not bothered to fix though lol

i saw some people making human bendys and i was started to think about what mine would look like

though i mainly drew this cause i dont draw humans enough and i figured itd be a fun exercise 

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maybe because i didn't go all out for this event, but I'm not that bothered by all of this? even though enstars is my main thing, there's clearly a problem that they're taking time to fix. idk, I guess I could just imagine any other company being like 'lol suck it up' - any kind of compensation would be fine. idk i might be in the minority though, people seem mad

tbh i personally am not bothered either but i can’t argue with souma/koga fans who are affected.

the problem isn’t that the game is down - it’s that it was repeatedly crashing since the start of the event but at times they did not even address it much less give the “one bottle” compensation and it kept building up and crashing entirely on the last day of the event - middle of ranking. i can guarantee people would arguably be way pissed if this was a knights event.

i understand that the fandom atmosphere is very tensed right now and i also can’t defend people being vile in their twitter mentions.

and not a reply to the ask but people defending happy elements for being unprofessional for 10 days straight is going to get no one anywhere. they are fixing it because it’s their job, they aren’t doing anyone a favour. 

saying “they don’t owe us anything” sounds ridiculous - it is their job to have a working app when people pay for their services. they aren’t being “angels” right now for doing something expected of them since the launch of the app.

and people who have lost time/money over this event have every right to complain in whatever manner they want. (ofc without the death threats lol.)

Parallels - Dream Girl & Pure Love

Anonymous asked: So have you thought about possibly doing a make out session preference?

A/M:You’re right! I haven’t done a make out preference have i? Though i did do something with Niall I think, but man… Im writing this cause OH MAN. Think this is how a whole temporary fix thing started? Lol naughty Niall. 
(I was gonna do an actual preference with one for each, but i started writing this and im all bothered and i dont know if i could come up with anything else better lol… Someone wanna pass me some water to quench my thirst?)

Also here’s the make out (specifically) with Niall that got a lot more notes than i thought lol 

You were lying down like a slump on the couch and at the funny position you were sitting in, caused him to laugh. 

“What’s wrong baby?” He laughed, as he leaned on his hands on the back of the couch. 

“Ah! Perfect! You’re here!” You smiled looking up at up, and with his arrival, you adjusted yourself on the couch so you now sat on your knees directly in front of him. 

He just smiled at you, “Well I’m glad you’re happy to see me. But I can’t help but wonder why you seem so excited about it.” He laughed. 

You leaned in closer to his face- he didn’t even budge, but gave you a smirk. You saw those gears in his head turn quickly as you gave a quick glance to his lips, and bit your bottom lip. You couldn’t help yourself anymore as you leaned in and brought your lips to his, in hopes it would seal the message for him. He pulled away; a smirk on his face still, but his eyes has grown dark with lust. 

You giggled bringing your body as close as you could to his, and your faces closer together as you went back to kissing him; this time, feeling him kiss you back with much more reason and motivation behind it. 

As you continued kissing he stopped for a brief moment, “Wait.” You gave him a puzzled look, but as he came around, the back of the couch that had divided you both had gone, and he nodded. 
“I thought it’d be more comfortable this way.” He said half awkwardly, causing you to giggle. 

But you complied and sat down properly on the couch, continuing to look up at him. 
“Mind if we picked up where we left off?” You smiled and he did as well. 

He leaned in, going right where he left off as you soon felt his hands on you, and sitting down on the spot next to you not breaking the kiss and you felt each other smile as you continued kissing. 

His lips were so soft, all you wanted before he had shown up was to feel them on yours and feel the magic they seemed to bring. But that was something you’d never admit to him. It would just go to his head. 

But as he just continued kissing you, his tongue now teasing you, his hand through your hair, somehow feeling as if he was even closer than he was already ways. You were beginning to feel like putty in his hands. As he helped make you feel again, just as you wanted.

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Hello I was just wondering...How did you make the Rapunzel wig?

We got two yards of foam in order to make the braid.

External image
We then cut it into three sections so that we could roll those three section into tubes and glued them down.

The tubes were then stuffed with cotton stuffing in order to make them more full looking and less flat. Pantyhose were then put on the foam to hide the green foam. After that we had to sew the three monsters onto the base wig.

there was no yellow pantyhose unfortunately so we had to paint the braid yellow.

Painting the braid yellow helps a lot! In case wig hairs move the yellow backing helps the fibers blend.

NOW came a mistake we did, we shouldn’t have painted the braid when it was braided (silly us) so we had to undo the braid and repaint. You can avoid all this by just getting yellow pantyhose lol. Then came the horror, I basically Duct taped, glued and forced the wig hair down onto the three tubes.

Ribbon and rope is used to section off the braids so that they don’t get tangled with each other. You can see the duct tape here and places we didn’t bother to paint over. After that I spent a good three days fixing the wig, adding more wig hair where it was needed, adding braids, glueing wig hair and finally it came out like this.

Though we are not done, I hope this helps at all! Six 100CM wigs were used for this project, we should have just gotten extensions but ehh we learn as we make mistakes xD; I’ll try to have a full tutorial on our cosplay page when it is done! ~