not being loved cause your fat

Scars that he leaves

Summary : Logan is constantly abusing you verbally, you’re way past your breaking point and he sees what he’s done and tries to fix it
*Logan x reader*

Warnings : fluff, angst i guess? Swearing

A / N : Hey readers! This is my first Logan fic and I’m actually kind of proud of it so if any of you have more requests for this I’d be happy to do them so send em in! Thank you all 💕


You closed your eyes and felt tears of frustration  spill, you poured yourself another glass of wine and turned to Jean. She had a sad look painted on her face and she sighed, “y/n, he isn’t going to stop you know. That’s just his personality, you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it”. You took a fairly large gulp of the wine. You already felt drowsy and you could feel the 4th glass of wine pulsate through your blood stream. It helped, numbed the pain. The pain of rejection and the pain of the harsh words lashing at your weakest points. Hitting you harder everything. Making you bleed out. Sucking you dry of any hope of finding someone who’d love the broken sad mutant that you where.

 You flexed your hands and made a flame appear between your palms. It danced and caused you too giggle. “Jean, I honestly don’t give a shit about him, it’s the words damnit. How can one person bring me down so low” you whisper in fear. Heavy tears start flowing again. “God am I that ugly? That fat? That unappealing? That no body will ever love me… I’ve been alone for my whole life. Is there really no hope for me..” you ramble on, spilling every unspoken word. Stripping your soul bare, not being able to take the knawing pain that was stretching you,

Farther and farther. A knife coming down deeper.


That one man that had that power over you. That moment when he saw you. The distaste in his face was so strong. You felt yourself recoil away from him and you were met with harsh words. “Dumb bitch” “Fat Whore” “Dead weight” . With that, you chugged another glass of wine, only 20 years old and falling apart. You’ve never had this issue before but it was him. The man you’ve heard stories about. The man who was your inspiration to train harder, faster, to make yourself strong and cold. It hurt the most, that someone you looked up hated you. The nights when it became to much you’d always end the same : in tears with empty bottles of wine. Only to find him repeating the same things the next day. Of course he would never know, you wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing what he’s doing this to you. Jean suddenly nudged you, bringing you out of your thoughts.

You looked up to her and saw the sadness and pain in her face as she read your mind. The pain you felt became hers and a single tear went down her face. “ Y/n, I hate seeing you this way, you’re going to kill yourself at this rate”. You turn away and lean your head back on the couch in Jean’s dorms. You stared at the popcorn ceiling. It was colored a faded grey. Suddenly you get up. You needed a breather. The room felt as if it was suffocating you. “I don’t know why you put up wih my bullshit Jean,” you begin to walk out the room, until a wave of nausea washes over you and you find yourself vomiting up the content of your stomach which mostly consisted of a granola bar and a shit ton of wine.

 "It’s because I care for you, you deserve better than this and it scares me how bad this has gotten" she whispers in a motherly tone. “Let’s get you to bed,” she pull you up by the shoulders and guides you to the door. Your vision is blurred and you close your eyes in fear that you’ll get dizzy and vomit again.

 "What the hell?“ You hear a voice that makes your blood freeze. You wanted to drop to the floor because you knew that voice. It was the same voice of the man that caused you to be in his state. “Logan not now, just leave”, says Jean sternly. You hear a scoff, and some incoherent whispers, you’re afraid of opening your eyes and seeing that scowl on his face. The scowl that makes you want to crawl into the darkest part of your brain and never leave. That look that undoes you. You flinch when you hear the door slam shut as you exit the room. Everything blurs together and suddenly your in your bed, fast asleep before your head hits the pillow.


*jeans pov*

You winced as Y/N vomited, she was so young and pure. Always over working herself to seem stronger. So nobody could kick her around, the minute Logan came and I saw her image in his brain, I had known it wouldn’t end well. He had a knack for pushing people away that he liked. Only to support himself by saying it was for their benefit, but this was too much. He barged into the room and I knew he had heard the crying.

Y/n eyes where closed and she mumbled some words I couldn’t catch. All she was thinking about was his scowl. So deeply burned into her brain, the pain was so strong I nearly dropped her. “What happened?” He mumbled, fresh worry painted his face and you rolled your eyes. “This is your doing, leave.” He scoffed at your words but you had to get Y/N out of here. You dragged her across the room and put her in bed. She fell asleep fast and you went back to your dorm. Logan sat on the couch inspecting the empty wine bottles. He looked up from the bottles and you glared at him. “Do you really need to be so damn harsh. She’s young and is a mess because of you.”

You cross your arms and raise an eyebrow, waiting for his explanation. “  I didn’t know she was taking it so horribly…” you scoff in annoyance, “Really Logan? That’s your excuse, damnit, you damn well know you shouldn’t mess around with the new students. There fresh out of labs or broken families, rejected by society and this kind of stuff sets them off. I’ve never seen anyone worse than what you’ve done to y/n. You crossed a line this time..”. He hangs his head and growls. “Well fuck Jean, she.. I don’t… nevermind…” He got up and stormed past you. “She won’t always be here for you to say sorry, you better fix this mess you’ve made” you call out after him. You see his head snap to the side but he doesn’t slow down. With that, you begin to clean the forgotten bottles and discarded tissues.



*back to reader pov*

You woke up with a jolt. Your skin was covered with a sickly sheen of sweat and your eyes where glued together from tears and runny mascara. You rubbed them to get a clearer view of your surroundings. The alarm clock showed the time as 5 : 21 am. And you sighed as you shoved your head back into the pillow. Your head was pounding and you groaned as you remembered the last night’s occurrences. You tossed around your bed for 15 minutes, trying to will yourself to fall asleep.

It was no use so you decided to go on a walk around the school. You stepped out of your warm bed and shivered as you walked to the closet to put on some comfy sweats and a tank top. You could feel the humidity in the air so you decided to slick your hair in a ponytail to avoid any frizz. You threw on your shoes and walked out the door. The suns buttery morning light filtered through the trees and warmed your skin. You hummed in happiness. You had finally gotten some peace.

