not being in a band anymore and stuff

fred probably thought he was gonna have a nice relaxing af year cheering Archie on at football games and chillin now a kid is dead both his old flames from hs are back in his life (hermione and fp) he has a new son for whom he’s been falsifying documents he just found out his actual son was being sexually abused all summer and he can’t even park in his garage anymore bc it’s all soundproof and full of band stuff

Thief (Day 3: Clothes)

I enjoy the idea of Maka being a clothing thief
*By the way, Kleptomania means that you love to steal stuff, and you can’t stop.

Just like most addictions, it started out small.

After just about a year of their partnership, Maka almost felt entitled to her weapons clothing. It was comforting. She didn’t like to admit it, but she felt safe when the smell of his cologne engulfed her. It was like a drug.

But like I said, it started out small.

Just a band T-shirt. Panic! At The Disco, in fact, and Soul didn’t really listen to them much anymore. He wouldn’t notice. And he didn’t. Since they didn’t sleep together (not yet, anyway), she wore it almost every night. The shirt went all the way passed her knees. When it lost his scent? More cologne.

She started taking more. Just the small stuff, of course. Old shirts, jackets, headband etc. As far as Maka knew, Soul could never tell! It was all stuff he wouldn’t notice, so there really wasn’t any need to worry. It was nothing to worry about, right?

Then, Soul started going on missions on his own. Long ones. Though it wasn’t too often, they could last weeks at a time. She would only have Blair, or ‘Bu-tan’, who meant well, but wasn’t the best comforter.

Maka didn’t like to think that she needed a man to feel safe, but the way Soul cared for her, always lured her into a sense of security. He protected her. Even from the small stuff, like spiders (Maka hated those bastards!).

So, stealthily sneaking into her weapons room, the scythe meister took the letterman jacket he never wears anymore, and wrapped it around her body. She was instantly calmed, and soon went to bed and fell asleep that night.

After the two dorks finally confessed their love for each other, it was normal for her to wear his clothes from time to time. Of course, she only wore the clothes he let her borrow in front of him. She was smart about these kinds of things.

But Soul knew.

Oh boy, he knew.

He always thought it was cute, honestly. Until she started taking more. Soul had noticed that more and more of his favorite shirts had gone missing, and he knew for sure who the culprit was. But this stealing would go on no more.

He was gonna catch her in the act.

All alone in his room, pretending to be asleep, he heard his little meister silently twisting his door knob, and make the door creak. Poking her adorable head in, she called her weapons name quietly. Receiving no response, she continued into the jaws of the dragon.

Tip-toeing her way into the room, she went straight for the dresser, with one goal in mind. Sifting through the options, Maka finally found the one that would satisfy her. His Piano Man shirt!

Scaring the living daylights put her, he jumped up, and shouted, “AHA!”

“KYAAA!” Throwing the shirt in the air, she hopped about three feet, along with the shirt. “Damnit Soul! What the hell was that for?!”

“I finally caught you! How long have you been even stealing my stuff?!?” He shouted in pseudo anger. She then mumbled to herself, so Soul was unable to catch it.

“What was that, Maka?”

Sighing, she gave in, and responded, “3, maybe 4 years?” She gave a crooked smile and shrugged.

“Maka, you have a problem,” Soul deadpanned.

She scoffed. “I do not!”

“Maks,” He said flatly, using the nickname Star gave her. “you’re a kleptomaniac.”

She blushed, yet was also surprised he used such a big word, and stuttered, “I-I am not! Shut up!”

“Oh yeah? Where’s my letterman jacket?”

And with that, Maka ran out of the room from her boyfriend, a giggling mess all the way, with the man in question on her tail.


Yo. Why didn’t people tell me that during the first trimester all kinda shit changes–it isn’t just morning sickness and being tired.

- Sciatic pain
- Can’t close my jeans–already using a belly band at 10 weeks.
- Cant sleep on my back anymore because I wake up sore as hell.
- Needing to pee constantly

Just a short list of the stuff I didn’t think happened during the first damn trimester.

Daddy’s Girl

It had started when you had told him you were expecting. You’d thought he would act in a similar way to the expectant dads on YouTube pregnancy announcements and ‘telling the father’ videos you’d been watching in preparation - awkwardly happy and comforting. But nothing could have prepared you for him dropping to his knees and crying loudly, blubbering asking you ’are you sure? Do you promise me?' 

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Talk Me Down

AN: This wasn’t requested to me. This is based on this prompt by @otpprompts and I thought I would give it a try. This is completely fiction.

I jumped slightly when my ringtone went off, filling the silent room with the up beat tune. I put my pencil down and unplugged my phone from the charger, slightly annoyed at whoever was calling me this late when I was trying to get some work done. I had procrastinated long enough on this essay and was now trying to hurry up and finish it before class tomorrow. I didn’t recognize the number, but it did have the same area code as me. “Hello?”

“Hey…I uh don’t really know how these things work but I th-thought I’d give it a try. I’m having…thoughts, tonight and I guess I just need to talk to someone before I do anything.”

“Who is this?”

“Oh uh, my name’s Gerard. Do you guys record these?”

“I’m sorry but i’m a little confused. I think you have the wrong number.” There was a long pause. I glanced at my phone to see if the man hung up.

“…This isn’t a Suicide Hotline, is it?” My heart dropped to the pit of my stomach and I chocked on my words. I felt an aching sadness and concern for the stranger, replaying his words over in my head. This guy was about to kill himself and I would be the last person he talked to.

“No…it’s not.”

“Fuck, i’m so sorry. I’m sorry I bothered you. I probably sound like a fuckin’ weirdo, I won’t call you agai-”

“Wait, you don’t have to go. Do you want to…talk?” I said quickly before he could hang up.


“I’m assuming you want to talk to someone, maybe I can help?”

“I don’t know…there’s a lot to say.”

“I’ve got time.” I didn’t.

“Okay…uh where should I start?”

“From where ever you want.”

