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“You wanna go out?”

Jeff stared. Surely he heard that wrong. “What?”

“Out,” Kent said, in a tone that implied he was being patient. “Do you want to go?”

“Uh –” Kent never asked anyone to go out first. Maybe he wanted to start their second season off differently? “Who else is going?”


Oh. Kent was asking Jeff to go somewhere with him personally, not as a part of a group. Jeff took another breath. “Uh, yeah, man. Where do you wanna go?” There were tons of places to choose from – it was Vegas, after all. Jeff had gone to quite a few with some of the other guys, though he couldn’t say he’d ever gotten out on the floor much.

“Dancing,” Kent said. “I don’t care where, really.” When Jeff opened his mouth, Kent raised a hand. “Scratch that. I do care. No country.”

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everyone is talking about how supportive and soft misha was but he was literally dying like 10 yrs are gone from his life??? and he was just encouraging nesnej sometimes like "that's FUCKING crazy" when told jensen gets on the plane with his right foot first like. lmfao i hope misha also takes a nap after this he dug himself a grave

OH MY GOD his “that’s fucking crazy” was so funny because he’s obviously the sober friend trying to validate his drunk friend even though he’s heard this story 12 million times he was being so patient and good with jensen i cannot believe it

Health Issues

Just a quick update to let you all know I’ve got a couple of mental health issues that have become a bit too challenging to ignore. I am getting treatment (but, you know, NHS is a bit slow so it might be a while) 

I don’t *think* it will necessarily impact my (awful, sporadic) update schedule any more than it’s already disrupted it, and I’m sort of hoping in the long term it will help me be more creative/productive and happy.

And I really did want to thank you all for being supportive and patient for updates. It really helps ease the internal pressure that can sometimes come with updating on time!

(Speaking of updates, I have finished the endless chapter 27. I’m hoping to post at the end of this week, but it might be Sunday rather than Friday depending on how things go.)

our boys won!!!

I am so so so proud of them holy shit I’m still shaking (I wish they had performed at the show, but I’m still unbelievably happy)

so I also know I totally promised part 2 of The Devil Himself this weekend but I got super caught up with the BBMAs today and didn’t finish it so I’ll have to push it back, sorry :\ thank you for being patient though, I will upload it as soon as I can~

let’s just give it up to BTS one more time for winning the Top Social Artists and making history for themselves and for KPOP, they are actual kings

Asks temporarily closed!

Sorry guys!! It’ll probably just be for the week, then I’ll open them up again. Y’all just keep sending me such AWESOME prompts and I want to catch up on all of them before I get busy moving. 

I also want to finish this massive Promptio super-smutty thing I’m working on (the gift fic/art for hitting 600 followers woo!)

And I need to update both the werewolf AU AND (freaking finally) Death Fears Not the Reaper!! 

As soon as I get caught up a little I’ll be taking your amazing prompt ideas again so save ‘em up for me :D 

Love ~Lhugy


In a strange turn of events, one of Azure’s mothers ended up being her first patient.

Mabel: So you’re the reason my daughter didn’t come home last night.

Gardenia felt flustered. What could she say to that?

Gardenia: How do you…? It’s not like we really…

Mabel: Relax, I was only teasing you. Azure’s told me all about you. It’s nice to finally meet you in person.

Gardenia blushed.

Gardenia: It’s nice to meet you too.

Time is the Enemy – Hot Fuzz fan comic

Finally! I decided that since this might be the last summer that I don’t have a summer job and I still want to make this comic, it’s time to do it. So, starting next week on June 1st, Time is the Enemy will update here. I can’t say how many pages there will be each time, but I’ll try to kick it off with at least a few so you’ll know what to expect.

Thanks for being patient with me! If you have any questions, feel free to ask!


I suppose this is a sort of notice describing how I won’t be able to post much content from now on until the very end of may, and begginings of june. 

