not better than five guys

op: i just think five guys is better than in and out…
some asshole: turn on your location op i’ll rip you in half with my bare hands. talk shit again.

So my friend suggested that I watch “Hawaii five-0″ because she thought I might like it. 

That was last week.

I’m almost done with season two now.

This is my brain, telling me I do not need to get involved with another TV show: 

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And this is my fangirl heart, that has totally won the battle:

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  • *Tae & Kookie fights and end up breaking the tv*
  • Jin : *fuming* OMG!! I can't believe this!!!
  • Yoongi : *Annoyed* Seriously guys?! A five year old behave better than this.
  • Jin : Exactly!!!
  • Yoongi : Y'all needs to be fucking smacked back into your senses!!!
  • Jin :
  • Jin : Yoongichi I agree with what you just said.
  • Jin : But why are you smacking my ass?
  • Yoongi :
  • Yoongi : It was the closest?
  • Jin : You just walked past Tae and Kookie to get here.
  • Yoongi : ...Bad aim.
  • Jin : Srsly?

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Hi! Can you do a daughter of Apollo dating a son of Ares?

Hahahah um yEs

  • Going all oUT for combat training
  • Like full on sparring matches that last for forever because neither one will give in
  • They’re both super stubborn
    • God help you if you want anything out of them when they’re fighting because they will not help you
  • Letting their competitive sides get the best of them all! the! goddamn! time!
    • Everything is a competition if you make it one
  • Tbh my boy can be hella petty and she is so over it sometimes and tries to be a peacemaker
    • She 9000% gives silent treatment when she’s upset
  • Would never be caught dead wearing matching clothes
  • Do stuff like go on runs with each other and hikes
  • Apollo girl is a Cali girl and Ares boy is New Englander so whenever they visit family they just laugh so badly at their SO being a total fish out of water
    • “what the heck is an old bay? is it like parts of the Chesapeake bay that are historic?”
    • “I dunno, five guys has a way better burger than in n out”
      • “alright you’re walking goodbye”
  • Both having completELY different ways of expressing love for each other
    • He does little things, like taking the trash out or picking up her dress from the dry cleaners
    • She likes giving stuff, gifts, making things, putting effort into projects like birthday parties or elaborate dates
      • Both hella love and appreciate each other
  • Having little ways of showing closeness
    • When she’s really tired she just rests her head on his shoulder and falls asleep
    • He absentmindedly strokes her hair for comfort when she’s close by.
      • God they’re so cute guys


Dark Matter Episode 301 Review

Episode 301: The Costs Are Always Personal

Episode 301 opens the third season of Dark Matter with a literal bang. It would have been very easy for this episode to get slow and lose its momentum with all of the character moments and conversation, but it doesn’t lose a bit of tension for it. In fact, the crew being split apart more and being put into situations with a smaller number of other people allows each character and actor to really shine, able to play off those interactions in new and interesting ways. Every conversation moved either a plot or a person forward, and the entire cast was at the top of their game. The result is an episode that walks that knife edge between character driven and action packed, making for an excellent season opener that gave us the best of action and of the characters we’ve come to love. If Dark Matter can keep up this momentum, season 3 may very well be the best season yet.


  • The Android hugging Five (hey I’m a sucker for Android hugs)
  • Anders and Three teaming up (even if it put the two of them in an extremely awkward position where I hope one if not both of them carries TicTacs and wears deodorant)
  • Nyx’s goodbye to Two and the kiss (I nearly cried; Melissa O'Neil and Melanie Liburd turned this into an absolutely standout moment in this episode and I loved it). They’re both crying and it’s honest and real, and beautiful. I can’t help but wonder what would have happened to Nyx if she hadn’t gotten involved with Four, the what-ifs.
  • Seeing Zairon; we’ve seen parts of it before, but it was simply stunning in this episode. Kudos to Ian Brock and his team who really outdid themselves on the palace.
  • Truffaut’s dual pistol wield. Torri Higginson is amazing to have around any day, but when she leaned around that corner to take out those Ferrous goons, it was magic.
  • The Android makes a casserole and wears the best adorable pink apron (it’s the little moments of personality like this, the details, that make this show one of a kind). That she picked up boots and a wholly inappropriate but simply adorable hat is just the icing on the cake (ohh, cake, now that’s something the Android should make).
  • That ending with Sarah blew my mind. I knew there was a possibility of her coming back in some form, but it had been so long that I’d moved on into the mindset of what happened in season 2; it was great timing.

The crew spent most of the episodes with some level of being separated. I’m a fan of this approach because it means 2-3 people have to carry a scene, and it gives a lot more time to really focus in on them.

