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There are sides of this fandom that want to immediately write off what we say for a number of reasons, but one thing that is often lost in that dismissal is the fact that 1D was caught in an incredibly toxic and damaging cycle of abuse and mistreatment for years. That’s it. That’s the whole truth of it. They weren’t exempt from the ugliness of the music industry just because they were kids, or just because they were “white boys,” or just because Simon Cowell handpicked them himself. In fact, it was probably /because/ SC handpicked them himself that they were exposed to incredibly vicious things. And when you have several people coming forth about the abuse they were forced to cover up and ignore under SYCO, and when you see the inescapable rigidity of the America’s Got Talent contract (also Simon’s show, though not nearly as paramount as XF UK) and imagine five kids signing it with lawyers that weren’t even their own, blinded by hope after Simon Christ swooped in and saved them after coming in 3rd place…. Sure, Larries reach a lot but this isn’t a reach. It’s fact. It’s happening. It happened. And the fact that it, along with everything else in these various industries, is brushed under the rug is tragic

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I'm new to the fandom, and I saw that article about Louis from the LGBT website. I know all about "homophobic Louis" unfortunately because it's one of the first thing you learn about when you join the 1D fandom (how people believing he was gay and in a relationship with Harry ruined their friendship forever, how he couldn't even understand the idea of supporting a gay man coming out without calling it bullshit...) but I'd love to know what he did to support the community, I had no idea he did!

it’s very frustrating to me that people are still getting confronted with this utter nonsense but please know, it’s not true:

louis has stated - on camera - that he appreciates LGBT fans. here is the whole video by the way.

louis has a triangle tattoo on his right ankle; a symbol closely associated with gay pride.

he has worn rainbow-themed clothing in the past..

most pointedly a rainbow apple shirt days after apple CEO tim cook came out as gay.

there is footage from the FOUR hangout of liam asking louis about the article i linked.

liam: have you seen it?

louis: no i haven’t seen it yet!

liam: it was good

(which is in direct contrast to what we know as bullshit 2.0)

then there’s this jumper with the “all out” slogan (despite common belief not directly associated with the LGBT charity but the message stands; it sure made me aware of the organisation in the first place)

and this tchaikovsky jumper.. a little history lesson: tchaikovsky was very much gay.

louis (along with harry) was thought to be behind the rainbow bears. there is really so much content to choose from but the strongest links to louis are his reflection in the sunglasses

and louis being spotted across the street from where RBB popped up

he shared some nice comments about steve aoki’s rainbow socks

and most recently louis hung out in amsterdam’s gay district, the reguliersdwarsstraat. spot the rainbow!

not so much a homophobe now, is he?

Because no artist ever has ever done a midnight drop with NO warning?….Oh right yeah lets just remove Drag Me Down because it doesn’t fit all the top notch Music management, PR and marketing execs we have in this fandom!

You cannot compare Louis Tomlinson surprise dropping a single right now as a solo artist with One Direction’s release of Drag Me Down. 

Louis on his own does not have the same name recognition as 1D. He doesn’t have the name recognition Harry, Zayn, or even Niall, have.

His public profile has been focused on his ‘personal life’ rather than on his music and him as an artist. So much of his press uses headlines referring to his stunts rather than his music. Even when he has articles about his music, it’s rare not to get stunt mentions, while the opposite is not true; articles about his stunts frequently do not even mention his music.

And he’s been largely MIA since the abrupt end of the minimal promotion there was for his debut single. And tell me it wasn’t minimal and uninspired and full of undermining ‘mistakes’ when comparing it to Niall or Liam’s?

Just Like You got a few articles upon release and two very dismissive ones about the music video from Billboard and BBC before disappearing.

KEY 103 LIVE got one or two articles, one referred to him as ‘Freddie’s dad’, the other from the radio station itself didn’t even get the songs he performed at their own event right but included a whole paragraph about the kid, and the headline was about his fatherhood.