After a couple of rounds around the school you could feel your stomach rumbling. You ran inside and to the kitchen, you grabbed a piece of toast and walked back to you room. After finishing your walk you hopped in the shower. The water beads sliding down your skin relaxed every muscle in your body until you heard a loud thump and growl. You quickly grabbed your towel and ran into the room.

You gasped when you saw Logan seething with rage, “ Where the HELL WHERE YOU?” He yelled. You where frozen in your spot, unable to speak. He thundered towards you. Your arms clutching the towel tightly. You could feel his breath coming out in irregular and frantic beats. “I…Uh. wha?….” you squeak, not being able to form words. “LEAVE LIKE THAT AGAIN I SWEAR TO FUCKING GOD, WITHOUT TELLING ME OR JEAN OR ANYONE… YOU CAN’T JUST…” He continued yelling at me but I was too dazed to hear anything. Fear filled you and you didn’t know what he’d to. You backed away a step as he yelled at you. His eyes where wild and you where panicking. “I’m sorry?…” you whimper underneath his looming shadow. He gave a exasperated sigh and shook his head. “Why do you care so much anyway? You tell me how useless I am everyday, you would be happy if i dropped dead right now…"You blurted without thinking and his head snapped up.

  You swallow heavily but stand your ground. He looked as if he was going to rip you in half as he pushed you against the wall. You winced at his grip against your hands and let our a yelp. His eyes remained merciless and feral. The towel around you began slipping and you yanked one arm away to hold it up. He only then realized your state and raked his eyes down your body. You shuddered against his stare. His grip suddenly became gentle and he dropped in front of you. On his knees he looked up ” Y/n, I’m sorry. For everthing. Christ, I didn’t know what I was saying was doing to you… I just… no excuse will cover the shit I made you go through”.

You remained motionless. His eyes pleading and warm. Instinctively you reach to run your hands through his dark hair and he closes his eyes and sighs. “Don’t hurt me again…please” you whisper. He leans against your stomach, “I won’t”. Then faster than you could realize his lips are on yours. His beard scratching your neck and cheeks as you sigh into the kiss. Emotions and lust coursing through your veins makes you arch your back as he deepens the kiss. Your intoxicated with him.

His hands roaming your waist, bringing you closer to him. His kiss trails along your neckline to your neck which causes you too moan softly. You gasp and cover your mouth in surprise at your bodies betrayal to pleasure. You can feel him smirk and laugh against your skin. The vibrations from his chest, make your bones rumble. You balance yourself by holding onto his biceps, which where bursting through the t-shirt he was wearing. You where left gasping for air when he was done kissing you.

“Logan..please slow down a bi..ah…t” you mewl as he nips the soft skin of your neck. He suddenly stops “Alright, you should put some clothes on,”. Your eyes widen as you realize your current state and he gives you a smirk. You rush into the bathroom and quickly dress into a oversized hoodie and sweats. Logans laying on your bed with his feet practically dangling off the edges.

You sit on the bed cross-legged until he wordlessly brings you down into his arms and holds you. “You have no idea how much I’ve wanted to do this. I was so dumb to do this to you…” He whispers. “I’m just happy that it’s over”. He rubs your back softly and grips you hip with the other. You’re nuzzling your head in his neck, giving him kitten kisses. He grows impatiently and you laugh. He pushes you against him but suddenly you smile and get up. “Didn’t think I’d let you off the hook that easy?” You laugh, he groans in annoyance and you begin to giggle. It was a better start than you’ve hoped for….


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Seventeen: Dating Jeonghan would include...


• Jeonghan loves showering you with affection.

• The others members sometimes get annoyed having to see you two all over each other, especially S.Coups.

• so you better watch it, he will legit fight you for his man (ง'̀-‘́)ง

•This usually ends with Jeonghan having to watch the both you argue about how who loves him more. It’s all in a joking manner though, S.Coups knows he has to let his man go eventually and he’s just glad it’s to you. (p.s watch out for Joshua as well, he has his eyes on you (ง'̀-‘́)ง )

• On a serious note, all the guys genuinely like you. You know how much they mean to Jeonghan, so you always try your best to care for them. They also do the same for you, because at this point they even consider your role in the group as the “parent”

Moving it along here…

• One of your favorite things to do is nap together. This angel will honestly just cuddle you up on the couch. It’s one of the best feelings in the world, feeling so safe and secure in his arms.

• Sometimes when he’s in a bad mood you’ll have to be the big spoon though. When this happens often you guys just lie on the couch until he’s ready to tell you what is making him feel bad.

• Because truth be told Jeonghan may seem like he doesn’t experience anything other than happiness and contentment but that just isn’t the truth. You as his partner know that, which is why you try your best to make him feel like he can come to you with anything.


• One of the biggest causes for the arguments in your relationship is that he babies you too much.

• Of course you love him wholeheartedly, but you also don’t want to feel like you’re dating your parent. Sometimes you have to remind him to take the baby talk down a few notches.

• Other than that, you two rarely have. Communication plays a huge role in why the relationship is the way it is now.

All right lets go onto happier times…

• So we all know that Jeonghan is far from an angel, that image he has is a big fat lie. That being said, he loves to drag you into any pranks he has planned on the other members.

• You have no other choice but to join in on the prank, sorry I don’t make the rules. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

• Even though Jeonghan basically started the pranks in the group, he is still highkey protective of you. If he feels like one of the guys are crossing the line, he will call them out on it. He can’t have his partner in crime getting injured.

• Overall dating Jeonghan would be like being in heaven. You can always count on being loved and cherished by him. Not only do you have someone to treat you like the diamond you are but you also get to experience something new every day with him, because it’s never the same with him. You get to experience both fun moments and down to earth moments as well.