“Okay, I guess it all starts back from school…”

Gerard and I talked for over two hours, him doing most of the talking while I listened. He slowly grew more comfortable, telling me about his past and how the stress of being the front man of an upcoming rock band has been taking a toll on him. And good old fashion depression didn’t help any of this It started out as a couple drinks to ease his stage fright, then a couple more drinks to imitate a rock star persona while he performed, then even more drinks to feel normal when he woke up. Now, he feels like he needs it just to be “Stage Gerard” and has moved on to heavier stuff. “I just don’t know what to do anymore…I know it’s bad but I can’t stop. I’m just ready for this to be over.” His voice was quiet and scratchy, like he’s been crying.

“There’s always a reason to keep living Gerard, you can’t quit. A lot of people believe in you and care about you. You said you had a brother?”

“Yeah, Mikey, he’s my little brother.”

“Your brother cares about you and I know he wouldn’t want anything to happen to you. Please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Why shouldn’t I? I’m tired of living with all this pain, i’m tired of hating myself, i’m tired of drinking and doing drugs. I can’t live like this anymore.”

“I know, but you have to keep going. You told me that your fans have told you you saved their lives. You have a purpose Gerard and even if it’s giving people hope by playing in dingy underground venues, it’s worth fighting for.” I was trying to be very careful with my words. If only I would have read those suicide prevention threads more seriously, maybe I would know what to say. I heard a few sniffles on the line and some raspy breathing. 

“Okay…okay you’re right. I can’t do this to my fans.”

“Are you alone right now?”

“Uh no, i’m standing outside my tour bus.”

“Can you promise me when you get off the phone you’ll go wake someone up and talk to them?” I could tell by the slur in his voice he was drunk and he needed someone to be there with him physically until he sobered up.

“Okay, I will.”


“Promise. Thanks for listening to me.”

“Thanks for sharing. You can call me if you ever need to talk.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Yeah. We have the same area code so i’m assuming you live near me. Maybe we can go get coffee sometime?” I used the one tactic I did remember. I recalled when we had a big lecture on suicide in high school and the counselor said that sometimes making plans with someone who is suicidal can help. Giving them a day to look forward to could be enough motivation to keep living. 

“I like coffee. Okay, can I call you tomorrow?”

“Sure, anytime after noon because I’ll most likely be asleep before that,” I laughed, smiling when I heard him laugh too.

“Okay, okay good. I never got your name by the way?”

“It’s Y/n.”

“Y/n…that’s a really pretty name. Thank you Y/n. I’ll let you get some sleep since it’s almost 2 in the morning.”

“Okay, remember our promise.”

“I know, I know. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Gerard.” I sighed when he hung up, feeling numb as I set my phone back down. I felt a little proud that I helped him, but was still extremely worried about him. I was tempted to call him back in a few minutes to see if he was alright, but decided against it. That’s why I almost teared up in relief when the number flashed on my phone the next day as I exited my dorm. He was talking as soon as I answered the phone, repeating the same phrase over and over again in a cheery voice.

“Thank you.”

thai-chan29  asked:

How would B1A4 and BTOB react to you beinh loopy from removing all of your wisdom teeth in one day? And saying weird stuff like "Spongebob you there?!" To a pineapple.

AHAHAH MAAAN. Gonna do both bands because this request made me crack up. Please next time ask for one band per question ;D


Jinyoung: [entertains you with something that is not even funny anymore when you`re in normal condition]

CNU: What is… going on in here?

Sandeul: [secretly wishes this condition of yours would never stop] Kyyaaa so cute~

Baro: [when you keep insisting on Spongebob ‘opening the door’]

Gongchan: [watches you in amusement]


Eunkwang: [joins you by starting being weird Eunkwang]

Minhyuk: [doesn`t interfere you. Watches you for the fun of it]

Changsub: Hey! You`re trying to visit him without notifying him beforehand! That`s rude

Hyunsik: [loses it at some point]

Peniel: Who`s weird now? You`re weirder than I am! [time to celebrate it with a random dance]

Ilhoon: I will remember every moment of it to embarrass you later!

Sungjae: [another one to join you in acting weird]

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Cr. To gif owners)

Bringing your daughter on tour - Michael Clifford

It was Michael’s idea to bring you and your daughter on tour with the guys. You were a bit sceptical at first, your daughter being only seven months old and also being pretty small for her age (having been born almost 3 weeks premature), but you soon warmed up to the idea.

The guys were due on stage in less than an hour as you sat on one of the large sofas in the dressing room, your daughter on your lap as you watched them all standing around and talking; probably band stuff.

Your daughter started to squirm on your lap, obviously not wanting to be held anymore, so you set her down on the floor in front of you. Being a typical daddy’s girl, she immediately began to crawl towards Michael

“DA!” she squealed loudly, tapping her tiny hand on the back of his leg as she looked up at him, an adorable toothless grin plastered on her face.

He smiled down at her for a second before bending down and picking her up, “what’s up baby girl?” he asked, holding her on his hip.

She just smiled back at him for a second, “Da!” she squealed again, collapsing against his chest.

“Oh, you just wanted daddy? Okay” he chuckled slightly, placing his other hand on her side to keep her steady.

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what’s in my bag !!

the contents vary depending on what assignments/projects i have to do that day, so this is just what i had in my bag today. some textbooks are left at home while others are kept in my locker.

backpack = north face borealis
(the one i have is 4 years old so the exact version i have probably isn’t being sold anymore. there is a different version of the borealis currently being sold now tho)

  • binders (i have one for each class)
  • folders (hold papers i need each day bc i don’t want to carry 6 binders)
  • notebooks
  • pencil case (contents here)
  • school planner
  • water bottle
  • textbooks
  • little black bag holding feminine products, band-aids, hair-ties, etc
  • peach hand lotion
  • blotting sheets
  • lip balm
  • cough drops + mints
  • graphing calculator
  • phone
  • wallet
  • ipod + earphones

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I've seen a lot of people saying that just because they flew together doesn't mean they're in a relationship. And that's true, but what's important is that we were allowed to see it!! They couldn't have been more obvious!