Work is just overwhelming and exams are knocking at my door, and anxiety isn’t helping either, but I’ll be working on commissions and art trades as much as possible in my free time, aswell as chatting a little here and there (for those who usually do chat with me, I’m sorry for the huge amount of time I have been taking to reply). 

Lately I’ve been recieving very positive feedback from you guys, so thank you very much, you give me that little boost I need everyday.

Thank you for being so patient with me, as soon as I’m a free bird this blog will drown in posts like never before (hopefully).

Mark After Mark

Characters: Demon!Dean x Reader, Crowley, mentions of Sam

Request: Dean is self harming and the reader finds him. While patching him up she confesses her feelings and holds Dean to comfort him.

Words: 1,136

Warnings: Flangst, self harm, depression, attempted suicide

A/N: Thank you for being patient! I enjoyed writing this request. 

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do you have any arusasha(ArminxSasha) headcannons?

I can certainly get some Arusasha headcanons for you! Thank you for being so patient in awaiting them!

  • Armin and Sasha become friends surprisingly fast. They’re both really genuine listeners, and that habit attracts the others’ attention to the point where they hit it off right away and just have the best conversations about everything and nothing. 
  • And because they’re such good listeners and conversationalists, it’s super easy for them to open up to each other. Before they know it, they’ve started spilling their hearts out to each other, telling each other about the darkest spots in their past, all their fears and insecurities. They seek each other out when they’re upset and need to vent. It’s not even that slow, but also not too fast. They just… fall together so easily. 
  • And then it’s hardly awkward when quick hugs or absent pats on the shoulder or head become more frequent and comfortable physical contact until cuddling is the norm for them. 
  • They save each other seats, study together, train together, hang out all the time. They’re practically dating without realizing it. 
  • And then someone (probably Eren, maybe Jean, maybe even Mikasa or Connie,) points out the fact that they’re practically dating. And both Armin and Sasha deny it at first but then realize, hey maybe we are. And just like that, they make it official, and nothing changes except a label. 

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Fanfic Requests are now OPEN!!

Ah finally! It’s been forever since I’ve allowed requests for fanfics, but now they’re finally open again! *throws confetti* 

I appreciate you all for being so patient. I know I had requests closed for a long time (over a year I think??? wow oops!) but now I’m back in fanfic writing business! 

Of course, before you request anything, I would like for you to read over my rules :) 

Regular Fanfics: 

  • I will NOT write for Hidashi. I’m sure you all know that by now, but I just want to make it clear. 
  • I will write for certain ships if you’d like, but I do NOT write smut! I’m still not sure if I could write that very well. So please, if you have a shipping request, nothing nsfw related. Feel free to send in all the fluff and angst you’d like!
  • Seriously, send all the fluff and angst you’d like. 

X Reader Fanfics:

  • I write for Tadashi, Hiro, Fred and Wasabi. As fun as it could be to write something for Honey Lemon and Gogo, I’d like to stick with the boys :)
  • Again, if you have a fluffy or angsty idea, send away! But NO SMUT! 
  • Make sure to send in a certain theme for either the reader or character of choice (like sad!reader or hurt!hiro for example) 

I’m really looking forward to getting requests again! If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask me!  

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Gimme some hoennchampionshipping AUs I'm dying without any content of them