Explain to me why his website hasn’t been upgraded since it was created, and hasn’t been updated since the release of Back To You; why he gets papped with his beard but not leaving or arriving at the studio; why he doesn’t interact with any artists or music platforms; why he doesn’t attend industry events or participate in schemes that raise his profile; why he hasn’t been a sit down guest in any TV talk show on his own?

As of last week Louis wasn’t on any mediabase request form for US radio except one in Alabama.  

All this does not favor a surprise drop. And even if Miss You does well upon release, as did JLY—which was a surprise drop, actually—it’s all down to the fandom, and his team doesn’t do anything to spread that and use that.

How is it that Niall and Liam both follow patterns of raising their profile and exposing themselves to new audiences and showcasing themselves as artists in and out of social media in preparation to the release of their albums? But not Louis?

Also Louis announced that his next single Miss You would be out in about two weeks in an interview and at the concert. It wasn’t spread afterwards, but it was still technically announced. And if it drops this Friday, the date has actually been up on the Genius website, as well, so it’s not really a surprise drop.

How can you seriously compare that to One Direction, “the biggest boy band in the world” at the height of their fame, with a huge, active, engaged fan base, dropping Drag Me Down without warning while they were in the middle of their last tour? (And it’s not like 1D had spectacular promo, either, by the way.)

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Their doing exactly what they promised. And planned from the beginning. Make Harry the star. While eliminating larry with rainbows. Clever. Cause strife with Zayn. Keep Louis and ruin his career. Liam is next. He's not so close mouthed behind the scenes. Niall just wants to survive. Or we're literally all being played. Either way their trying to destroy this part of the fandom and it's working very well. We're eating one another and ourselves alive.

You know what anon? You’re right. That plan is obvious now, because its succeeded. We are eating ourselves alive, as directed. What happened today was just a moment… it prompted a very nice outpouring of nice things about Louis and it’ll be back to normal in a few hours. Back to ‘everything’s fine for Louis except the stunts. End it.’

I think for me the thing is that it was so unsurprising. In fact it took a little while to understand why people were so outraged – that kind of poison is everywhere as we all know. Yes it peeled away the shiny cover to reveal the rot when no one wanted to see it –but its what we’ve been discussing here for a long time. 

Im not even talking about the fact that repellent tweet was retweeted – I actually believe it could have been an accident, since that blog (unwisely imo) follows back everyone who follows them.  Its that the tweet is not *remotely* unusual in the 1D/Harrie fandom; that kind of self-righteous venom is everyday stuff there, not least because Louis image has been shaped carefully into the anti-Harry. And for so many in this fandom that means the polar opposite of perfection. Lots of reason to be disappointed in someone like that, yeah? To come to despise that guy.

Which is bad enough, but its not just Harries. Its his own fans, Larries and Louies, being slowly but surely gaslighted by endless posts on multiple blogs about Choice. All the guys are free to choose- blogs pronounced on that very explicitly as if they know. So Louis must have chosen all of this then. His disastrous team. His brutal, bizarrely highlighted closet. His negative image. It must all be Louis choice– we must respect his intelligence (we got that a lot didnt we?). He’s far too clever not to be in charge. Just not clever enough to make any good decisions. But lets not trouble ourselves with logic.

This is what I see… anons in dribs and drabs all over Larry-dom ever since BTY launched : “Why does he have to be covered in stunts? Why does he keep on talking about Eleanor in his promo? Why does he acknowledge Freddie? Why did he have to agree to deny Larry? Why did he even go solo if he had to agree to that? He sold his soul for fame didn he? He’s using the stunts for promo–ewww. Look at Harry. *He* must have refused to have a solo career unless he could wave rainbow flags because he’s with Sony too. Or Harry’s defying them!!! If Harry can refuse heavy stunts and declare ambiguous sexuality, Louis could too — if he just fought for it. Louis must be choosing all of it. He must really hate being thought to be gay. I mean… who’d say yes to faking a baby? We should respect his closet then = despise him for ‘choosing it’.