Of course they’re saying that. Because people like to ignore context lol. Ofc we don’t think they’re in a relationship just because they flew on the same plane. We’re just over the moon excited about it because it’s such a major change from what we’ve become used to! Harry and Louis have gone months/years without being able to publicly do anything together offstage/outside of work. Ffs for most of 2013 the band was split up in interviews and Harry and Louis were never in the same group unless it was a rare ot5 one. TPTB were tripping over themselves to convince everyone that Harry and Louis were definitely 100% never staying in the same hotels or taking the same buses, planes, etc. There were times when they’ve had to ignore each other’s existence and could hardly look at each other. Until very recently they couldn’t even stand next to each other. 

So the fact that they were the only two band members who stayed back a few days in LA took a plane together and let everyone actually know about it!!!! is a big deal. It’s a really fucking big deal. They didn’t even use Liam as a buffer! He could’ve easily stayed back too or Louis could’ve just rearranged his plans and left earlier with him. There was no sneaking around or decoys or VIP exits/entrances like usual. Instead we got an actual real life not manipulated or blurry photo of Harry and Louis inside the airport and there are even some fantastic articles being written about the whole thing. Two members of the same band who are taking a flight together is generating all this buzz. Under normal circumstances that sounds so stupid, but these aren’t normal circumstances. No one is using this as “proof” that they’re in a relationship. We literally do not even need anymore validation. Everything else is just fun extra stuff at this point. And these airport escapades are just really surprising and exciting. Everyone has good reason to be hyped up.

Hurricane - Luke (Part 2)

Part 1

Summary: something is keeping them apart 

A/N: you guys are going to kill me lol ohh the feeels !! 

The guys were pretty busy with their music and all of the other stuff that came along with being in a band so she found herself with a lot of free time. Michael didn’t like the idea of her going off to explore the city on her own but he had to accept that they weren’t kids anymore and her couldn’t be so controlling.

When she got to the point where she felt like she had really seen every corner of LA she started spending most of her days at the beach. It felt like a good thing, like she was on a real vacation. She didn’t have to worry so much about awkward encounters with Luke when she was out of the house. 

She caught him a few times, staring at her for a little longer then necessary. It made her nervous; she didn’t know what his deal was. A few times at night he had tried to get her to stay outside with him by the fire pit when the other boys had gone to sleep, but she didn’t want to be alone with him.

Her worse nightmare would be to have a conversation about what happened last time she came to visit. She would be mortified to hear him apologize for kissing her; the situation was already embarrassing enough. All she wanted was to get through her trip, hopefully, without having to address what happened at all. She wanted to pretend like it never did, even though she thought about it ever day and night, she thought about the way his lips were soft against hers, and the way is large hand felt on her waist as he pulled her close to him, she thought about the way her heart beat faster then she knew possible when she felt his chest press against hers.

It was hard; pretending like him kissing her didn’t mean the whole world to her. It also sucked though, because she was sure he probably hadn’t even thought twice about it. She needed a distraction from him, she needed something to keep her mind from constantly floating back to thoughts of him.

She met Riley at the perfect time. She was sunning on the beach when his volleyball came darting directly at her. She didn’t understand what all the commotion was when she felt the sand kick up beside her. When she sat up she saw him, he was sun tanned and muscular with shaggy blond hair and black Oakley sunglasses. She wiped the sand out of her face and smiled at him asking if he was okay.

“I just saved you from getting nailed!” he told her in he smooth California accent.

She thanked him sweetly, still not exactly sure what had happened because her eyes were closed. When he stood up he reached his hand out to hers, asking for her to come play with them.

She was hesitant at first, but she hadn’t really had much social interaction since she’d gotten to California, and there was also no denying that Riley was really hot.

After that day they started hanging out most days. It turned out that Riley was a surfer and spent a lot of his time at the beach. They really hit it off and Riley seemed genuinely interested in her, which was a nice distraction from liking someone who would never feel the same. She would meet him at the beach and she would drink Coronas with him and his friends or he would take her out into the water and attempt to teach her how to surf. Some days they would go out on his surf teams jet skis or take cruises on the boat, he even convinced her to go fishing with him one day.

She hadn’t told Michael about Riley, she knew he would want to meet him and that he probably wouldn’t be happy about it. If Mikey could have it his way he would keep y/n locked inside forever, far away from any guys. It pissed her off sometimes the way he was so protective, it wasn’t even normal but when she asked him why he had a valid point.

“I am a guy, y/n” he told her, “I think like a guy, I know what they’re thinking when they look at you, its disgusting, guys are fucking pigs, I mean look at you y/n you’re beautiful I have to look out for you, I had to start punching kids in the sixth grade the day Jared McAvoy realized you got boobs. I’m telling you they don’t have wholesome thoughts, you’ll be single forever if its up to me. No one is taking advantage of my baby sister.”

She fucking hated those words, ‘baby sister”; he knew they made her angry since they were literally the exact same age. But he had a point; there were guys who were pretty creepy to her in the past, for a long time she looked older then she was so she has had a lot of guys unknowingly say some provocative things to her.

She only saw Riley during the day usually, while the guys were in the studio or out doing promo. She had told him all about who her brother was and how he was so protective over her and Riley kind of understood. She was always back at the boys house by 6:30 pm before the boys got back.

One day while lying on the beach, Riley sat up and looked at her dead serious, “You gotta come with me to this party tonight,” he insisted. “It is at this huge mansion and there is going to be a ton of pros there and shit and I really want you to come with me.” He put his hands together like he was praying and made a puppy dogface.

She bit her bottom lip, “I don’t know, I would have to tell my brother where I was going and he would want to meet you and then so would the other guys and they would all give you the third degree.. Like I’m not joking Ry they aren’t going to be nice to you, they all think they’re funny and get a kick out of screwing with my life.”