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A/N: Once again, I am not going in any particular order, but if you’d like me to write for one of the members sooner please feel free to request! (: 

|| S.Coups || Jeonghan || Joshua || Jun || Hoshi || Wonwoo || Woozi || DK || Mingyu || The8 || Seungkwan || Vernon || Dino ||

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Can I ask why you love Jason so much? I know you love Horror but what was it about Jason that made him your idol and favorite :D

Okay my main thing Why i love Jason is this I just feel so Sympathetic towards Jason cause he was bullied as well. Kids made fun of me and beat me up for being fat and having an “ugly” face and always made me like complete shit as welll. Also I love Masks and Jasons is iconic 

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BUT Like literally think about Jason’s Background 

he was this poor mentally handicapped boy born with a hydro-cephalic head which made me him deformed. He didnt do any serial killer shit like killing animals or other kids in his neighborhood (Freddy and Michael Im lookin at you) he was just a poor kid 

and THE ONLY ONE to ever show him any Love, kindess and compassion was his mother

His bumass father Elias Voorhees left him with his mom and she loved him like any mother should love their child. But she has to work to make sure Jason can have a good life and to pay the bills so she becomes a cook at Camp Crystal Lake where she has to take Jason with her and because of Jason’s appearance he was a very shy boy and the councilors dont care they were off Fuckin each other and so the other kids at Camp were fucking HORRIBLE TO JASON calling him Freak Show FREAK SHOW

and he was DOING NOTHING TO NOBODY WANTING TO BE ALONE!!! and then the fuckers push him in the Lake and it appears he drowns

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And so his mother finds out and like any mother would she is DEVASTED. That her son is “dead” but he didnt die he floats up on shore and makes his way back home. and his Mother has gone on a Killing Spree and snapped because the camp councilors let her boy, her pride and joy die and then she’s killed by one of the camp councilors protecting themselves. 

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and So Jason makes his way back and see’s his mother be beheaded.

THE ONLY ONE WHO WAS EVER KIND, LOVING, and PROTECTIVE of JASON and now she’s just a Decapitated head. So Jason is HEART BROKEN and Mentally snaps 

and starts training in the Woods and becomes a Badass Wood Rambo and Hunts the bitch down

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And then he goes home to mind his own goddamn business and fuckin Councilors and people he associates with letting him drown and letting his mother die are there so He kills them in a Rage. And then People still go to his Damn Home when they know theres a Psycho up there

Like how would you feel if you were at home and a bunch of teenagers came in Smoking pot, Banging each other and just trashing your house. You’d be pissed off

And now (excluding Friday the 13th Part 8 I have a WHOOOLE theory on that)

He just minds his own business and chills in the woods as an angry person. He doesnt go Hunting for folks like Freddy or Leatherface he just wants to be left alone and if you come into his territory its YOO Ass


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A/N:  I said I would write this for one of @bucky-plums-barnes fuffly Friday anons asking for a Lance x Plussize!reader.  So… here ya go!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance x plussize!reader

Word count: 2056

Summary:  You’re pretty much over not being thin, you’re beautiful just the way you are!  But words can still hurt…

Warnings:  Lance being a dick, accidental bullying (body shaming), insults, mentions bullying, mentions of sex, drunkenness, FLUFFY APOLOGY AND ENDING

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How do you think HAES and medical fat shaming apply to deathfats?

This was a really hard question for me to answer, and I think @bigfatscience may have a better answer for you. 

Here is a brief summary of possible ideas:

HEAS: Not all deathfats become that way from bad eating habits and laziness, unlike the common myth. Deathfats can be athletic. Being a deathfat doesn’t guarantee one will have heart disease or other issues associated with being fat. 

Medical Fat Shaming: … god, do we have the time to list all the ways that medical fat shaming harms and endangers deathfats? I mean, between ignoring serious medical issues and attributing them to one’s size when the cause is actually something else, deathfats face a lot of Hell for seeing a doctor!

Doctors are definitely some of the worst fat shamers. Need proof? Try this:

-Mod Bella

Attacked *Requested*

I uh…I dunno if this is really a trigger but this contains bullying(verbal and physical) of some sort…and like belittling so yeah..sorry? I’m not used to the trigger thing and all and I really don’t know what exactly the triggers are, so sorry if some of my writing ever offends or hurts anyone.
Also I typed this in the car on my phone, so my bad about the mistakes, and I hope you like it, hun. And inbox me if you guys want a part 2

You tapped your foot anxiously, chewing on your bottom lip as you sat and watched the time go by. The soft tick, tick, ticking of the clock on the wall nearly driving you insane. Your eyes then quickly went from the clock to your packed bags in the corner, then to the front door. You had been sitting and waiting for him to come home for almost an hour, and the anxiety was eating you up alive.

“You have to go through with this, Y/N. Don’t back down, don’t give in.” You spoke to yourself, trying to build confidence to do what you were about to do.

You were going to leave Calum. It wasn’t because you weren’t happy, nor was it because he cheated. Calum had done absolutely nothing wrong, he was the most amazing person you’d ever met. His fans on the other hand were…not so great.

You were humming a song you had heard on the radio on your way to Wal-Mart, pushing the basket and shopping like everyone else. You were simply just being a normal, everyday person when three girls walked up to you with frowns on their faces.

“May I help you?” You questioned as you grabbed Calum’s favorite cereal off of the shelf, then you reached for yours. Sharing cereal in your apartment was never a thing. The argument that would take place after eating the other’s cereal wasn’t bad - it was actually quite hilarious - but it would leave you two not talking for two hours.

“Are you Calum’s girlfriend?” A strawberry blonde questioned, tucking her long hair behind her ear.


“We want you to leave him alone.” She spoke again and you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion.

“Excuse me?”

“We said leave Calum alone. You don’t love him anyway, you just want him for the fame and money.”

“Look, I don’t know what your problem is, sweetcheeks, but I don’t care for the fame and I definitely don’t make or get any money by being with him.” You laughed lightly at their accusations and walked away from them, pushing your basket in front of you.

You thought it would end at that, but boy were you wrong. Suddenly your hair was pulled roughly, causing you to fall flat on your ass. Before you could get up the brunette kicked you in the stomach, knocking the wind out of you and causing you to feel immense pain. The strawberry blonde pulled your hair to make you look at her, her two friends standing on either side of you.