Coming right up, nonny! Thank you for being so patient! *kisses*

  • Bounty Hunter AU where May is the brawns and Steven is the brain. Hoenn went to hell after the battle and now the remains of the country have turned to anarchy and lawlessness. May and Steven work to bring in criminals and try and help restore some form of order to the country. 
  • Disneyland AU because why the hell not? May is working as Belle and isn’t the biggest fan of this until she meets this really hot nerd who describes to her how she’s such an inspiration to him for being so bookish and smart even though people think she’s weird. Maybe this job isn’t so bad, especially since he seems to keep showing up in her area.
  • Mix-Up AU where Steven and May accidentally pick up the wrong Pokemon from the daycare and have to track each other down. Cliche but cute rom com adventures ensure and their Pokemon work together to get their two very awesome but very oblivious trainers to go on a date with each other.
  • Perhaps a Moulin Rouge AU? I’ve never watched the movie but I know that’s a popular one in many fandoms to utilize.
  • Twinsies AU where May has a twin sister named Sapphire. Imagine all of the events of ORAS but with another May who’s more wild and prone to acting on impulse. Steven doesn’t realize they’re two different people until he sees them both standing next to each other.
  • Doctor AU where May is a new doctor who happens to fall for the really hot surgeon who just happens to be the best at the hospital. And he takes a liking to her.
    • Alternate idea is an AU based on that one Tumblr post about the person in the hospital who seduced their doctor with the “fight me” thing. Steven is May’s personal doctor (or vice versa) and she tells him to “fight me”, even though she can barely breathe. He then leaves her number with “fight me?” on the side.
  • Red Riding Hood AU, perhaps? Or any variant on the fairytales? A cute one might be the Tin Solider :)

Alrighty so I know I haven’t been around a lot on many of my blogs. Work has me out later, and then I have been going out or crashing as soon as I get home. Now, that is actually going to change. 

With my co-worker going back to school I am now going to be working morning shifts. This means I will have to go to bed earlier, but I will have more energy and time to reply and roleplay with you all <3 

This regards all of my other blogs as well. 

I just want to take the time to also thank you all for being patient with my slow ass <3 

Another big thing is that, the original plan of heading to texas this year is a no go due to financial things. However, next year I am going to be heading to Orlando for a convention with friends so that’s super exciting! 

<3 Now that were all caught up, I am going to be trying to get what I owe out on here, Sousuke and a few other fandoms I owe. 

Thanks again <3 Love you aaaaallll. 

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i believe there's a story in sif where honoka and eli switched sisters for a day. i don't remember if they did that with nico's siblings

I spent ten minutes yesterday trying to remember if that was a sif story, a fic, or something I had completely made up, so I’m glad to know it actually was a sif story. From what I remember it was just yukiho/arisa switching, but it would have been really cute if Nico’s siblings were caught up in it too. Wasn’t it basically eli and arisa being endlessly patient while honoka and yukiho realized they liked each other?

“Fellow magisters,” Monika addressed the most senior magisters of the Citadel. Impassively they stared down at her from their seats, eleven thrones in an arc around the open floor of their chambers. The Council of the Knowing rarely brooked such impropriety, but had long become accustomed to Monika’s goading. As the rulers of the Citadel, masters of magekind on the continent of Cyranna, they had patience. They had all lived long lives and a magister did not reach an old age under the Price without being very, very patient.

To Monika, it seemed as if they had been carved from rock where they sat. She did not think much of the sculptor.

“I am sad to say Magister Jayth of Duborn is dead. He had been profiteering off conflict within the city and it caught up with him before I could deliver your message.” She kept her face serene throughout her statement, as much would appear in her report and not a letter more.

She waited what seemed an age for the first of them to reply.

She waited longer than she wanted to, but she wanted something out of this meeting that she couldn’t get by simply leaving.

She waited.

“Is that so,” one of the statues asked. From an early age, all magisters of the Citadel cultivated an expressionless demeanour, no displays of joy, of humour, of love, of caring. In the young, this was difficult. By the time a magister reached old age, they felt so little that the mask they wore in youth had simply become their face.

“Yes,” Monika responded, as quickly as she could without seeming to be in a hurry.

“This ‘Painted Lady’ was responsible?” Another statue asked this time, but were it not for the direction of the voice Monika could not tell which.

“I very much doubt there is such a person, you know how the Qven love their folk heroes. But if such a person did exist, it sounds like she did you a favour.” Monika was smug, for smugness itself was magefire in waiting, and nothing was more satisfying than knowing the Council could neither prove she was responsible nor believe she wasn’t.