Im a Larrie and this is how I see it. Louis has been buried alive under just about the entire weight of the Larry closet. Louis closet is not about *Louis* being straight or gay. Why would Sony give two fucks about that? Louis closet is to shield Harry™ from the cultural phenomenon of Larry. 

Harry is allowed his careful Sony/HSHQ-manicured ambiguous sexuality because Louis is buried underground in the most extreme imposed closet they can create.  A fake baby scandal followed by weirdly spotlighted fatherhood?  A returned (disliked) girlfriend who is his reason for existing?  An image as an aggressive, possibly violent adherent of laddy- lad chav culture?  Homophobia? Well it has to be explicit - a spoken Larry denial, a story planted in a gay media outlet with a careful emphasis on the contrast with Harry…  And ofc keep on reinforcing everything regularly. 

 Im sure Harry himself is very, very sad for Louis and I have no doubt that he, as a human being as opposed to a product, is also very  happy to be able to wave LGBT+ flags and help his LGBT+ fans. But one of the main reasons LGBT+ fans need a safe space at  1D concerts is the history of vicious homophobic bullying created by the tactics used in 1D fandom against Larry for years. By the *very* same label now sanctimoniously endorsing Harrys flags. Nothing like a bit of irony. 

Its really *not* that Sony have seen the light or been forced to allow Harry to wave his flags by the wonderful Jefe.  Its absolutely clear that the image of ambiguous sexuality for Harry is not a threat to Sony/HSHQ so long as it is not linked to Larry and safely controlled to the GP by light closeting. Sony/HSHQ have blatantly encouraged pretend gay ships for Harry since Gryles back in the day. There’s nice sideline-money in pretend gay ships; every corporation that herds online fandoms knows that. Except Larry. Thats getting too close to real. Too big. Too close to radical and uncontrollable. 

Louis is the one who is paying the price in image, happiness and career for crushing Larrie fandom. He is the one bearing the hate and resentment; the stunts brought close to his mothers deathbed; the relentless low- and high-level planted libels, online and in the press. None of it goes to Harry. New fans learn with their welcome packs that Louis is the homophobe who renounced his friendship with Harry because of deluded Larries. Planted blind items underline it. Harry is a free gay spirit and Louis is twisted and self loathing and unstable. The victim is the one to blame. *That* is how the powers that be have dealt with Larry while increasing the value of the Harry™brand, while edging Larries away from Louis. Your phrase anon: eliminating Larry with rainbows

Lets face it – how many big Larrie blogs now would you genuinely believe are the Louie Larries they claim to be, passionate about working to help him, obsessed by whats happening to his career, fretting for him bearing such a load? 

None of what I’ve said is new or original. We all know whats happening, but too many of us are turning away. 

Zayn, Liam and Nialls fanbases I know very little about anon, but I cant help hoping for their sakes that they dont get in the way of Sony/HSHQ

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I've been in this fandom since early 2012 and it's funny how everything used to only be Modest's fault. Like we all just blamed everything on them. But, then in the last 2 years it's changed so much. Modest isn't even mentioned anymore and now it's Syco, Simon, Sony, etc. How did that even happen? Do you know what caused that in this fandom?

modest isn’t mentioned anymore because they’re irrelevant at this point and no longer have any control over the band. the same cannot be said for syco, sony, and simon.

i feel like this is probably a good time to remind you about how shitty 2014 was to louis and harry and how a lot of the blame for that falls directly at modest’s feet.

modest was largely to blame for a lot of the problems 1d had for the first 4 to 5 years of being a band because they obsequiously did everything and anything syco and simon wanted rather than actually standing up for and acting in the best interest of their clients (aka the band). they were incredibly gung ho about closeting louis and harry and forcing all of the boys to endure inhumane work schedules.

modest was a shitty garbage management team. their hands are still dirty.

simon was and is a shitty garbage label exec. his hands are still dirty.

syco was and is a shitty garbage label and the same goes for sony. do you understand what i’m saying yet?

just because the current ‘big bad’ causing the bulk of the destruction has changed doesn’t undo the previous damage done by the other people involved with one direction.

