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Yanderee Blueberry
Yanderee Blueberry

So after seeing @dryeguy lil Yandere thing ive been wanting to try it myself. still working on writing my own lil thing. But i found this today and figured id give you a Lil taste of what i could do.

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Twinings® Green Tea Berry Mint Julep, non-alcoholic version (top picture), and alcoholic version (bottom picture), from the Berry Basket booth available during the Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival.

Imma die happy

I just finished watching the last part of Jack’s playthrough of Night In the Woods! And I am really gonna miss this series.. ;v; The characters, the voice acting, the artstyle and color from the game is really perfection! I honestly have to agree with Jack though; I didn’t get the whole plot of the story from NiTW. It really confused me. But I don’t wanna spoil anything if anyone hasn’t seen either the last part of the whole series. Overall, best game series from Jacksepticeye in 2017. Ever!

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22.03.2017 breakfast today🙌🏼

I really enjoy making my breakfasts look nice and taking photos of them like this, it gives me a moment of peace😌

I’m stressing balls because on Saturday I’m taking the GAMSAT and I’ve realised that I haven’t given myself enough time to go over all the material that I’ll be tested on😪but I still have to do the exam so I’m just going to try my best.

This morning I’m going to pack my lunch and go to the library (hopefully start working by 9.30am) and study all day. Leave at 7pm and go to the gym for half an hour then head home!🥗📑📚✏️💪🏼🏋🏻‍♀️

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Haha I had a thought. You know how all the skelebros are really close in their own ways. If one of them got an S/O then at some point or another the other skelebro would be third wheeling. What would the US, UF and SF skelebros be like as a third wheel?


Red:  He instantly felt like a third wheel.  Boss rarely includes Red in much besides dragging Red to places he doesn’t want to be.  The best thing Boss’ s/o could do for this skelle is find him a date.  Even if they don’t double date this will keep him busy.

Boss:  Hates it.  He feels as if his brother is being stolen from him.  The way he deals with this is to be even more rude to Red and distance himself when Red’s s/o is around.  He refuses to be a third wheel because he is not around.


Blueberry:  Is very sad that his brother seems more distant, even though Stretch always does his best to include him sometimes he can’t quiet manage it.  When this happens Blueberry excuses himself and leaves them alone, all while remaining cheerful.

Stretch:  Blueberry will never let this happen.  No matter what.  Ever!


Raspberry:  Pretends he doesn’t even notice.  When he feels that he is becoming a third wheel he will wander off and find his own amusement.  It bothers him quite a bit but he will never tell Saffron.

Saffron:  It happens without him noticing it.  One minute they are all talking the next Raspberry and his so have shared an inside joke and he has no clue why his brother is laughing so hard.  After that he doesn’t go out with them if he can help it.

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How would the UT, US, UF and SF skele-bros react when their S/O is obsessed with making DIY things? (If I were to say. 75% of the S/O's stuff are made by the S/O themselves. And that inculdes soap and shampoo.)



Sans:  Is more than willing to be your test subject for anything you need. If you want him to try something out just hand it to him before he does whatever it is. For example, if he is headed to the shower hand him some of your soap, or if he is about to go out and buy something you just happened to make recently then hand it to him. He will be more than happy to be saved a trip.

Papyrus:  Is incredibly impressed. To think that you made all of this stuff is incredible to him. He becomes a little obsessed with learning all this stuff and of course he wants you to teach him.


Red:  Doesn’t see the point in making all this stuff when you could go buy it. If he sees something especially nice that he knows you made he will compliment you on it.

Boss:  Supposes that it is innovative and conservative. But when he hears that some of the things cost you more to make than to just buy he won’t understand anymore. You could try explaining that it is fun but I doubt you will get through to him.


Blueberry:  Has tinkered in DIY things. He even enjoyed it for a while, as a hobby. He believes in moderation and this is not moderation. He might ask you to tone it down a little. It’s not like you two are hurting for money.

Stretch:  Enjoys watching you make everything.  He doesn’t want to help, just watch.  He will be happy to use anything you make for him.  Also, if you want to do a craft with him then he will let you help him try.


Raspberry:  He does not encourage this at all.  He insists on buying all his own stuff and gets you store bought things as well.  However, this does not mean that he will turn down a gift you made for him.

Saffron:  Is very good at creating something out of nothing so it is no surprise that this comes naturally to him.  He will join you in making all kinds of stuff.  Manny of which neither of you need but it looked cool so why not.

Quisiera dibujarlos a todos TT-TT me encantan todos los Aus pero no puedo :c omg son muchos x-x

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