The ways that characters were broken up into smaller groups was really interesting:

One thing I love about Five and Truffaut’s interactions that I always feel like Truffaut explains to Five, rather than treating her like a kid. She’ll say something if Five doesn’t seem to be seeing the whole picture, but it doesn’t feel disrespectful. Near the end of season 2, they seemed to have a mutual respect and I’m happy to see that continuing. Five is usually considered by the crew to be the “kid” even though she’s proven she’s quite capable. They’re protective of her. Truffaut in contrast seems to treat her a bit more like an adult. Adding in the Android to anchor the action on the Raza worked really well, especially as the Android had the most information to deliver. She was the one that reintroduced everyone into the “normal world” again.

Their scenes centered a lot around anchoring the conflict with Ryo Ishida in the start. Their dialogue does a lot to move forward the audience knowledge of the bigger picture. This could have easily dragging down into exposition land to a boring degree, but it’s woven into the interactions between Two and Six in a way that highlights her uncertainty about leading, and Six’s supportive nature. As a result, the conversations became something that brought them both forward. Six shines in this support role, but for how much longer is Two going to want the support and good intentions that Six has?

Ryo/Teku Fonsei/Misaki
Ryo and Teku play well off of each other, capturing that familiarity of two people that have known each other a long time. Misaki has tension with both of them, feeling like she has her own agenda. The entire scene in which Ryo asks him to be an advisor, Misaki is stroking her sword in silent threat. Ryo’s evolution into his role is showing in his interactions, we’re still seeing bits of Four in him, but there’s something about him that feels happier, less burdened. Outwardly. Things are currently going his way for the most part, but that’s not going to last forever. Andrew Moodie is a great addition as Teku Fonsei.

About the most unlikely pair of allies this episode could have. Anders’s first questions are around Kal/Six, if he was on the station. They have a conversation where Anders sounds concerned about Kal/Six, and they come to the conclusion together that everyone on the station probably died. Jeff and Anthony really sell this moment of mutual but separate loss. They spend a lot of time awkwardly in each other’s personal space, with hilarious results. When Three tackles Anders to the ground to pin him down when the drone enters the room, Three makes two decisions that are important. One, he could have let the drone just take down Anders, which would have maybe made his life easier in the short run. This is not the choice he made. And two, by pinning down Anders like he did, he made himself target number one if shots were fired, a human shield. That’s a lot for Three to pull off against a GA agent, especially one that was a part of the events at the end of Season 1 and start of Season 2. In turn, Anders did not give Three to the GA agents when they showed up.

Other observations

  • I was relieved to see the death of Nyx not only have some weight, but be something that really turned the crew against Ryo. Reactions to something like that are important to me, and I was glad to see a lot more of it really hitting home.
  • Anders has a first name: John.
  • Kal Varrik and Anders go back many years; they went to the academy together, Anders was “the best man at Kal’s …” Presumably wedding.
  • With Truffaut looking for the right angle, Six wanting to do the “right” thing,
  • Two being sick of the “right” thing kicking them in the ass, and Anders seeming to question his loyalty to some degree, it seems like a lot of different points will continue to set up to put factions at odds.

Favorite quotes
“Don’t make her a damsel in distress. She’s a hell of a lot better than that.” - Two to Six regarding Five
“Okay, I am A bad guy, but I’m not THE bad guy. We’re the bad guys but we’re trying to stop the bigger bad guys from screwing things for everyone.” - Three to Anders
“As long as we keep trying, we know we’re better. That’s all that matters.” - Six
“Just because you failed doesn’t mean it wasn’t right to try.” - Nyx
“Family eats together” - Six
“We try to forget but the truth is, who we were influences every decision we make.” - Two
“It’s easy to lead in the good times, much harder to do so in the bad.” - Truffaut.
“Welcome Back.” - Five to Sarah


  • Misaki feels like she’s going to end up an enemy of Ryo farther down the road at the rate she’s going. With her, it feels like nothing is as ruthless as the Zairon that she wants. That’s going to break down eventually.
  • I’m worried about the fate of Teku Fonsei. I think that Misaki might see him as a threat… and we see how she handles threats.
  • What will happen to Sarah, and what will Three do about it? With the increased knowledge of what androids are capable of, the possibility of building her an android body exists… but I don’t know if Three would be able to accept something like that. What if she stays in the state she’s in, able to be visited but effectively trapped? That would be horrible. :(
  • Two is going through a lot, and I can see where this has the chance to really fracture things with members of the crew, especially Six. At the same time, it may pull her closer to a character like Three, who is somewhat more “every man for himself”.