“Leave Calum alone. He doesn’t love you, he only wants you there as his personal fuck toy. You’re not even pretty; you’re fat and you’re just overall a pathetic worthless human being.”

“If you don’t leave him alone, I swear we’ll come find you and kill you ourselves. We’re not the only fans who wish you would disappear from the earth.” The other friend who had been silent this whole time spoke and your eyes widened at the threat.

Sure, death threats kind of hurt your feelings through a screen, but that couldn’t compare to what you felt when there were three girls glaring at you with so much hatred in the eyes saying it to your face.

You felt tears sting at your eyes from both physical and emotional pain. The strawberry blonde then pushed you roughly to the ground before kicking you herself, her friends following suit. By now you were full on sobbing and heard a few people shouting and the sound of multiple footsteps running towards you. The three girls took off and you looked up to see two girls recording from a distance while an older man and woman helped you up, questioning if you were okay. You grabbed your purse and took off running, leaving your basket full of groceries in the isle.

Calum was at the studio with the boys, working on new songs. You were going to just leave without saying a word, just disappear from his life, but you couldn’t do that to him. As you sat there, thinking about the incident that occurred earlier, the pain from the few bruises that had formed since that morning becoming more noticeable, you heard the front door open.

“Babe?!” Calum yelled into the apartment, sitting his belongings on the small table next to the door.“I brought McDonald’s!”

You smiled slightly at the gesture and stood from the couch, his eyes lighting up when he saw you.

“Hey, Y/N.” He made his way to you, his face frowning up when he noticed the bruise on your face.“What happened to you?”

“I fell down the stairs.“You lied, letting out a light laugh.“I saw a really big spider and panicked.”

Calum smiled at you, but you could still see the worry in his eyes.“You’ve seriously gotta be more careful, babe. A spider wasn’t worth falling down the stairs for.”

“It was huge!” You continued and he let out a laugh this time.

“Anyway, I bought you some chicken nuggets.”

“I’m not hungry.”

“You sure?”

“Uh, yeah. I ate already.”

“Well, more fries for me.“He shrugged as he grabbed the bag and went to sit on the couch. You bit your lip nervously, not knowing exactly how to begin…how to break his heart.

It was only when he reached for the remote and looked up to turn on the tv did he notice your luggage sitting in the middle of the living room.

"Why are all of your bags here? Did you finally clean out the closet?” He questioned. You had been irritated about how messy the closet was, yet you never wanted to actually clean it. You were saving it for a day where you actually wanted to be productive and not lazy.


“Come sit down. What are you standing up for?” He asked and continued to eat the fries from the bag.

You couldn’t help but to feel guilty. He didn’t even know what was about to hit him. Calum was sitting there being a smiley ray of sunshine, happily munching on fries and you were about to break his heart.

“Calum, we need to talk.” You saw him tense up, his hand pausing just before it reached in the bag. The two of you had talked about this before, you knew how much those four words caused Calum to do nothing but panic every single time.

“About what?”

“I uh…Look, I love you alot, Calum-”

“You’re really starting to freak me out.” He interrupted. You never called him Calum unless it was something serious, and the guilty look on your face had caused his anxiety levels to rise.

“I’m uh…I-”

“You cheated on me?” He jumped to conclusion.

“God, no. I’d never cheat on you.” You frantically shook your head.

“Is there someone else?”

“No, there’s no other man involved at all. ”

He let out a relieved breath, leaning back against the couch cushions.“Okay, nothing else can be worst than that.”

He had no idea.

“So what’s up?” He said after a few moments of silence and you just decided to blurt it out and get it over with.

“I’m leaving.”

“Where are you going? To see your parents? Cause I’d love to meet them again they were-”

“No, Calum. I’m leaving…” You trailed, biting your lip as you added the last word,“you.”


That’s all you got in return; silence. You watched as Calum stared at the bags in realization, letting your words sink into his brain. He bit his lip and stood to look at you, tears pooling in his eyes

“Uh..why are- what did I do?”


“Is that the problem? That I didn’t no anything? Was I not enough, I didn’t buy you enough gifts? I didn’t love you enough or-”

“No, Calum, I’m saying you didn’t do anything wrong. This is all on me.”

“But, but why?” You watched his lip tremble and heard his voice crack, and you thought there was nothing more sadder than him in this moment.

“I can’t handle it anymore, Calum. Your lifestyle, the busy schedule, the tours, your fans.” You said ‘fans’ through clenched teeth, now feeling angry instead of hurt by what took place.

“Y/N, please. I can work something out, okay? You can come on tour with me and-”

“Your stupid fucking fans!” You yelled, causing him to furrow his eyebrows in confusion.

“I know they can be a little harsh, babe, but don’t talk about them please.”

“Don’t tell me what to do, Calum.” You yelled and now he was really confused. “They can go fuck themselves.”

“Stop it."Now he didn’t know what made you so angry all of a sudden, but he wouldn’t allow you to talk about his fans like that, his girls. The people who helped him achieve what he and his mates had become.

"They think that just because I’m with you I’m some dumb hoe who wants money and fame, so they sit behind their computer all day and talk shit. I’m sick of it Calum, I’m real sick of it.”

“Don’t take your anger out on them.”

“You should tell the bitches the same thing! They’re like fucking animals!”

“Y/N,shut up!”

“Yanno, maybe this is for the best.” You let out a laugh.“ You can’t help the situation, nobody but myself can. Have a nice life.”

“You’re not leaving me without an explanation.” He gripped your arm as you went and turned away.“ Just a few days ago we were talking about forever and now you want to up and leave.”

“Let me go, Calum.” Your eyes watered and you fought hard to keep those tears from running down your cheeks.

“No, Y/N/N. I promise I’ll fix this. I can talk to management and you can tag along with me whenever you like.”

“It’s not that, I just…I don’t want to live like this anymore. Just let me go and I’ll disappear, you’ll never hear from me again.”