“I’ll do it.” He told her, not even thinking twice about it.

She stood in the kitchen with Mikey, Ashton, and Calum around the center island as they devoured pizza. This was probably the best chance to bring up that she was going out tonight, especially since Luke wasn’t around. It was stupid, but she kind of didn’t want Luke to know about Riley, let alone meet him.

“So I’m going out tonight, guys.” She said hesitantly.

“Nice, where we going?” Calum asked immediately as if they were invited, the boy was always looking to party.

“Sorry, you guys can’t come with me..” she tried to let him down easily.

Michael raised an eyebrow, pizza still hanging out of his mouth, “Where?” he asked quizzically.

She hesitated, “Well, to this party.. its at a mansion and there is going to be a bunch of pro surfers there, I’m really excited.”

Ashton chuckled, “First of all since when do you know anything about surfing, second of all how the hell did you get an invite?”

Calum laughed, “Bet she wore that black bikini to the beach today, the one that shows off her ass,”

Immediately Michaels’ hand was smacking the back of Calum’s head aggressively enough for him to choke a bit.

“I’m kind of going with this guy I’ve been hanging out with,” She mumbled and all of their eyes widened.

 “NO.” Michael said pointedly.

 “No, What? Michael” She asked.

“No, you’re not going.”

“Okay yes, I am, you guys need to stop with this shit I’m not some fucking porcelain doll, stop treating me like a child, I’m not even a virgin you people act like I’m the fucking mother Mary.”

Ashton’s hands shot up to cover his ears jokingly, “OH MY GOD Y/N too much information, shit my precious ears!”

Calum was standing there laughing hysterically and Michaels face looked as if he had just seen a ghost. He clenched his jaw; “I didn’t think I was going to have to commit murder this early in life.” He growled.

“Mike you need to get the fuck over this crazy protecting me thing, you’ve been away for four years, a lot has changed.”

They all stared at her with shocked expressions on their faces. She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders, “I’m sorry guys, I’m going.”

“Going where?” just then Luke walked into the kitchen with a smile on his face and her heart dropped, great fucking timing.

Ashton answered his question, “Y/n thinks she is going to a mansion party with a bunch of surfers and some guy she’s been secretly hanging out with tonight.”

Luke’s jaw dropped open a little bit first noticing the anger on Michaels face and then looking to her. She hated when he looked at her the way he was at this second, with his fucking big blue eyes and pouty lips.

Luke raised an eyebrow, “Whose the guy?”

Her chest tightened, of course he would ask that. “His name is Riley,” she shrugged trying not to look Luke in the eyes, “We met on the beach and have been hanging out a lot, we’re just friend.” She didn’t know why she felt compelled to add that they were just friends at the end, she wasn’t exactly sure what her and Riley were doing, they hadn’t hooked up or anything but were always flirting with each other.

Luke rolled his eyes dramatically, “I highly doubt he wants to just be your friend,” he walked forwards grabbing a slice.

“So when do we meet him?” he asked sounding as agitated as Michael was.

She laughed sarcastically, “Uhm, you’re not.”

Michael and Luke both answered simultaneously, “Yes.. We are”

“Ughhh, I knew this was going to happen” she threw her pizza down dramatically and stomped towards the stairs.


She walked into the living room where they were all sitting around the TV playing FIFA. She was wearing a long sleeve black fishnet shirt with a black biking top underneath and denim shorts.

Calum noticed her first, “Daymnn, y/n you look hot!”

Luke paused the game and they all turned to look at her, Michael voicing his opinion immediately, “You’re not going out like that, go change.” He said sternly.

“Shut the fuck up yes I am,” she spit back at him; she was over him trying to act like a parent.

“Guess you really like this guy,” Luke mumbled with a strange look on his face.

She shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t know, I just wanted to look nice.” She didn’t know why she felt the need to lie to Luke, she knew she liked Riley, when she was with him she had fun and he was very attractive, but for some reason, she felt like she had to make it seem like she was unsure when Luke asked.

The doorbell rang and her stomach tightened. She had been dreading this moment all day. She walked over and opened the door slowly, to see a handsomely dressed Riley, she was so used to seeing him in only in swim trunks.

“Wow, y/n” were the first words that came out of her mouth, “You look.. holy shit.”

She smiled at him and glanced over her shoulder to see the four boys all staring at her. She invited Riley in and walked him towards the living room to where they were sitting, waiting to rip this kid apart.

Riley introduced himself and the all gave him an unimpressed “Hey” before the questioning began. Luke and Michael both were glaring at him while Calum and Ashton were a bit less harsh. She understood why Michael was being an ass, because he always was, but she wasn’t sure what the fuck Luke’s deal was.

She felt bad for Riley; they were fucking brutal. She took a step closer to where he was standing and reached out, gently grabbing onto his arm. She noticed Luke clench his jaw at that moment before standing up and walking out of the room.

She was getting really annoyed, she had begged the guys to be nice to him and they were far from it. Finally she had enough.

“Okay, we’re leaving,” she announced abruptly. “Fuck,” she looked at Riley, “I gotta run upstairs and grab my vans, I’m sorry to leave you alone with these idiots.”


He saw her run into her room through the crack of his bedroom door. He didn’t know what came over him, maybe it was the competition standing downstairs, but he had to say something to her. It was now or never.

He walked into her room where she was standing digging through a duffle bag full of shoes. When she noticed him she slowly turned her head to look at him and stopped what she was doing.

“What’s up Luke?” she asked as if nothing was going on, turning back to her bag.

“So you’re really into that loser?” he asked, doing his best not to sound jealous. 

She stopped what she was doing once again, shooting him a look, “Why do you even care, Luke? What’s your deal? You didn’t have to be such a jerk to him.”

Luke walked closer to her, “You know, you haven’t given me a single chance to talk to you alone since you got here.

She looked at him like a deer in headlights, swallowing hard. “You know where my room is, if you had something important to say you could have found me.” She told him narrowing her eyes slightly.