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I sometimes wonder about the age & celeb knowledge of a lot of the anits/het harries/Freddie's (lol that still makes me laugh). Their constant "respect the guys privacy" (as they encourage & support stalkers but I digress) "don't force a sexuality on them" etc. This online chatter & discussion happens in EVERY FANDOM & is part of being a celeb, having fans who talk online. They give off the feeling that they think it's only happening here in the 1D fandom, shipping, chatting, etc, when it's not.

yeah i have to wonder if this is the first fandom for a lot of them because let me tell you fans in the twilight fandom who thought or hoped kristen was gay (or at the very least who thought or hoped she was non-straight) and who wanted to date her were called krisbians.

every fandom is rife with speculation and shipping. the entire media industry and tabloid culture is BUILT on speculation and celebrity romance (contrived or legitimate). but because most of those are ‘straight couples’ it’s totally allowed and not invasive at all according to the hets.

apparently it’s totally okay to speculate and assume that harry’s hooking up with ever victoria’s secret model he follows on twitter or instagram but the second a fan goes ‘huh i think harry might not be straight because HE PUBLICLY SAID SO when he said that being female is not that important to him when looking for a partner’ they’re apparently ~forcing a sexuality on him~ and ~not respecting his privacy~

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tbh!!! i would kill for 1d angst (from any of the other 3's perspectives) about harry basically forming/joining a new band because all the other guys did purely solo stuff but like, while harry's technically a solo artist, his band is getting a lot of attention for people who are supposedly just backup musicians (in real life im loving the band a lot but feel like it's also the perfect setup for lourry or lirry or narry angst)

I feel like Harry’s band is getting a lot of fandom attention because of hitch being an absolute gift of a ship, and because Sarah and Clare are goals AF. It’s incidental; Harry didn’t necessarily set out to highlight the band. Niall, on the other hand, is so proud and happy about his band that he can’t go half a day without talking them up on social media one way or another. Let’s discuss how this causes angst for all concerned.

Louis: I have a theory that Louis and Niall are pack animals in a way that Liam and Harry aren’t, and that’s why nouis seems to have stayed in closer touch during the hiatus. So I see Louis feeling a little abandoned now that Niall’s all about his new band while Louis just keeps bouncing from collab to collab, a lone wolf. Of course, I also bet Louis thanks the stars above for every new bromantic photo of Harry and Mitch; he wants Hitch Stowland to happen more than any damn one of us.

Liam: Honestly, Liam seems to be in this happy little domestic bubble and probably hasn’t even realized that Harry and Niall have new bands. Give me time, though; I’ll find some angst.

Niall: Niall learned from his mistakes, and now that he’s in charge he’s running a professional band. Nobody’s going to be punching each other in the dick or wrestling or kisspering or accidentally giving each other handjobs on the tour bus. Friendly professionalism, that’s how it’s going to be in his band. Meanwhile, it’s driving him crazy to watch Harry repeat history. Somebody ought to warn Mitch. Warn him that it doesn’t seem like anything, the first time Harry collapses into your lap and your arms wrap around him like they know what to do; or the first time Harry burrows himself between you and the back of the couch, phone in front of his face and no good reason for his head to be pressed into your hip. Then all of a sudden it’s years later and you realize that it still doesn’t seem like anything to Harry, that he’s going to walk away and you’ll still feel his warm weight pinning you to your chair, that your arms will still think they know what to do but somehow they’ll be wrong.

Harry: Harry sees Niall and John Bird post all these pictures of each other, and Harry knows perfectly well that this is flirting. Harry practically invented that trick; he still considers his “platform Niall and wee quarters” Vine to be his finest work. It’s killing Harry that Niall and Bird make it look so easy; Harry’s not easy, he knows this, he’s a messy complicated wreck of emotions and impulses and narcissism; and he knows Niall is better off without him, he knows this, god, why can’t he just be happy for him?