“But that’s not what I want, Y/N,” He looked at you with puppy dog eyes,“and deep down that’s not what you want either.”

“It’s what I want, it’s for the best.”

“It’s not and you know it!” He suddenly shouted, letting go of your arm.“ You can’t fucking make me fall this hard in love with you, stay with me for almost two years, talk about a future with me and fucking leave! You’re going to give everything we’ve built up because of a few mean comments from my fans?!”

“No you fucking idiot!” You raised your voice, Calum jumping from the volume. You’ve never screamed at him like that.

“I’m leaving because your insane fans fucking attacked me in Wal-Mart and told me that I was nothing but a fuck toy who wanted fame and money! They called me fat and worthless and ugly, and they stomped the shit out of me and-”

You couldn’t finish, you just sunk down to your knees and sobbed. Calum stared at you in shock, now understanding why you suddenly lashed out about the fans, why you wanted to leave him. He would probably want to leave him.


“They even threatened to bring more and kill me, Calum.”

“Jesus Christ.” He sighed, throwing his head back on his neck, raking his hands through his hair.

“I’m covered in bruises and I’m fucking scared.” You mumbled out, wiping the tears from your eyes roughly, looking at your hands. “I can’t live like this anymore, Calum.”

“We can do something about this, Y/N, you don’t have to leave.”

“Yes I do. They’re not going to stop hating me, it’s only going to get worse.”

“Please,” He begged as you stood grabbing your purse from the counter. It was now you had regretted not leaving while he was gone. This was way harder than it should’ve been. He should’ve just let you go.

“I’ll have someone pick up my things.” You pointed to your luggage, not having the energy to take them out to your car. Plus, you were pretty sure Calum wouldn’t even let you.

“Y/N,”His eyes had teared up again and you looked at the ground, not being able to watch him break. You couldn’t give in, and you wouldn’t. This is what was best for you, this is how you would feel safe.” Don’t do this to me,princess. Please.”

Calum reached out for you but you stepped out of his reach, his arm falling limp at his side. You quickly made your way to the door, but just before you could open it he spoke again.

“I love you, Y/N.”

“I’m sorry.” Was the only thing you said as you yanked open the door and slammed it shut behind you, leaving behind the most important person in your life.

Dating Ignis headcanons

-He would always make sure that his S/O was well fed, nothing but the best dishes and ingredients for them.
-He would definitely be the kind of dude that noticed when you were hurting and give you tender-put-your-ass-to sleep massages
-He would definitely track your period and know when the first day was so he would have chocolates ready and offer you lower back massages and constantly remind you that “no my love you aren’t fat, you’re just being silly” cause your feeling a bit bloated
-Expect to be taken on dates, lots and lots of dates. He would do nice outings to dinner but he’d also be the kind of guy that wanted to make sure you never knew what kind of date you were going on till you put on the outfit he laid out for you. He’d want to experience all there is to experience in the world that he could with you, so he’d rarely do the same date idea twice.
-Expect lots of late night cuddles like he wouldn’t be able to fall asleep cuddling his s/o but in the middle of the night he’d groggily throw his arm over his s/o and pull them close to him
-He’d be the kind of guy to get super sentimental gifts for his s/o like he’d probably put so much thought into gifts it’d make you cry your eyes. But he’d also love to pick up that random thing you said you wanted in the store and leave it on the counter for you in the morning with a cute note.
-He would love sending sweet text messages through out the day, anything from a simple “I love you and miss you” to “I was just thinking about you and wanted to remind you that you mean the world to me and I don’t know what I would do without out, thank you for being in my life and loving me like you do, you’re an incredibly rarety and I can’t believe you mine”
-Expect to get tickled out of the blue, he wouldn’t do it a lot as to keep you on your toes, but he’d give quick tickles and smile and laugh a little. He really only does it because he loves seeing your face light up in laughter.

That’s all I’ve got for now, I’m sure my mind will brew up some more later and I’ll do a part two! Keep a look out for the chocobros dating imagines!

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Sonamy and Shadamy X3 

2 other couples that I support, but of course not more than sonadow! ^^

I drew these a few months ago

Shadamy pic description

Amy: Heeeeey Shadooow!!
Shadow: Yes, what is it now Rose?
Amy: I need you to do me a favor?
Shadow: Is it related to your sweets?
Amy: No….
Shadow: …..*stares*
Amy: Okay yes it is! But I love baking for you, it makes me happy that you love to eat them!!
Shadow: You know what happens every time I eat your sweets
Amy: I know, but I promise I won’t go overboard this time. Please Shady pleeease!!
Shadow: Ugh..I hate when you make that face…
Amy: So?
Shadow: Fine I’ll eat them!
Amy: Yay! And I really do promise that I won’t feed you too much cause I know you love sweets especially my cookies! *pokes her fingers in Shadow’s stomach*
Shadow: Stop know I don’t like being touched there. *blushes*
Amy: Mhm, I know it’s your sensitive spot. *smirks*

A few days later, Shadow was in the bathroom weighing himself because of course Amy went overboard as usual with baking him her delicious treats.

Amy: *walks into the bathroom* So Shadow what does it say? Also I’m still very sorry I did that again…Shadow? *comes up besides him*
Shadow: *frozen from shock*
Amy: Shadow, what’s wrong?..*looks down at the scale* …eh???

Scale: Too Fat to Race Sonic.

Can we talk for a second about how ableist the fat people not being healthy argument is?
Your health equating to whether or not you can love yourself is ableist as hell. Some people are not healthy. Some people are chronically ill, some people are disabled, and yes some people are fat because of those things. Some people can’t work out, some people have dietary restrictions that make it hard to eat healthy, some people can’t make healthy foods because it’s physically difficult for them. Some people have conditions that cause weight gain, some people are on medications that make them gain weight. Your health does not equate your worth and shouldn’t be a factor in whether you’re a “good fat person” or not.