He moved closer to her and she froze, “You know that night when I kissed you, I hadn’t had too much to drink yet, I didn’t get drunk and make out with my buddies sister”

He couldn’t read the expression on her face, her eyes were soft but her lips were pressed into a line, “What are you saying Luke?”

“I kissed you because I wanted to, because I had been thinking about it for a while and finally got the courage and didn’t give a fuck what Michael would have to say about it.”

She inhaled deeply hearing his words, “Why are you telling me this now?” she barely whispered and he took one final step towards her.

“Because I don’t want you to go out with that guy,” he shrugged his shoulders sheepishly, reaching out to rest his hand on her waist.

She chewed on her bottom lip, “What makes you think you can come in her and tell me all this the second I’m about to leave? What makes you think you could stop me?”

He searched her eyes for a moment, choosing his words carefully, “I don’t think that,” he answered, “but it was worth a shot.”


Her heart was pounding out of her chest, why was he doing this to her? Why now? All of this was too much for her to even wrap her mind around. His hand was on her skin, his blue eyes looking deep into her soul.

“Luke,” she breathed, unable to look away from him. He didn’t let her continue; instead he leaned in pressing his lips against hers. He wrapped her other arm around her and her body went weak, she was caught in the moment, reaching up to his broad shoulders and running her fingers through his hair.

This was what she had wanted so badly, but the timing was horrible. Riley was literally standing downstairs getting tortured by her brother. FUCK, her brother.

She didn’t want to pull away from Luke, but she had to. He searched her eyes hopefully; they were begging her to say.

“Michael will kill you,” she whispered shaking her head, “maybe both of us.” Her chest was tight, stomach in knots. She looked up at the ceiling trying to fight back her emotions. “I have to go Luke,” she sighed her voice barely audible. She took a step back out of his arms, searching his eyes one last time before grabbing her shoes and slipping away form him again.

Part 3!!

Part 4!!

Part 5!!

sooo part 3 anyone? hope this was okay.. let me know what ya think.. drop anything into my ASK BOX love/hate whatever its awesome hearing from you!!! as always thanks for reading!! you’re the bestest for putting up with my shit .. if you haven’t yet check out my .:Masterlist:. .. Thanks for all the good vibes 

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Nooooooo i'm gonna die please. I love Liam and zayn's love so mucho 😭😭😭

liam: “I think, I think for me one of the main things I’ve learned from being in this position, I’m gonna say the same for you actually, like when I used to out to parties and stuff like, with like family parties and like, and somebody would come up to talk to ya ya didn’t really know, i wouldn’t really be able to hold a conversation.

zayn: “yeah awkward”

liam: “cuz you’d be like, oh, yum, cuz I was a bit shy, but I’m not really that shy anymore. And the same for you, like Zayn and I were actually really quiet when we came into the band but now you can’t shut us up”


I’m not usually one for looking back. Primarily because i’m too fucking busy, and there’s more exciting stuff frontwards. Similarly, Everyone Into Position did not set the world alight; far from it. But it was a very important record to me when we were making it, and to this day i respect it’s ambition, it’s scope and it’s fucking fearlessness. I can say that because i didn’t make it alone. It was a mammoth piece constructed by five very different men.

To be honest, the History Of Oceansize is not a book you’ll ever read. We rehearsed, recorded, toured and fought the fuck out of each other. For the most part, nothing of note happened. But in this period, it was do or die. In 2005, we cared a lot.

When we were making what became Everyone Into Position (actually i think i had the title pretty early on) we were pretty much all living together. We liked to tell people we were like the Monkees, in reality we were like The Young Ones but with a more threatening mistrust. Late-20s desperation got us through.

I remember the natural and predictable feeling of fear for making this, our ‘difficult’ second album. As is often said, the debut is like a Greatest Hits, and you make the sophomore to order. We were both nervous and excited.

A year before this record was released, Jon Ellis (the original bass player) had actually quit the band. Things came to a head with the drummer and he couldn’t take it anymore. It was a big deal because he had great ideas and handled the whole electronic side of the band. As well as being a hugely talented bass player, he was my oldest friend. We persuaded him to stay and went off to tour America with Mclusky. We were all pretty much on our best behaviour in a valiant attempt to save the band. It worked, for a little while. Jon stayed long enough to make the record. Took a couple of months out to become a dad. That kind of stuff was highly frowned upon; y’know, growing up, spending time with a family. Even taking a holiday. Not cool. You were perfectly within your rights to skip a couple of days practice cos you took a bunch of bad drugs though.

The writing process itself was interesting, we’d bought a computer and some mics and were making decent demos on our own, much to the delight of our record company. We started writing ‘onscreen’ for the first time ever. Songs like ‘Heaven Alive’ and ‘Meredith’ were pieced together. Steve worked up a 4-track demo for what became ‘Dirty Sweet Smell Of The Summer’. I brought in the chords for parts of ‘Charm Offensive’ and we designed it from scratch as the opening song. The whole album was, from my point of view, designed as the ideal festival headline set. We all went to Glastonbury every year and had some super-drugged up experience watching Radiohead or The Flaming Lips or Mogwai or Cardiacs or whoever. We, or rather i, wanted something that would work on that level. Yeah i know; i was smoking a lot of weed back then.

One day we came in to find all our work from the computer was gone. Like, 6 months, maybe a year’s worth of recordings and sketches. The drummer showed up and told us he’d stayed late working on something, and had saved it to the trash on the laptop. The TRASH. Which, of course, our bass player had just emptied. He emptied it as a matter of course each day to make sure the computer ran as well as it could. Pretty standard. So we lost everything. Jon Ellis briefly quit the band that day too. We coaxed him back. For a while.

So in pre-production we got a lot done. Mark Heron was a great drummer and had recorded a bunch of weird drum loops and was insistent we write something using them. I couldn’t get anything going, which pissed him off, which pissed me off etc. Finally, he told me where he wanted the chord changes - the ride cymbal accents, rather than the kick or snare. Then the chords happened immediately. He worked up some more stuff with Steve and Gambler. So we had a bunch of sections we filed away for a rainy day.

