not being unfaithful really

  • What's she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: can you imagine how terrible it was for ned stark to listen to his best friend go on and on for decades about murdering every last targaryen on earth because of what (robert thinks) happened to lyanna, while knowing all he has left of her, the last connection he has to his beloved sister, is in fact a targaryen? and then how hard it must have been for him to make his wife believe he was unfaithful to her, when really he was just being truly honorable™ ned stark and protecting his dying sister's wish? then he had to painfully watch as his wife not-so-subtly treated his 'bastard' like the kid was significantly lesser than his other children? and THEN had to sit back while the kid basically agonizes over his mother and feed him lies his whole life? imagine being the only one with that kind of secret.
10.000 lovers

The reader is getting tired of Dean bringing girls back to their motel room.

Inspired by 10.000 lovers by Ida Maria. Yes, I know that the song is about an unfaithful lover, but I really can’t imagine Dean being unfaithful, so I twisted it a bit.

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Word count: 2960

Ugh! This arrangement was killing your back, not to mention your heart. Dean had left the bar pretty early with Lovely Lola on his arm, and soon after Sam abandoned you too; a gorgeous lady with skin like molten chocolate attached to him.

You gave up on the evening then. None of the men in the bar met your standards, so with both of the Winchesters gone; you could stop pretending to be on the lookout. Luckily, the motel wasn’t far and the short walk cleared your head a little, but when you got back to your room, you groaned loudly. Dean had dropped down the blinds. That was the sign you had agreed on; for you to stay away for the night, so you turned and shuffled over to the Impala, which he conveniently had left unlocked.

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anonymous asked:

The big problem I have with Tokka is that I really can't see Sokka being unfaithful, it goes against all of his A:TLA character development. And it can be argued that his relationship with Sukki was one of the strongest and most developed in the series.

As a preface, this is totally the realm of head-canons right now…of course nothing is definitive, and whatever makes you happiest to imagine should be what you do!

For my own take on it, I wish I believed in a world where everyone who started dating at 15/16 could grow together and stay in love. I’m a bit more cynical. I agree that Suki and Sokka had a great arc (I absolutely adore Suki). And they were right for each other where the series ended. But I do think that LOK kind of pulled the wool away from our eyes and went in a more realistic direction, especially where relationships were concerned (see also: the Gaang and parenting). Bryke’s remarks on Sukka felt a bit tongue-in-cheek to me.

Anon #2: If Sokka is Su’s dad doesn’t that mean Lin dated her half cousin?

Yeah, technically, but it’s like, a secret half-cousin with no blood relation, so it’s not weird. I mean, it’s no weirder than Linzin dating given that they like, knew each other since they were in diapers.

Anon #3: Honestly, although I’m not fond of the idea, I had thought of the possibility of Suyin’s dad being Sokka mostly because we never see any of Sokka’s kids (assuming he had any, which I suppose that there’s a chance he didn’t).

Well, if he was the father, he was clearly not involved (Lin and Suyin grew up without knowing their dads). Which is why if Sokka is the father, it suggests to me that he and Toph had some kind of affair, and she either lied to him about who the dad was, or they both agreed to never talk about it for the sake of his other relationship. Like I said, it’s deliciously sordid. I never read the comics so I have zero opinions on Satoru. I do plan on ordering them soon though.

ALL this being said, I have absolutely no problem if Suyin’s dad is “some other guy named ___.” I love Toph’s flippant attitude towards it. I love that she chose to be a single mother (though am super curious about her reasoning for withholding information on the father). And most of all, I love that her sexual autonomy was not presented in a moralizing way. Yes, Lin and Suyin had issues to sort through, but it was no worse than Kya/Bumi/Tenzin, who came from a more traditional, nuclear family.