon

*Someone with as great personality as Namjoon

*Someone with as deep voice as Namjoon 

*Someone with as cute dimples as Namjoon

*Someone with as beautiful smile as Namjoon 

*Someone with as great fashion sense as Namjoon 

*Someone as good at composing music as Namjoon

*Someone as amazing as Namjoon 




So basically he just has to be Kim Namjoon!