‘Music For A Nurse’ was something Gambler had been playing in his bedroom for at least 2 years. I loved it, but it never got off the ground until one day, in the middle of working on something else, Gambler played it and the drummer joined in, playing in a different time signature to the chords. Fucking BAM. Total lightning moment. I made the call to get the mics set up and record this right now because it was so amazing. We jammed it through. It was perfect. Immediately it was perfectly formed. Come the recording, i changed the key to match ‘Plainsong’ by The Cure. I was going through a real Cure phase back then.

We got together what we thought was gonna be the whole record, and realised we needed another bside. In a single day we threw together the sections derived from the drummer’s loops. We didn’t even rehearse it a whole lot. It was just a cool little instrumental.

We went out and did 5 shows playing nothing but new material, and drove straight to the studio with the songs under our skin. We were on fire.

We did the drums at Monnow Valley. Out in the middle of nowhere. I don’t remember very much about it. Again, I was smoking a lot of weed in those days. I remember i kind of had to, to combat the tension. ‘Mine Host’ came to life from Jon Ellis’ demo. The real drums sounded huge. So that was totally Jon’s thing. Actually i remember i wrote the words for that song the day after a load of ecstacy at a Trail Of Dead gig…

With this new b-side idea from the drummer’s loops coming together, i started hearing a melody for the outro. Started scribbling stuff down. It came really fast. I recorded the lead vocals for the end section - the song had the working title of ‘Sad Jam’. Everyone was onside. It should be promoted from instrumental b-side to hymnal album closer. I was delighted. Durose got stuck into making the incredible choir happen, composing, arranging and layering stacks of vocals. The lyrics were the maybe the quickest i’d ever written. Classic late-20s questioning of everything.

After we did the drums for maybe a week, we moved to Rob Bradshaw’s house in Bredbury. It was called The Works studio. We’d recorded our first 3 EPs there, and he was justifiably bummed out that we never recorded our first album there. His first son, Nathan was born a week before we landed, so there were were intruding on this special time like the oblivious twats we were. Dan Austin was producing, and worked brutally long days. Like, 18 hours at a time. He lived exclusively on Red Bull, sausage sarnies and Amber Leaf. We’d come in on a morning and find him asleep hunched over the faders. We all usually slept on the floor in the pool room, listening to each other shuffle and snore all night. We stayed there for 4 weeks. The last 2 days no-one slept as we frantically tied together the loose ends.

We drove to London to mix. As always we slept at the flat owned by Beggar’s Banquet in Wandsworth. All slept in the same room, except Durose who had a tendency to wake up at 3am craving a smoke. That flat is actually the one in the Biffy ‘Questions And Answers’ video. It was a great novelty at first. Then when you’ve been there a month…

Danton Supple was mixing. He’d just finished the Coldplay record. God knows how they’d persuaded him to do our album…. Anyway, he was super cool and was enthused as i was about the record. He knew what i wanted from ‘…Nurse’ and made the vocal delays really work. I sort of regret insisting the vocals be mixed so low. I wasn’t so confident of my voice in those days, and i allowed myself to be convinced of my shortcomings.

Danton was amazed to learn we’d recorded the whole album in 5 weeks. There was so much work. I suppose, in fairness, we’d recorded a lot of stuff in our rehearsal room that we kept. The electronic stuff, and some guitar textures.

We mastered it at Abbey Road then rehearsed a couple of days in a basement under the Beggar’s place. We then drove straight up to Leeds to play a festival.

Before the gig i met a couple of lads who’d come from Newcastle. The show was running late, so they were gonna have to leave before we played. I told them they were welcome to come home to Manchester in our van, crash over, and go home the next day. They were delighted with that idea.

We got in the van and played them the whole album, which was only 2 days old.

They filmed the whole trip, under the table. Ripped the soundtrack, and distributed the album on our internet message board.

Heady fucking days.

In that year, we lost our bass player, our manager, our tour manager and our record deal. Our next record, ‘Frames’, was truly the sound of a band absolutely refusing to care what anyone thinks anymore. It’s a beautiful sound.

Nevertheless, Everyone Into Position is my favourite Oceansize record. It wasn’t easy, but we were compelled to make the band work. Sometimes, it felt like it really could; that the resulting success could make us believe in each other once and for all, and we could overcome anything. It’s easy to say that it’s the tension that made the records so special, that without the bad vibes we wouldn’t have sounded like that. I really don’t know. I suppose in that respect, i should be thankful, because Everyone Into Position is the barometer by which i’ve measured every record i’ve made since.

Happy birthday, old friend. x

hey….when the time comes for the boys to sit down and decide if they want to continue on with the band or end it…they’re gonna remember this type of shit and decide to end it. everyone being disrespectful, intrusive, & fucking crazy isn’t going to make them want to stick around….they aren’t going to enjoy what they do anymore if stuff like this happens. you’re ruining it for everyone.

real talk though why do people have to make what brendon and ryan are doing into a competition?? like it’s not ryan who was stirring up that shit. yes brendon is doing stuff and is being really successful without ryan in the band, but that’s not bc ryan left, that’s bc brendon is very talented and hardworking. and if ryan wants to chill out and hang out with his friends and party then he should be able to since he spent most of his early twenties touring and being very busy. don’t act like ryan is on some lower level just bc he’s not doing the same shit as brendon

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What's happening with Bob bryar ??

he tweeted about being kicked out of mcr and people are giving him shit for it as always, while completely ignoring what he was saying about his mental illness and apparently taking too much medication (which he deleted like a minute later and said “forget about that pill stuff”). i’m really concerned about him but a lot of people are just hating on him as usual because apparently it’s ok to side with mikey way who sobered up and got better and hate bob who hasn’t gotten there yet.