“Is that so,” repeated a new Council member.

Monika feigned a smile. “It seems to me this situation would have been resolved a lot sooner if you had allowed me to—”

“No.” A councillor interrupted, croaking voice still carrying across the room. If she didn’t know for a fact none of these ‘mages’ had more magic left in them than the tiles beneath her feet, she might have believed he had amplified his voice just to speak over her.

“An order of mageknights could have prevented this. You know that they could.” She felt anger bubbling to the surface but controlled it back down. The last thing she needed was to give them excuses. “I just need a few students and I can rebuild—”

“The Council has already spoken on this matter, Monika.”

“Then the Council needs to rethink its position before a new threat to magekind realises how vulnerable we are here!” She let herself breath for a moment while that sunk in.

“And who would you take for this task?” A new voice chimed in, and Monika realised with a sinking heart it was the only councillor who had ever taken her side. “Which children should we give you so that you may decide the Price they pay?”

“I am not suggesting that—”

“But you are. For what use would your mageknights have if not to be used? We have so much to lose when we fight, Monika. Why would you want us to fight more?”

Monika held herself back for a moment, she did not want to appear unthinking. It did not matter that her mind had long since been made up. “Because we need to. For two hundred years the mageknights kept Cyranna safe from mages who would harm it. That legacy is ours. We need to live up to it.”

“And were there still such mages,” the councillor chided, more gently than she needed to, “we would have need of mageknights. The world has changed, Monika, and it no longer needs us to sacrifice ourselves. The fight is over.”

Monika remembered a desert home, betrayal, fire and tragedy.

Monika remembered the sight of mageblood on her blade.

Monika remembered a child cowering into her robe as her hair whipped in violent stormwinds and a wall of light held back a flood.

“My fight will never be over.”

I am 107 followers away from 2000 and I'm sorry I'm not a better blog by now guys ❤❤

Thank you for all of you that are still here with me, for being so supportive and patient with me!! Seriously ❤❤ you’re all amazing!!

Half sirens. Monstrous, animalist creatures as the result of the loss of their gems. 

She grew in height but also in visuousness, using her keen hearing and snake-like tongue she can keep track of her prey even without her sight. Using her deadly speed, she will either use her barbs, claws or thin teeth to bleed you out. With venomous tipped spurs on her body make it danger to even get close to her. A potent neurotoxin, it prevents wounds from clotting and eventual and slow paralysis of the body. Even at long-range, she can disable a target with a piercing shriek causing confusion and possible hearing loss. Being a very patient predator, it doesn’t matter to her how she takes you down but she will make sure it is as long and painful as possible. Do not maintain prolonged eye contact at any point in time.

Aria, a large and hulking beast. With the most obvious change being her arms, she’s capable of lifting nearly 4000 pounds, along with her thick plated skin and large horns she is a nearly unstoppable force of nature. Being able to propel herself through the water and on land with surprising speed, her heavy frame is not to be underestimated considering the amount of distant she can cover in very little time. With a vice-like jaw and cone-shaped teeth, her bite can pierce and tear the sturdiest of matriel. The small pits below her eyes increase the sensitivity of her sense smell and is observably enthralled by the smell of blood. 

Shimmer has been keeping the lights on at her apartment 24/7 for a reason. Sonata, a depth dwelling predator has the most natural instinct to hunt compared to the other two. She is manageable and even friendly at a certain brightness but easily falls into her old habits if not careful. Being able to crawl on most surfaces looking up becomes a priority whenever Sonata is present. Her feelers are capable at picking up the slightest of movement and her eyes can even track anything even in the darkest of spaces. Her horrifying unhinging jaw contains dozens of needle sharp teeth allowing her to pierce and consume most fleshy prey. This isnt even mentioning her natural camouflage in low light to blend into areas and flexible skeleton for squeezing into tight spaces. A pure instinct driven hunter.