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Happy Easter everyone!

I was in a good mood and I’m celebrating it so I decided to share my 10 fav moments of ch66 :D

  • Welcome to Wonderland Alice Ciel! 
  • I-bet-u-had-no-idea-that-Ed-was-a-tsundere.png 
  • That precious moment when you inwardly debated for 5 minutes to decide if Frances knew about Alexis’ hobby before marrying him or not:
  • #cute-rabbit!hug-is-cute
  • The “and by that I mean that I came back from the dead just to spite you” panel
  • I’m not even lying when I say that to this day I still want to know Bard’s recipe for the exploding eggs
  • There is education and Education: for once that Bocchan is having fun, let’s be serious no one is going to point out that what he did is basically cheating 
  • That great moment when you realize the egg literally got ninja’d by Lizzie tho’ :D
  • TFW you’re a demon and you don’t even need to hide your smug because you owned everyone 
  • plot™ in an interlude chapter is <3

And to those of you who don’t celebrate it, please also enjoy your weekend! <3

(Feel free to share your favorite parts of the chapter ^3^)


I was very bad these days but the same ~ I received an award from my Bocchan. 😊❤

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