God gained an angel in Heaven. My friend was going through some stuff and now she is not with us anymore. I knew this friend of mine since elementary. We were in high school together and we were in the same band. She was being cyber bullied by an anonymous source who sent her these god awful remarks. Please stop cyber bullying, and please pray for my friend who’s name I will keep hidden….but you all know her as sluttyramen.

Unpopular opinion: when you're over a certain age you need to stop acting childish and grow up
  • Me: As I turn 30 this year it has come to my knowledge that now it's time to stop being childish.. Stop dress in a certain way and grow up.. No more pajama days, no more cartoons, no more wearing band shirts or any other "childish" shirt either for that matter.. No more licking the bowl when you've baked a cake or eating the raw cookie dough.. Everyone over 30 you need to stop this childish behavior and grow up.. we are adults now, we have responsibilities and adult stuff to adult with.. Stop doing all the fun things because you're an adult now, you're not a kid anymore.. Acting like some psychotic lunatic and fangirling over certain people isn't gonna get you that job, it isn't gonna pay the bills and it won't give you that promotion.. STOP BEING SO IMMATURE AND GROW UP!
  • Also me: Fuck you you and all your stupid opinions.. If you need me I'll be in my blanket fort coloring while eating marshmallows for breakfast.. The day you stop embracing your inner child is the day you stop living.. My stuffies agree with me so your opinion is invalid

hey hi hello, so. this is personal and probably unnecessary and i’m not even entirely sure what my point is but god-willing i will find it along the way. i’ve been feeling Pretty Good (like actually borderline great?? comparably, at least) in life lately and that’s admittedly really fucking huge for me. i hit a point last year where i found myself so invested in the fandom’s daily attitude that it was literally fucking ruining my life lmao like that sounds Dramatic, i know, but i genuinely don’t know how else to put it. but, u know. i am a stubborn old taurus and refuse to step away from things even when i know i should. i’ve just never wanted to! i love it here, i love my friends, i love being involved (the fomo is Real rip), and i love these boys more than anything in the world. they feel like home. and thankfully i’m also stubborn enough to not let anyone (even TPTB) ruin that for me. again. 

there’s a lot of bitterness and resentment and general anger in this fandom. i feel it too and we all, undeniably, have reason to feel it bc damn this shit sucks sometimes, man. but i just don’t have it in me to actively feel it and act upon it anymore. i can acknowledge it and accept it and move on to focus on the good stuff. focus on how much i love the boys, how much shit they’ve helped me through, and how happy they make me. at this point, i refuse to use my energy and mindspace getting hung up on the bullshit because i know where it leads for me. it’s too fucking easy to do. 

what drives me up a fucking wall, though, is how often people who don’t actively engage in the Bitterness Blogging, The Fury, etc. are treated like children, as though they’re less intelligent and aware of what’s happening. as though they can’t see the big picture, can’t see how we’re being manipulated and so often dragged through the mud. i know what people say and i see people’s tags and it’s just like. c’mon. being positive, unbeknownst to some in this fandom, ≠ naivety. like listen bro, i’m not a fucking idiot just because i’d rather spend my time here raving over harry’s hair and louis’ ankles instead of talking about how terrible everything is all the time. it doesn’t for a second mean that i don’t recognize how heinous things have been. by all means, you do you. honestly more power to the people who have it in them to keep up with the bullshit and really react to it on the daily. you possess a type of tolerance and strength that i clearly don’t. but please for the love of god can some of you stop acting like enjoying things (god forbid) or not getting involved in the analyzation of the everyday bullshit somehow equates to not giving a shit about the boys or not understanding enough to give a shit??? (believe me, i often wish i didn’t understand. ignorance is quite literally bliss when it comes to this band lmao.) i’ve spent a fair share of my time here being pissed and angry and it wasn’t healthy for me, so i won’t do it anymore. if that’s the experience you need to have here, have it. but i’m Tired of seeing ppl (and it goes both ways) rag on each other for how they choose to spend their time blogging. we’ve got enough drama and bullshit for like, at least four fandoms, we don’t need more. block posts, mute people, unfollow people. do what you need to do. just, like. idk chill a bit about some stuff and just generally don’t be an asshole.

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are you happy with the way things are? we are in the middle of the break and i still feel like everything is falling apart. we aren't getting anywhere. no co no management change no internaction. nothing. the fandom is collpsing too. half of the people are angry and disappointed and then people like you are indifferent. this is not what i wanted. i don't even know if there is a point in all this i just. wanted to get it out i guess. don't answer if you don't want to

I’m really sorry, love. I hate the fact that there are so many people who aren’t having fun right now, I understand the disappointment but I still feel bad for you all. I think the fandom being divided is completely normal, it’s our status quo. We are capable of coming together in times of need and that’s truly amazing, but it’s impossible to do that the rest of the time and there’s nothing wrong with that. We are such a diverse bunch, we are different people with different opinions and ways of seeing things - it’s just the way it is and it’s okay, it’d be impossible to agree on everything. I think it all comes down to that: when something happens in the fandom our response is based on our personalities, expectations, wishes and priorities. None of us is better than the other, we just have different realities and we have to accept that we can’t force other people to see things the way we do.

I want to clarify that I’m not indifferent, I’m emotionally invested in this band so it’d be impossible for me to feel that way. I wouldn’t say what I feel now is indifference, it’s more like I got a huge weight off my shoulders. I know there are people who stay here because they love the enigma, the puzzle, the conspiracy part. That’s not me, that’s definitely not me - I came for the love story and stayed because I wanted something better for them, for all of them. That’s what I’ve been fighting for, that’s all I’ve ever wanted, and I’ve been dying for things to calm down a bit. That’s why I feel so relaxed now, I’m just happy because I feel like this is it. I wanted Harry and Louis to have more freedom, I wanted the other boys to blossom and be less like a caricature of themselves. I’m aware of the limits of this industry and I know it can never be completely perfect and transparent, but I wanted more than what they had (still do) because they deserve it.