A great start to the season! I’ll have my review for 302 up in the next couple of days!

  • White People: Get super defensive whenever Desis point out that saying "I don't like Indian food" is ethnocentric, insulting, and culturally reductive. "What? We aren't allowed to dislike things??? OMG IT'S FOOD CHILL OUT LET PEOPLE EAT WHAT THEY WANT."
  • Also White People: Act like you stabbed their grandmother in the neck with an icepick if you say you like Shake Shack or Five Guys better than In-N-Out.

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can you share your thoughts, please?

Anonymous said:I’d love to hear your thoughts about the focus on Louis with Simon. That awesome graph makes it so clear, and I think you’re right that it’s not as simple as choosing the leader of the group I think the relationship between Simon and Louis is the most complicated between them all and also seems to be the most mixed with non-1D business (Triple Strings) and “personal” (Freddie’s godfather crap) than any of the other boys.


So, this is total speculation, and I have no evidence for any of this other than my own deductive reasoning. (Or, is it inductive? I can never keep those straight.) I admit that, while I think this explanation makes sense to me, there are probably other just as reasonable explanations.

I think that Simon always intended to create a boyband that year on TXF, that he went into auditions intending to choose boys that would work together in a band. I think the cuts at bootcamp were staged for drama – you’re telling me that eight other boys that we’ve barely heard from again all were better than all five of the guys that went on to worldwide success? It was all staged, including perhaps the 3rd-place finish, to make the boys feel gratitude towards Simon for ‘saving’ them. Simon knew that he could exploit this gratitude, especially after they lost, for at least their first album deal.

Specific to Louis, I think Simon wanted someone in the group who felt particular, individualized gratitude towards him to use as his mouthpiece/representative within the group itself. And I think he targeted Louis for that because he though that Louis was a weaker singer than the other boys and that Louis was worried that his appearance as decidedly not-straight would hold him back. I don’t know if he yet realized that Louis had natural leadership tendencies, but I think he thought he was choosing someone who would be especially grateful for the opportunity and would listen to what Simon said as a result. I think he may have thought that he saw some of himself in Louis. He could try to control the group through Louis while pretending to “mentor” him. But Simon miscalculated on several fronts. First of all, I don’t think Louis is ashamed of his sexuality at all, and Simon’s attempts to exploit this perceived insecurity didn’t work. Second, he met and fell in love with Harry, which gave him a relationship far stronger than any gratitude he may have felt towards Simon. Third, even if Louis is insecure about his voice, he found a way to become an integral part of the group’s dynamic in a way that didn’t depend on Simon’s ongoing largesse. And, lastly, I think Louis is just far smarter and more cunning than Simon bargained on. I think he saw what Simon was trying to do and used it for his own gain.

 I think that Simon is personally offended that his plan didn’t work out and that Louis has essentially rejected him on both a personal and business level. Instead of a puppet he ended up with someone with far more influence over the rest of 1D than Simon could ever manage. While the inability to keep the cash cow that is 1D must hurt from a business sense, it must be galling that his Machiavellian plan didn’t work because the boy he targeted to manipulate outsmarted and outplayed him. Simon not only lost control over 1D, but he also lost Harry, who I’m sure he saw as the potential break-out star. And Louis was majorly (though not solely, of course) responsible for that.

Again, this is total speculation on my part. And there’s very likely parts of the story I’m missing. But it’s a story that makes sense and explains why Louis seems to take the brunt of the smear campaign.

Those Boys in Class

So, about two months ago I came out to my school as trans (very small school everyone knows everyone) and they all (who talk to me) started to use ‘he’ and 'Isaac’. Mostly it’s just that if something doesn’t have to do with them, no one cares so no one really cares that I am trans. And our school is verified in Sweden LGBTQ community so no one can really say anything.

But yeah, so my class there are a few boys, and three of them are mostly loud. The teachers are the ones forgetting to call me 'Isaac’ more than my friends (but they are wayyyy better than five months ago) and just, these guys, they can never shut up.

And I’m actually kind of glad for that. They can never shut up, but they especially can’t shut up when they think something’s wrong. So every time we have class and the teacher forgets, I never say anything because I’m so shy, and my friends aren’t fast enough because those boys yell over everyone 'HIS NAME IS ISAAC’. And I really hate those boys when they’re at it but when that happens, I’m so glad they can’t shut up. :)


rude tho

honestly if we’re being honest five guys is easily better than in-n-out but in-n-out is significantly cheaper which is why it gets all the hype in my honest onion