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If you have watched the original version of Criminal Mind, the Korean version might be boring since they take the same affair and they keep the same character but changed their name. Your list is pretty great, what's your top 10 ? And if it's "It's okay that's love" isn't a part of it you must watch it

I watched a bit of the first episode and it was indeed kind of boring 😂 I like the original series so that might be it. As for my current top 10:

1. signal
2. voice
3. remember you
4. gap dong
5. innocent defendant
6. healer
7. kill me heal me
8. remember
9. god’s gift - 14 days
10. suspicious partner

I force my dad to listen to kpop: the drive to grandma's house

EXO-K “Overdose”

[chorus plays]

Dad: this is very autotuned

[Baekhyun sings]

Dad: /grumbles to self

[Rap section begins]

Dad: /turns up louder

Me: ??????????

Mamamoo “Piano Man”

Dad: /sings along to chorus/ ba-ba-ba-da-da

Seungri “Gotta Talk to You”

Dad: /allows song to be played at loud volume

Me: /remembers how strange a song might sound if the only lines you understand are “I’m hustlin, hustlin”

EXO “Black Pearl [Remixed]”

[proceeds to ignore glorious remix]

Dad: You know how stupid people are too stupid to know they’re stupid? Sometimes I wonder if there are smart people that are too smart to know they’re smart. [commenting on how he wishes my mom and sister would stop calling themselves stupid]

EXO “Growl”

Me: I’ve played this before


Epik High “Amor Fati”

Me: This is a rap song

Dad: Is this gonna be a whiny love song?

Tablo: God doesn’t love me

Me: No

Hyosung “Goodnight Kiss”

[ignores song]

Dad: y'know I really like your sister’s boyfriend. she’s become less materialistic because of him

[chorus comes on]

Dad: /sings along

Dad: mama’s gonna buy you a diamond ring~ see the tune is the same!

Me: 0.0

GOT7 “A”


Dad: /mocks Mark’s whiny part

[ignores song]

Dad: It’s problematic that your brother is 21 now. That means I have to offer him wine. I buy the wine because of him- it’s therapeutic. Now I might need to go see an actual therapist. 

Crush ft. Zion.T “Hey Baby”


Dad: /sings along to ba-ba part

[ignores song]

Dad: I don’t understand why people think I look young for my age- I’m balding. Maybe it’s because I have this pimple? [points to forehead]

[Interlude to listen to “Uptown Funk” because one does not simply skip over “Uptown Funk”]

EXID “Up & Down”

[LE comes on]

Dad: is this the korean version of iggy azalea?

Me: nah, that’s someone else.

Junsu ft. Tablo “Flower”

Dad: are these the type of ballads your roommate likes?

Me: nah, she likes the boring ones with pianos

Dad: so no fake symphonies?

MFBTY “Sweet Dream”

Dad: /proceeds to jam


Me: y'know I’m gonna make a post about your reactions, right?

Dad: but I’m not reacting. I’m just sitting here like this [blank face]

Me: if you say so.


Me: I’ll just play the most kpoppish thing ever for you.

Dad: Bring it on.

EXO “Wolf”

Dad: /listens

[song ends]

Dad: were they saying the n-word?

Me: no. they were saying ‘naega.’ that’s how they say “I”

Dad: I think I heard them say sodomy at one point too, so I thought this song was about some anal sex ritual

Me: /dies

Part 2:

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The part in which Bum tries to poison the food (and does so), Bum eats first and, respectively, gets sick. What about Woo? How come we don't see any sign of sickness from him, considering that he did eat the food Bum made (didn't he?)

Aha, you’re not the only one to ask about this scene, Anon. I’ve gotten two more asks wondering the same thing. Unfortunately, there isn’t really a clear explanation for this in the original webtoon either. However, let me just switch from my linguistics cap to my murder-story-writer cap.

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(Scans credit to Lunchbox) 

[eng]20160704- Z.Tao interview on SE Weekly

Huang Zitao: no need to pander to those whom I don’t know

“Don’t say I’m cocky, I’m never cocky, not even with billions of pocket money…..”Huang Zitao used his new song’s lyrics to complete his narration of being embroiled in several controversies. Since his return, there has been several negative reports plaguing him, seemingly coming out all at the same time, from being late to acting like a big shot, being too rebellious etc. At that point in time, Our Taotao was anti-ed and attacked by all netizens alike. The meme packs alone are countless. This time round, Huang Zitao is getting interviewed by SE magazine with his new movie; and Huang Zitao’s words still has a lot of personality. While being anti-ed, Huang Zitao’s been moving ahead. In 2016, he held his own concert, had three film contracts, and his new album is near completion. At this stage, he feels that he still “never thought of trying to win the goodwill of others”, and is determined to concentrate on his career. At this stage, he feels that “dreams are far more important than love.”

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K-pop fans who dislike Super Junior confuse me. They complain about every title song being “Sorry Sorry version 5.0”, but all the title tracks since Leeteuk’s return have been drastically different. They complain about them being old and boring, but with the “Magic” video, where the group is just fooling around and having fun, they call them immature and rookie-like. They say K-pop is too rigid and strict, but when Suju goes off script, they call them unprofessionals. This puzzles me so much.


My Favorite Versions of Christine’s Costumes, as requested by anon.

Now I’m sure you’ve all noticed the distinct lack of US costumes, and that is because it would have made for a very boring and predictable response to the question if I did, since every single one of the US versions of the costumes are THE quintessential version to me, so I went with my favorite international versions. When I was putting this together, I found myself pretty surprised by how many WT/South Korean costumes I actually liked, considering how much I hated their Dressing gown.

I really did have a lot of fun putting this together though.

In no particular order:

  1. UK Elissa 
  2. UK Serafimo
  3. Canadian Wedding Gown
  4. WT/South Korean Serafimo Skirt
  5. Canadian Wishing Gown (specifically this gold leaf version)
  6. The “Saloon Girl” Masquerade costumes
  7. Canadian Countess (LOVE the textures on this)
  8. WT Aminta
  9. German Star Princess