I’m 100% convinced something has changed for good, I trust whoever is calling the shots now to do what they have to do to get there. Do I want more? Hell yeah. Am I going to get more? Yes, I truly believe that’s the case too. Until then, I’m good with what I’ve got. I think this has been a long process and yet there are many things left to do but I know the end game is what we all want: for the boys to be less controlled and to live up to their potential; the official management change and the CO - I think that’s what’s waiting for us at the end of the road. The fact that there is a new road is enough for me right now, my first priority has always been their happiness and I see it possible now, I feel like they’re getting somewhere really good. We might not get the CO or the official takeover announcement or more ot4 interaction at this very moment but I don’t care because I know it’s happening soon. Maybe not in this break (although a lot can happen in a month) but soon anyway, I’m convinced of that.

I feel happy because I see changes, I see the boys looking good and being excited for the future. I see them building an individual profile for each of them and still working together for the new album. I see Louis getting ready to conquer the world, Liam and Niall making getting headlines all by themselves, Harry getting some quiet time and Zayn aiming for what he wants. I see someone denying Harry is leaving the band and I see great magazines writing good articles about them. I see them having some time off tour to work in other stuff, things they’ve been doing at night while being exhausted and overworked until now. I feel safe too, I can finally relax and stop waiting for the bad consequences that every good reaction used to have. I’m not scared of being who I am anymore either, I don’t feel like I could get personally attacked by their team at any moment. I’m pretty sure those days are over and that makes me feel so much relieve you can’t even imagine (although you probably can).

Wow, that got really long, sorry. I guess what I’m trying to say here is that: I’m happy with what I have, yes. I got my first priority solved (for the boys to have more freedom and be happy) and now I’m just patiently waiting for the rest to happen. I’m sorry you are having a very different reaction, hope you get what you want soon and it doesn’t become a source of stress for you <3.

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Why do you think its a PR stunt?

Ok, so, this is my opinion, I’m not saying this is true, this is what happened or is going to happen. I’m 100% convinced Zouis are still friends BTS, why?

First of all, as soon as Zayn quit I read this, point 3 seemed actually possibile and made me think. They could have handled this split up a lot better then this, if they only WANTED.

But they didn’t:

1st - Make Zayn leave during the middle of the tour

2nd - Make him leave with a facebook post, not a word from him

3rd - Tell the fans he’s leaving because of the stress, then call paps to show him in the studio the day AFTER (seriously? Try harder), so the fans feel betrayed “He lied to us all I hate him” (I’m reporting my friend’s words more or less)

So, my point is that they are trying to cut Zayn’s ties with the fandom to make him start a totally new career. (I don’t think Zayn actually cares about the number of fans he’ll have, he knows he won’t probabily be as great as 1D, but I think he didn’t enjoy being in the band and maybe his image anymore, just my thought)

Second - Naughty Boy

NB is having a huge role in this (idk how much of the hate he throws to 1D fans is staged and how much is real, I dislike him A LOT and I really hope Zayn doesn’t associate with him other than for work/change his image.)

But anyway, he tweeted a lot of stuff that made us know that Zayn leaving was planned from a lot of time. Some fans that met him were told Zayn and NB have been working on his new album for months (not sure if this is true tho).

After a few days from Zayn’s departure, Louis tweeted NB the first time, apparently out from nothing, getting his name out there. Shahid, immediatly after that, posted a demo of Zayn’s single (weird he was so ready to post it innit?).

Suddendly everyone knew about Zayn going solo, zaughty got that promo, everyone that NEVER KNEW ZAYN EXISTED, heard that song. In italy everyone was suddendly talking about Zayn (here you NEVER hear about the boys on tv, but back then every single tv program said Zayn’s name, weird af, if i have to be honest). So Louis helped (i think it was staged tbh) Zaughty to get their name and single’s demo out there.

From those tweets I previously posted I think the boys knew about Zayn leaving since a lot of time (Simon Cowell said that was no news), they had time to digest the thing, and we know how Zouis were close lately, so I think they are ok with that (:

Third - Zayn is still under contract with Syco/whoever controls his image

Ok, so Billboards says: 

“That’s why Malik’s label management team has already positioned him for a future as a solo act: Malik is signed to Syco as a group member and individually. A “leaving member clause” in the band’s deal allows the act to continue as a foursome, and it also offers the label the option to pick up Malik’s contract as a solo artist.”

So apparently Zayn didn’t break his contract, and I think he’s still under Syco/ whoever controls his media image, because a person that breaks all ties with the previous ‘life’ doesn’t go to The Sun, number one Management’s voice, that have always talked shit about him, releasing an exclusive interview that thay could cut and manipulate how they want (thing they have done).

Last: breaking a contract in the middle of it, out from nothing, always lead to the management company to sue the artists (it already happened with modest!), so it unlikely what happened.

So, Zayn’s image is still controlled, we still can’t ‘trust’ everything he tweets as real.


I want to make clear I don’t like how this situation was handled at all, I hate they make us see Zayn and the boys hating eachother, but I honestly think that all the last tweets were planned and Zouis is going just fine (:

To me this looks like a HUGE promo move for 1D, Zayn, Naughty Boy, and Little Mix, and they are trying to definitely cut Zayn’s ties with the boys.

CASUALLY this twitter drama happened exactly after the first tv appearence of the boys has been announced yesterday, so everyone will know from the articles about the twitter drama that they’ll appear soon at the late night show.

On a personal level, I can say I have more faith in Zouis than all this shit, and i think they are smarter than to throw their personal problems out for the World to see (Louis didn’t even mention or indirected Zayn in his tweets? LMAO).

What is going to happen? I think we’ll have a Zerrie break up when Zayn will be finally ready to lauch his solo career (i’m just guessing, but it’s likely to happen, like the Zouis twitter fight)

Please don’t forget that the only actual words we had from Zayn were about him trying to force himself in doing something he didn’t like anymore, just to not let down the fans. 

I’m sorry if this is confusing, english is not my first language, I tried my best (: