not because of richard armitage


He was always about fairytales and dragons. You were the only family he had left and you, him. He had often called you a Princess and he the Dragon who guards the tower she was locked in. Smaug: “I suppose there will come a time for the Dragon who loves his friend dearly, will die willingly by the Prince’s mighty sword if it means the life of his friend will be spared. When that day arrives, I pray you will not cry as the Princess did. You’re an ugly crier, really.”

Thorin:‘The Dragon’ is dead. Erebor is under her protection now.”

Gandalf: “You had taken your revenge on the Dragon, you had given your word to spare her life. Your bloodshed ends here.”

Thranduil:Erebor, it is a code to the immeasurable assets that it holds across the world is it not? Very well, I offer you my help - to find the girl - in exchange, you will return what is mine, precious rare gems, known to only a very few, owned by even fewer in this world.”



“Do not talk to me of dragon fire! I know its wrath and ruin!” (x)


Imagine Richard Armitage being overprotective over you, because you are like a little sibling to him.


Just a little GIFspam because we all could use more John Porter in our lives, right? ;)

Dedicated to the lovely @missmendelsohn so that she can see a bit of what she’s been missing when it comes to s1 of Strike Back, lol! ;)

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Shirts are always optional when it comes to John Porter, IMO! :P ;)

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Sweet mother of pearl. ♥_♥

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I repeat: Sweet. Mother. Of. Pearl. *_*

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Nope, I’m totally not going to make a comment about that big gun. Nooope. This here is a classy GIFspam, yessirree! *nodnods* ;)

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Um, I had something I was going to say here??? ;)

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And we end with smiley!Porter, a rather rare creature who must be protected and given hugs at any opportunity! ;) ♥♥♥

Irl Richard Armitage and Lee Pace go see movies together and read the same books. They even share clothes. Like they both thought “hey, you’re tall, I’m tall, I don’t like shopping and you look sharp. Can I raid your closet?” AND A BEAUTIFUL FRIENDSHIP WAS BORN.
I love the idea of one of them visiting the other and just hanging out, swapping clothes, and going to the movies together. Ugh, such dorks