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they're so angry that harry isn't acknowledging things in the exact way they want him to that they have dubbed him as basically having a huge ego and not giving a shit about his career. also the reasoning that he never showed the fans his appreciation for the another man photo shoot reaction is SO DUMB AND ENTITLED. it's a fucking photo shoot and at this point his appreciation for fans should go w/o saying and not be dependent on tweets of all things. same goes for all 1d members

The thought of being THAT entitled is just bizarre to me, so I tend to chalk it up to trying to find excuses to be negative because they just don’t like that Harry is going solo and can’t admit it. (Like with Danielle spending Thanksgiving with Louis.) But god, for all I know they really do just feel that way. That this is how they do fandom, assuming the object of their affection owes them constant thanks and pandering and groveling. Jesus, it’s creepy.

Like… no one is forcing you to go to the extreme lengths that 1D fans do to promote and support the boys. If you’re doing it to like… hold them hostage for a reaction and then withdraw support if you don’t get the exact reaction you want, then YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE WRONG REASONS.

They owe us respect, and music. That’s it. If you want more and don’t get it then you are free to unstan, but it does NOT make them bad people for not obeying every whim of their entitled fanbase.

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i can't help but wonder if danielle is thanking her lucky stars every day that she's completely erased from this mess or if she's bitter that she had to put her career on hold for a year, be called out on twitter by bananas banana, and take her top off for tmz for basically nothing other than more instagram followers

i think she’s glad. things completely derailed at a certain point (over-exposure to the fandom, the topless pics, public humiliation via wannabe celeb) and she was trapped in that career killer of a stunt. she did a complete 180 when that contract ended (and i am convinced these opportunities weren’t coming in because of the stunt, she was barely visible beyond the 1d fandom). suddenly she was getting involved in events with fashion brands, magazines, reconnected with her celeb friends.. it looks like she’s doing very well now and the contrast just shows again what a full time job closeting louis tomlinson is made out to be.

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I agree with your analysis of the Sony permission for Harry to court LGBT. I think Harry is sincere in it but it is sanctioned. I remember too Harry and Louis were not allowed to interact at all until Zayn left and !DHQ felt the need to secure the fanbase so they allowed Harry and Louis to interact again. It was lovely on their parts but not Sony et al.

Hi! nice to meet you.:) Thats really well put and says it all - I totally believe Harry is sincere but its sanctioned. If it weren’t helping HSQs bottom line, he wouldnt be allowed to do it, but its part of the image they’ve built for him for years, underlying the mask of het fuckboy. They allow parts of the real Harry to peek through the glossy rockstar mask, which keeps all his fans around. Its pretty clever

Re Zayn. Well. (I hope you’re sitting comfortably) I actually started looking at 1D fandom in 2015 because of the unbelievable way Zayn departure was being sold to the GP (which was me). I forgot about it quickly ofc in the relentless wave of 1D drama which 1DHQ kept coming our way. But before I got sucked in and submerged I could see as an outsider that there was no way Cowell (then the face of it all) Syco or Sony going to allow a someone to leave and destabilize a multi million dollar cash cow out of compassion or because he was ‘unhappy’. I mean… really? And what cemented my curiosity as an outsider, even knowing nothing else about band politics, was watching how 1DHQ handled the departure. It seemed to me to be inexplicably, almost deliberately appalling. There was no attempt to ‘secure the fanbase’ or stabilise the brand. It was handled as if someone had stepped down from a school band. It seemed almost purposely amateurish and disastrous. I still maintain that the ‘oh they’re just so incompetent’ excuse is exactly what 1DHQ (and now LTHQ) want us to believe to explain actions they take that are blatantly damaging. Thats so much more benign than realising they’re destroying something deliberately.

