not bent just broke

Not a heart break

He didn’t break me in the way that he stomped on my heart and left me lost with him. No he didn’t fall out of love with me and leave me crying myself to sleep with out him. No he didn’t break me like that. But he did make me fall for him, he did love me more than anything, but he was unable to show it. He was unable to care for me and not be over bearing and jealous. He was not able to communicate with me and not manipulate my feelings. He was unable to treat me right because he didn’t know how. No, he didn’t leave me, but he did brainwash me with his words and he did manipulate my heart to believe that was love. Which is just as bad.

A little Nicky/Erik snippet. Living away from people and feeling at home in two places is tricky, but it’s nice writing about it :) 


Nicky couldn’t help himself. He didn’t care if he was practically screeching, he was just so happy. So relieved, so unbelievably homesick, so overwhelmingly happy that it made him sad. How did that even happen? The human mind was a strange thing. 

And that was the last thought he had before he slammed full speed into Erik’s body. All six foot two of hard muscle, and god Nicky hadn’t forgotten what he felt like but he had forgotten how amazing it was. How warm Erik was, how the bones of his arm pressed into the nodules of his spine when he squeezed him, how his wide smile felt flush against his hair. “It’s so good to see you.”

Erik kissed to his temple, squeezing tight, then pulled back and cupped his face in his hands.

“You’re here,” he said simply. And Nicky was grinning so wide their first kiss was barely a kiss, just the two of them beaming against each other’s mouths.

Nicky started to laugh. 

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