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“I actually got to work with him face-to-face which I didn’t think I would because he was doing a voice in a room and he said it himself that he was a little bit disconnected from the shoot. But I went in one day to do some of the dialogue Thorin has with Smaug at the end so I saw him working and we delivered lines to each other which was a real treat. He’s an extraordinary actor and has a great following and thank goodness because it all adds to the popularity of the film.”

Richard Armitage on working w/ Benedict Cumberbatch

REVIEWS ROUNDUP: Richard Armitage as John Proctor in “The Crucible”

As Richard is nominated Best Actor at the Olivier Awards for his performance, I thought It would be nice to round up some of the reviews that explained exactly why he’s nominated.


Richard Armitage, best known for TV dramas and The Hobbit movies, proves an exhilarating stage actor, with blazing eyes and a righteous fury about him, as well as manifest decency. His deep guilt about his brief affair with Abigail, who has become his nemesis, is powerfully caught. (x)


“Richard Armitage, another Hobbit escapee, is the man agonisedby the knowledge of his infidelity to his wife and now trying to be faithful to his friends. He is, though sometimes hoarse, impressive both when forceful and when nearly broken. (x)


“John is usually played — as he was by Daniel Day-Lewis in the 1996 film — as a sort of cerebral variation on the conflicted sheriff in “High Noon,”… Mr. Armitage, known for playing Thorin Oakenshield in the “Hobbit” movies, gives us a John who is first and foremost a physical being, a farmer who has spent most of his life fighting against privation.

His rumbling voice comes from his viscera, and he stands like a man who feels undressed without his plow… Mr. Armitage gives palpable, sinewy force to John’s struggle, making the moral instinct feel primal, something that’s genetically coded but hard to bring into dominance.” (x)


Richard Armitage brings a powerfully imposing presence and a ferociously passionate contrarian spirit to this farmer who is haunted with guilt about his marital infidelity but who summons the courage to resist the temptation to save his own life by naming names.” (x)


Richard Armitage (late of The Hobbit and Spooks) was born to play John Proctor, with his craggy looks and capacity for repressed, then explosive, anger. It is a fine, masterful performance and Yaël Farber ensures that it is never merely idealised.” (x)


“At the centre stands Richard Armitage’s John Proctor, a hard man in a hard world. Casting the sexy dwarf from ‘The Hobbit’ was always going to get a few bums on seats, but his flinty handsomeness and sheer, rugged presence is key: he is a driven, determined man, an unstoppable force, colliding with the immovable object that is the Salem community…

The scenes of courtroom clash are truly astonishing, every utterance by Armitage and witchfinder-in-chief Danforth (Jack Ellis) like an avalanche… And the gradual, painful thawing of relations between Proctor and his wife Elizabeth (Anna Medeley) is just devastating.” (x)


Armitage at first smoulders, all dark looks and muscular seriousness. Later he blazes, raging against the paranoid insanity that engulfs him — and also against his own fallibility… [Armitage and Medley’s] intimate moments wrench the heart.” (x)


Armitage has such a wonderfully deep, rich voice that brings authority to his character (x)


He was always about fairytales and dragons. You were the only family he had left and you, him. He had often called you a Princess and he the Dragon who guards the tower she was locked in. Smaug: “I suppose there will come a time for the Dragon who loves his friend dearly, will die willingly by the Prince’s mighty sword if it means the life of his friend will be spared. When that day arrives, I pray you will not cry as the Princess did. You’re an ugly crier, really.”

Thorin:‘The Dragon’ is dead. Erebor is under her protection now.”

Gandalf: “You had taken your revenge on the Dragon, you had given your word to spare her life. Your bloodshed ends here.”

Thranduil:Erebor, it is a code to the immeasurable assets that it holds across the world is it not? Very well, I offer you my help - to find the girl - in exchange, you will return what is mine, precious rare gems, known to only a very few, owned by even fewer in this world.”



I just practically snatched all these pictures or Richard smiling and being all goofy and pleasant from Google

Day 12: How has he inspired you?

okay, this post going to involve some of my personal story; some of you might feel awkward or you may don’t want to read about it or feel comfortably reading about it, that’s totally find by me. But I feel like it is important that I talk about all this, I want to share about all this. Because I want someone to know how much discovering Richard Armitage, this beautiful and ridiculously humble human being, has done to me and my life. How ,though we’ve never really met, he still has this profound impact and has inspired me greatly. That being said, this post is going to be one very long post as well.

To start off, I was not exactly born into a happy family. There were lots and lots of conflicts; their tolerance, but not love, for each other and the way they raised and treated their children (to be a living trophy, their property Maybe I might sound too harsh , but I did feel like that)  , me being a Wednesdays child who constantly living in the shadow of the bright elder sister.  So I grew up to be this…low self-esteem and insecure kind of girl; I always feel that I would never amount to anything, that I am simply not good enough for anything or anyone no matter how hard I try, that I’m not important and I don’t matter.

Things probably got worsen when I first fell in love. I went through quite a bump during my adolescent year, father died of lung cancer when I was 14 and mother started to develop a certain type of disease that renders her completely out of the picture; she couldn’t even get out of the bed by her own.