That relentless  wave of ‘the band is over’ articles in the wake of Zayn departure? The ‘well we have to wait and see if 1D can stagger on’ tone of Cowell statements and those of his acolytes? The way the guys were kept separated even though if Sony actually wanted to stabilise the band, they would have relented and created a united front for Harry with the others? But they didnt. They fanned insecurity in the fandom and seeded ‘the band is over’ to the GP.  I tend to think the success of OT4 was not what they expected at all. When it happened ofc Sony milked it at the end for the last $ they could get (hence the last gasp of  LH interactions?) but they had no intention ever of allowing OT4 to have a chance of keeping going as 1D. They had their going term plan of Holo pretty much ready to go. 

When I came in I saw all the theories about Z buying himself out (er—no) and planted smear BIs about his being ‘kicked out for drug abuse’ which again – Sony. I dont know why he left but the effect was to give Sony what we can now see they had long planned,  – it was began the disintegration of 1D fandom and of 1D in the public eye, and it put the blame on Zayn.  BG actually helped that undermining too in the end. OT4 s success was just a blip in Sony’s plan which they used then easily overrode. I know nothing more re Zayn btw (so its pointless to ask!t), but I do now wonder if his departure was part of Sony’s long term plan for post-1D. Again the usual disclaimer - Im just trying to fit the pieces we have into some kind of believable picture while accepting we know very little. Bet you wish you hadn’t asked now :p

In the meantime though - Louis first solo performance tonight!!! Wooh! 

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Genuine question, not trying to be snarky, but does anyone actually ship Liam and Cheryl? Maybe a few cheryl fans because "she's finally found the true love and happiness she deserves" (violent eye roll) but does anyone in the 1D fandom give a shit? Like, I get Zigi. Whether you believe it or not, they look great together and have advanced each other's careers, but Cheryl? Do you think it's helped Liam's profile/image? I preferred him before this shit show tbh. Sorry that was a lot of questions.

Haha after saying I wasn’t being snarky I realise that last ask quickly descended into a full blown snark-fest. I’m sorry, I can’t help it when it comes to cheriam. I’m going to go outside now and get some fresh air. Hope you have a lovely day xx


No worries, you’re fine!

I think I can honestly say that there are roughly 6 people that give a baker’s fuck about Cherliam, 3 of those people being Doyen Global employees/interns. 

No, I don’t think its helped his image. It hasn’t been received well by fans, GP comments on the articles will tell you they don’t care either.  Folks don’t want to hear kid fics about a 34 year old popstar only known in the UK & past her fame expiration and a 23 year old changing nappies.

What’s so frustrating is that you can tell that Capitol/Republlc put a huge promo and marketing budget behind Liam, which is awesome! That’s great that the label is behind Liam like that. Buuuut, what’s not so great is that it looks like no one was checking to make sure that Doyen Global and Murray Chalmers PR had a good PR strategy going for the UK and US markets, so now, instead of the focus being on this:

Its on this:

I found this blog because of the BLM talk going on. I hope you’ll let me say this and I’m going to be polite.

I don’t understand why everyone is saying how Harry is losing his fanbase. Its your right not to love him but that’s not true. Harry has an army of devoted fans far beyond 1D fandom. His tweets get a ton of likes, more than most of the other boys. He sold out a world tour. You might not like Kiwi but fans beg him to sing it twice every night and they’ll support it hard. The BLM stuff will blow over and his many fans will stay. And outside fandom he’s relevant. He’s on all kind of fashion lists. People want to know what he’s wearing, who he’s dating. If you let go of your prejudices you’ll see that he got his own BBC special bc he’s relevant. Critics took his album seriously enough to review, unlike others, even if they had some criticisms, fair or not. The media almost always puts his name first when naming 1D. The Sun just called his music alt-rock, you can say the Sun’s a rag but it’s what ordinary ppl read and that’s what they think of him. His music is risky. And all you can say is he bought his press and I think you need to open your minds a bit to his popularity.