You’re My Wonderwall (Bucky Barnes Imagine)

this became a drabble story thing 


i found some time between crying into a german texbook and throwing a tantrum over the quadratic formula to write some stuff


Prompt; ‘Maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me’. (From Wonderwall by Oasis)

Request;  #4 ‘Maybe you’re gonna be the one that saves me’ - Wonderwall, Oasis With Bucky please also I love your writing

Other characters featured; just good ol’ Bucky


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; just very angsty and probably some swear words

Word count; idk for this one since my laptop charger broke and this is being written on my phone (my fat thumbs are causing me pain)

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My purpose for being on this earth is to strike poses, eat cheese, cause a ruckus and spread joy! XD

I Hate You.  I Love  You Too (Gray x Reader)

P.S This was requested by an anon. I was feeling this scenario so here it is, enjoy!


Being a foreign model in Korea was pretty difficult. Not only you were completely different than the other models- which sometimes it worked for your own good, bu also sometimes you were denied jobs because of that- the public gave you alot of backlash. Especially after the first billboard who was an underwear campaign that was called ‘comfortable’ which was not only to be comfortable in the underwear but also in yourself, so you had barely any make up, a loose white shirt and the underwear as you laid on the couch, your body on it’s full glory. You got alot of comments about being fat or strange or whatever, but you also got a lot positive feedback, the billboard went amazing and you blew up in the modelling industry in a country you had no connections what so ever.

When you first moved there you were all about work. You had to build a name for yourself, yes you had your fun but your priority was work, you never thought about love and all that stuff. That changed after you met Seonghwa, you guys met cause of Jay, he was interested in featuring in his m/v so you had to meet him to the studio, of course he introduced you to the others and of course you found Seonghwa to be extremely attractive. You really loved to flirt so you didn’t have a problem at that, you were completely bold and up for a game which suprised Seonghwa, usually girls that he met act cute and mysterious so they can ‘seduce’ him or whatever, but you went completely the other way. You were flirting and making jokes, you were just being yourself and playing around.

No one was suprised when you got in a relationship with him. Your firends were happy you finally had someone and not runned around the town like crazy, his friends were excited he finally found a girl that can hold him down. He was also a sweetheart, he took care of you like a queen, treating you to dinner, cooking for you, giving you massages, instead of going out at night he was all cuddled up with you.

That was also how the fans picked up that he has a girl now. People have been noticing that when Kiseok or Jay prosted pictures or videos at the club, Seonghwa was nowhere to be found. Seonghwa loved to snap random photos so you were not suprised when he started snapping pictures one night as you cuddled and watched movies, that was until your notifications on your insta blew up. Then you saw the photo, a photo of your head on his chest and your legs tangled with his while you watched the movie. The caption said 'The reason i’ve been staying at home lately’. You and Seonghwa have been dating for a year and you had decided to keep it secret, you were caught completely by suprise when you saw the picture. You looked up at him and he just smiled and winked at you

“What? I can’t let you walk around saying you are single anymore, you have a photoshoot with a guy tomorrow, I can’t risk it”

You smiled at him and grabbed his chin giving him a sweet kiss on his soft lips. You put your head on his chest again and he runned his hands through your hair.

That was the start of long snapchat stories and a lot of instagram pics. It wasn’t the usual sweet snapchats, it was mostly you poking his face while he tried to focus on something or him taking videos of you dancing like a crazy person while you were getting ready or your personal favourite, when he uploaded videos of him playing with your hair, he would stop and you would either whine or put his hand back in your hair again. But you also had the normal stuff, beautiful selfies since you were a model and he was… Seonghwa,which means that he is a model too, trying out matching outfits, videos of you cheering for him at concerts, and him playing the hypeman when he visited you at photoshoots.

Today you had an interview for a show so you were excited, it wasn’t very often that you got to do those. You were getting your hair and make-up done when Seonghwa walked in

“Hey babe”

“Wait a minute I can’t move”

You instructed him, since the hair stylist and make up arstist were in the way. When they moved he approached you and pecked you on the lips.

“I need a favor”

You told him as you shook your hands so the nail polish could dry.He looked at you, waiting for you to say what you want

“Help me drink water”

“The water bottle is round you can touch it”

“I don’t want to risk it. Also I don’t want to burn my head”

He huffed but he reached for the water bottle and you bit the straw. When you had took care of your thirst he put it down and sat on the couch

“Don’t you ever say I don’t take care of you”

“Don’t go there Seonghwa you know I can easily beat you at this game”

Someone knocked on your door and you heared '5 minutes’

“I’m nervous”

You confessed as the girls that helped you get ready left the room. He got up and wrapped his arms around you from the back, bringing you some comfort.

“You’ll be fine. Just be honest and be yourself”

“I love you”

He pecked your lips again and then you kissed his cheek, tahnk god for matt lipstick. You got up and followed the stage manager to the stage. You waited for the MC to introduce you to the crowd and then you walked in with a smile. You waved at the crowd and greeted the MC before you took a seat

“So you are a pretty busy woman. You are all over the place with runways, you are in billboards, you featured at Jay park’s m/v, you have a clothing line coming up. How do you manage all that?”

“It’s not easy. I think I manage to stay alive because I am a complete workaholic and I also have a wonderfull support system”

Meaning not only your boyfriend, but also your friends, family and your manager. They were all there to help you stay sane and happy.

“That’s for sure. We all have seen the adorable pictures with you and your boyfriend. How do you keep a relationship but also be all around South Korea?”

“It’s hard, it’s not all roses and butterflies. But you know, he is very patient and sweet and he understands that I have to work, I understand that he has to work so I guess you could say we are eachothers rehab from work”

You saw in the back pictures of you and him popping out. That’s when you saw a picture of you with the water bottle situtation

“Now because we like an exclusive. This happened a few minutes ago, look at that. Adorable”

“I know, my highlights is popping”

You joked earning a few laughs. You didn’t know who exactly took this pictures but you were happy they did, it looked very beautiful

“People have been very positive on your relationship”

“They have. Whatever picture I post with him there are so many people commeting #truegoals, in all honesty I think we are one of the weirdest couple ever. There is literally a video of me slapping him and calling his name just to annoy him or him scaring me whenever he can, how is that goals?”

“Because you keep it real. You are both very successfull but also you don’t show just the good side, you give people the real relationship. Also when is he going to use you as a model for his m/v”

“I think it’s because i’ll still the spotlight you know? He doesn’t want a girl that’s too pretty cause he will look weird. Everyone will focus on me and he doesn’t want that”

You kept the jokes coming. The truth is he has told you to feature in his m/v but you had other stuff to do so you had to turn it down. You talked about other stuff for a while and then you stopped the recording, you thanked the MC and went to the dressing room. Seonghwa started clapping a cheering making you smile

“I told you it was going to be fine”

“Thank god”

You sat on his lap and kissed his lips. You felt a whole lot more relaxed after the interview since it got out of the way and you know you did fine

“By the way what the hell was the spotlight thing? You think I’m ugly, i’m fucking beautiful”

“Shut up I was kidding. Also don’t get your head in the clouds boy”

He started tickling you and since you were extremely ticklish you started laughing, you tried to dodge his hands and accidentally ended up slapping him, making him freez, his mouth forming a big 'O’ which made you laugh

“I’m sorry baby”

You said touching his face and laughing. He pretended to cry and you hugged him tighter

“I hate you”

“I love you too”

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anonymous asked:

hey! i was wondering if you and anyone else following this blog could leave me some kind words? ive always felt gross about liking people because 1. gay and 2. fat and 3. ugly .... so i just,, idk feel a bit unlovable,,, which sucks because personally i feel like i have a lot of love to give idk im rambling abt my insecurities

Hey love, 

I’m so happy you messaged us because I just know that you are a beautiful and lovely person. I’m glad that despite your insecurities you still have so much love to give (cause that can be really hard) and being fat and gay makes you freakin awesome by my standards! You’re not one bit gross. You’re an angel. I know it’s hard sometimes but just know that you are so loveable and we are here to support you. It’s gonna be okay. So much love to you, beautiful anon. 

- Mod H

(followers welcome to shower this anon with love!!)

BTS reaction - to you sitting on their lap in front of the members

Jin: I can imagine him being pretty reserved with his relationship, so he would be a little taken aback by this, but still not really mind it? I honestly don’t think that he would give much of a reaction…

Originally posted by go2bedjungkook

Namjoon: *smug Namjoon*, he would be all over the fact that you were comfortable enough around him that you would sit on his lap in front of the members, and would want to “show” this off to the others. After you sat on his lap, he would probably discretely start kissing the nape of your neck and whisper something like “ You just couldn’t wait, could you? *smirk*” and maybe some -ehem- suggestive… you know…

Originally posted by hongshiyoung

Yoongi: He would honestly be really flustered that you were showing such PDA in front of the members, but with his ‘yoongi pride’ and all he wouldn’t want you or the other members to know that, so he would hide his actually giddy and flustered feelings with his sarcasm. He would probably say something like “ owowow you’re hurting me! Don’t you have ANY fat on your butt, cause your bones are like tiny knives digging into my lap … ?!? ” while hesitantly pushing you off him 'trying to control the burning heat on his cheeks’

Originally posted by hugtae

Hoseok: He would obviously love it, but he would also joke about it a little. No reason, just because he’s Hoseok… He would probably say something like “ ??? When I asked you last time if I could sit on you, you said you were against that ?! Are you calling me fat ??! ” while jokingly poking at your stomach to get a reaction from you

Originally posted by hoseokayo

Jimin: ???I don’t know why but I can see him being weirdly comfortable with this… He would probably put his arms around your waist and pull you closer to him so that your comfortable and rest his head on his shoulder while whispering things like “ Jagi… Why didn’t we do this sooner? *soft chuckle*”

Originally posted by btsfunboyz

Taehyung: He would honestly be the type to fidget around. Even though he really loves that you’re finally showing the PDA that HE always initiates, he gets himself all giddy with the fact that ???YOU’RE ON HIS LAP??? , and would end up unconsciously moving his legs up and down creating a pretty bumpy ride for you. He would also be the type to touch EVERYWHERE on your body while you’re just sitting there like…?… Why???

Originally posted by yo-ma-honey

Jungkook: He would be so hesitant to show ANY PDA in front of the members because he would be so embarrassed and just get so flustered, so when you pulled a stunt like this… He would probably act like he doesn’t really care and that he’s the 'international playboy’, but when the members notice his red face and his shocked expression which triggers the endless teasing, he would bury his face in the nape of your neck and lose his burning cheeks in your hair. If you asked him if he’s okay he would say something like “ *nervous scoff* y-yeah I mean yeah…”. He would be so flustered that he couldn’t form the right sentence *mental face slap*      

// Hi– Sorry i haven’t posted in a while…school stuff ugh…anyways…I’ll be posting more over the weekends so I hope you look foward to it<3<3 //  

Fat Shaming and Fat Acceptance

While both of this ideas and opinions can easily be found online, the past few days there has been an increase. And with that there has been an increase of thought in my own mind. 

Let me begin with that fact that medically speaking, I am morbidly obese. I will not reveal my actual weight, knowing my status on the weight chart is enough.

 I am not proud to be this size. No one should be proud to be obese. Saying you are proud to be fat is saying that you are proud to be living a really unhealthy life and proud that you are not going to live to see old age. If you say that I should be proud to be fat then I hope that you are telling heroin addicts that they should be proud of their addiction, because it is the same thing. Fat pride is saying it is okay to slowly kill yourself. Fat pride is saying it is okay to not want to be healthy. 

I want to be healthy. I have struggled with my weight for my whole life. I know what it means to eat your emotions. I have paid the price for trying to eat my emotions. These days I am eating better and exercising. It is a long process but I want to be healthy. Its not about being thin, its about taking care of your body and your life. 

I am a fat person that does not support fat acceptance. I think fat acceptance is wrong. People should not accept people for being okay with being unhealthy. It is just not right. Is there alcholic acceptance? Heroin acceptance? Cocain acceptance? Self harm acceptance? No there is not. Why? Because no one should be okay with unhealthy and deadly lifestyles. 