I got in the University, joined in some club, you know, kind of trying and experiencing new stuff. And I met this guy, he was a senior fellow at the club already graduated about 6 years older than me. We met each other and somehow it was as if we were connected immediately. It was only brother and sister at first. But then, we got close and I started to fall for him, hard. I literally devoted my life for him; it wasn’t that surprising actually I didn’t orginally feel that I’m matter that much. And It was bad, it was the worst thing one could image doing. I basically threw myself away for the sake of him; I was reasonably good at studying and learning but I gave up all plans or didn’t listen to any suggestion about trying for the scholarship or study abroad. Back then, I decided that I would spend the rest of my life doing things for him. Well, I guess you could all imagine how the story went. He didn’t love me but still he used me because my existence made his life easier and that my knowledge and skills were valuable assets.

We continued this disastrous kind of relationship for almost 3 years. Then, I watched the Hobbit: the Battle of Five Armies and discovered Richard Armitage. I felt something projected from the Dwarf King right into my soul when I watched his performance. I couldn’t take my eyes off him and I couldn’t get him out of my head. So, I embarked on my quest starting to get to know Richard. I have become, like the man’s own word when he speaks about Dragon-sickness Thorin and Bilo, “singularly obsessed” with this one man. I searched through Youtube trying to watch as much interviews of him as I can find and then moving on to his work. How can someone not appreciate when one heard and saw Richard talking so passionately about his works and his preparation for the role. It was as if his enthusiasm made you feel it with him and when he smiled it was as if the whole world lit up. More and more, I started to fall in love and come to respect him, his idea and his words and less and less, I thought about the man who…perhaps don’t deserve my love and my devotion at all.

I think the turning point for me is watching Strike Back and the 7th season of Spooks. There is something about John Porter and Lucas North that stirs my inside quite deeply, perhaps it is the fact that they both have suffered through what could considered to be the lowest point of their lives, yet they tried to rise upon it, and left it all behind though with some reasonably hardship.


And oh boy, that kind of trauma leaves traces; it leaves scars that could not be erased, fixed or healed easily and Richard portrayed that so perfectly you could see it in their eyes. Sometimes it comes back and haunts them, even.




But still they keep on fighting for what they believe in, they still haven’t given up.



And this has inspired me. This has inspired me greatly, it was as if someone opened my eyes and now I see the world in the way that I’ve never seen before. Combine with the fact that the two are characters who experience with conflicts in different part of the world; trying in their own way to solve or fix the problem. It made me thinking well… I want to do something like this as well, I want to grow, I want to learn things, to see the world and make some change or impact to somehow help make this world a better place. Mind you, I consider this is be a big step. From the girl who always put someone else first and herself last, Richard Armitage with his works and simply him being himself has made me started to think about myself, putting my needs and wants before the others. Somehow I feel like through him, I have discovered my self-worth. Because of him, I stood up and started doing things for myself. I seriously refused to letting that guy using me as if I’m nothing any longer. And it sure feels good and quite liberating.

Richard said that he saw and portrayed John Porter as someone he himself aspired to be like…, you know, like a better version, an ideal version of him. And I feel like Richard himself is constantly trying to improve himself, you know always trying to be a better person. The man has some faults, we all are well-aware of that, yes. But I think, you know, he as a person also makes me want to become a better person as well.

i am absurdly attracted to charlie cox as matt murdock oh my god this is a huge problem

So I watched season 1 of Strike Back and I enjoyed it so much. Didn’t think it’d be as good as it was. But now I don’t know if I want to continue because I don’t want Porter to die even though I know it’s coming. And I don’t know if I’ll love it as much without Richard because he was seriously just stunning in every way like it’s probably my favourite thing he’s done outside of The Hobbit. I just ???



I nearly have another emotion break-down while searching for gifs for this particular post. I cannot explain (I don’t think I understand it myself) the intensity of emotion that this character has made me felt; it is like there’s an invisible hand clutching my heart every time I come to close contact with anything related to his fate…

Day 22: First Character You Think of


But really, it is Thorin who pops up when Richard Armitage is mentioned. It is perhaps merely because I have come to know Mister Armitage by this role; since his performance as the devastating King/Prince in exile on the quest to reclaim his homeland and the kingdom for his people captured my heart entirely. I have discovered the brilliance of Richard, and soon enough my feelings for The Dwarf King extended to the actor, more and more, I fell for Richard’s manners, thoughts and devotion. 

No doubt, I think, that in general people often view Thorin and John Proctor, right now, as one of Richard’s best performances and his iconic roles. Though, Richard stated that John Proctor is “42″ years in making, I believe Thorin is pretty much the same. What is interesting about both roles is that they both are something Richard had experienced as a child or young adult. Proctor may have stayed with him since the time in LAMDA, but I’d like to think that Richard had the memory of Thorin in store somewhere; even if J.R.R. Tolkien’s Thorin and his own Thorin would be slightly different. He spent up to 2-3 years learning, creating Thorin. I love John Proctor and his other roles, no doubt of that; but for me, Richard will always be the perfect Thorin Oakenshield and my first choice when speaking about his career.

((It’s not ’Thorin’ per say, but this image is literally one of my favorites of Richard Armitage. Because reasons. Sshhhhhshhshh *slinks back to the shadows*))

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Thorin (Thoris/Rin/whatever her name in a twin AU is) has to fan herself off a little bit, if she’s being honest. He’s always been attractive to her, from his looks to his confidence to everything in between. If he’s quietly lusting after her in his guilty corner, then she’s quietly lusting after him in a different guilty corner across the room. ;)