I don’t hate the others at all. I like them fine but I don’t think they’re doing interesting things. Liam’s got a good voice but I wish he’d make songs that sound different from everything on radio. Niall’s a nice folk singer who seems sincere and I wish someone around him would be honest and tell him he’s not suited for the big leagues. You can call these my opinions, fine. But why the double standards? If you drag Harry for stunting, are you calling out Liam for relying so much on Cheryl to sell himself? If Harry’s sales fading quick is so horrible will you say the same thing about Niall, whose already falling fast? I’m not trying to be mean, I’m honestly asking. If Harries are in a bubble aren’t you in a bubble of your own?


well I’m gonna point out that I’m not part of the fandom, I came in at the tail end as a Harry fan, so no, his promo and nonsense did not work on me and it turned me off massively, so no, I’m not in any bubble whatsoever, I just have my eyes open and don’t buy everything he does at face value because I’m savvy enough to know how this business works. He did not get the BBC on his relevance, nor did he get RS, SNL or the week on LLS. That was all connections, it’s very easy to see that and as I’ve said before, kudos to him for making those connections, they got him a lot more than the others. But that promo didn’t work, he gets passing mentions at best, he got a few album reviews at the beginning like every other bloody artist out there and the GP seems very disengaged with him. His popularity is within his own fandom and that’s it, which is why his sales fell off a cliff. It is far far too soon to say what Niall’s will do, but there is a chance they will do the same and there is a chance they won’t. No offence, but of all of us, you are far more in a bubble.

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There are two 1D Big Bang Blogs which one is the real one?

Both are real, just for different projects. This Big Bang was created because the original Big Bang creators (and a lot of its participants) said that Larries weren’t welcome and were quite insulting towards that section of the fandom.

In this Big Bang, nobody’s left behind. The only premise is to be respectful.

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I think what people fail to realize is just because a relationship generates publicity it does not always mean its FOR publicity! i say this all the time cuz the 1D fandom and stan culture in general is a whole trip and will throw out the word publicity simply because they dont like what they see and its like nooo baby! it doesn't work that way.

“I think what people fail to realize is just because a relationship generates publicity it does not always mean its FOR publicity!”

I want to scream this so loud.

Fandoms as of 2015
  • One Direction: March and April never happened. don't mention it. don't talk to them. don't look at them. don't touch them. they will drag your ass, your mother's, grandmother's, dog's, and great grandchildren. insulting this fandom or band is highly ill advised. chill level: negative.
  • 5sos: very similar to 1D. has never had chill but hasn't lost that much. don't make fun of Michael or your ass will be dragged. allied with 1D. girlfriend drama isn't 1D level, it's the groupies you got to watch out for
  • Taylor Swift: recently lost some chill. very similar to 1D and 5sos in sass ability. they will slay you because she has taught them well. might refer to her as mom. don't insult them and they won't insult you
  • Ed Sheeran: still chill. very peace loving. grandmother's and soccer mom's have recently joined in. not very threatening. allied with: basically everyone
  • Pierce the Veil: used to have chill. lost chill with the divine zero. don't get much sleep for fear of surprise album drop. are patient. very patient. helpful. kind. are the only ones who can make Mexican jokes. good with tumblr, useful ally.
  • Sleeping with Sirens: see ptv except for the Mexican joke part. adore Copeland. will drag your ass if you don't know any member other than Kellin. very creative and supportive. sometimes can be too sassy but that's on Kellin
  • Black Veil Brides: they are called an army for a reason. is the metal version of the 1D fandom. likes to start shit with 1D fandom. aren't as approachable as others, but it can be done. Ashley is not a girl. Andy is a God. those two facts are the only things to keep in mind when around an army member.
  • My Chemical Romance: don't act like you don't fucking know. haven't had chill. won't ever have chill. don't insult. don't joke, unless it's the condom splitting joke that one's alright. don't entice. everyone was here at some point don't fucking deny it.
  • all: don't insult ships. larry. kellic. andley. fuenciado. they are all respected among fandom.