There is a difference between accepting yourself/loving yourself for who you are, and fat acceptance. I love myself. I have a great sense of humor. I am kind. I am creative. I am loving. I am silly. I am an awesome person. But I do not love myself for being fat and unhealthy. I am ashamed of it. I am ashamed that I have allowed myself to have no self control. 

Fat people should be ashamed of themselves. They should be ashamed that they are not able to deal with their emotions or triggers. If you are an emotional eater then you need to get help. Being okay with your weight is not going to help you deal with your emotions. Fat is a symptom of other problems. Its like if you have a crack in the foundation of a house. You cannot say “oh it adds character” or “i like it better that way” saying that does not change the fact that you have a crack in the foundation of your house and it will cause problems down the road. You get that crack fixed and have a stronger house that will last longer. 

And I HATE to hear the excuses of medication or genetics. I will admit that there are a few VERY RARE health conditions that will cause weight gain, but those are very very rare. And some medication can cause you to gain a few pounds… a FEW pounds, but not 50, 100, 200. And all your genes do is determine how your body deals with fat and metabolism but it can VERY EASILY be controlled with the proper diet and exercise and doctors help. 

I am a large framed person. It is just how I am naturally build. I will never weigh what the medical world’s weight chart says I should weigh. If I did weigh that much I would be very ill. I will never be a slender tiny woman. But that does not mean I am not capable of being fit and tone and healthy. 

Life is short. If you are unhealthy and fat, life will be even shorter. If you are a fat person that is okay with being the cause of your own health problems, okay with having a less active and productive life, if you are okay with not being around for years and years to your loved ones, then by all means accept that you are fat. Love the fact that you are fat. Go ahead. But I will not. I will not accept that I am fat. And I will use your warped way of thinking about weight to motivate me to being healthy and dropping those pounds. 

Now if you excuse me, I have to get off my fat ass and go to the gym to get rid of this fat ass.  

A nurse called me fat the other day. I’m 5'9" and I weigh about 160 lbs. She told me I was suddenly at risk for diabetes and hypertension with a BMI of 24. I am not fat. I’m not even overweight. It caused me a lot of worry and stress. Just 2 years ago, with a BMI of 19, a doctor was on me about weighing too little. And I wasn’t underweight!

Honestly though, I love my body and I love my curves and I love being long and hour glass shaped. Doctors and nurses aren’t always right about your body. Listen to the HEALTH SIGNS not the numbers on the scale.

ok so like

I get that people are a bit miffed at Persona 5 for having those two gay stereotypes when the whole game is about defying social convention and being a rebel and like, gay people face a lot of IRL adversity

but like… don’t act like P4 is somehow more “moral” than it because lemme tell you that entire argument falls apart when Hanako enters the picture.

P4 is a game about self reflection and understanding yourself, your flaws, your limitiations and loving yourself despite that and the ONE fat character in that game is a super arrogant prick where the ONLY JOKE is she thinks she’s beautiful… but she’s FAT.


anonymous asked:

Ok so you posted about being the 'ugly friend' and your friends getting hit on but not you and tbh your friends must all be super stunning cause i'd hit on ya in an instant if i ever met you *-* Your eyes are stunning and you love mass effect and vetra so you like tall girls which would mean a+ gf material~

This is so nice????? Thank you?

Tho tbh I am very good at using angles so I dont look so fat.

(Also tall girls are a weakness of mine must admit)

But ahh thank you other than people who are Required™ to say that no one ever has before.

anonymous asked:

any tips on drawing chubby characters?? its sad that larger chracters gets overlooked so much even in art. like i feel a lot of artists thinks that drawing chubby characs is not pretty or it will make their drawings ugly. sigh. whats your thoughts?

Sadly, I gotta agree with you, anon… a lot of people still have this idea that fat = ugly. While most of the prejudice can be blamed on our society - what with all those impossible beauty standarts - it comes down to each one to get over them in the end.

So there aren’t even that many larger characters to begin with. Most of the times, even when they’re supposed to be fat/chubby, their designs don’t convey the idea. And I feel it’s even worse for female characters, where being larger means having huge boobs and ass, because god forbid a woman has fat in any other body part (Hanayo, for example, is canonically chubby, she says so herself, the other girls agree with her, and yet look at her flat stomach in every damn official art).
Alternatively, when the character is fat, then it’s a joke, it won’t be taken seriously, it isn’t worth of being anyone’s love interest, it ends up losing weight, and so on..

But well, enough blabbering, or else I’ll never stop!! For the acual tips!!
I’m definitely not the best one to instruct anyone, so of course you should first and foremost look at references. Something I can say is: let your lines loose!! Make lots and lots of curves!! And mostly have fun I guess! ‘Cause it’s really nice to draw the chub~

Here, have some doodles of some body parts getting steadly fatter (idek why, but maybe it can help some)!

Time Never Mends Old Wounds (Sequel)

Summary: Dean and the reader fall in love while hunting, only for all of it to come crumbling down once Dean leaves.

Word Count: 1,723

Warnings: Smut, ANGST (character death)

A/N: Thank you to my love, abaddonwithyall! You’re my bae. Also, please forgive me, guys. Seriously… I’m sorry.

Your name: submit What is this?

You swerved the car to the right, pulling over next to the edge of the forest. Dean’s flabbergasted face was etched to the back of your eyelids, a flurry of mixed emotions surging into your chest and making breathing harder. You knew that if you left, if you stepped away from this case, you’d have given up to him, you’d have let him win. Your fingers gripped tightly to the steering wheel, frustration pulsing through you.

“Where are we going, Dean Winchester?” you groaned, stomping your foot on the ground as Dean dragged you along with him through thick, grimy forest.

“You’re always saying we never truly have time to spend with each other,” Dean said, voice soft with amusement. “So, I decided to isolate us from everything. We could spend a few hours alone, really alone.”

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