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“I really have to go now,” Merlin whispered into his ear, nuzzling his nose into Arthur’s hair. Arthur sighed and pulled back, only to be drawn back in for a short but meaningful kiss.

He smiled at Merlin when they finally parted and held onto his hand as long as he could,  while Merlin slowly turned and walked towards the check-in gates. He squeezed Arthur’s fingers one last time before he let go and fully turned away.

Art by: @lao-paperman

Story by: @sara-bocchan

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They only missed the silverware and the combed back hair!

I wonder it they will have Yunbastian’s hair combed back in this scene and the long hair Seb apparently uses for disguise. They would be a nice addition but would it be practical to comb back a wig?

And Yun’s hair will be all good for Seb’s disguise, too bad it will not be done. Hope they will at least include that in the bromides, pretty please