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Just is it misogyny? As far as I'm aware, Niall stans never disliked any of the girls for being women? I've never seen anything misogynistic from them. Like it's not because they were girls that people didn't like them, so how is that akin to misogyny - like say in the way that L*rries hate any WOMAN connected to their ship simply for a woman in the way? Again, just curious!

Anon, I don’t know where you got your notion of misogyny, but it’s a lot more complicated than just “disliking girls for being girls.”

And now prejudice, because knowledge never hurt anyone (but quite the opposite:)

Regarding women, prejudice presents itself under a lot of different shapes. Double standards, holding women to impossible standards (created by men,) hurtful stereotypes (again, created by men,) and even simply expecting the worst from them. That’s the Lady MacBeth I referred to in a previous ask about the matter, which is, wait for it… yes, a male construction. 

How does this work in the context of an entertainment fandom such as 1D’s or Niall’s, mainly composed by women? The situation becomes even more appalling, because it’s women throwing all these prejudices upon other women (they don’t even know,) sometimes even not being aware of it, and hurting themselves in the process.

Of course you have groups like tinhatters that literally come up with proper conspiracy theories to be able to rationalize their hate. But you also have people that go out and look for receipts to be able to sanction that a man (a man that you know,if it’s not a minor, is a in privileged position to look after himself) should be “protected” from the said woman. Do you see the Niall fandom doing this “research” (that would probably lead to a witch hunt, yes) when Niall is pictured with a random male? It might happen to a certain degree because curiosity is a thing, but it’s not the “we gotta find something on this one” mindset we see when the company is a woman. If we read between the lines we get: 1) Woman = danger, 2) SHE’s got to have some dirty laundry. So sometimes stans find nothing and just have to vague tag their contempt, but when they think they are onto something, like it happened with Melissa, they’ll hold on to that like a burning nail til the end of Times. Because Melissa is long gone, but in fandom it’s as if a single minute had happened.

Women have been used as a weapon against the men associated with them (read this great article about Briana’s alleged sex-tape.) Women have been disqualified for their decisions (sometimes questionable, yes, because you know, no one’s perfect, and otherwise “he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone”) when men involved in the situation haven’t, and even people decided they were so good they needed to be rescued from these evil Lady Macbeths that clearly had tricked them to do unspeakable stuff they wouldn’t do if there weren’t dirty females involved. Because you didn’t see anyone wondering why Niall would agree to cheat on the other fooled-by-Melissa guy. He’s as much responsible as she is. Because you need two to tango. But when was a man called home-wrecker? When was a man called attention-seeker? When was a man called gold-digger? When was a man shamed for sleeping around a lot? It only happens to Harry Styles, but that’s another proof that the shame comes when it happens with women.

Hating celebs wives and girlfriends has a long tradition, but fandom, due to the way it networks and its capacity to normalize certain behaviors, is certainly the epitome of it. 

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I'm not sure harry will win sadly. I'm not being petty at the fandom, but from what I see I'm not sure the 1D fandom are as dedicate for him than they are for the others boys. Maybe it's because a lot think harry has it easier than the others boys and he don't need it as much as Niall, louis but it's something I noticed. I hope I'm wrong. Thank you for being supporting of all of them. That's nice . :) x

Yeah apparently Harry is the one who doesn’t need support! Which is so untrue! But there’s still time to vote! So just keep voting!


FYI: Tumblr Break

Starting tomorrow at some point, I will be taking a break from this hot mess fandom.

This is long overdue as I observe the state of the world, my spirit is weighed down as I waste time here rather than doing something of real impact for myself and those around me.

During this time I will not be keeping tabs on anything nor checking in. The squad knows how to reach me if needed.

I am planning on returning by the end of the week but we shall see how much I enjoy the break and how my interaction with this never-changing cesspool is affected by my detox.

I may post non-1D related things or I may do a complete tumblr break.

Regardless, this is an FYI because this fandom loves to come up with BS and I am never the one.

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